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It did get boring after a while. She ended up watching tv with his father. Not much was said. They both know the chaos that’s happening out there. His dad went to bed early. Out of boredom she ended up cleaning. Full blown cleaning with the sweeping, mopping, wiping down... etc.

When all was done, Gabriela went back to the room. She sat up on his bed. Waiting. At least she tried too. She could feel herself dozing off. “I’m up.” She says getting off the wall hearing something. She looks at the door to see Jacob. “Hey.”
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 1y 25d 15h 29m 36s
When all the wolves got to the clearing and got a chance to take in the new scent, Sam sent them in small groups. Each one happened to follow it to a different part of their territory but none were able to fully locate their newest threat. But after having the chance to at least try and find the vampire, normal patrols resumed. And that meant Jake was running with Paul and Embry for the night.

Early in the morning, maybe about three was when the shifter got back to the house. He knew that his dad was asleep, but not sure about Gabbie. She had been up early the last few nights and so he was almost hoping that she would be up. So when he came in, Jake went to his room to check on her.
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Her godmother texts her asking if she’s saying. Apparently there was a car found abandoned with blood. Lots of blood. Her soon to be husband has a friend in the police station and since he knows all about Gabriela’s situation they wanted to make sure she’s okay. She told them they she’s not even home but she is safe.

There was a feeling in her stomach. A bad one. Now she won’t know if it’s because of the supernatural or humans killing.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 1y 28d 1h 48m 10s
She seemed to be adjusting to the whole wolf thing a lot better than others had. And the fact that she understood that there was no arguing with Sam and his orders was a plus. [b "Yeah, duty does call. Just sorry it's sooner than I thought."] The boy said and gave the girl a smile of his own.

Soon, Jacob was out the door and jumping over the railing, shifting as he did. The moment that powerful paws hit the ground, the russet wolf was off with a couple others that had been waiting for him. The sooner they at least got the scent, the sooner that he could get back. Now he knew how the others felt and he HAD made fun of them before.
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Gab nods. He didn’t have to ask. He’s right. Sam is Sam. He has to go. There’s no saying. He’s the alpha. Gab gets up to put away their things. “Go. Duty calls. I’ll be fine. Safest place to be, right?” She says pasting a smile on her face.

Is this her new life? Being involved in the supernatural world? Nice. How bad can it be? The girls lays down on his bed after putting their school things away.
  Simply_Random / 1y 28d 15h 2m 22s
It was the easiest to place his "O's" at the corners of the page. Easiest way to trap another player. And it was something he JUST remembered his mother had taught him. Dark brown eyes stayed on her as she studied the paper and placed her "X" and lost the game. [b "Trust me...that's what I always thought of...and I was raised here on the rez with all our legends."] The wolfboy said with a shake of his head.

The moment the howl came in the distance, Jake froze and cursed. He knew that Gab knew that it had been one of the others. They were saying they had found something, a trail and all wolves were to come at least learn the scent. [b "Will you be okay here..? I wish I didn't have to go...but that was actually Sam and so it means.. Well you've met him."] Jacob muttered. He was so torn.
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Gab examines the paper. Yup. She’s going to lose. Sighing she makes a move and loses. “See when I hear shapeshifter I think of the other type of shapeshifters. Not... you know... you.” She says looking at him.

Beofre She could say anything there was a faint howl. She couldn’t easily mistaken it for a weird gush if wind. However, she’s been around them for a while and can tell it’s a howl.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 1y 32d 13h 21m 35s
Jake couldn't help the laugh when she explained the hamster thing. He was vould believe that as he had heard about them from others. And as soon as she put the "X" down on the paper and her pen down, the boy did the same with an "O" and then set his own pen down. He had only threatened or tried to mark her to lighten the mood, which seemed to work.

[b "Okay... I like to go cliff diving when the weather is good.. I have always wanted to be the shapshifter from our legends, and I happen to be really good with wood carvings."] He said, thoughfully. Honestly he was trying to make the first round easyish.

After he had spoken, the boy's head tilted as he waited to see how she would do.
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Gab grins. [#Af18ae Aw. You do listen. If I cheated I’m pretty sure I won’t be alive to tell the tale.] Gabriela told him. The girl dodges him from the pen. She was quick enogh to like his hand. [#Af18ae That was horrible...] she says laughing before placing an ‘X’ on the bottom right. The pen was placed down on the ground. Hands up in the air calling it truce. [#Af18ae But I had about five of them. Surprisingly only two of them were nice. The other three can be assholes. Which was a pain. Now your turn. I’m having a feeling I’m going to fail. But it is a good way to get to know each other.] they need to kill time. She’s going to make him go to sleep early. Her gut is telling her he has to patrol. He didn’t even deny it.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 1y 320d 11h 33m 13s
The boy took the pen from her and placed an "O" on the bottom left corner and was thinking over her statements. And he was silent for a good fee moments before he handed her the pen back. [b "The lie was the cheating on your ex. You do or did have the hamster and I am only guessing that your parenrs were about to divorce."] Jacob said quietly as he tilted his head in an almost puppy-like way.

He wasn't exactly sure what had him place the statements the way he had. The only was that she did not seem the type who would cheat. In some weird way he had figured that with how she didn't seem to really want to hurt him and they weren't even dating. But would he have to end up explaining that to her?

[b "So which is which? And your turn for the "X" to be placed."] He teased as he was reaching for another pen to try and draw on her cheek
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 1y 321d 12h 4m 44s
Gab did wonder why he didn’t to answer the phone. He was still called to get the phone since it was for him. It has be Bella because no one has called the house while she was there. He was gone for a while. She sat on the bed waiting for him.

[#Af18ae What about? You can embarrass yourself next time. Something tells me the pack needs too tonight so you may have to go to bed early so you’re not a zombie tomorrow. Only if you want. Of course.] she says getting up to get her folder full of loose leaf paper. This is where her colorful pens come in handy too she grabs the orange one and starts them off by placing a ‘X’ on the top left corner. [#Af18ae I’ll also start with something simple. Let’s see... I have a hamster name chubby. I cheated on my ex. And... my parents are were about to get a divorce. Now which is what?] she asks him with a small smile. Waiting to hear which one he thinks is a lie.
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He could not help the flush of his cheeks when she had chosen the old home movies. They actually did embarrass him and have him as she said being a bit wild. Not that he ever remembered a time where he had been wild and way out there. So this could be both a bad and good thing. [b "How about either tic-tac-toe or two truths and one lie?"] Jake asked as he tapped his chin.

The boy had JUST spoken before the phone rang. He had been about to ignore it, but had been called to it by his dad. Jake did answer and listened carefully to what was said. Once off, the boy called Sam to let him know what he had been told. Sam decided Paul would take that first shift and the second was on him. Which, Jake had expected would become the case.

As soon as he had handled the calls, Jake came back to Gabriela with a smile. [b "So still in the mood for one of those games until Charlie leaves?"]
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[#Af18ae Home movies it is. Let’s see how Jacob looked and behaved when he was younger. I’m gonna say a goofy ball who’s always getting in trouble because you’re calm now.] she smiles at him. Whatever they do it’ll definitely erase what she said without thinking. Although it’s his fault for thinking that way. [#Af18ae So do we have to wait until Charlie leaves? Because we can keep it basic until then. Tic-tac-toe on paper, two truths and a lie... not truth or dare... oh maybe never have I ever.] she suggest. A few basic games would be fun to kill time.

The house phone rings. Bella is calling. She wants to warm him that two new vampires should be coming tonight from their side. Alice can’t fogire out what time but it’s sometime around three on the morning five or take. They are leaving a trail of bodies. There’s a family camping where they fought Victoria so they need to have someone watch over the family of six.
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The boy had not meant to make things as awkward as they had become. But he had been curious if she had even considered what she had said. From what she said and how her face coloured and drained and she tried to hide, Jake concluded it had been one of those mouth and mind not connecting moments. [b "My mind isn't that bad. And I know it would have been like the first night and just me being your personal heater."] The boy clarified with an almost puppyish kind of pout. He was trying to tease her too and to make this less weird.

He had NOT meant where his mind had gone. But come on.. in his defense she was a beautiful girl inside and out. Oh hell, he COULD NOT let his mind go down that path. [b "Well since we have the homework done and Charlie should be leaving soon.. We could always look through old movies that are around here. I think dad may even have some of when me and my sisters had been kids... Or we have the Hollywood vampire and werewolf movies. Dad hates them but they always amuse me and are super cheesy."] Jake said with a smile.
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[#Af18ae My grandma always said food is a way into a mans heart. Lucky I like to cook and experiment.] she says grinning. Although he can’t see it. The girls stops hearing what he said. What did she say? She chews on her cheeks to figure out what... oh. Oh no....

Serena moves back. She can’t tell if her face was losing colors or her cheeks were lighting up. Maybe both? [#Af18ae I.. uhm... wow. Not what I meant... just you next to me. Fully clothed... Wow...] she covers her face with her hands. This situation is weird. If she could leave she would. But she can’t kick him out of his own room or house. What... [#Af18ae For the record you have a dirty mind...] she says trying to make things less awkward. She looks down trying to relax. [#Af18ae I would hug you again but I don’t know where your mind would go now.] she says teasingly. She walks to the other side of the room to put her school bag down and grab her cellphone. [#Af18ae What should we do now roomie?] she asks him. Maybe it was a good thing that she didn’t kiss him because it wouldn’t made it worse or made what he thought happen... instead of replying to her mother she began to write down what she was thinking. She had to erase everything and lock her phone.
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