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“She shouldn’t be dragged into this world. Look what happened to Bella. When it came to James, Victoria, Laurent and the volturis. We need to save her from this world. Our world. Let her live. Be normal.” Rose says setting her foot down about this. Again.

Before things went sideways Edward told me everything that happened. Everything he captured from Gabriela’s thoughts. It wasn’t pretty and she may need therapy to get past it. Of course Alice suggested a shopping therapy.

One thing they all can agree on was to team up with Jacobs pack, again, to protect her. When Jacob isn’t around one of them should be with her with a wolf in the distance.


Gab kept waking up. Sweating, gasping from the nightmares. It seems like her body and mind wants to shut down but her mind and the nightmares won’t let her.

“Not sure if I’m sweating because of you or the nightmares.” She says jokingly. The girl leans against the bed frame. “So how are you?” She asks hoping she can stay up with his help.
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He had wanted to be the one to explain this to Gabriela. Since she was his imprint and the reason she got into some of this he felt like it was his responsinility. But of course he didn't get that chance. Alice was as always one step ahead. She happened to be at the door for god only knew how long and explaining that Edward was a mind reader and that she also had a gift of her own. The wolf was amused that the short pixie girl happened to leave out the fact that Bella, Jasper, and their youngest family member also seemed to have special abilities.

[b "Wouldn't leave you alone here.. But I do.. Actually I'll be able to hear them from here. So I'll just stay. It kind of makes it easier...and silly as it sounds I'm actually scared to leave you after the last time.."] Those words were quiet though he knew ALL the vampires in the room had heard them.

"It was our mother who bathed you and helped with the clothing.. She has a big heart and well.. You'll understand when you meet her." Edward answered the bathing question before he followed his brother, sister, and wife from the room.


Renesmee had been in the other room with Esme as the others were talking about the new girl. She no longer looked like a complete child. Maybe about twelve at the oldest. Chocolate eyes fell on her mother when the woman came in.

"Mommy..why are you so against this? I thought Jake was your best friend...and you know we love you." She said as she stood and ran to hug her mother. Even being half human, the girl was also still half vampire and so heard like everything around the house
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Why is this girl talking to her like this? Bella is being an ass. Did she miss something? Gab looks at Jacob to see is reaction. What if her being gone and there working together made them reconnect? Regain their feelings or his feelings along.

“Oh... I guess but he does have super hearing. He can listen from here... if you most go Jacob you can, but can you come back? Even it in sleeping. I would like to wake up to a familiar face... hopefully when I wake up I don’t feel like death.” Gab tells Jacob. What did click in her head was how on earth does Edward know what happened to her? Was her apart of it? If so why the hell are they here?! Under the same roof!

“Edward has a special ability. He can read minds. Hi I’m Alice.” Says a girl with pixie hair cut girl walking in with a smile. All of a sudden a blonde hair guy appeared by her side with a weird look on his face... as if he’s constipated... “This is Jasper. My guy.” He seems to be a man if little words because all he did was nod. Gab nods back.

Bella moves her head oh so slightly to look at Alice. It was as if she was missing the whole conversation. It didn’t take long for everyone’s emotions to change. Thanks to Jasper. Although Gab didn’t know it was him. She didn’t question the feeling of comfort and safety. It made her relax and get cozy in the new bed Alice purchased.

Alice places a hand on Bella’s shoulder to signal her it’s times to go downstairs. Gab can sense this the negative vibe from Bella. Why doesn’t she like her? Maybe she does have feelings for Jacob. Does he still have feelings for her? God, she can’t handle this right now. With her head throbbing and feeling super weak, there’s no way she can worry about this.

Instead Gabriela began to wonder who the hell bathed and changed her. Whatever they used to wash her hair smells so good and has her hair feeling silky soft. It’s nice. Not to mention the cozy clothes. It didn’t take long for her to crash. Especially since she doesn’t feel like dealing with Bella and her weirdness.


There was a argument downstairs. Bella was out of place for making Gabriela feeling uncomfortable. Half of the Cullen’s agreed. The other half just didn’t care enough. As long as Bella didn’t harm her everything is okay. They were reminded that Jacob is a part of the family because of her, Bella. They’re all happy that he finally has a imprint. Bella didn’t get it. Why now? Why her, Gabriela?

It made Bella feel replaced. Despite everything she did to Jacob. Jacob is her best friend... The plan is for gab to stay until she wakes up, eats and change on her own. It should give them enough time to plan things. Ways to protect the girl and capture her ex and his creator. Bella left to go be with her daughter and escape this odd feeling of jealousy and hatred.
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Dark brown eyes went between the two girls for a moment. And it seemed to the wolf that they were.. in the middle of a staring contest? He had never seen Bella or Gab behave like that. But what did he REALLY know? If anything the two girls knew what the other was going through. After all, it was only a year..no two years ago that this had all happened before. Except then it had been to Bella.

His thoughts were interrupted by all of Gabriela's questions. Not that he was sure he had caught them all. [b "Dad's been dad. He feels like it's his fault you got caught in the first place..So be prepared for him to apologise to you."] Jake muttered when he was able to get his thoughts in order.

He had been about to stand and go with the others to let Gab rest. But her taking his hand and her soft plea had him sit back down. A small squeeze was given and so was a smile. [b "The only one here you have to worry about is the blonde chick. She hates everyone and thing outside their family...And you don't have to worry about me going.. I don't want to leave you alone again after this.."] His second set of words had been quieter as he spoke them.


Bella gave a glare over Jacob's shoulder and her arms crossed. She tried to keep her emotions hidden. But this..watching it was too much. "You heard what Carlisle said. You need the rest and he can come back later. Right now, Edward needs to fill us all in on what happened." Came Bella's sharp and almost irritable words. She, like Rosalie was not a fan of Gab..but this was for a completely different reason. She had stolen HER wolf.
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A week in what felt like hell. They used Gab for her blood. It was in a weird way though. With a Nuffield rapper to her arm. The would take vials of her blood. Using it to train the newbies and to mess with the ones hunting for them to find her. They fee her smoothies that contained the proper supplements she needs to survive. But it was never enough. Not when they used her as a living fancy blood bag.

The day she was saved was... something. She could hear the fight. But could barely see what was going on. It felt like she was on drugs that was sucking her life force away. One minute a dirty blonde guy was in from saying everything was going to be okay and the next she wakes up in a nice luxury modern home. Yup. The girl died.

Carlisle Warner Jacob that she needs time to recover. To regain her strength. It gave Esme an excuse to use the kitchen again. Rose being rose wasn’t too excited. Bella in the other hand was feeling something. Perhaps a jealousy that flickers during certain moments. When Jacob asked her what happened her mind replayed everything instantly. A little to fast for her but Edwards caught it all. It changed his mood and jasper knew it. He used his powers to make Gabriela feel safe and calm.

“It happened so fast Jacob... there’s a leader. It was supposed to come soon but now he or she may delay their trip and plans... how’s your dad? Is he okay...” she asks slowly sitting up. Now that she’s free she wants real food. A real shower. A real freaking bed.

Bella was the one to set a tray of food down next to her. The girls locker eyes. “Jake we should let her rest.” Edward will fill them all in on what happened. They’re all going to need to prepare themselves. Something evil is brewing and they may need help. Again.

“Let him stay with me. Please...” Gab breaks what felt like a staring competition with Bella to look at Jacob. “Please.” Her last please being so faint a human wouldn’t be able to hear it. She holds on to his hand. Refusing to let him go. Gab doesn’t want to be alone. Alone with strangers. Jacob trust and knows them but she doesn’t. Right now he is all she got.
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It took a full week before Jasper and Emmett had managed to catch one of the new vampires who somehow kept slipping through both the wolves and the Cullens. And when they did, Edward was able to read the mind of the frightened young man. It was a shame to see what was in his head. ALL of it. So they did have to kill him because he WOULD tell his side where they were and their plans.

Jacob had been the one to go with the older Cullens to get Gab and Carlisle was the one to tend to her when they were back at the Cullen house. [b "Sorry it took so long. They kept slipping through the cracks and using your scent to hide behind. We would have come for you sooner... Can you tell us what happened?"] Jacob asked. He was worried and couldn't seem to stop with the pacing.

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Hearing Jacob growl made him growl. Why is this vampire growl more terrifying then Jacobs? “She. Will always. Be. Mine. You. Filthy. Mutt.” He snarls.

Gab had to close her eyes. Is it crazy to think his red eyes glowed a bit? As if it gets darker and brighter when he’s angry. “I’m sorry. I should’ve stayed with your...” she stops when he places his hand on her shoulder. Although he did more to it than he expected. He dislocated her shoulder. The girl passes out in shock. He was going to smack her to wake her up. You can hear the power of his smack as he pulls his hand back to smack him. The sound of a clap broke the silence. An older vampire stopped hind from killing her.

“With that force you could’ve killed her. Is this one?”
“Unhand me.”
“We gave immortality. We can easy destroy you. Our maker is gifted. Now give her better smelling clothes. We need to head out. Whoever she is, she’s complicating things for us. The local vampires here are teaming up with the dogs. We lost four of our kind already.”
“This is my girl. Let me change her.”
“No. It’ll still cause us problems.” The new guy stops to look at the phone. “You idiot...” he says taking the phone. “The girl will be safe for now. We just need to remove the dogs to carry out our plans.” He purposely said before crushing her phone. Her semi latest iPhone...if she was awake and saw it she’ll definitely cry.

[pic https://media0.giphy.com/media/FYzRapa0Z0NXy/source.gif]
The Cullen’s are actually working with the pups. They’re even allowed on their turf. Until they find the girl. Jacobs imprint. It has the girl feeling off. Only jasper can pinpoint the feeling but she’s been avoiding him. If Edward was to find out it may cause some conflict between them.

The new vampires have been moving too much. Even with their powers it’s hard to find them. They’re smart. But they’re getting closer. Hopefully.
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It had taken all day to try and find the firl. Even the Cullens had gotten involved and they couldn't find her either. Her scent was ALL over and each time it was followed led to a dead end or in a HUGE coecle. And this all being the case had Jacob on edge. It was getting to the point where he could not focus and the ONLY thing on his mind was Gab and what he would do if he...well they couldn't find her.

By eight that night, Sam had sent Jacob back home. The man told him that he and the others would keep looking. And IF they found any sign of her then he would be the first to know. He didn't like it at all.. But Sam was the alpha and had used the orders on him. So there was not much he could do unless he wanted to step up, which he didn't.

And so he was sitting on the porch throwing stones when his phone rang. The number was Gab's and he immediately answered it, growling when he heard the voice of her ex. [b "We haven't been sleeping together! She doesn't belong to you. Not a toy or a posession. Give her back!"] His words were all but shouted and he was shaking about to phase with the anger runnimg through him.
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Gab isn’t in the mood. Weird shit happens when you don’t go to school... she always joked weird shit like this happening for missing school with her friends back home. Look at her now.

Well... don’t look at her now. She looks homeless at the moment. Not only is she wearing horrible smelling clothes but they tossed her into some cold ass water. They’re lucky she isn’t anemic. They girl would be dying. Gab sat in cage. Cold. Wet. Scared. Hungry.

It’s taking everything in her not to cry. To shout for her wolf boy to come save her. They love messing with her. Hitting the cage and move it to have her react. Some would accidentally tossing it with their new vampire strength.

From what she hears there’s a leader. They ignore her existents because she’s a weak human. Unless they need blood then it’s a different story. However, they have orders not to touch her. For now. No one seems to know who he or she is, the leader. Only one person has knows them but that person is never around. Too busy recruiting for their army.

Around 8 pm was when her ex shows up with food and her phones he wants to talk to Jacob. The new guy. Her new guy. He doesn’t believe her when she says they’re just friends. One of the many reasons why she hated dating him.

“Jacob... you’re on speakers.”
“How long you’ve been fucking my girl you mutt. Didn’t think you existed until we smelled the filthy wet dog on her.
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He knew that in just running out there was a good chance that he would cross the lines of the treaty AND would probably end up running into a Cullen or two. But really, what was Jake supposed to do? Gabs had been taken and he KNEW that she had been on the Cullens' side. So if this broke the agreement, then it broke the agreement. Right now he had to get to Gabs and make sure she wasn't too hurt..Or worse...make sure that she wasn't dead.

The wolf actually did come across two of the Cullens, the older two. And they told him that they had seen a new group of vampires. If not seen, had come across the secent just as the wolves had. They also said they would be more than willing to get the others to help him look.

And soon, they were following Gabs scent all over the place. It was hell trying to place it and like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
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First of all, what the hell just happened. Gab knows about the supernatural world but she didn’t know her ex is one of them now. Not to mention she’s nowhere near her car anymore. She’s indoors and having trouble breathing. How is he going to put her in a bag cage for? He should be in it. Not her. She’s not an animal...

It didn’t take long for others to come. Red eyes glowing. Well majority of them are. What scared her was about a few them walk around the cage and smelling the air as if they were Jeepers Creepers. She knows they’re talking. She simply can’t hear them. Then one of the unthinkable happens. Her ex’s cute her arm and everyone went bananas but something was literally holding them back. Magic?

He took off most of her clothes and put her blood on a few other clothing before giving her something to wear. They’re going to lose spread it around. Although the one thing she heard was that she smells like a wet dog. She’s highly offended now. It took a while for her to understand they’re talking about Jacob. They know Forks is claimed by other vampires. One of them ran into them. A jasper and Emmett. There’s talks of finding a new hide out by tomorrow. They aren’t safe here. But they do think her smell, the wet dog smell, may help hide them.
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As he listened, he could feel the familiar shiver rush up and down his spine. That heat and the prickling beneathe the skin. He knew what it meant, but he was too close to others. Imprints at that and if he changed...well it hadn't been good when Sam did it. But he was told that he was in more control.. one of the more tame. So he could do this, right?

[b "Hang in there...I will come for you."] Jacob found himself saying when Gabriela happened to say her goodbye. He could JUST make out a form of rustling before the line went dead. And it was then that he slammed his own phone down on the table and rushed out the door. He didn't care if he would be crossing the boarder. He needed to find her. And needed to save her.
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The girl sneezes, magically making her drop her phone. She curses under her breath. Her phone is out of reach. Seat belt is stuck. Although she did see numbers on her phone screen. Either he answered or went to voicemail. “Jake i dropped my phone... something hit my car and it flipped. I’m stuck. I don’t even know where i am... I was heading back to Charlie’s...” the girls stood to scream when something’s flips her car. Making it roll three times before landing the proper way. “God I’m going to be sick...” she says trying to jerk the seat belt off of her.

Now more than every she’s terrified. Something is out there toying with her. She carefully uses a broken glass to cute herself loose. Only to have her car door ripped off. The amount of fear that entered her body paralyzed her from screaming bloody murder.

“Missed me?” Then boom her ex had yanked her out the car. “I told you, you would never be free. You’re mine and mine alone.” He searches her car for her phone. “Sorry my girl is occupied. Go fuck your self.” He tells Jake before handing her the phone to day her goodbyes.
“Thanks. For everything...” she says crying.
“I knew your blood would smell delicious...” he says before hanging up. Josh walks up to her and licks the blood on her forehead. He must’ve heard something because he grabs her and run.
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He didn't know why but he had a bad feeling. Since the moment she left with his father, a sinking had begun. One that he could not escape. Oh how he tried to be focused on the patrols and during the meeting, but he couldn't do it. His mind kept going back to Gabriela and the danger that she was in. Or the dangers that could be lurking. There was a new vampire around..One they knew NOTHING about and so that was enough to put all the wolves on edge and to watch all imprints more carefully.

Sometime in the day, his phone did ring. And it was Gabs. So he was quick to take it from his pocket and answer. [b "Hey...everything okay? I've been worried about you.."] He knew he sounded like one of those overdramatic type of guys from the movies. But he really had been. [b "Gabs...can you hear me?"] He asked and froze when hearing her mumbles. There were NO supernatural deers. He had to go and see if he could find her.

[b "Where are you?!"]
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“Okay. Good...” his dad cuts her off.
“Alright. Let’s go.” She says moving to get the door. “Gonna help us?” She asks Jacob. The rain lightened up. That was a good sign. Kimberly waiter for the guy to be inside the car with the door closed before turning to Jacob. “Well when I get back we need to talk. About us because I honestly don’t know what’s going on between us and I want to figure it out. Okay?” She said in a whisper so Billy can’t hear them. Wait, can he? He was one of them...

The guy told her how to get there. Charlie took forever to get out. Talking my a lit How he was on the phone with his kid. She didn’t know he had kid. They were introduced. Charlie thinks she’s Jacobs girlfriend. Kim awkwardly laughs. They both told her to be carefully, but Billy gave her a look. It made her stomach turn. She left to go shopping.

After getting coffee she felt... uneasy... enough to make her want to stay close to Billy and Charlie. Only because Charlie has a gun...

Everything happened so fast. Felt like her car hit something or something hit her car. Hard. It flips into the forest. Her coffee spilling everywhere. Which burned. Her head hitting god knows what. Twice. The girl moans in pain. She presses a button on her steering wheel. “Call. Wolf. Boy.” She says trying to control her breathing and staying calm. But it’s hard to do so when you’re crying and scared. She could hear movements from a distance. Twigs breaking. She could feel her blood leaking from her head and seeing it hit the car roof. “Stay cool. Stay calm. It could’ve been a super deer or something...” she mumbles to herself.
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