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[i [#af18ae ‘Gab, relax with everything. Be cool. Act normal,]] Gabriela told herself quietly in her head. She wasn’t sure if he could read minds. Can he? She wouldn’t doubt it. He is a shape shifter and that isn’t supposed to be real so anything is possible. The girl nods in agreement. She can’t take back what already came out her mouth. [#af18ae “Yup and who knows maybe around the fourth or sixth date we can try to have our first awkward kiss and then I’ll ignore the next day because I can’t believe we kissed and don’t know what it means. If it means anything. Another classic move in movies.”] she says trying to hold back a smile she was mentally hurting herself. So much for being cool and not making things more weird.

Gabriela felt bad for asking what she did. She didn’t know his mom died. Hell, he didn’t even answer if he has a sibling or not. But that’s okay. She should really stop asking him questions. She can be a handful sometimes. [#af18ae “I’m sorry... well I feel special now knowing you took me to one of your favorite spots with good memories.”] dam she did it again. Why is she like this? Gabriela began to chew on her bottom lip. When the waitress came back to take their order Gab ordered first. In all honesty she would rather nap first before having to use her brain to do homework and not have it turn into mush. [#af18ae “so about that nap. Would it be before or after we do homework?”] the waitress returns to let them know their food is almost done and refills their drinks. Gab thanks her. For no reason a smile appeared on her face. This new adventure of hers is something. Who knew she would meet a wolf shape shifter and be his imprint or even be hanging out with a boy after dealing with Joshua’s bitch ass. Jacob his cute, tall, a walking heater and is apart of the supernatural world which makes him hot. [#af18ae [i Gabriela Mari Solorzano stop it. Take your time. Don’t rush nothing. Don’t ask him anything else. Enjoy this none official date and the food. But you go girl,]] she tells herself. Her chin goes back into her palms and stares at him. What else can they talk about?
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The girl was giving him a hard time. But really he didn't mind it and liked the way she was. Gabbie was a fresh of air and she had a strong and playful nature. Something he could really appreciate. [b "So if this goes well, you might consider it a date? And next one will have to be better?"] He asked as he returned the same playful yet challenging tone.

He would be going with one of the butgers with everything on it and fries. It was the wolf thing and being able to eat A LOT. But he knew what he had wanted the whole time and had only been looking until she had decided to buy them both some time. [b "You know..I figured as much. So make the deal to we both at least get a nap?"] Jacob ammended with an almost puppy-like pout. He was teasing her of course but also curious if it would work.

The boy nodded slowly to her last question. [b "It was one of the last places I got to eat with both my parents together when I was a child...and being here reminds me of mom even though I don't remember her much. Also like I said they have really good food."] Jacob explained.
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Gabriela looks up when he said he’ll still take her. Is that a sign? She’s been out the game for a while and doesn’t remember. [#af18ae “Alright. I may even consider it a date if this one goes well but then that only means you’ll have to up one this one.”] she says giving him a fake challenge. She was just teasing the poor kid. It is nice not having to worry about a lot of things like she did with Joshua. Jacob is nothing like Joshua and she’s thankful for that.

Gabriella decided to get something simple. A bacon cheeseburger with cheese fries. [#af18ae “As for your deal I think I may have to deny that. We can still do homework but I’ll still be awake and on some sort of electronic. I couldn’t said deal and lied but lying is for the weak.”] she says setting the menu down. She places her right elbow on the table and rests her hand in her palm. [#af18ae “Out of all the places you couldn’t taken me why this one? Is it just because of the food or is there more to this place than it meets the eye?”]
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Her concern was sweet as far as the getting sleep and rest thing went. But she didn't know how many nights there had been that he had not slept. How many nights he had been on payrols and they had hunted down the leeches and killed them. It wasn't like two days would really hurt him. Besides, something had him think that she would not be getting much sleep that night either. [b "I'll make you a deal. I'll go home and take a nap after you help me with the homework..but you have to get rest too. Neither of us need to be dead at school tomorrow."] He said with a chuckle as he gave the girl a pointed look. She had looked just as bad as he had that morning.

Jake couldn't help a faint chuckle and shake of his head when she had aaked if he always took girls to the beach and for food after. And he shook his head. [b "Only ones I like...but before you ask there haven't been many at all."] Th boy said as he walked in first, keeping the door open for Gabriela as she walked in after him.

It had not taken the waitress long to get them seated and to ask them what they wanted to drink. She had asked for water and he had a coke. And then his eyes were going over the menu and he looked up at her. [b "We could do pizza next time even if I'm right about this place. Can't go wrong with pizza."] He said and then flushed as he realized what he had said and quickly turned his attention back to the menu he had been looking over.
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[#af18ae "Oh yea. It depends where you go and what in the burger."] She says shrugging. The girl is used to the random names. As long as they taste good who is she to complain?

[#af18ae "Alright. I am willing to help you so you can possible go home and nap a little. I highly doubt you can go two nights without sleeping. You need rest Jacob."] Gabriela wasn't looking forward to do her homework. It doesn't take her long. She would rather nap as well. She may look worse tomorrow. Tonight may be another night where she pulls another all nighter searching up things.

Gab was surprised that he went to go open the door for her. [#af18ae "And they say shivery is dead."] she says getting out. She stuffs her hands in her pocket as she looks around. This is really simple. Some diners do have amazing food. Hopefully Jacob is right about this one. [#af18ae "I'll take your word for it."] She says going in after him. She never did like going in first into places she isn't familiar with. [#af18ae "So do you always take girls to the beach and to eat afterwards?"] she says jokingly. When the waitress asked what they would like to drink she asks for water. [#af18ae "So if this place isn't up to what you say it is. I think we should go get pizza some other time. Pizza is my go too food. My favorite food. Well then there's mac and cheese as well."] she says shrugging.
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Jacob blinked at the name of the next burger that was named. As bad as it was, it almost made him think of like a 'pimp' or something. He knew he shouldn't but sometimes he couldn't help where his mind ended up. [b "Are there any normal burgers or do they all have names like that?"] The words came out brfore he could stop them. But it really did have him curious because both the ones she named sounded funny to him.

Gabs was right about having different classes and assignments but it would be nice to do them with someone. And as he had thought up earlier, he was an oversized puppy. [b "Yeah..probably a double for ditching out..which means I'll be dead in the morning and tempted to ditch the morning classes. But it would be nice to have some help in the homework."] He said, meaning that he would still want to come back to her house to study. He only was hoping that none of her friends would see them together. The last thing she would need would be nine million questions. His own didn't matter because they were wolves and knew what was going on.

It didn't take too much longer before they pulled up to the small diner. [b "It might not be what you're used to..but their food is pretty good."] Jake said with a smile before he got out and went to her side of the car to open her door.
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A modern town... How lame is this place? First no sun and now no Burger25? It's like living in a twilight zone! Hearing his reaction made her laugh. [#af18ae "Yes it is really called that and thank you. If you think that's bad Buffalo Wild Wings has a burger called Big Jack daddy burger."] she says smiling.

Gabriela got more comfortable in his car. The drive felt like it was timeless. There is so many things in her head. Time is nothing for her right now. Her elbow was on the car door and her index finger was gently placed between her lips. She looks at him when he asked if they can so homework together. It made her chuckle. [#af18ae "I'm pretty sure we have different assignments and you're probably going to be pulling a night shift in the woods. But if you really want too we can. We can go back to my place after this."] Gab tells him before going back to looking out the window and having her finger between her lips.
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When the girl smacked her thighs and said her words, Jacob looked over. To him she didn't look bad at all. Just a girl who wasn't wanting to be a stick and to him looked better than over half the girls in their school. But to say it would be too forward and perhaps make her uncomfortable. [b "That's amazing and you are beautiful the way you are... We don't have anything like that here. We're a small town and don't keep 'modern'.. The burgers are really called that?"] Jake asked with a tilt of his head as soon they were back in his car and she was getting her hat off and fixing her hair.

Gabbie's words had helped and so he figured the small diner on the border between Forks and La Push would be a good place to go. She could maybe show him what other kind of mixes in good she liked. Yes he was not telling her about being his imprint. He couldn't until he knew how she took to the news and until she had been told their legends and met the elders.

[b "Did you want to do some of the homework we had?"] He asked out of the blue. Actually he wanted an excuse to spend more time with her and that had been the best way he could think of. God he was a pathetic puppy.
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Gabriela smacks her thighs. [#af18ae "If you haven't notice I enjoy food... I'm kidding. I mean I do like to eat, but I gained weigh because of stress and being abused mentally, physically, verbally, and emotionally... I can never seem to go back to my cheerleading body. Did I mention I was a cheerleader and Miss New Jersey twice in a teen pageant. God I hated those things..."] She says getting in the car. [#af18ae "Have you ever had a mac and cheese burger? Is there even a Burger25 out here? I loved getting a mac daddy burger and yes that's what it's called."] Gab says smiling.

The girl doesn't care where she goes. As long as they eat it's okay. She is curious as to where he would take her. It would be a good way to know what's good and what's not. The girl removes her hate and fixes her hair. She is wondering what he would say when he tells her she's his imprint. Would he actually tell her? It'll be weird if she decides to be friends with him and he can't do nothing about. Can she use him as a personal heater? That must be a given...
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Even he couldn't help a small laugh at her words of them being married. In the eyes of the tribe, or those who knew about the wolves they would be. But he couldn't tell her how right she was. Not really. [b "You might like them.. And don't mind Paul..he's really not so bad..just a hot head but mellows out."] The words slipped without him meaning to say them.

Slowly he walked with her back to his car. He was staying close enough to where she was warm but also not so close as to push any boundaries. [b "Usually I like burgers and pizzas...sruff like that. But being a wolf I've learned to like anything or near anything that won't eat me first..Though not big on shell fish. What kind of foods do you normally like?"] Her answer would help decide where they would go from the beach and before he took her home.
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Is he trying to squeeze in a first date now? It’s a little too late since she’s already going to meet his people. [#af18ae “Sure but it’s not a date. That boat sailed. I’m pretty by no we’re married since I met some of your family.”] she says jokingly.

Gab looks down seeing a beach worm. She’s never seen a work at the beach. It’s weird. She left it alone. [#af18ae “So where are we going to go? What is your favorite food? Even though I know you’re greatest secret. What can I learn about the real you?”] she asks as the walk back to his car.
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Jacob didn't know what Sam was playing at. He usually wasn't like this and usually wanted them talking to the elders before they brought home the imprint. But all of this had not followed the normal conduct, so why would Gabbie being invited on Friday? Man he had made a mess and he would have to try and soothe this over too. But it was what it was and had to play it play out.

[b "You would think that to be it. But with wolves as you can see none of it makes sense. But...Yeah this is a bit much..Even for me and I know the rules and what they're like."] He said, giving a small chuckle that was more nervous than anything. But only because he felt bad that she had come face to face with Sam and Paul so soon.

Jake moved closer to her and gave a small smile. [b "Yeah, I can take you home. We both skipped...Maybe I can take you to lunch first?"] He wanted to try and make it up to her a bit.
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[#af18ae “Okay. See you Friday.”] she didn’t move or say anything until after they left. It wasn’t reassuring that someone is always watching. Are they expecting for a vampire to show up? What’s the point of patrolling if there’s nothing bad going on? Gabriel pulls her sleeves down. [#af18ae “Dam. Whatever happened to go taking a girl out on a few dates before introducing her to the family?”] she says jokingly. She tends to kid around a lot. It’s one of defense mechanism. She gets up and dust the sand off of her butt. [#af18ae “Alright. Take a girl home? I’m freezing now and we or maybe it’s just me who skipped lunch.”] she says quickly moving to him for some heat. The girl is ready to go home. She needs to process this. All of it. Why can’t he just tell her she’s his imprint? Is it because she’s new? He’s obviously not shy. What is he hiding?
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Another smile was given to Gabriela. He had seen some of her personality from Jake's mind when they had been wolves and now could see in part why Jacob was fond of her. Past the imprint. "It's nice to meet you. And having Jacob come and get you would be for the best. This is more like a..you'll see." He said and clapped a hand on Paul's shoulder before the three of them left Jake and Gabbie.

Jacon visibly relaxed when Sam, Paul and the others walked off. He had become uneasy with how Paul had behaved and was afraid both would be shifting. But then his attention was on Gabriela and he gave a weak smile. [b "He's asking you to come hear our tribal stories and legends. Since you know this much..Sam thinks we should let you in on all of it... It starts off like a normal day on the beach...but then the wolves and tribal elders stay after..."] He explained.

[b "And he knew we were here because they watch.. There is almost always one of the pack patroling just in case."]
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Sam doesn’t seem bad. It’s whoever is next to him who seems like they have a problem. Jacob must’ve noticed it too because he moved closer to her. Her heart began to race a little. She couldn’t keep eye contact with Sam with the other guy acting like a body guard. She could so break his nose and then have to go hide forever.

[#af18ae “Alright. Now is this a date with you or Jacob?”] she lets out a quick chuckle. [#af18ae “I’m kidding. I’ll be there. Jacob may have to get me though because I’ll definitely get lost since I’m not from here... but maybe that would be okay because your friend over there doesn’t seem to like me... I’m Gabriela by the way.”] She says giving them a quick wave. Okay now this is getting weird. How deep those this go? Would it be wrong to ask if there would be s’mores? She looks at Jacob to try to read him. He must be in some serious trouble of the alpha is here. Wait... how do they know they were there? Are they being watched? That’s creepy.
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