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[center [b Bella becomes a Cullen, leaving Jacob all alone. They decide that she is a little too dangerous and decide to move away and allow Bella some time to get used to being a newborn.]]

[center [b Now Jake is left alone heartbroken and needing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still hangs with the pack and everyone, but he seems more down and less willing to be the wolf that he and the others are.]]

[center [b But what if a new girl, _________________ moves to La Push because her parents force her to. And what if Jake meets her and it turns out she is the one he imprints on? How will he tell her anything about it?]]

[center [#9251c1 I am willing to play Jake or the New Girl..role doesn't matter to me]]

[center [i We can discuss further plot ideas..this is just a basic]]

[center [b Rules]]

[center Real Pictures
Post Within Two Weeks
No ones liners
Please write in third person and past tense
Try to use proper grammar and spelling
Drama, Plot Twists, Swearing and Whatever else is welcome
Mild Godmodding is okay to move the plot but don't over do it
[b open to more than one version]
[b I will give you the same as you do me in a post]]

[center **To join title your PM with your favourite song as the title. Don't forget to tell me which role you want]

[center [b Skelly for Girl]]

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The rain was coming down hard as it almost always seemed to be doing. It was one of the many joys to living in La Push or actually the state of Washinton. But he was used to it because it had been his home all his life. Jacob was staring out the window and was tapping on the desk and playing with a pencil as he was waiting for the guys and the rest of the class. He was only there so early because he had decided to be late multiple times and they had thought putting him in a morning dention was a good idea and would have him coming to school on time and not ditching classes. Actually the joke was on them because he had one of the most messed up sleeping schedules.

[i 'Will they hurry already? This is getting boring and the rain is looking more inviting by the minute.'] Jake found himself thinking. It was more his way of trying to distract himself since his best friend had married the blood sucker and had become one of them. Just that thought as it entered his head had shivers, the ones that meant the change was coming went through him. Recognizing the sign of shifting, Jake quickly rose from the desk he had been sitting at and rushed out into the hallway. Unfortunately he was not paying attention and just trying to get out he ended up bumping into a body much smaller than him. A girl at that.

[b "I'm sorry..."] He grumbled out, awkwardly. He hadn't even bothered to even raise his eyes.
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