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[center [b Bella becomes a Cullen, leaving Jacob all alone. They decide that she is a little too dangerous and decide to move away and allow Bella some time to get used to being a newborn.]]

[center [b Now Jake is left alone heartbroken and needing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still hangs with the pack and everyone, but he seems more down and less willing to be the wolf that he and the others are.]]

[center [b But what if a new girl, _________________ moves to La Push because her parents force her to. And what if Jake meets her and it turns out she is the one he imprints on? How will he tell her anything about it?]]

[center [#9251c1 I am willing to play Jake or the New Girl..role doesn't matter to me]]

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In between classes it seemed that he was drawn to the new girl. Even when it seemed he wasn't looking for her somehow he happened to "run into her". It seemed almost like clockwork of sorts and it was beginning to confuse him. Well since they had been talking, Jacob decided that he would ask her to the beach. Not like a fate ot anything but just as a way to hang out and to show her around. A way to prove that yes he wanted to be friends and actually get to know the girl, NOT get into her pants as Embry had seemed to make her believe.

It had been a few periods since he had asked and she had told him that she would think about it. Now she didn't have much time left and the final bell would be ringing any minute. And honestly the waiting game had been killing the wolf boy. A part of him hoped she would say yes. But the other part hoped the answer would be no because he had NOT thkught this through the offer had slipped from him before he could help it. It alnost appeared around this girl he had no filter or the wolf in him pushed for things in a way it never had before.

[b "It's cool if you need to ask your parents about going. Probably a good idea since they don't know me as it is. My dad lets me go nearly wherever..But I can promise with me you'll be safe."] Again it seemed he could not stop himself speaking. What the hell was up with him? And his hands slipped into his pockets as dark eyes were on the girl in front of him, waiting to see what answer she would get from her parents and what answer she would be giving him.
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[size12 As Chloe is sitting in her last class of the day, she was thinking about how her whole day went. She honestly didn’t think anyone was going to talk to her at all. But she definitely could say that she had a very interesting day. Chloe had her first explosion. Not only on one person but basically on a whole class. Chloe was always known as the outsider for her entire life. She didn’t have many friends and she mainly focused on her grades. But Chloe had this weird feeling. This weird feeling on this year was going to be different..]

[size12 Chloe did feel a little bit weird about something though. She has been thinking about it this entire time since it happened. Jacob and Chloe seemed to talk more and more as the classes passed. Well, a few class periods ago, Jacob asked her a question. She was fine with all the small talk, but she wasn’t even for sure how to feel about his question. Jacob ended up asking her to go to La Push with him after school. Of course – she would have to ask her parents, because she don’t ever go anywhere without asking for their permission. She already knew their answer, but it was a respect thing they had for one another. But Chloe hasn’t even decided herself if she wanted to go. Never in her life time has she ever heard of this place. According to Jacob, a lot of people went here. But at this rate, Chloe was questioning if it was even safe for her. She had to convince her parents that it was safe. Jacob gave his word that it was safe, but was that even enough? And could Chloe even believe his word at this moment? She barely just met the guy, and he’s already inviting her out to places. It was a very tough decision that Chloe had to think hard and fast about.]

[size12 Things seemed to become harder and even rushed when she heard the class bell ring. That was the last class of the day. Chloe sat there for a brief second before packing up her things. Jacob was going to be expecting an answer. Which meant, she needed to had made up her mind in the 5 seconds. Chloe sighed lightly. The whole thing still made her feel uneasy, but she couldn’t be a hermit crab forever. Chloe was going to try something new. Chloe started to put her school stuff back in her bag, as she needed to find Jacob and let him know that she will go, as long as her parents were okay with it. Chloe knew with asking her parents, it made her look like her parents controlled everything. Especially at the age she is at. Chloe gulped lightly. She didn’t want to pretend to be somebody when she loves who she is as a person. If no one could accept the fact that she was going to ask her parents, then that would make up her mind pretty quick as well. Then… That’s when Chloe came up with a brilliant idea. It was going to be a test on Jacob – to see how he reacts when she mentions asking her parents. If he freaks, then she will know to say no, she rather not go with him. But, if he doesn’t freak out, and is understanding, maybe it’s worth hanging out with him for a little while before she had to go home.]

[size12 Chloe gathered her things really quick and ran into Jacob in the hallway. Neither of them said much at first. Chloe knew that he was waiting for a response. So she knew that she needed to break the ice fast. [b “So, um.. I will need to ask my parents really quick on what they will say. If they say yes, then I’m down on going for a while.”]] [size12 Chloe bit on her lip as the last part sounded so corny. She sighed as she whipped her phone out and texted both her parents asking if she could go. She got answers back right away. They both said yes, but she needed to back at a decent time. That was reasonable, but yet, she still didn’t want to tell Jacob her parents answer yet because she wanted to see how his reaction was going to be when she brought up asking her parents.]
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The boy wasn't exactly sure what it was about the girl that had him so pulled in. He didn't know her or anything about her. For all he knew she could have been a threat of sorts. And yet, Jake felt as if he were some kind of a "moth drawn to a flame". And he hated it. ALMOST did he consider to just ditch what he said. Besides, Chloe didn't REALLY seem like she wanted to talk to him or be around him as it was. It was not until an eraser hit him in the head did brown eyes snap to the board where an angry math teacher was glaring at him. And because he had spaced most of the class, Jacob earned himself a one way ticket into detention AGAIN.

When the bell had rung, the boy moodily stuffed his books into his backpack. Yeah it had been his fault, but he was confused about the new girl. There was NO way he could have imprinted. NO WAY! Quickly he shook his head and walked out of the class, his eyes scanning for Chloe. It was up against a wall did he see her and give a smile as he walked over. [b "So since you don't like the small talk or being late...what class do you have next?"] The shifter boy asked as his head tilted to the side. God he felt like an idiot, but he didn't know what else to say or to do.
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Chloe barely made it into the classroom when she heard the last of his words. Her eyes got kind of wide when she heard that. She didn’t understand this at all. But at this point and time, does she even question anything? Chloe was hoping that all of this was just out of the niceness of his heart. Chloe has been around way too many men. Chloe took in a deep breath and didn’t even want to think about that right now. Right now, she just needed to focus on the class.

Chloe was focusing hard on the class until she realized that the bell rang. She felt her heart skip a beat. She started to pack up her belongings really slow. She was thinking about every which way possible on to avoid him. Chloe was super nervous and wasn’t sure how to feel about all of it. Chloe gulped as she realized that she no more things to pack away. She sighed lightly, as she exits the classroom, and her brown eyes scanned the area. She didn’t see him anywhere. Her thought process was to either run or just wait for him. Chloe sighed as she knew that if she left he probably would be angry. Chloe leaned up against the wall, and patiently waited for the male to leave his class.

[center Sorry – brain fart. But I wanted to get a post in.]
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He didn't know what it was about this girl. Just being around her had him nervous and acting like a foold of sorts. He had been lucky to be as coherent as he had been back in class. But thatbwas because others had been around and he had some forms of distractions. Now it was just him and her. And just he couldn't help but be nervous.

[b "Okay...that was a really weird way to word that. I just meant...I'm Jacob but mostly everyone calls me Jake. And you have nothing to worry about with me and funny stuff. You can ask the others around here if you like... Usually I try and avoid nearly everyone except a few of the guys..."] Why was he talking so much and telling her all of this? It was like word vomit and he couldn't seem to stop himself.

The boy listened to her words and gave a small smile. [b "Yeah...no worries. My class is actually across the hall.. I'll meet you here after."] His words had JUST made it past his lips before the girl had alipped off into the classroom. To him it seemed maybe she had been just as nervous? Maybe? But he couldn't think on it long because the bell sounded and he was JUST on time as he slipped into the class across the hall.
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[font "Ruda" Chloe was definitely tired of this whole school already. Chloe was right outside her new class when she heard someone running to catch up with her. She spun around, and looked at who it was. She bit on her lip lightly. That was the guy that she ran into earlier today. She felt her heart was racing pretty fast. Chloe took in a deep breath, and then simply just smiled at him. Her smiled faded when he actually started to talk to her. Chloe could feel her heart banging against her chest. She was already embarrassed enough, because she realized that she was talking to the wrong person. Does she just go along with it, or what does she do?]

[font "Ruda" Chloe was watching around as people were staring at the two, because someone was actually talking to her. But she honestly had to think about this right now. Was he just being friendly, or did he actually have a motive behind that fakeish smile. Chloe gulped, as she looked silly standing there, not even saying a word. Chloe was eyeing him well. Chloe wanted to know everything that there was to know. Chloe pursed her lips and tilted her head slightly. [b "Well… that’s a weird way to ask that question."]] [font "Ruda" Chloe wanted to chuckle at the way he said that, but she decided against it. It might make things more awkward than they already are.]

[font "Ruda" Chloe needed to make a decision fast, or she was actually going to be late for her second class. And being late on the first day – that was not alright with Chloe whatsoever. Chloe looked into the classroom as students were filling up the seats. She took in a deep breath, and then looked back at the male. [b "I suppose so. As long as you’re not trying anything fishy."]]

[font "Ruda" She inhaled once more, closed her eyes for a moment, so that she could get ahold of herself. The smell of this male was intoxicating, and she felt herself and body starting to like it. Chloe had to get rid of the thoughts that she was thinking in her head. She looked at the male, and then sighed. [b "Sorry to cut this short, but I really have to get inside, or I’m going to be late. And I’m not okay with being late. Sorry again."]] [font "Ruda" Chloe inhaled deeply once more, taking his scent in. She felt her cheeks get all flushed, and then she ran into the classroom before she embarrassed herself any more than she already has.]
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Embry snickered at the words that the new girl said. He had been the one flirting with her, not Jake. But since he didn't seem the one on trouble, the boy just left it alone. Instead he turned a "mocking glare" on the other boy. [i "Yeah, Jacob. There's no need to talk and to look cool in front of your friends."] Yup, Embry was having his fun with it. And when a glare that could kill if looks did was shot his way, he just let it roll off. He was ALWAYS on the other side of that look as it was. So it was normal.

When they were out of school, Jacob was going to punch Embry so hard. Flirting really wasn't his thing and usually he kept away from the girls. None had caught his eye other than her. But now he had to not think about the newly turned...l...leech that had once been his best friend. Now he had to try and focus on keeping his temper with Embry and answering the words of the girl without sounding too bitter or resentful.

It took Jake a moment as he had had to recompose himself. [b "I'm not talking to you to flirt, look cool, or because I want in your pants. All of that isn't really my game or style. Might be Embry's though. All I wanna do is make up for bumping into you and to help show you around since I know being new can suck.."] He said slowly and quietly RIGHT before their teacher called for their attention and began the lesson.

All through the lesson, people would stare over at both him and the new girl. Snickers and whispers came from everywhere around them. And if they didn't stop soon, the shifter boy really would be losing his temper. But finally the bell did ring and they could go. He had been about to say something, but the new girl snapped off at the others. For an instant, Jacob was frozen and shot a glare at the others before he grabbed his bag and went after her.

Being a small school and being able to use his "wolfy sense of smell", the boy found her easily enough. [b "I'm really sorry about what happened back in class. Everyone's known each other forever and so having someone new here catches their eye easily... I...I was wondering if we could start again?"] The last part of his words were MORE than awkward and almost strangled as he tried to get them out.
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[font "Ruda" Chloe was glad when she noticed that the classroom was starting to feel up. She still felt her heart beating against her chest hard, but she was trying to ignore it. She would still get looks every once in a while, but that was just something that she had to ignore as well. Chloe has been through this so many times. She didn’t understand why each time, it made her beyond nervous. Chloe was sitting there staring at her notebook, she felt someone sit next to her and behind her. Chloe didn’t even want to look. She saw the teacher walk in, and watched as he was trying to get everything gathered for the beginning of class.]

[font "Ruda" Chloe was very eager for class to start. She loved school minus all the stares she got. She felt her body get chills, when she heard someone from behind her talking to her. Chloe closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply. She could tell that he was trying to flirt with her. And honestly, it was failing miserably. This definitely wasn’t her first rodeo. Chloe licked her lips slightly, as she turned around and looked at the tan guy. It was the guy that she ran into the hallway. Except he was now looking at her, and actually talking to her. Chloe felt her cheeks starting to get hot. Not because she was persuaded by the flirting, but because she was really embarrassed. She instantly turned around, and started to tap her pencil on her notebook. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t even know what to say.]

[font "Ruda" She turned around once more, and looked the male deep in his eyes. [b "You don’t have to talk to me. I know you don’t want too. You don’t have to look cool in front of your friends. I’m a loner and new. And you will not be getting down my pants. So nice try of the flirting. I do this many times. Almost every year. So it’s not my first rodeo. Thanks for the gesture though. "]] [font "Ruda" She instantly turned around after that. She wasn’t for sure if he was going to be super mad, or just surprised that someone talked to him like that. She saw that all eyes were on her. It wasn’t making her nervous, it was just making her super irritated.]

[font "Ruda" By the end of the class she was still get stares and she could hear people talking about what she just said to the male. Chloe rolled her eyes, and stood up, and grabbed her things, and looked towards the class. [b "Why don’t you all talk about me when I’m not around and can’t hear you. I said what I said, because he doesn’t need to pretend to be nice to me. You all act like you haven’t seen a new student before. Get over it.”]] [font "Ruda" With that being said, she stormed out of the classroom, and slowly walked to her next class. In all honestly, Chloe just wanted to ditch the day, because she was already tired of school, and she likes school. She sighed, and walked very slowly to her next class.]
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He had heard the soft thud of a bag hitting the floor and the fluttering of a paper. Brown eyes still had yet to come up but moved to the paper ans bag that had dropped. The boy had been about to bend to get the dropped items but the girl was fast and before he knew it has stammered out her words. The voice was soft, sweet in its own way and it was the voice that made him look up finally. It was a quick glimpse but even with it, Jake knew she was new. Both smell and appearance were things he would have noticed before. Or would he have? It was hard to tell anymore.

The boy began down the hall again to TRY and escape, but an arm draped over his shoulder and turned him around. [i 'Nice one. You literally walk into a pretty girl and then run the other way. And news flash next time you miss class Sam's gonna have you on double and triple patrols."] It was Embry and he was LITERALLY dragging the Black boy to the first class of the morning.

It was when the two shifter boys had walked in did Jake's eyes land on the girl he had walked into that morning. And he couldn't help looking away quickly because he was still embarrassed by it. Embry on the other hand walked straight over and took a seat next to her. [i "Hey, you're new here right? Maybe Jake and I could show you around?"] He asked, giving the girl a smile.

A silent groan escaped Jacob as the other was starting his flirting game. [b "Don't mind him.. He's harmless for the most part. I'm Jacob...and this is Embry...I'm still really sorry about earlier... Maybe if you want I can help you find your classes? It would be my way of making it up to you. No funny stuff I swear."] He said as he took a seat as others were filing into the room. The bell would not be too much longer.
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[google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Ruda"]
[font "Ruda" It was that time again. The time where her family just up and leaves because they don’t know how to stay in one place. She sighed as she has spent a week before school just packing everything up, and getting ready to move once more. Chloe was so tired of this silly routine. She didn’t understand why they had to keep doing this. Every time they do this, she ends up losing more and more friends. The simple fact that she had to keep restarting was getting a little old. The female was definitely ready to stay in one spot, and one spot only. A girl can sure dream.]

[font "Ruda" The night before school started and her parents wanted everything to be unpacked, and their house to look like an actual house. The brunette was just tired overall and wanted to have some type of sleep before school tomorrow. She grumbled at her parents and just decided she would only do the parts that had to do with her. Within the next few hours the house was completely unpacked and all she wanted to do was crawl into bed and just sleep away.]

[font "Ruda" The next morning seem to come quickly. The brunette sighed as she heard her phone alarm going off. That means it was time for her to try and start over once more. She grabbed the sheet and blanket and ripped off of her, and then instantly, making her bed all neat. She took a quick shower and got dressed for the day. She was in the town of La Push, and she had no idea about this place before. She was surprised that her parents even knew this place. Chloe simply put a jacket on as well, since it was down pouring outside. She was thankful she had her own car as she was grabbing her keys and rushing to school. She hated the idea of being late on the first day. She needed to grab her schedule, and then get to her class.]

[font "Ruda" Within 5 minutes, she was already at the school. She parked the car and turned it off. She caught herself staring at the school. It looked like a decent size school. Chloe closed her eyes and took in a few deep breaths. She wasn’t for sure if she was ready for this or not. She got out of the car, and just watched as all eyes were on her. She chewed on her bottom lip, as she picked up the pace to get inside the high school. She could already feel her heart beating hard against her chest. She made it to the office as quickly as she can, as she realized she was holding a breath in. She exhaled, and looked at the attendant that was just staring at her. “Rough day already?” Chloe simply just chuckled, and then she grabbed her schedule, and then started to find her way to her first class.]

[font "Ruda" Eventually, Chloe was able to find the right direction of where her class was going to be. Chloe wasn’t really paying attention, and then she felt someone knock into her. Hard. She stumbled back, and dropped her bag and her schedule. She looked up and saw a tan guy that seemed to be in a hurry. Chloe gulped slowly. He was definitely a lot bigger than her, and that made her nervous. [b "Oh… Uh… that’s quite alright... I should watch where I’m going…"]] [font "Ruda" She grabbed her things, and then she quickly hurried off. She didn’t want to talk more than she had too. She ended up finding her classroom and wandered in there quickly, and just sat down. She took in a deep breath. [I I can make it through this day. I know I can.]
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The rain was coming down hard as it almost always seemed to be doing. It was one of the many joys to living in La Push or actually the state of Washinton. But he was used to it because it had been his home all his life. Jacob was staring out the window and was tapping on the desk and playing with a pencil as he was waiting for the guys and the rest of the class. He was only there so early because he had decided to be late multiple times and they had thought putting him in a morning dention was a good idea and would have him coming to school on time and not ditching classes. Actually the joke was on them because he had one of the most messed up sleeping schedules.

[i 'Will they hurry already? This is getting boring and the rain is looking more inviting by the minute.'] Jake found himself thinking. It was more his way of trying to distract himself since his best friend had married the blood sucker and had become one of them. Just that thought as it entered his head had shivers, the ones that meant the change was coming went through him. Recognizing the sign of shifting, Jake quickly rose from the desk he had been sitting at and rushed out into the hallway. Unfortunately he was not paying attention and just trying to get out he ended up bumping into a body much smaller than him. A girl at that.

[b "I'm sorry..."] He grumbled out, awkwardly. He hadn't even bothered to even raise his eyes.
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