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Oh she knew she would hear about it from Sam later, but she couldn't care less. This was the ONLY way that Jacob would not have to suffer again. This girl was bad news and clearly didn't want to be with their "brother". So since no one else would do anything about it, Leah did. And as soon as the girl was gone, Leah herself decided to head home. The girl was NOT her problem. Helping Jacob and the pack was.

It did not take Jacob long to come back with the others, all of them coming oit in jean shorts. One look at Gabs and the boy ran to her. He wanted to ask her what happened but the having to take her back home was more important and so he did that. All the while, the pair was silent but the tension in the car was thick enough to be cut through with a knife.

When he stopped before her house, brown gaze turned to her. [b "What are you talking about?"] He asked, voic broken though he had not meant for it to be. And he did not get an answer before she went up to the house. She did come back and kiss him..well more like a makeout session. But he still never got the answer and was forced to go back home with a heart that felt as if it had been torn straight from his chest.
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Gab watched everything. Her eyes wouldn't shut for nothing. She felt a tiny pinch and it was gone. When she fell down on the ground it was as if she snapped out of a haze. She didn't see Leah tear the vamp apart, but her darting into the bushes. The girl stood up, adding pressure to her cut to make it stop bleeding. She knew it wasn't Jacob who saved her, but she was indeed surprised to see Leah. Gab opens her mouth to say thank you. Leah beat her to the punch. Since the girl saved her life she wants her to stop seeing Jacob. [#af18ae Wha-what... wouldn't that hurt him though...] she looks at the blood from the vampire. She did save her life. [#af18ae I... what if...] she risked her life to save Emily and Bill just to be told not to see Jacob... Gab sighs as she nods. [#af18ae I guess...] she whispers. Leaving the car and Leah she walks back to where she came from. She feels bad for whoever car she borrowed. It was hard not to cry. She made sure she wiped her face before returning to where they all were before.

When Jacob took her home she hesitated to open the door. With the door open and wide open, Gab turns to Jacob with a faint smile. [#af18ae As your imprint... I ask for you to, to keep away from me... I can't explain why... I'm sorry Jacob...] Gab walks inside and closes the door... her heart feels like it's shattering. Without thinking Gab swings the door open and runs to Jacob just to kiss him. It may have been more than a kiss. More like a make-out session, but she runs back inside the house when their lips parted.
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Sam kept Jared and Jacob with him. They were stronger than Leah was and he still cared about her. So the soonest chance that he got, the big black wolf sent the sandy brown one back. It was an alpha's order and so she HAD to follow it. And it was an order for Jacob and Jared to stay with Sam and to patrol once they had the one vampire torn to shred.

Leah was on her way back, but the scent of blood and the crunching of metal hit her senses. God did she wish she could just ignore it. But being a wolf it was her duty to check it out. And soon she was jumping out of the bushes and biting into the vampire who had his hold on Gabriela, forcing him to let go. The she wolf was a lot faster than the vampire and had him torn to bits almost in no time.

Brown eyes were on the girl and the wolf slipped back into the bushes. In a few moments she was coming out with a pair of jean shorts on and a white shirt. Dark eyes remained in Gabbie and her arms crossed over her chest. [#be5cf5 "Since I saved you now you have to do something for me. Leave Jacob the hell alone. Don't talk to him or even come near him. He's had his heart shattered once and he doesn't need it again."] The woman spoke, the wolfish growl to her words as she did. Leah meant what she said too.
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Okay, now this is scary. Her heart began to race. If this was a movie or a book she would've kissed him before he goes off. But since it's not and the fact that the conversation they had early still haunts her, all she could do was nod. [#af18ae Be careful. You still owe me dates.] she says chuckling.

Gab walks to the guys. Surprisingly Emily was still there so at least she wasn't the only human girl. They stayed near Jacobs father and talked. The girl had her arms crossed as she chews on her bottom lip. They tried to relax her but one wolf left. Possibly to join Jacob. Leaving them with two. But then minutes later all four shifted. Emily and Gab decided to help Bill into one of the cars so they can go. But Billy's facial expression caught the girls attention. Two vampires appeared. Their eyes were haunting. Bright red, like rubies shining in a light. A wolf appeared out of nowhere taking them on. It made Gab snap out of it. [#af18ae I got a plan. Go take Bill and get out of here..."] the both told her she was crazy and to get in, but she didn't listen. Instead she got into another car, rolled down the windows and cut herself with some keys. She made sure her seat-belt was on before driving. Vampires love blood so might as well be a distraction.

When she thought she was good and the vampires were taken care of the car flips and she wasn't sure how. She was hanging upside down. Out of breath and then she tried howling, but it rips the door out and yanks her out... he grabs her arm that was bleeding, sniffs it and licks it. [b "You taste good. You got balls gorgeous. We'll get that scar face bitch and cripple..."] he said evilly.
[#af18ae They will kill you before you harm them...]
[b We're faster and stronger. My guys will handle them]
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Jacob's gaze had never left the way that Gabriela had gone. He could still see and sense her even if he was sure that she happened to no longer see them. He knew that she was safe. And if not he or one of the others would be able to get to her in time before anything bad truly happened.

[b "Stay with the others here.. That holw mean that they've got something.. Embry, Quil, Seth, Paul and Brady will stay here... But I have to go with Sam and Jared to check on this."] Jacob said, his head turned off in the direction of the howl. It had been Leah as she didn't want to be near anyone else. And he KNEW that she would not be letting out any howls unless it was important.
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She did wonder a little too off where she couldn't see them. Let alone hear them, but she's pretty sure she's still in their supernatural radar. The stars popped out more the further away she got from any sort of light. It would've been smart to simply sit down to stargaze better, but she didn't.

Gabriela decided to head back at some point. She stops to stare at a direction where she feels like she's being watched. It is an unpleasant feeling. With a breezy hit her, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up she continued to walk back. [#af18ae So much for an after party...] she says chuckling. Her arms are crossed again. She gasps hearing a howl. It was faint, but she knows it. She looks at him concerned. [#af18ae So should I stay here or leave... I'm assuming something is up.]
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Jacob couldn't help laughing at her words. They honestly made him smile and amused the boy. [b "You know I wouldn'yt mind it. I'm practically a space heater as it is."] The shifter said as she crossed her arms and looked up at the aky again. He was teasing her a bit but it was true and she had used him as such before.

The boy was trying to think of something else he could say but before he knew it, he was jumped on. Jake laughed and soon had the little one on his back. He REALLY had not expected it but this sort of this always happened when the pack got together. And slowly he nodded to Gabbie. [b "Be careful.."] He said as he still had the little one on him.

Though he was playing, Jake made sure to keep an eye on the girl. He knew it was safe enough but he still didn't want to let his guard down. He didn't want for anything to happen to her.
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Gabriela nods. [#af18ae Sure. Just know we either have to stay close to the bonfire so I can stay warm or be warned that I'll be [i all over you] for your warmth.] she tells him crossing her arms as she continues to look up.

The girl almost lost balance when the small once practically jumps on Jacob laughing. It made her laugh. [#af18ae I'll be over there. Enough the big brother, little brother moment. I'll be staring up at the stars.] she walks back to the spot where they sat before. She would look down to watch the others slowly leave. Gab got up to walk. She wasn't scared to walk around this late at night alone. All she has to do if fake howl and she'll have someone rescuing her.
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The more he was getting to know the girl, the more he was starting to like her for her. He didn't fully explain the imprint thing as he should have. But perhaps that would work better later. For now, Jacob wanted her to think that it only had to do with the draw. He wanted her to choose him on her own. Though he was not sure he would want to end up as Sam and Em were. Cute together as they were, Jacob just could not see that as being him.

[b "There is always that movie I promised... or we can get away from everyone and watch the stars for a little while.."] He said as he noticed that she seemed to like them quite a bit. [b "To answer your question... We are told it when we first shift...I mean the whole story not just what they filter it to when we are growing up... But we hear it with each new wolf..and each new imprint."] He explained as his eyes found their way to the sky.
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Gab laughs. There's no way she can keep him out of trouble. Nothing against Sam and Emily, but she doesn't want to end up like that. She'll despise him forever and it'll kill him alive. [#af18ae I don't know. The night is still young. I'll be home alone for the next few nights so I'm all yours.] she replies taking baby steps. She wave bye to a few people. Gab was ready to give Leah the middle finger but she caught herself. The elders are still there. [#af18ae So do they tell the story all the time?] she asks him looking up at the sky, seeing all the stars. A big smile appeared on her face seeing how the sky it lit up with stars.
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Jacob was going to kill his father for what he had said. He didn't want to be thought of as some love-sick puppy. [i "You have nothing to worry about. He says how kind and caring you are. And how you have been a great help for him and his studying to make it stick. I think he also says you're funny and make him smile without even trying."] The man said and then before Jacob could say anything began on the legends.

When the breeze picked up and it became a little chilly, Jake draped an arm around Gabriela. He listened to the stories as always but this time it seeming to hold more weight than it used to. The legend soon ended and everyone began to scatter. Jake continued to stay sat with the girl and dark eyes met a set of matching dark eyes.

[b "I'm sure you don't...or actually more like keeping us sane and out of trouble."] Jacob said with a laugh and nudged her. But her words of the sacrificing bit had hit hard. He didn't say anything there but shook his head. [b "So what would you like to do now?"]
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Gabriela was dancing now that she has something to munch on. She could still feel Leah glaring fireballs at her, but she's ignoring it. Someone in a wheelchair approaches them. An eyebrow arches up not knowing who he was, but what he said made her smile and chuckle. [#af18ae I guess I am. I didn't know he talks about me. I hope it's all good things.] she says playfully nudging Jacob. She looks up at him scrunching her nose, wondering who he is.

[center [i"The legend goes that one spirit warrior, Utlapa, wanted to use this power to enslave neighboring tribes, the Hohs and the Makahs. Unwilling to use the warriors' powers for such monstrous purposes, his chief, Taha Aki banished him from the tribe...."]]

Gab was into this story telling. When it got a little chilly she leaned against Jacob for warmth. She was sort of upset when it ended. Part of her wants to ask more about imprinting, but she didn't. She stayed sitting and watched everyone scatter. [#af18ae Wow. Are you sure my role doesn't have any duties? If we do fall in love I'll probably sacrifice myself too...just a warning.] she says nudging him again smiling.
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When she spoke of her grandmother, Jacob couldn't help laughing. But he could tell there had been genuine affection in her words as well. [b "I do it to my dad sometimes and he makes me run more patrols then all the others. And I can't stop until I think about what I've done."] He said. [b "But since you said that I know you're good."] The boy said, still snickering.

When they pulled into the parking lot and Jake turned off the engine, Gabs was the first of them to get out. And a second he joined her, brown gaze locking on the Clearwater girl as she locked eyes on Gabbie. He shook his head and sighed. [b "Sadly she counts here. But when away from the elders go ahead and do what you want. I do." Jacob whispered to her. And soon the girl was talking a little to the others and getting food before she came back to his side.

Jake's eyes soon were on his father and the other elders who came up. [i "So you're the girl that Jake won't shut up about? It's nice to meet you, and welcome."] Billy said as he gave a nod to the others meaning it was about time.
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[#af18ae Of course not. Are you crazy? My grandma is a wise owl as she likes to call herself and if you show one little sign of disrespect may everything holy kill you before she gets a hold of you...] she says laughing. Gab did that mistake twice. One time she was forced to kneel on some uncooked rice and eat some jalapenos... torture. Then there was another time when her grandmother made her do some hard labor for the entire week she was there. She actually lost weight and a good amount of it too.

Right now her horrible mistake of disrespecting the adults was on her mind. It's helping her control the fear for whatever could happen tonight. She was the first one to get out the car. Her hands stuffed in her sweaters pocket. A few steps away from the car she Leah walks by crossing paths. They had a stare down, but Gab didn't budge. [#af18ae You said not to disrespect and elder, but does she count or should I behave tonight?] she asks in a whisper looking at Jacob. When she got a whiff of some burgers she went go get one before the supernatural with nine bellies eat everything. She even greeted a few and had quick conversations with them before going back to Jacob's side.
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The main reason Jacob was worried as it was was because he did not trust Sam to come and get them. Or to send someone. If the man sent someone, Jacob was almost sure that Leah would have been the choice to keep her out of trouble. But the would just get him and Leah bickerint about Gabbie. So the best thing to do was just to go. After all, it was a pack gathering and the elders would be there. It would NOT look good being later.

[b "There really aren't many. Just don't show disrespect and try to not act purely on emotion... Even some of us struggle there. But you should be fine. And yeah there is typically a lot of food."] Jake explained as he drove, sighing when the beach came into view. Because just in the parking lot were the others already.
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