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[b "We protect our own...or their imprints. If that were to happen..one of the others would stop me."] Okay, maybe it had been just a question she had. Maybe she didn't even want the answer but agsin it seemed a compulsion to answer her. It was because of the imprint that he could not lie to her. It was because of the imprint that he had to tell her anything she asked. She just had to make sure it was something she wanted the answer to. [b "After our nap...or whenever you want.."] He whispered, sleepily. Just having the girl in his arms was calming and putting him to sleep. And it was not long before the wolf boy was out.

While having the girl close to him, Jacob was able to sleep well. Probably the best he had in a while. And when her phone began to buzz, the boy had heard it. It had actually woken him but he pretended to be asleep just because he did not want to be up yet.

It was when she whispered and shook his shoulder did chocolate eyes open and look at her. Slowly he nodded and sighed. [b "I probably should go..but I don't want to.."] He said and gave a pout. [b "Did you have a good nap..?"]
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It’s cool that he can’t lie to her. The imprint things probably doesn’t allow it. Why can’t all guys be like that? Kidding. She knows why. She closed her eyes when he reaches to tuck a chunk of her hair behind her ear. [#af18ae “As much as that comforting to hear that doesn’t help. What if one of the pack members just pissed you off and I show up at that moment?”] Gabriela doesn’t want to get into. Now when she wants to take a nap and he seems to be tired as well. [#af18ae “And we can continue this talk either after we wake up from our nap. She didn’t mind that he pulled her close. She rested her head in his shoulder. With his body heat she doesn’t need to get a blanket. It’s an amazing perk. Something about his warmth and being comfortable around him made it easy for her to nap. The vibration from her cellphone woke her up around eight. She slowly got up not to wake up Jacob and answered the phone call. It was her dad checking in on her. They had a quick chat before her mother wanted to talk to her. After the phone call she went upstairs to use the bathroom. With her wet hands after washing them she braided her hair before going downstairs. Should she wake him or let him sleep? She knows he patrols at night but didn’t know what time exactly. [#af18ae “Hey sleepy head. What time is your shift?”] she asks him caressing his left earlobe from behind the couch. She leans over to placing her head on his right shoulder.
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Jacob couldn't help chuckling as she wrinkled her nose at his words on the seafood thing. [b "When you live with my dad you kind of learn to like it. Fish is pretty much the only thing he knows how to cook. Most times we get other foods from Sam's wife, Emily or Sue Clearwater."] Jacob explained. He probably didn't have to, but it was compelling in a sense. And he wanted her to understand the how and the way to why fish seemed the only thing he truly knew how to cook.

When she answered hos question, his fingers found their way to her hair and brushed some of his behind her ear. Chocolate brown eyes looked down at Gabbie. He could understand her fear of it. Hell he would probably feel the same way if he was her. [b "I can and will never hurt you...I'm pretty controlled compared to the others...but if someone hurts you I can't lie...they may get hurt...unless you call me off. If hurting them hurts you..then I can't and won't."] He whispered, being as honest with her as he could. He wanted, no needed her to know that he would never hurt her.

When she mentioned the nap, the wolf boy yawned as if on cue. He really was tired and was sure her brain was spinning with it all. [b "Yeah...a nap sounds better than ever.."] Jake whispered as he did gently pull her closer. He couldn't seem to help it.
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Gabriela couldn’t stop smiling. This is amazing but weird. Anything she wants minus a chef. She wrinkles her nose when he said fried fish. [#af18ae “I’m not too crazy about sea food so having you cook for me is a no go then.”] she says has her cheeks began to finally relax. When he asked if she’s freaked out the girl shrugs. [#af18ae “Yes and no. It’s cold that I know you can shift and have this weird Harry Potter like contract thing with me. However it is terrifying because i don’t know you and I’m not from here. Not to mention what if you get mad and take out on me? Or hurt someone who accidentally hurt me. It does scare me but what can I do besides accept things and see how it goes?”] with how things are going she’s going to have to tell him more about Joshua. If he only knew he’ll understand why she’s a little guarded. [#af18ae “So how about that nap? I think our brain can shut down for a little.”] she says smiling. Again. They can stay in the couch and still have one another in their arms.
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Well her reaction to the imprint thing went A LOT better than he would have expected. There were some imprints that he had heard of that got scared when they found out. Some had even run away. And when that happened, rare as it was, it really destroyed the wolf it happened to. Jacob had to shake his head to stop his thought from going in that direction. It always made him hurt for those it had happened to.

[b "That's right. I have to be whoever or whatever you want or need for me to be. I can't say no or deny it. So if that is a friend...then that is what I have to be.. A lover...Friends with Benefits...a Husband.. You name and I'm your wolf.. Though the personal chef is not a good idea to want from me. I can't really cook unless you want fish fry.."] He said with a laugh. It was amazing how easy telling her all of this stuff was. The others from what he had seen in their heads had had it a lot harder.

[b "So..be honest.. does all of this freak you out?"] He asked as he shifted enough to look at her.
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[#af18ae “Since I saw the trailer. It was love at first site. Don’t deprive me from loving the movie.”] Gabriela says smiling up at him. She quickly put her head back down. They don’t need to have another accidental kiss. She didn’t think he would confirm what she already knows. It’s good to have clarification sometimes. This was one of those moments. [#af18ae “Awesome. That means you can be whatever I want? Even if it’s a friend, boyfriend, friends with benefits... oh or what if I say you should be husband? Would you do it? Can you deny it?”] she asks sitting up to watch him scramble for an answer, still in his arms. [#af18ae “Oh what a lot a personal chef? Can you even cook?”] she asks chuckling.
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With the silence and the thoughts seeming to bounce around in the girl's head were driving her crazy. Not that he knew WHAT was in her head, but Jake could feel the tension and her uncertainty. Did he want to ask what was on her mind? Yes.. But was it really a good idea for him to be doing so at this point? Probably not. Because like her, the wolf boy was almost afraid of what she felt. Here he could be reading so much into all of this..and she could think he was only a friend. Or she would only want that from him. So what was the point in telling her that yes she WAS his imprint if she did not feel anything more than friendship for him.

His eyes slowly moved down to look at her with her words. [b "How long have you been 'dying' to see it? And it's next week.. Sam just wanted to throw it out there."] Jacob said slowly. Her next words really took him ny surprise. But he should have figured that she would want to know. And he could not lie to her either. After a moment, Jake nodded. [b "Yeah, you're my imprint."] And the smile he gave was almost shy. He was almost scared how she would take it.
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Gabriela wants to apologize for laying one on him. Yes he said she doesn’t have too but it could’ve changed things. Part of her wants to tell him more about her last relationship and how horrible it is. It’s terrifying to think that she’s may be catching feelings for him. Jacob. Someone she just met. Eventually she will if these feelings don’t subside. Besides he may not even like her. What if he only kissed her back because he’s at her house and didn’t want to be rude? He won’t even tell her that she’s his imprint. She is a hundred percent sure she is because why bother telling her his greatest secret? Not to mention Sam invited her to the bonfire and that’s a private event. Maybe he doesn’t want her to be his imprint? She’s not a bad person...

[#af18ae “Good. Because I’ve been dying to see that movie. So is the bonfire this Saturday or next Saturday?”] she asks playing with a loose string from his shirt. [#af18ae “Jake... I just need confirmation... I’m your imprint right? Is that why you didn’t pull away?”]
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The boy gave her a pout as she said she would not him play until his father gave his consent to it. [b "Good luck getting the old man to say yes. I had to bed him for two years before I could get my first car. But he was fine with me keeping a motorcycle and fixing it up."] Jacob said with laugh and shake of his head. Really he didn't mind doing anything that she wanted to be doing. He was just giving her a playful hard time and trying to show her that nothing had changed and they were still good.

Without much thought, an arm went around the girl and he pulled her closer. It was so natural to have her in his arms and cuddling up to him like she was. But he did have to fight his mind to keep it PG13. [b "Well we could do the second date either this weekend or next. Really up to you and how your plans out. I can always swap my runs out with one of the guys. So up to you."] He whispered as he had his head gently rest against hers. And when she asked her next question, Jake shook his head. [b "Nope they won't. We could always go with your movie plan from earlier."] The boy teased.
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Gabriela sat sitting side wayst to look at Jacob. All she wants to do is straddle the guy and make out with him now. Even though her mind was racing and filling up with ideas she heard everything he said. Since he never played those type of games she isn’t sure if he should start now. They can be addicting. [#af18ae “This is going to sound lame but until your father approves of letting you play I don’t think I’m going to let you play with them system. They don’t have board games but I’m getting all of mines shipped over here... so I guess we can talk. I’m pretty we both got questions for each other.”] Gabriela moves back a little and grabs a couch pillow. All she wants his his warm-ness touchingnher. Her mind started of Pg13 to rated A for adults entertainment faster than is should have.

[#af18ae “So when are we going on our second date? And did you have a pet growing up?”] she could hear the TV in the background. From the sound of it RED 2 is playing now. Caving again Gabriela moves closer to him again. There face inches apart. Her lips met a small part of the corner of his lips and his cheek and then we went back to cuddling mode. Her head was lifted a little higher this time around. It was on his shoulder. Her forehead nuzzling his neck. A arm was wrapped around him and this time she has a leg on top of his. [#af18ae “Are things going to be weird after what i did? The kiss I mean...”]
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Jacob had been taken off his guard when the girl had kissed him, but he could not pull away. Could not find the want to as he had wanted to kiss her almost all afternoon. And when she had pulled back the bit she did, Jacob had told her not to be sorry or to worry about it. And that was meant. In fact, the boy wanted to kiss her again and their lips fid graze the other again. So close were they to another kiss that he could pratically taste it, but then the door bell rang and Gabbie was quick to get up and to answer it.

When she got up to answer the door, Jacob took a couple of steadying breaths. The adrenaline was pumping and his heart was fluttering. When both had calmed, the shifter let dark eyes fall onto the girl and another girl. He could easily hear the words passed between them and had been about to get up. But he thought better of it and only stayed seated, waiting for Gabbie to come back. And when she did, it seemed that she might be struggling in a sense the same way that he was.

[b "I've never played the games that you just named. Being on the Rez dad and the others don't believe in video games...or violence like that. Which is funny considering some of us are wolves and literally hunt vampires."] He said with a shake of his head and an easy smile. [b "But it's up to you and what you want. I'm good to doing anything."]
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Jacob surprised her. Not only did her kiss her back, but he told her not to be sorry. For some reason she closed her eyes. Her hand moves up to his neck. She could feel him breathing on her. Their lips grazed one another. She was going to do it again but she quickly. Why does he have this weird affect on her? It must be because he's supernatural thing.

Gabriela takes a deep breath. The girl leans back to look at him. The minute her mouth parted to speak the doorbell rang. Her head drops. She got up to go answer the door. "Cousin!"
[#af18ae "Cousin?"]
"Yes. I'm Cathy. Teresa and Sam's daughter. Well one of them. Teresa is Washington's sister." It took a while for her to piece it together. She's one of the cousins she never met.
[#af18ae "Right... well I have a friend over but we can hang out tomorrow after school if you want."]
"Yes! You should come over and meet the rest of us. I'll text your dad so he can give you our number and address. See you tomorrow!" Cathy says hugging her before skipping away. Gabriela laughs once when the door was closed. Cathy's timing was a bit off but she's thankful for her interrupting the awkwardness Jacob and her were having.

[#af18ae "Well that was awkward... Ummm, would you like to play a game? We can play super mario cart, call of duty or grand theft auto. Or we can continue to talk."] She asks stuffing her hands in her back pocket, slowly walking back to where she was sitting. What if they kiss again? Ugh!
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Maybe he shouldn't have been but he was paying more attention to Gabbie than he was the movie. She wasn't as warm as he was but she was still so soft and warm against him. It was like she, no they were made to fit together. And she smelled amazing. A sweetness that he would know and love anywhere. He was only vaguely aware that their relationship might match that of the movie. That she was iffy about him and that he liked her attention and company in any form he could get it. She was definitely the thing in his life he had been missing. But as it was, Jacob could not say that and it was too forward and weird for only knowing the other for only two days.

Slowly his eyes were drawn to her when she spoke, breaking the silence. [b "It's fine...more than okay."] His head was a little foggy and he was getting lost in her. When she mentioned the nap, Jake only shook his head. [b "Nah..I want to stay up with you.."] His words had just been muttered when suddenly their lips met and he slowly did return her kiss. So soft and so sweet were her lips. Almost did he whine when she pulled away, chocolate brown eyes looking into dark brown ones. [b "Don't be..."] He whispered
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Gabriela just wants to grab him by the shirt and kiss him. He smells good. Who knew a dog would smell so good? Would he even get offended if she calls him a dog? She’s pretty sure that she’s dogs and wolves are related somehow. The girl in the movie seemed to be iffy about Frank but she seemed to enjoy what he does or did for a living. Is that them? Jake is a big friendly wolf and she’s simply a human. She’s not scared. At least not really. Not when he’s there. [#af18ae “I hope this is okay...”] she finally says braking the silence. Part of her wonders what he’s thinking about. But sometimes getting the answer from a question she wants to know is terrifying. She could be imagining everything. Maybe she simply miss being in a relationship and wants one to fill in the gap. [#af18ae “You should nap since you’re doing a graveyard shift.”] Gabriela moves her head up a little to look at him. It may be a mistake because of how close their face and lips are. If it wasn’t for her lips wanting to touch his she would’ve been chewing on them. With out thinking it happened. Gabriela’s lips pressed against his gently. Her eyes closed. She didn’t even know her hand moved until she felt it go from the back of his neck to his chest. [#af18ae “Sorry...”] she whispers when she pulls her lips away from his.
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Jacob had to laugh when she accused him of the cheating playfully. [b "Yeah, maybe a little. But I can't help the 'fur-ball' thing and the talents it has."] He teased once more and cringed a little as the cheese ball had hit her in the eye. But even he could felt a little better knowing there were some things that even she couldn't do.

As she walked backwards, tossing the cheeseballs for him to catch as he followed Jake had to try hard not to laugh. He didn't really have a hard time in catching them and soon took a seat on the couch. If they did nap, then they did. But admittedly, he would not mind it. She had been so soft against him and she smelled amazing. Aaand he had to stop his mind from where it was going, his hand reaching to get more of the cheeseballs. When their hands touched, both pairs of brown orbs seemed to lock together.

His head did tilt when she had moved the bag of snacks to the other side. But before he could ask, Gabbie was curled ip against him with her head on his chest. His arm as if on instinct was around her and his head gently rested on hers. So soft and so sweet she was.
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