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He was trying to cheer her up at least a little. And when she was saying he wouldn't want her bonding with his dad, Jake chuckled faintly. [b "Kind of hard. Besides the old man is already fond of you. How did you manage that one so fast?"] He asked as he lightly brushed steay strands of her hair back from her face, keeping his eyes locked with hers.

God she didn't know the power she had over him. But he was so close to wanting to kiss her. Almost did until she pulled baco and spoke again. It was her voice that managed to ground him again. [b "Think about what you're asking there Gabs."] Jake adviced, having to look away to hide the blush to his cheeks from how her words had even sounded.
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The thoughts of it made her eyes water. Trying to blink them away only them them escape. He pulled her into a hug before they could roll pass her cheeks. Part of her wants to break down out of fear. But his hug and warmth helped. What caught her off guard was having him look into her eyes.

Her bottom lip quivers. [#Af18ae I shouldn’t... I’m new...] she says looking at him. This flirty thing between them is a roller coaster. Maybe it’s because she’s emotional, but she wants to kiss him. Get it out the way. But then again it could make things messy and if Leah find out she’ll use her as a new chew toy.

Gab steps back. [#Af18ae You shouldn’t cut school for me. I’m already staying here. Plus I don’t think you’ll want me to bond with your dad because then I’ll be the favorite non-biological child.] she says grinning. She hugs him just for the warmth. [#Af18ae when it starts snowing I think you may have to sleep with me so I won’t get cold.] she mumbles. Not realizing it sounded a bit sexual.
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Jacob was wondering why she had pulled him away from Billy and Charlie when they had finished their, well more like his homework three hours later. He had been about to ask what was up, but the girl's arms crossed and she began to speak. And the fear radiating from her was dizzying. Understandable, but still dizzying all the same.

It took him a moment, but the boy did nove forward and gently pull her into a hug. It was really all he could think to do it the way of trying to comfort her. Slowly he brushed her hair back from her face and dark eyes locked with dark eyes. [b "We will not let him touch you.. But if you feel safer...you can choose to stay here with dad or stay at Sam's with Emily.. I may even ditch class to stay with you."] He said, offering a smile. His ditching was partly a joke but he was more serious.
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It took about three hours to finish their homework. More like his. Her mind kept drifting. Joshua found her. Not only did he find her, he saw her with Jacob. That’s definitely going to spike his jealousy and would want to rip her throat... she sighs. Charlie was also still there. He must be scared to walk pass them because of Jacob.

[#Af18ae Alright. Done. My brain sis somehow fried...] she sad putting away her things. She pulls Jacob away from the older guys ears. [#Af18ae So I don’t know if I want to go to school tomorrow. Jacob he found me... I don’t want to be a punching bag or end up dead...] she whispers crossing her arms. He may not do anything now but he knows where she goes to school. It won’t take long to find out where she lives. By either following her or breaking into the school and stealing her record.
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[b "Oh it was okay. Just trouble that now can involve everyone. So we have to help. Seth ended up imprinting so we can't get out of it even if we wanted to."] There was no need to be hiding things from her. Besides it wasn't like he was ordered into silence this time or anything. And he did kind of want to tell her as the worry was still semi radiating.

Charlie seemed calmer when he came in but he still avoided looking at Jake and Gabs. Okay so it would take getting used to and he couldn't blame the man. [b "I do too. But he admittedly took it better than I thought he would. I thought he would be pulling the gun and trying to shoot me. Think how bad this will be when he finds out about Bella..."] His last words were whispered and then he smiled widely.

[b "Right. Homework I forgot about that."] Jake said, rubbing the back of his neck. The boy them went with girl to gather their books and everything. She would have her work cut out for her with helping him. These were his "bad" classes.
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Gab shrugs when he asked if she wanted to watch him strip. She kind of did. But she won’t admit to that. If Charlie is having this muchbit a hard time consuming what he saw, imagine how it’ll be if his daughter tells him she’s a vampire.

[#Af18ae Good... speaking of water under the bridge. How did the meeting go? It’s okay if you can’t or won’t tell me. Just good or bad would be good enough. She or they must be in deep sh... trouble if they’re seeking the paw patrol help.] she says grinning. She better stop with making fun of them before one of the supernatural dogs decide to make her a chew toy. Charlie walked back inside. He seemed calm now. No eye contact towards them. Possibly because of Jacob. [#Af18ae I feel bad for him.] she whispers. [#Af18ae Hery Charlie, if you ever want to talk about the weirdness I’m here for you. I’m new to this too.] he didn’t reply to her. She silently laughs. [#Af18ae Okay, lets do our homework out here. I’ll bring our things. Can’t scare your best friends father into a heart attack or a stroke.]
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The boy took the plate she gave him gratefully. He was starving, which wasn't uncommon with the wolf thing. But he had to admit that he was glad her appetite seemed to come back. [b "Did you actually want the free show? And nah..it was pretty much weird with the first change. After you just kind of get used to it."] He said with a faint smile.

He could hear the man and his tone. It was at least an octive higher than was normal and his speech was quicker. His dad was trying to calm him and to explain it. So far though, it didn't seem to be going well. Did he feel bad? Of course he did.. but did he find this funny? As bad as it was he did.

[b "Nah you're not awful and not weird either. You just have a more open mind and so this didn't bother you. I think after you said what you like to read and watch? And the meat thing, water under the bridge."] He said, smirking and chuckling as her cheeks coloured. It was more than adorable and he admittedly was having fun with her.
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[#Af18ae Think hell get you some dog food for Christmas or a big raw steak?] she asks laughing. She serves them a plate. [#Af18ae Of course. But after we eat. I think my appetite finally came back after that. Too bad I didn’t get free strip show. Was that weird for you?] She asks handing him a plate. She could hear Charlie. He’s having a hard time wrapping his head around it. It’s funny or maybe there’s something wrong with her... [#Af18ae Think there’s something wrong with me? I didn’t react like him... I was more embarrassed that I face to raw meat...] her checks gained color thinking about it. She still feels bad about it.
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He couldn't help being amused in Charlie's coveruing Gabriela's eyes. It was funny but he also knew that he was kind of thankful to the man. Him stripping and shifting didn't take log at all. It was Charlie's reactions after that stung a bit. But hey what was to be expected? He kind of was just thrown into something that quite literally came out of myths and movies. So not like he could blame the man.

He woofed and wagged his tail at Gab's. And he even nudged the girl to show Charlie he was not at all the monster that the man was thinking. It was helpful that the girl was there. If not, the man would have probably wanted to shoot him or something.

Soon, Jake was back to being the human him and dressed in his jean shorts. [b "Thanks for the help there. Charlie still looks like he saw a ghost."] Jacob said as he stood in the doorway of the room. [b "Still up for helping with the homework?"]
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Gabriela laughs. She lets go of Jacob. [#Af18ae It’s up to the wolf boy.]
“You believe it?” The girl shrugs.

She wraps her arm around Charlie to take him outside. He was left speechless. When Jacob began to strip Charlie covered her eyes. It made her laughs. She wanted to see him turn! Although the stripping part would’ve been cool. She heard Charlie gasped and push her behind him. She turns around knowing he turned. She goes to pet him.

[#Af18ae Ever heard of Clifford the Big Red Dog? This is Jacob the Big Rustic Wolf... or we can just call him Clifford...] she says shrugging. [#Af18ae Although I don’t know if he knows some tricks.] she says smiling. [#Af18ae I’ll go get you some water.] she says hopping inside to get him a glass of water. Charlie rolls out to make sure his friend is alive. Charlie met her half way and told her to stay inside so the boy can change. The girl shrugs and began to clean the dishes before heading back to the room. Poor Charlie. He’s going to start questioning everything.
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Jacob couldn't help a smirk to the girl's words and a laugh. She had a point as Charlie only thought everything to be a story or jist part of their myths. Everything his dad usually said pertaining to the tribe and the old stories had been taken with a grain of salt. So the man would be in for quite a shock and maybe even have a heart attack, which they REALLY didn't mean. But the man deserved to know and see it all was not a game. Just he wondered how Charlie would take Bella being a le--vampire..?

[b "Yeah, he probably will be blaming me and the guys. But he'll find out we're practically overgrown puppies. You can help him see that. And of course I'll be able to play catch. Getting "chewed" has never stopped me from enjoying a good game."] Jake said with a chuckle as he hugged the girl, surprised how good she felt in his arms and how she seemed to melt into him.

Charlie was watching the two teens a bit awkwardly. The man still thought all of this to be some sort of joke. But when no one said so and Jake and Gab had been hugging a few minutes, the chief.of police cleared his throat.

"So..you kids going to show me?" He asked with a raised brow.
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Gab laughs. Bella’s dad may have a heart attack. [#Af18ae Sure, if you think he can handle it. Maybe he’ll even blame the animal attacks I’ve been hearing about on you. Let’s see if you can still play catch after he verbally rips you a new one.] she says walking towards him. She’s happy to see he’s still alive. Doesn’t seem to be hurt. Harmed in anyway. The talk must’ve went good.

Without thinking she hugs him. The girl sort of melted feeling how warm he is. Melting in a good way. Not to sweaty kind. Well not yet. But the hug also eased her mind temporarily. [#Af18ae Gor the record dinner is done.] she says letting go. Just in time too because Charlie cleared his throat talking about how he isn’t sure if he should believe his friend. It’s easy for him to assume he was drinking and maybe mixed some prescribed medications at the same time. Yup, he should show him now. She wondered how he would react to his daughter being a night walker...
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Jacob stood at Sam's side and listened to the leech as he had explained to them that Seth managed to imprint on the little girl. Honestly he was not at all happy because that meant they HAD to help no matter what now. An imprint was an imprint and one of their own no matter what. Internally he was cursing and really against it. He was atill hurt and bitter and if he had his way he did not want to be doing this. One look from both Sam and Edward had Jacob's shoulders slump and he nodded. [b "I guess we'll be working together... this weekend we begin to try and figure this out?"]

The two groups talked a little more and then were home free. Jacob soon came out of the woods in his human form and in the usual jean shorts. Charlie was the first to greet him and tell him a little of what his dad had said. Even went on to say how weird the wolf thing was. It was Gab's words that caught his attention and brown eyes fell on the girl. He knew she eas joking but she was on to something. [b "Want to come out and have me show him? Maybe you can even have me play fetch."] Jake teased the girl as he was soon stood beside her.
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Like usual Alice was the first one to know what happened. It was a blurry vision but she saw something. Edward was the one who spoke up about it since he’s heard about the imprint and smell of it. Bella told him about Jacobs imprint and the weird smell. Weirder then the wet hobo dog smell. Bella wasn’t happy about Seth imprinting on her one and only daughter. But she remembers the rules. They have no choice but to help. Especially after some of the thoughts Edward read. He takes his child and crosses the line so she can use her powers to prove they didn’t turn someone’s child. Now knowing no one can hurt her because of the absolute rule. Since Seth was in bur ball phase those who were in the same transformation saw what he saw. Of course when it’s over he went back. Out loud Alice suggested that they can still roam forks. Help hide their scent and what not. Plus after school Seth can watch them. Of course they know he won’t be alone and the promise to fed him and do his homework. Emmett even said to talk him as a horrible joke. Hearing a loud thunder the Cullen’s decided to end the meeting since the small one is still part human they should be going. Plus a few of them are planning on playing baseball like they normally do when it thunders.
[center [pic https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQn-Kc95-XRTLV297LdDYcLy-ms3PDoAeCChFxQBjsqPcdb1BsC]]
What billy was telling them didn’t seem to surprise Charlie. Okay well the wolf part did. She even told him it’s true but he still wouldn’t believe it. Despite even him saying it somewhat makes since from the things that happened between Jacob and Bella. Hearing that made her feel weird. Almost like jealousy which scares her because it means she catching feelings. Real feelings. Ugh!

After Billy filled her and Charlie in on the past she excused herself to go do homework. It was somewhat true. But her mind is currently racing with a lot of things. Gabriela went to the kitchen to get her things to head into Jacobs room. The window was cracked open a bit to have some fresh air enter. It was nice. Plus the smell of rain relaxes her a little. It didn’t take long for it to pour. Hearing the drop hit the roof kept her mind st ease as she did her homework and his. Truth be told this is how she became a nerd. She hid her feelings by occupying herself with school work, books, and not taking. Hearing Charlie greeting Jacob and laughing at the insane part of him being a wolf made Gab stop. [#Af18ae Guess you’re going to have to show him.] Gab says jokingly.
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[#9251c1 "Maybe we should tell you all of it. You do have a right to know since you are being brought into it. Our looks have nothing to do with you and what you said.. We just were worried how Jacob was taking this..because things didn't go well when between them when she left.."] Billy started off.

The man then motioned for both Charlie and Gabbie to follow him into the livingroom. It really would be a long story. And he figured that while he had both the girl and his best friend there he should tell them both. So he told them everything.


Seth had been the wolf closest to Jacob and Sam. Both of them had said it would be okay as he was wanting to leaen more about the pack and what was going on. Leah of course was livid with them but could not do anything about it. And so they did listen to everything closely. It was a tough choice but they did decide to help. Afterall..they were the protectors of both Forks and La Push and many would be in danger.

Though it was at that time did everything stand still to Seth. His dark gaze was locked on the girl that Rosalie held. And siddenly it was like nothing else mattered. Now he knew what Jake, Sam and Quil did..he..he had imprinted on the Cullen child.
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