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Yeah he did need the help. Or rather it would make things easier. But the wolf boy was also in his own way trying to offer her a distraction. Not that he would admit to it unless asked though. [b "Yeah, can do that. Or I can just pout at you and keep you guessing."] Jake tried to tease.

The boy had gotten some of his own homework out but as predicted, Billy had called him and had him explain what had happened. As soon as he had told the man, his father was more than willing to keep Gabs with them. And soon he was back in his room and she was telling him not to expect him to have her wake the hour early just so he could drive the car. [b "Awww but that's no fair. She drives beautifully."] He whined before getting back to his own homework.

Her phone was distracting with all the buzzing. But he did as well as he could to ignore it. When he REALLY did not understand his Spanish or math was when he "bugged" her to help. Honestly he actually liked the "attention" after having been avoided. And he TRIED to give her his undivided attention when she helped. That was nearly.something NO one got from the boy.
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Gab laughs. Poor kid probably hates it. He probably wants to be a part of the action and running late patrols. She shakes her head before to her school bag to get her homework assignments out. [#Af18ae Sure. You just have to ask for help when you need it.] she says continuing her history homework.

It’s weird to be in Jacobs house. It’s so simple. Kinda takes her off guard. You would think he would have posters of Megan Fox or some one super hot plastered everywhere. Gabs room is filled with things. Pictures, books, drawings, etc. After this assignment she has math and science. Science isn’t her favorite which is why she studies the crap out of it to get it. She never gets anything less than a B- and she’s okay getting such a grade. Gab doesn’t mind stopping to help him out. In a way it’s a nice break from her homework.[#Af18ae Want to drive is to school tomorrow? Enjoy the car as long as you can. Just don’t think I’ll be waking up an hour earlir to come get you so you can drive.] she says laughing. Gab hasn’t touched her phone by some miracle. She knows she has some texts. She can hear it buzz, but she needs to do her homework and help Jacob out. [#Af18ae So I don’t mind cooking and cleaning. I don’t want to be a burden or a freeloader.]
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[b "You're a guest here and dad would murder me if I was rude. I don't make taking the couch."] Jacob said as he was changing shirts because he had gotten some of the orange sauce from the orange chicken on his other one. Dark eyes moved to the window and he gave a faint smile. [b "Embry is telling Seth it's late and Sue will have a fit if he's not home soon..He is one of the youngest and we do try and keep him out of this stuff as much as we can.."] Jacob explained.

It was kind of weird but it was kind of nice being able to actually talk about the wolf thing outside of the pack. His hands had moved into his pockets and he shook his head slowly. [b "I'm not on patrol until tomorrow...Sam wants me and Leah on different shifts...so maybe I can have help with the homework? And yeah...I'll tell dad. He'll probably be calling me out soon to ask."] The boy admitted.
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Gab waves high to Seth. She also wanted to tell him that his sister is a bitch. However she refrained herself from saying it. She follows Jacob inside and greets Bill. She even offered him her leftovers in case he was hungry. Something she’s not. Her duffel bag was placed next to his bed. She walks around his room. [#Af18ae I don’t mind sleeping on the couch or together. This is your home.] she tells him. Another wolf comes out of the woods. Gab leans against the wall watching him or her staring at Seth. It made her wonder what they’re taking about. [#Af18ae I may continue doing my homework. If you have to go patrol I should be fine. I can always convince your dad to tell me embarrassing stories of you.] she looks at him smiling. What’s scaring her is the fact when she showers her makeup is going to come off. Her face is going to look horrible with the extra colors. It’s something she doesn’t want to explain to his father. [#Af18ae If your father asks why I’m here you should tell him. I sort of don’t want to explain it to him...]
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Oh he was DEFINITELY going to be in trouble there was no denying that. Since Gabriela knew about him and what he was he was able to show her. But the fact that he had done what he had was pretty against their rules. It would be one of the arguments and lectures for sure. Gabs couldn't save him from that. But in his mind, the girl was more than worth it.

[b "I'm sure he won't find you at my place. Where I live is one of the more hidden homes as it is..next to Sam's and Emily's.."] Jake admitted, hands gripping tighter on the steering wheel as she said what she had. How could someone be so used to something like this? But he did not voice his words. Couldn't really. And so he drove in silence.

A smirk came to his lips when he pulled up to his house. [b "I love the way she drives. So smooth compared to my truck."] He said with a small and mocking pout. And soon he was out, eyes going to Seth as he came out in wolf form. [b "No.. I can go with you. Seth's just letting me know that they're going to keep more a watch and I can stay with you.."]
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Gab laughs. He’s going to be in so much trouble when he tells the others what he did. The girl isn’t a hundred percent sure but showing your wolf form to a human is probably their number one no, no. She can’t protect him from that. That’s the pack business and she’s not a part of it.

[#Af18ae But what if he finds me at your place? He’ll definitely kill me. He said something between the lines of [i ‘if I can’t have you no one else can’] and i believe him. This is sad to say but i got it easy compared to what he normally is capable of doing...] after that she was silent. She doesn’t want to keep thinking about it. Or him. Joshua.

She couldn’t be happier that they got to his place. [#Af18ae How did you like the way she runs and yes it’s a she apparently. I forgot what they named the car...] right now she’s hoping Leah isn’t there. There’s no telling what Jacob would do. He probably saw everything that happened before. Instead a smaller wolf came out. It must be Leah’s brother. Was he trying to tell Jacob they need him? Oh god what if more vampires are around? [#Af18ae Should I let myself in...]
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It really wasn't hard for Jacob to finish the food. What he got for being the shifter. The fact that she didn't eat a whole lot did worry him but he also was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. He did have to admit that he wondered what was going through her head. But again for the moment best not to ask.

[b "Well you don't have to you know.. And seriously don't worry about it. It's what I'm here for."] Jacob said and soon had a fortune cookie and the car keys tossed his way. He couldn't help the smile that came to his lips and the light in his eyes. He had been DYING to be able to try the car out since he had seen it. [b "Got it. Be VERY careful."] He said and soon followed her out to the car and was in the driver's seat as she had gotten into the passenger's.

Slowly he nodded to her question. [b "Yeah, dad'll be okay with this. Thinks maybe you'll be able to keep me put of trouble."] The boy said with a chuckle and soon was pulling out of the driveway and making their way to La Push and to his house.
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Gabriela only ate a quarter of the meal. She ended up closing it when she was done. oprah winfrey had a segment about falling for someone who saved you. It was called a hero complex or something. She may be going through that right now. Then again there was always something about Jacob that had her attention. Weird. Maybe it’s the imprint thing? Can’t be because apparently she doesn’t have a role and it she controls what he would be to her.

The girl smiles back at him. [#Af18ae Cool. And again thank you. I guess I can also shave off some dates you owe me.] she says laughing. Gab gets up to get the car keys and tosses it to him so he can drive. [#Af18ae Don’t mess up the car. It’s worth three of your trucks give or take.] she grabs the duffel bag and her remaining food. She’s not surprised that he finished his. She did open a fortune cookie and tossed him the other. It’s always the best part from ordering Chinese food. At least that’s her opinion.

After locking the front door she looks around. Obviously scared. She puts her bag in the back before getting in the passenger seat. Maybe it’s the hero complex thing that makes her want to kiss him, but right now things are complicated. She shouldn’t send mixed signals to her wolf. [#Af18ae Is your dad going to be okay with this?]
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Jake smiled faintly. [b "It's no worries. Remember anything for you.."] He said as he continued to hold the girl.

He had NO idea what the hell Leah had even been thinking. She knew just as the other wolves did what Joshua looked like. So he could not at all understand what she had done or why. But he knew that Sam was going to talk to them both on this AGAIN. Whatever though.. Gab was worth it. And for five more silent minutes the two stood there and hugged. It was only when she pulled back and began back to the house did Jacob follow after her.

When they got back inside, the wolf boy sat at the table with the meal that she gave him and waited for her to come back. She did not eat right away, but he did. Stupid being a wolf and always hungry. Well that and the food smelled good. [b "Being a good little guard dog. And it helped being here...I mean it calmed me down after Leah and I got into it."] He admitted and gave a mocking and almost puppyish pout as he looked up at her with dark brown eyes. At her next words, Jake smiled and nodded. [b "Yeah..I'd like that."]
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[#af18ae Thank you...] she whisper hugging him back.

Now more than ever she hates Leah. She's positive that Jacob showed everyone a picture of Joshua. Was Leah full of rage that she forgot? They spent another five minutes hugging before she lets go of him. With her arms crossed she began to walk back to the house in silence. Gab began to clean up the shattered glass. She even hands him one of the meals. She runs upstairs to pack. Just to be safe it was a week worth of clothes in a duffel bag.

Gab goes to the kitchen to get her meal. She stares at it before forcing herself to eat some. [#af18ae What were you doing here anyways? Spying on me?] she asks him wiggling her eyebrows. She was trying to distract herself. [#af18ae As a thank you I won't ignore you without giving you a reason.] she says chuckling. He may actually agree to it.
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He was still growling at Joshua as the man had been about to call her names and he snapped just to scare him more. The words caught his ears and Jake's ears twitched as he heard her. But the wolf gave no indications of hearing and as soon as the rock hit him, he ran off. Jake had taken an alternate path and soon was back to being the human him when he found Gabriela.

[b "Hey... it's okay. And yeah he's gone. The moment I let him up he was running."] He whispered to her as he moved to the girl and hugged her. She really was freaking out. But after what had happened, the "fuzzball" could not at all blame her. [b "You staying with me might be safer...like you said he doesn't know where I live..."]
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Joshua was about to call her a c*nt when she heard something and made her lose balance. Hiding behind a tree, she took a peak at what was going on. Jacob. He has Joshua pinned. Slowly the girl walks towards them.

"Are you stupid? Help me." She couldn't hear him because her heart was beating so hard that's all she could hear.
[#af18ae If I help you need to leave. I told you, you had to leave. we have a wolf problem and they don't like assholes...] he glares at her.
[#af18ae Jake, let the fool go. I'm gonna toss a rock at you and run... you should stay tonight. You earned it...] She whispers knowing he can hear her. She found a small and nice round pebble and tosses it at his head. [#af18ae Come on furball!] she shouts before running. When he she couldn't see Joshua she stopped. Her emotions was messing with her facial expression which was hurting her bruised face. Now that she's relaxed she began to shake out of fear. [#af18ae I think may have you stay until they come back... or should I stay with you since he doesn't know where you live....] she began to pace, [#af18ae Is he gone?]
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Jacob could hear Leah but Sam gave him the alpha order to stay away from her. And so there was not much he could do there. But the next voice that caught his ears and the the breaking of glass had his ears flat against his head and hackles rising. He just had to decide if he wanted to be human to face her ex or the wolf. But then he remembered what Gabriela had said as far as Joshua and also what would happen if she was seen with him.

It was the running into the forest and the shouting that FINALLY had Jacob decide on any move to make. And it was as soon as Gabs had passed where he had been hiding and her ex was not far behind did he spring and have the man pinned. Oh how he wanted to tear him to pieces but he knew that could and would hurt Gabriela. Besides he was not a monster. So the great wolf just kept the man pinned, fangs bared and growling. Only would he let him up if Gabbie called him off or if he got one of his special orders from Sam.
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Gabriela eventually went downstairs to order something for dinner. She picked Chinese food and got an extra meal. She may just call Jacob so he can come over. While she waited she began to clean the house.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door. She grabs the cash thinking it’s her dinner but it turned out to be... Leah. The wolf pushes Gab inside. “We had a deal!”
[#Af18ae I’m sorry. He showed up on his own yesterday and figured out with the very little information. All I did was ask how his father and..] Leah pushes her again knocking her down. Gab quickly gets up and runs to the kitchen to get a knife. It made Leah laugh. When Leah approached her Gab punched her in the face just to hurt her hand. That seemed to make Leah’s mood better. Then there was another knock on the door. Leah went to go answer it. Gab went to get some ice for her hand. This time it was her meal because she can smell it BUT Joshua paid for it. Fuck. Gab froze in the kitchen. Apparently Leah left when she allowed Joshua inside.

“Got into a fight with you friend? Did you fuck her boyfriend or something?” Gab shook her head no. “Why two meals? Expecting someone?”
[#Af18ae Please leave. Leah is coming back...]
“I think I may stay until your new guardians come back.”
[#Af18ae Joshua you can go to jail for breaking the restraining order...] he tosses a glass cup. Luckily it missed her head and hit the wall. Gab escaped through the back door and ran into the forest. Joshua ran after her yelling.
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[b "They've heard and now they know too...Remember what I told you? Now they will make here part of the patrol and one of the wolves will stay around..."] He said quietly. His eyes had gone back to the wolf pair watching and he could see the nod given by Sam on his words. [b "Alright...but remember to let me know tomorrow night... I know we can't be seen together.. Night.."] Jake just managed to say before the girl slipped back into the house. When she had, Jake went down the steps and to tje treeline, phasing and leaving the shorts on the porch.

The next day at school, Jacob did watch the girl but he stayed away as well. She also did her best in avoiding him and his friends too. Even when he was meant to be paying attention in class, his mind was on Gab and what happened. It was also on what Leah had done. He was going to talk her about it after school. Perhaps even argue with her about it. This had NOT been fair and she KNEW what it could do. How much it could hurt and even break him.

When school was out, Jacob went to Leah and the two got into it over what she had done. Sam had actually to step in and tell them both to cool down. Jake ended up phasing and running off. Or more like hiding out by Gabbie's house and just watching. This time he had actually brought his own clothing with him.
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