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Jacob has rinsed out the coffee pot but all the while he had been watching out the window to make sure Gabriela would be okay. Just because the Cullens agreed to a treaty didn't mean all leeches did. So he did have to keep his gaurd up. Be prepared to go wolf at any moment.

Only when she came back in did he relax the slightest bit. [b "Oh the police chief in Forks.. Charlie Swan. They're old friends and have been for years. So he'll be cool with the visit. If I remember...dad and Charlie had set this little visit like a week ago. I was supposed to take him...But now I kind of can't... Not until we rework the treaty that is at least fifty years old.."] She deserved to know that much. She was doing his dad a favour after all. Only thing he didn't tell her was that Charlie was Bella's dad..
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“Shit I feel like a vampire too. I like getting tans and what not...” she says tying up her hair. Ready to run to her car to clean it. Like she said her car was clean. Just two empty water bottles. All this just to make sure her car is clean for when his dad gets in...

Gabriela crawls to the back seat to get an umbrella. Her car sometimes has things that saves her life from time to time. This is one of them. She casually walks back with the umbrella open. Closes it before entering the house. “So do you know who he’s going to see?” She asks taking off her shoes before walking further into the house. The girl needs her mini backpack to carry her things and bring a waterproof windbreaker with her. “Cause I don’t want him to surprise visit someone and he’s not cool with them like that... that would be awkward.” She adds shortly after getting her bag
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Jacob shook his head when she asked if he was nervous. [b "Nah...it'll be nice that they'll like you. Makes it easier."] He said, a faint smirk over his own lips. He wanted to tell her more. Explain that MOST times imprints were soulmates and ended up together. But she already had enough on her plate. AND he didn't want to pressure her. It was enough that she knew his world and accepted it.

[b "Actually calling on a phone would be good. But if you feel the need to howl, won't stop you."] He was half joking and half serious. They would be watching. ALL of them would be. Not that he said that.

His eyes went to the window and then back to Gab. And then he shook his head. [b "Hardly ever do we get the sun. It's way the Cullens like this area so much."] He explained.
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Gab looks at him. It made her chuckle. “Boy my family is all a kid testing people. I got this. Everyone loves me. It drove my ex mad now I can be friends with anyone and everyone. Scared?” She says feeling a bit cocky. The girl was already ready. All she needs is the address to the place.

“So should I howl if I need help when I’m at the other side?” She asks him crossing her arms. Why would his father test her anyways? It’s not like they’re dating. Are they expected to date because she’s his imprint and knows and accept his world?

It makes her want to ask him about it. How would he even respond to such thing? “Don’t throw a party while we’re gone. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to make sure my car is clean before your father gets in it. Although i doubt its dirty but still...” she says leaving him to get her car keys. Before she took a step outside she heard it pouring. Her forehead hits the door. “Just. My. Luck.” Sighing she walks to the window to start her car with her car key remote. “It rains so much over here... where’s the sun? Is it ever sunny over here for more than two hours?” She asks looking back at him.
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Billy gave Gabs a smile and a nid. "Then this old man will be ready soon. Thanks again for the ride, since my son is useless." He said, chuckling as he left the kitchen to go and get ready.

Jacob shook his head and glared at his father's back. Seemed the old man was still up to his tricks. When was he going to let them go? And soon, Jacob was on his feet and went to help Gabriela put away the rest of the food that had been left over. There wasn't much, but he figured it would give him and excuse to hang around.

[b "The looks...careful he IS testing you...I'm sorry about the old man and his weird ways."] The wolf boy muttered. He was being defiant and giving her the warning. Or as much of one as he could before his dad came back.
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“Ready when you are sir.” Gab replies before drinking her coffee. All she has to do is her hair. But she’s already showered and dressed. The girl did notice the weird look they give each other. It made her wonder what it was about. Although it isn’t her place to ask. Maybe she’s already being a burden for being there.

It was weird to be eating a full breakfast with Jacob and his dad. It’s different and no telling what they can talk about. After eating the girl began to clean what was left and put away the remaining food for later or something.
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At least his father seemed to get his point in wanting to keep the girl out of school. He probably should have run it by the old man first. But to in his defense, it had been VERY early when he got home and his dad was long since asleep. So it seemed that issuevhad been dropped and cleared really fast.

Jacob was taking a sip from his coffee when Billy asked if Gabs could take him to see Charlie. That had NOT been what he was expecting and he nearly choked on his drink. Jake KNEW that his dad was now testing her. But he couldn't say a word about it. [b "We were going to have a meeting to try and see what to do...even see the Cullens at the border too. We can go as far as the divide..and then they'll be watching too.."]

Billy had shot Jacob a look as if to stop him saying more. And then he gave a nod to his son. "So we'll know to keep a lookout too. Let you know if we see anything." The old man said. He then looked to rhe girl and smiled. "I'll be ready after breakfast if you are?" He asked.
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“Alright. That’s a valid reason. There’s a chance Jake has to go on patrol. Care to take an old man to see his best friend? Especially with Cullens back he can’t enter Forks.” Gab sets jakes fathers plate down. She stares at them both before shrugging. It beats being there all day with nothing to do.

“Sure. I can even go home real quick to get a few things and either come back here or see if the little friends i have wants to hangout after school.” Before serving herself she takes out the croissants. “Let me know when you’re ready. I’ll start my car. Although it may need gas so we may have to make a quick stop.” She warns the guy. It made her wonder if Jacob is okay with this. Gab wouldn’t like her parents to ask one of her friends who they just met a favor. Her parents like to test people. Hopefully billy isn’t the same.
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The bed was small for them both, but they had been able to make it work. His cheeks did burn with a faint red though as he thought about what she had said. [b "Good that slept good...sorry for the small...maybe get a new one soon.. And it was good for me too."] He said as he was trying to regain his focus.

Soon, a plate was in front of him and his dad wheeled himself into the kitchen and Jake listened to the words between Gab ans Billy. But when his dad asked when she had ditched, Jacob sighed. [b "New vampire threat. Even the Cullens were worried... The pack also found a new scent we can't trace..So thought today would be good to keep her here..."] He muttered with a sigh, but was filling the "old" man in. He had to since it had been asked and he was still a tribal elder and leader.
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Gab was about to take a sip of her coffee when she heard someone. She smiles at him. “Morning. It was rather toasty and your bed is too small for us both, but it was good. You?” Even though she met Emily once she learned that the wolf boys can eat Luckily they went food shopping at for a lot of things. Although it’s weird to use the whole carton of eggs and a bag of baby spinach.... hell, using everything at once is new to her. Not to mention it’s a little hearty but he should be okay with having something warm in his belly.

“So I’m not one to cut school unless I’m sick... what do you normally do when all your friends are in school?” She aka serving him with the buggiest plate she could find.

“A guy can get used to this. Still have some coffee?” Bil asks rolling into the kitchen.
“Just finished brewing actually. The croissants will be done in two minutes... how do you like your coffee?”
“Straight black today.” Gab nods and gets a mug.
“Why aren’t you in school?” He asks mainly to her. He already knows why his son doesn’t always go, but to have his imprint miss school is a whole different story. Unless there’s a vampire problem he isn’t aware of.
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He had talked to her a little more before both decided to call it a night. Since it had been later, or rather early, both Jake and Gab just decided to share his bed. With her beside him, the wolf boy had fallen asleep almost right away. She was comforting to say the very least and he didn't find that he had any nightmares either.

It was when he felt the bed shift did Jake open one eye. For a moment he had been about to panic, but he could still hear and smell her in the house. So he relaxed and just lay in the bed, listening to the near quiet of the house.

Food, the smell of food was what REALLY woke the overgrown puppy and had him make his way to the kitchen. [b "Morning, Gab... did you sleep okay?"] Jake asked, even though he KNEW it was well past noon. But the shifter really was curious of how she had slept. That and he was trying to strike up some soft of conversation so the quiet wouldn't be awkward. He still was awkward and trying to get used to the having imprinted thing.
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The next day Gab woke up curled up next to him. It’s nice. He’s like a heater. It’ll be nice when it gets colder. As much as she wanted to sneak out of bed, she knew he’ll wake up regardless. All dogs knows when their owner is about to leave... not that he belongs to her or is a dog... sort of... ugh, why is she thinking about all of this?

Gab went to go shower. Get ready for the day. Even though it’s almost noon and she’s not going to school. His dad doesn’t seem to be up. It was still quiet. She heads to the kitchen to make the guys something to eat. The smell should wake someone up. The coffee is doing the trick for her.
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He probably should not have been amused with the change in attitude, but he was. [b "So a day off to relax and sleep in."] Jake said and noticed that she was checking the time. It was after five and even he could not help the yawn that managed to escape. This was normal for him though. [b "No...we didn"t catch them..tonight was getting us familiar with the scent. Did you have a good night?"] He asked to turning it back to her.
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Gab yawns “I would normally say hell no, but since my ex may be in town and whatever seems to be going on, on your end sure.” She says grabbing her phone to look at the time. Now she knows better than to wait up for her. “How was the patrol? Did you get the blood sucker? Or suckers?”
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Jacob wasn't sure if she was awake or asleep. It looked as though he might have woken her from the way she pushed herself up and looked to him. And he was kicking himself since it was so late, well early in the morning. [b "Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you. But I wanted to make sure you were okay since I had to leave like that earlier."] The wolf boy muttered as he slowly did slip into the room.

He could hear the snoring of his father from the next room. It was that that made him try and be even quieter. [b "If you want we can skip out on school tomorrow...well later today. I'll deal with Sam on it...but right now I don't want to go."]
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