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Crap. She screwed up. He figured it out. Right now she’s thankful for the sweater she’s wearing. Her cut is healing perfectly. She thought it was huge because of how much blood came out, but it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

[#Af18ae No, it’s alright. I’m sure they would rather patrol other areas... all of you should go. You can stay tomorrow night if I don’t find anyone who’s willing to sleep over. Deal? ... it’s late I should be sleeping.] she waves bye before heading inside.

The next day gab was at school. She didn’t want to find out if Joshua would return because she didn’t go. She still ignored Jacob and his friends. Alex was willing to sleep over, but Jamie reminded him they have a family event after school and it goes on until one in the morning. They did offer her to go with them but she turned it down. School was school. It was boring. No one questioned why she had makeup on.

When she went home there were flowers in front of the door. She read the card first. It was from Joshua. Placing the card back she went inside and locked the door. She hide in her room as she did her homework. Maybe she should go out. Even if it meant being alone. At least he won’t find her. Hopefully... but the thought of bumping into Joshua scared her so she remained in her room.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 121d 9h 41m 37s
Her words clicked and he nodded slowly. She must have done something to help his dad and Emily and Leah had been the one to find her. Knowing the wolf girl she took full advantage and made this shitty arrangement that now seemed to cause a wedge between him and his imprint. What was even worse was Leah KNEW the wolves were literally lost puppies without their imprints and felt like they were dying a little more everyday when not being around them at least a little. [b "They're both fine... And from what you said I have an idea of what happened. Now I have to talk to her...or get Sam involved in this."] Jacob said quietly as he once more looked back to the trees. He could see the two wolves but was sure that the girl could feel them.

A faint yet sad smile graced his lips. [b "If you won't let me stay.. at least let one of the others. They'll stay just beyond the house and act as a 'gaurd dog' for you...All I want is for you to be safe..."] And he meant every word he said. Seeing her hurt had hurt him.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 121d 9h 57m 39s
Gab wipes her face. Gulping, she nods. She won’t use the imprint thing on him. She knew it would hurt him but Leah didn’t care. Leah is a cold hearted wolf. No matter what she wasn’t going to tell him. He’ll probably kill her or get in trouble with the pack. Then again she can’t simply assume things.

Her heart began to race hearing what he said. Someone heard her earlier talking about Leah. Is it too late to close the door and hide upstairs? [#Af18ae You should ask her that... how’s your dad and Emily? Are they okay?] she asks playing with the bottom of her shirt. Gab can’t tell him she did something idiotically brave but stupid. But she did warn him that she would help out any way she can like the lady from the story. Her eyes kept going from him to the trees behind him knowing they aren’t alone. [#Af18ae As for the other thing I don’t think it’s smart at all but if I have people over he won’t do anything. Not until we’re alone...] she informs him nervously.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 121d 10h 31m 7s
Having the girl close to him after a wekk of her avoiding him was bittersweet. It was like his own brand of heroine in a way and he was FINALLY getting a small fix. But it was also like she was telling him good-bye in the way she hugged him and stayed more or less clinging for those five silent minutes, his own arms having found their way around her. IF he had the choice, Jacob would not let her go ever. It was amazing what having her missing in a sense could do for a week.

[b "I don't want you to have to use the imprint thing against me.. But I want to know what's been going on. The ignoring and everything really hurts Gabriela..especially when I don't know what's been going on or caused it to begin with...And are you sure that having your friends over can stop him?"] Jacob asked, dark gaze falling on the girl. Obviously was still hurt and was not wanting to leave her alone either.

When she said he had to go, Jake looked away and to the lining of the trees. He could see both Sam and Seth there watching him. [b "Embry heard you earlier and has been trying to tell me... What exactly has Leah done?"] He had to know as this...the distance was killing him.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 121d 10h 46m 52s
Gabriela turns on the lights for the back of the house. Jacob happily took the shorts. She was leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed, looking down. When she looked up she began to cry again. You would think she would be checking him out. Well she did a little but right now she needs needs to hug him before telling him they can’t hang out anymore.

She wraps her arms around his torso. A small chuckle escapes her. God he’s warm. It feels weird on her bruised face. It seems to be a love, hate situation. After about five minutes of silent hugging, her hand cups his face and kisses him. [#Af18ae Jacob we can’t. He’s just going to come back... plus we can’t see each other anymore... don’t make me use this imprint thing to keep you away from me for good. If things get worse I’ll call you or howl. Which ever comes first... I’ll see if one of my friends would sleep over...] it hurts her that she made this stupid deal with Leah. She saved Emily and bill. You would think Leah would appreciate it, but no she wants to shun her from Jacobs life. Right now more than anything she wants him to stay with her. Maybe even beat up Joshua for what he did to her. Her face is going to hurt a lot more tomorrow. She may stay home but that scares her too. What if he comes over again because he knows she’s there and not in school? Ugh. [#Af18ae I’m really sorry Jacob... as much as I want you here, you need to go.]
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 121d 17h 20m 47s
The wolf had not even been sure the dirt and trying to write in it would work. But as he could not phase back it had been the only idea that he had had. And apparently it was not working well at all. For either one of them. She obviously could not read it and he obviously couldn't write for crap as a wolf. And with that being the case, Jake pouted and looked up to where she had been. When he saw she was gone, the wolf's head tilted and soon he found a pair of basketball shorts on his head.

As soon as the shorts were dropped on his head, Jake shook them off and picked them up in his mouth and trotted to the trees. Soon he came back as the human him and went to the girl. This would be much easier now that he could actually talk. [b "I was trying to say that I want to help...and that you could always stay at my house the next could of days or I can stay around here so you aren't alone.."] The boy said kind of awkwardly
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 121d 17h 51m 32s
Gab wasn’t sure what he was thinking. Her hand touched his nuzzle for a few seconds. Seeing him trying to do something with the dirt made her question what he was trying to say. Right now she wants a hug. But it’s would be smart to keep clear from Jacob. Joshua would hurt her even more. Then Jacob may do the same or cross the line and kill him. She got up and went inside. The back door was left open. She searched Issac’s clothing for a pair of basketball shorts. She found one and hoped it would fit Jacob. Val walks back downstairs and outside. She places the basketball shorts on his head. She needs him to be human in order for her to get a hug and apologize again. Even though she doesn’t want to be alone they shouldn’t be seen together.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 122d 8h 32m 33s
The wolf sst on the porch with big brown eyes staring up at the glass window of the door. His ears were twitching and he could smell the VERY faintest trace of blood and it made him whine more. Jake had no idea if she would open the door or even come out. But to the big ball of furr's relief she did both. Or it was relief until she began to speak and he could hear the faint sniffling and could see the bruising to her face right before she lowerd it. Her next words had him nudging her and whimpering. If he had been human, Jacob could have told her what he was trying to..But as it stood he was a wolf and for the moment had no means of changing back to the human him.

Slowly he moved to the dirt below the steps and looked back up at her. He was going to try and write what he had been saying in the dirt. Mostly it would be telling her to let him stay with her..Or seeing if she would come and stay with him. But whatever, Jake HAD to try and help her.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 122d 8h 39m 26s
If Gabriela hasn’t been through this many times before she would be crying. She did cry a little but stopped. She did her homework upstairs. She made sure the curtains were closed. She didn’t want to be alone. Alex wasn’t replying to her text. Neither was Jamie.

When the ice in her ice pack was nothing but water she cautiously went downstairs to drain the water and add new ice. She jumps hearing something at her back door. She moves the curtains to see Jacob. Her forehead hits the window in relief. [#Af18ae Hold on.] she wants to see him. The real him and not the fur ball. But maybe this was best. She turns off the back door light before stepping out. She doesn’t want him to see her bruising face. Then again he’s an animal so he could probably see it without the light. [#Af18ae Hey... sorry for dodging you. Things came up... I’m actually glad you’re here...] she kept her head low so her hair could cover her face. She’s trying so hard not to cry. It’s giving her the sniffles. [#Af18ae He found me... it wasn’t pretty either and I’m alone for a few more nights...] she whispers. As much as she hopes he didn’t hear her, she knows he did. Stupid super natural senses.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 122d 9h 19m 48s
As mad and hurt as he was, Jacob HAD seen what Embry had heard. And as bad as the idea was, Jacob was going to Gabs' to try and talk to her. Or he would once he had run for a while and managed to calm down. If he went now, Jake knew that he WOULD say something he regretted. The boy had been down that path before and didn't need to again. Besides..she was his imprint and even if angry or hurt he could NEVER hurt her. The wolf in him would never allow it.

It was nearing eleven when he had finally run enough to calm down and when Sam had finally more or less kicked him from patrols. Not wanting to go home and something tugging him towards Gabriela's, the great wolf ran through the woods and to her house. This time he had nothing to change into and so as he had other nights, Jacob slowly slipped from the bushes and went to the back door. He knew if he howled he would wake people and so he pawed, no more like clawed the back door and whined. His only hope was that she WOULD answer and maybe talk to him.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 122d 9h 38m 39s
Gabriela was taken home by Alex. He even tried to kiss her. She wasn't having it. He still left grinning. By the time she was it was cold inside. She's still alone. She does receive updates on their [i baecation]. She began to make dinner. Enough to bring some for lunch tomorrow.

There was a knock on the door. She assumed it was Alex. [#af18ae Alex I told you I would...] she stops seeing Joshua. He forces himself inside whens he tried closing the door. This couldn't be happening! Things got heated real fast. They were arguing. She tried to kick him out but he wouldn't go. She tried ignoring him but he got a but physical. She stopped and ended up feeding him to calm him down. He left right afterwards as he told her he'll be back. When he left she made sure everything was locked before going to wash her bloody face.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 123d 11h 54m 29s
He had expected to find Gabriela because of her scent. But what he did not expect was to see Alex there and her with him. The words that drifted up to him stung and stung a lot. So it seemed she was like Bella. He had been a friend and like a security blanket of sorts. And just that thought was enough to hurt him and make him angry. Being the case, Jake turned and ran the other way. It was not long before he could not help the familiar ripple from rushing through him and he had phases into the great russet wolf.

Embry had been after Jacob but stayed around a little longer. He had wanted to see if things were really as bad as how it sounded. The boy had even kept close enough when Jamie had pulled Gab to the side. And as soon as the "deal" was mentioned something clicked. Leah had not phased since that night. Gab had also been trying to avoid Jacob too since then.

With that, Embry phased and went after Jacob. The other had to know. He just hoped that Jacob would not do anything stupid. His friend was known to make bad choices when his temper flared or if he was hurt.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 123d 12h 23m 15s
Gabriela watched Alex smiling. She smiled back quickly before continuing to walk. She began to walk backwards when she didn't see Alex by her side. What she didn't know was that Alex looked up because he was doing his happy dance and spotted Jacob.

[#af18ae Come on let's go back to the others.] Alex grins and runs to her side.
"So do you miss Jacob?"
[#af18ae Weird question to ask after you told me you really like me and want to go out on a date... so let's not talk about him. It's a touchy subject...] He nods. They walked in silence.

Hanging out with her friends was fun. Alex was chasing a few girls with a stick full of seaweed. Jamie pulled her to the side, away from the shore and the others. "You should tell Jacob why you're not talking to him. You shouldn't ghost anyone."
[#af18ae I can't. It would be breaking the deal... he's fine... oh and I may not go to school tomorrow...]
"You're coming or else I would tell him. Was it a cousin or a friend that told you to stay away?" Gab glares at her, "Don't give me that. Even though my cousin tried to ghost you because you kept spending time with Jacob he wouldn't shut up about you. What if Jacob is going through the same thing?"
[#af18ae He's fine. With the things he has to do his mind would be occupied. Besides I think two of his family members are on my side... after all what I did was for them and it was stupid so his... cousin... helped me out. It's what I get for trying to be brave.] she says shrugging. Before Jamie can reply the other came running to them starting a game of freeze tag.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 124d 10h 10m 44s
Jacob was with the guys physically, but his mind was on Gabs. It couldn't seem to leave her no matter ehat he did. Talk about the love sick puppy. And it was a hand waving in front of his face that called him back from where his ming was. All eyes were on him with raised eyebrows too. "Jacob.. you have to pay attention to this too. There are more vampires around here than those who attacked the beach two weeks ago. We have to be alert and we have to be focused. Neither of which thing you have been. So why don't you tell us why that is... I mean we can hear it.. but we want you to say it." Sam muttered.

Jacob sighed and looked to the sand at his feet. He was debating what he would say. They already knew so he did not understand why he had to say it. [b "She wants to stay away and have me stay away... I know I explained Bella and the imprint thing.. But I didn't think this would happen. It really hurts and feels like there is a hole in my chest I can't fill. There is a piece missing. And I don't even really know why she wants this. All she said was she can't explain it."] The boy said aa he slowly looked up at the others.

It was after he spoke did a scent that he would kow anywhere hit his nose. And before any of the others could stop him, Jake was up and following it. As he did, the girl he had been talking about came into view and so did the boy, Alex. And as he stood on the slight hill, dark eyes were on the girl. But he did not speak. Couldn't for that matter
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Jamie and Gab took a walk. Despite it being chilly Gab took off her shoes and rolled up her pants so she could walk along the shore. She finally told her friend part of what happened. That a family member of Jacob [i helped] her and it came with a price, which was to stay away from Jacob. Gab told her how much it sucked, but the help was... life saving, get it?

Jamie told her that's bullshit. Until she mentioned about him being hurt in the past and how she thinks Gab is going to do the same. Jamie then understood a little. Gab was going to say something else until Alexander ran up to them. He told his cousin that someone was looking for her so she left Gab with Alexander. She wasn't happy about it, but she decided to walk back. Alex stopped her to write something on the sand. He was asking her out. Gab chuckles. She was debating on it. As she was about to say yes, with 'y' rolling on her tongue Alexander asked about Jacob which made her choke. [#af18ae Why?]
"Because if you're dating him it would be weird. I really like you Gabriela"
[#af18ae Oh... umm... we were friends, but I just have a lot going on and he did too so we just stopped talking...]
"Did her do something to you? I'll go fuck him up if he did." That made her laugh because Jacob could actually eat him in his wolf form.
[#af18ae Never. He's my therapy dog and... just no. He didn't do anything. It was my decision to end things. As for the date raincheck? I'm in a funk and wouldn't want to be a sourpuss.] Hearing what she said last made him smile from ear to ear.
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