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Gab claps. [#af18ae "I would say impressive but your wolf like abilities helped you. Therefore you cheated."] She says trying to do it again. This time it hit her eye. She burst out laughing. as she rubs her eye. See she can't do everything. [#af18ae "Come on. I'll go turn on the TV and if we nap we nap."] she says walking backwards tossing him one at a time.

When her butt hit the couch she stopped. Turning on the TV they were giving RED. She didn't change it. It's an action movie and everyone likes action movies. Hopefully. Gabriela sat in the corner because it's personally the best spot on the L-shape couch. Her mind couldn't stop thinking about what could've happened in the kitchen. Her heart was racing thinking about it. When their hands touched when they both reached to grab some more her brown like marble eyes looks into his brown chocolate ones. It was as of not only their eyes locked, but so did her body... As much as she wants to kiss him. Gabriela placed the bag on the other side of him and simply moved closer to him to cuddle. Her head was on his chest and a hand was on his stomach. [i Why is he so warm? It's nice but weird,'] Gab thought to herself
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If he could have, Jacob would have kissed her. But she had made clear they were friends and also he would feel bad or like he had forced her into something. Though internally he was cursing himself for having broken the moment. Maybe it would have been okay? She hadn't seemed to mind it. Or was he reading too much into everything? Well whatever it was, Jacob had to stop his mind from going down that path. She hadn't accepted the imprint and she didn't even know that he had on her. Why was he so afraid to tell her?

[b "Cheese balls, huh? Another reason you had me say that I like cheese in Spanish?"] The boy teased as he was trying to lighten the mood. Was trying to get that fun and carefree air back around them. And after she caught the cheeseball in her mouth he clapped. [b "Can I try?"] The boy asked as he moved to the counter and took a couple of pieces, tossing them and catching them quite easily. He had to have good coordination being the wolf. If not, Gabs could mock him. Well the whole pack could and would.
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What happen to their moment? It was a moment right? She laughed awkwardly. A hand goes tangle in her hair. [#af18ae "Because I like it too much to share it."] She says walking back to the cabinet. When her face was out of sight she shuts her eyes tightly. She grabs the bag of cheese balls. [#af18ae "But I wouldn't mind sharing one of my other contenders."] she says placing it on the counter. She picks up the chewys that fell on the counter and places them back in the cabinet. She turns around opening the bag and tossing a cheese ball in her mouth. She had to shuffle a little to catch it. [#af18ae "I'm full of talent."] She says jokingly. By some miracle she caught it. She's normally horrible with it.
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He didn't mean to still have her bent in that almost cheesy romance movie's half bend, but his mind wasn't functioning enough to have her standing back upright again either. He had been so worried that he would not catch her and so his mind was still racing and so was his heart. It also appeared her cheeks and his were both the same red.

Jake was still almost frozen or was until he felt her hand on his chest. Slowly dark brown eyes came down and locked with hers. And he had to desperately try not to get lost in them. Desperately did he have to try not to kiss her in that moment. But it was as if his movements and barin were not connected fully and he seemed to be moving closer. Wait..was that her moving or him? The shifter boy didn't knoe, but knew he had to stop.

When he was able, Jake slowly pulled back to have her upright and moved back a little. His eyes were still on her and he gave a small smile. [b "And why not?"] The boy asked, trying to distract them both from what had almost happened.
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[center [i bow chicka wow wow]]

The girl thing she did was close her eyes. Whenever something bad happens it's the first thing she does. Why? She doesn't know. She felt something and it wasn't the hard and possible cold floor. Instead Jacob was there. His war arm was wrapped around her. Her hands were on her chest. She looks up to at him. His cheek was gaining color. So was her cheek. [i Don't... don't do anything...] Gabriela taps his chest so he can have her straight and not in a half bend thing that you see in romantic movies and bam they kiss. [#af18ae "I-I like you but I wouldn't share my favorite thing."] she says trying not to smile. Her hand stayed on his chest. Either she's going bananas and feels like she's slowly, like a snail, moving closer for a kiss or her brain is fighting it and is still going bananas.
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Jacob hadn't actually known what it was he had wanted. Chips had just been the first thing out of his mouth. And as she listened off what they had it all sounded good and he didn't have one he preferred. [b "Which one is your favourite? We can go with that one."] He said as he looked over to her as she was soon on a chair and was going over other foods they could possibly get into.

Jake had been about to answer but saw that she was swaying on the chair and lost her balance. Without thinking, the boy was across the kitchen and had caught her, setting her on her feet. [b "Are you okay? Um..how about you tell me what you want gotten down and I can get it?"] The boy asked, cheeks a bit red as he was still close to her girl and had his arms around her.
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[#af18ae "Be more specific please. We have Doritos, Lays, cheesy puffs, cheese balls, pringles, movie theater popcorn and sweet and salty popcorn."] She says opening the top cabinet. The girl grabs the purple sweet and salty bag. It is her favorite at the moment. The girl took a handful before putting it back. She felt fat for doing so. Gabriela never really raided the kitchen like this before. Being semi short the girl got on a chair to look at things she couldn't reach. [#af18ae "Oh she has cake batter. I can so make snicker doodles. Oh, have you ever had pizza muffins? It's amazing..."] she says putting the box back. Seeing a box of Chips Ahoy chewies made her so excited she lost balance. Whenever she wanted to get them Joshua would never allow her to get. But all that doesn't matter when she's about to bust her ass.
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Jacob nodded with a bright smile. [b "You are a good tutor. It's easy to pay attention and you don't just run over it. And glad you didn't make me write it. I would have butchered it completely."] He admitted as he leaned forward and had put his cheek against his hand. Brown eyes never left her and he could see that she was a little nervous. The boy almost wondered if her mind was playing the same kind of tricks his own seemee to be wanting to play.

As the post-it was passed to him, the boy put it into his wallet. [b "Thanks...and how about some chips?"] He hated to admit it, but being a wolf he was hungry again. Besides he was hoping the food might help him get his mind out of where it was heading. [b "If you tell me where it is..I can get it."] He offered as he too stood.
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[#af18ae "I most be really good at tutoring. I should've have you write it instead."] She says smiling. Her right hand goes free to tuck a chunk of her hair behind her ear. A deal is a deal. She grabs a post-it and writes down her number and The Greatest Showman [i ] and hands it to him, [#af18ae "Un trato es un trato."] Gabriela says getting up to go get something to drink. [#af18ae "Do you want anything to drink or munch on? They're fully loaded."] She tells him as she grabs a bottle of water. The girl had to get up. Weird things were popping into her head. [i 'Stay single. Ignore that he's cute, kind, a goof fur-ball, and war,'] she thought to herself.
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He actually did understand what she had said this time. And to see that blush was just too cute. And he knew now he was picking on her a bit. His head was still tilted in the almost puppyish way and he could not help his laugh. That was actually one thing he could say. [b "So if I say that? Both is an option?"] He asked as his head straightened fully. For just a second his dark eyes had traveled to her lips ane he had to pull them away. With the faintest of smirks, Jacob spoke. [b "hola mi nombre es Jacob y me gusta el queso.."] And his eyes were locked to hers.

A faint laugh escaped him again as he leaned back. [b "So is that yes to both having yoir number and going to the cinema?"] Yup he wanted her to know he had actually gotten it. Though his cheeks did tint red as he spoke.
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Gabriela bit the corner of her lips to prevent herself from laughing. [#af18ae "That's not an option sir. Besides do you even know what I asked?"] Seeing Jacob trying to do a puppy-dog look was cute. It makes her want to kiss him... what... Gab backs up a little and places her hands under her legs. For no reason at all. Now it won't get out of her head. Gab looks down for a few seconds. [#af18ae "You know what if you can say... Hi my name is Jacob and I... I like... cheese... yea, cheese and then you get both. Deal?"] She asks challenging him.
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When she had looked confused at him saying he would teach her how to speak Quilette, Jacob could not help his laugh. He only laughed harder when she had said he better not be teaching her how to howl. But before he could even answer her what was meant, Gabriela began to look at his book and break the words done for him. Slowly, Jacob began to repeat them and also listen to how they were said and what they meant. It was nice being taught by her. It made it easier to pay attention, though he did have to try not to get distracted by her.

Gabbie continued to go over the Spanish with him from the book and then asked him a question. Thank god she said it slowly and repeated it. Now he was able to to figure out what was asked, but he wasn't quite sure how to answer in Spanish. [b "How about both?"] He asked and gave an almost puppyish tilt of his head.
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Her cheeks wouldn't stop hurting. However, since he needs help with his homework she has to suck it up. As she grabs his book she skims through it. When he offered to speak Quilette she was confused. [#af18ae "Quilette? I better not be howling."] She says teasingly. [http://spanishlinguist.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/cambios-ortogr%C3%A1ficos-en.png Before he could answer she began to break down words for him.] It was fun teaching him spanish. It was cute and funny. It didn't take long for them to finish his homework. [#af18ae "See it wasn't hard. Now let's see if you understand this."] Gabriela clears her throat before speaking, [#af18ae "Todavía quieres mi número o prefieres ir al cine conmigo?"] She said it slowly an repeated it twice. Maybe to help him she should tell him to pick A or B. But for now she's going to see if he struggles.
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The boy was embarrassed when she finally realized that he had been watching her. He had not meant to, but she had been distracting. In a good sense really. When she finally let out the chuckle after having sat so still for the few she had, Jake finally let himself relax and have a smile. [b "I really do need the help...I told you earlier..this is probably my worst and weakest subject."] He said as he moved the book over to her. His own cheeks had lit up faintly at her mention of a nap with a friend. God why did his mind have to go where it had?

Quickly he shook his head and have a smile at seeing her look down to hide the red in her cheeks. Seemed she had the same problem that he did and couldn't help the colour at some words or actions. [b "So how about getting to Spanish? Maybe after I can teach you some Quilette?"] He thought it was fair.
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Gabriela face was blank. He was watching her? She didn’t notice. Normally she would get a feeling that someone was watching her. Why does he seem to change things? It’s nothjng bad, but it’s weird. Eventually she lets out a chuckle. [#af18ae “Well I’m done... so you can either take a break, I can help you or we can finally take a nap. On the couch and yes together. There’s nothing wrong with napping with a friend.”] she says checking over all her assignments. She ended up changing a few things before putting her things away. She pulls out a planner to write down when two of her projects are do. [#af18ae Remember I don’t mind helping you with your assignments. I used to run a small side business where I write students projects and I made sure it sounds like them. Very profitable.”] she says grinning. For no reason she could feel her cheeks burning. She looks down allowing her hair to cover her face as if they were curtains. What is wrong with her?
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