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The boy's cheeks were slightly flushed from her words. But he knew she was teasing him just as much as he had been her. And another faint laugh escaped him when she said not to be jealous and that he was ahead of the game. [b "He also can't be your therapy dog either. So think I win in that area as well."] Of course if anyone else heard that, they would think it weird. They would also think that the two of them were together or something. Of course he wanted it, but he would never push it. He was there to be whatever she needed of him.

His head tilted when she spoke of the girl and sure enough, there had been someone watching them. A quick flash even. What was even more, Jake was almost certain he had never seen her before. He was close to going after her, but had stopped when he heard Gabriela's words and looked at the poster. [b "They always seem to have one of these things. And nope never been. Not my thing...but maybe for someone I would go."]
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Gabriela laughs as she rolled her eyes. Maybe he’s a mind reader too. It’s one of the reasons why she wants him to take her to class. Then there’s the fact she feels safe around him and likes him. But he’ll eventually find out about those feelings later. [#af18ae “Well we can’t be planning other dates until you take me to the movie date we agreed upon sir. Always jumping ahead.”] she says playful. [#af18ae “But let’s see how it goes. Now don’t be jealous. I’m pretty sure nothing is going to happen but I do have to dress up to fit the part. You’ve seen me in my pajamas so you’re a head of the game.”] once again she had a feeling of being watched but this time it wasn’t as scary as it was early that morning.

Curiously, Gabriela looks back to see the girl who got out the car that looked familiar. Her face doesn’t ring a bell. Her flash was on which meant she took a picture of her, but why? The girl scurries away. It made Gabriela stop. [#af18ae “Either you got a jealous secret admirer or that just randomly took a picture of us...”] she says looking around to see if anyone else was looking at them. Nope. No one was. She turns to continue walking but sees a poster for school party. The pre-homecoming bash. Maybe she was taking a picture of the poster? [#af18ae “A pre-homecoming bash? The school must have extra funds to be having school parties every few months. As much as I’m no longer a fan of school parties I think I may attend this one to see how you guys get down. Have you been to one before?”]
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The elevated heartrate and the slight change in the girl's tone had caught his ears and were not lost on the boy. But he could see that she wasn't wanting to talk about it. And because she didn't, the boy would not push it. Or he wouldn't push it yet. [b "Yeah I was wondering how you felt on that. Maybe it won't be too bad? And if it is we can always do a date of anything you want."] The boy's words were out before he could help them. Lately he was wishing more and more that his wolf would shut up and not have him blurting out so many things.

[b "Sorry..."] He said after a moment. But then went she let out the small howl that she had, a laugh escaped him and he nodded. [b "That would work."] Jake teased, falling back into the light and playfulness that she knew of him. And he nodded when she asked about walking a girl to class. [b "Sure. Don't want to be bumping into more people right?"] He asked as he moved to her side and walked with her.
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If the girl could fit into her small locker she would squeeze her big ass in it and hide. Something about that car has her fidgety now. It’s a weird feeling to have when she just made friends. From what she knows she didn’t make any enemies. Her scrunched up worried eyebrows relaxed when she heard Jacob. [#af18ae “I’m fine. Just bummed I couldn’t back out of th double date. Now I’m forced to go with Alex. The perks of being a good friend.”] she says grabbing her textbook before closing it smiling.

Gabriela won’t tell him what has her rattled. It could be nothing. She could be overthinking things like she always does. [#af18ae “I’m surprise you’re not with your friend. I’m pretty sure you can hear me from the other side of the school. If I’m ever in trouble I’ll just...”] she quietly howls. But a few people heard her. She lets out a laugh, covering her face with her textbook for a few seconds. [#af18ae “Walk a girl to her class before the bell rings?”] she asks slowly walking backwards. Gab doesn’t want to bump into anyone like the way she bumped into Jacob a million times on her first day at school.
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Jacob smiled to Gabbie when she had moved her bag to let him sit. He offered the others a smile as well. The boy was only behaving around Alex because of Gabriela and his promise. [b "Good morning guys."] And after he spoke, the boy had once more fallen into silence and was listening. If he were honest, the boy was not fond on the topic of the double date and having Gabs involved, but he said nothing and just pretended to be interested in his phone. Though he was listening the whole time and was taking in Gabbie's reactions to it all as well. Later he would ask her her thoughts on the matter.

When the girl said she had to go, Jake slowly got up himself, which did earn a strange look from the others at the table. [b "I forgot there are some things I needed from my locker and I have to get yelled at for yesterday. Rather face it before classes start."] The boy commented as he followed after the girl. Her action to the car out front had been strange. Or at least that was what he thought it had been to. After a momentx Jake quickly went into the school building and found the girl at her locker. [b "Is everything okay?"] The boy was worried about her.
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Gabriela was actually having fun. They were laughing and having stupid disagreements. She even defended Alex with something and she hugged him. Alex took that opportunity to hold on to Gab. She didn’t even notice it until Jamie was wigglin her eyebrows. Eventually their big group was starting to fade. She was sitting down next to Alex playing candy crush as she talked.

Gab smiles widely when Jack showed up. [#af18ae “Hey. Good morning.”] she says moving her bag in case he wanted to sit down. That’s when Jamie decided to tell her, her mother begged her to bring Alex to the double date because they need to keep each other company while their parents spend the entire day away from La Push. Gab said it’s fine that Alex can find someone to go with but they both said no. Gab looked at them both. She shrugs before getting up. [#af18ae “Alright. Well I need to go get ready for my first class. See ya later.”] she waves bye. She wasn’t sure if Jacob would follow, but she kept walking.

Gabriela stops in her tracks seeing a car parked that looks familiar but the person who came out of the passenger side was no one she knows. Seeing the drivers tinted window lowering she quickly went inside. Gabriela went to her locker to drop off her school bag and gather her first period things.
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To get her away from the guys and to give her time on her own, Sam had sent Leah to watch Jacob's new imprint. Just the idea left a bitter taste in the woman's mouth. Everyone was finding their imprint and getting to be happy. And here she was, still broken by the man she had loved all because he had chosen her bestfriend abd second cousin over her.

"I don't see why I have to watch the little girl, Sam! She is Jacob's imprint and usually it works better for you and the guys. I have better things to be doing than to babysit." The woman scoffed, arms crossing over her chest.

[i "You'll do it as part of the pack, Leah. And don't think of it as a favour to him..but one to me."] The man hated to do that to her. He really did, but it seemed the only way the man could get her to do anything.

A icy glare was given to the man before she ran out the door and shifted. She would watch the little girl. And as she had come to the house, Leah was hidden in the bushes and watched. Almost instsntly, a hate for the girl filled her at seeing her with another boy. She got the feeling that Jake was being played.

Jake had long since gotten home and showered. The boy changed his clothing and got his books in his backpack. He decided that to school he would take his father's truck that Charlie had given back. "You seem in a good mood this morning, Jake." His father said as he wheeled himself into the kitchen.

The boy flushed faintly and shrugged. [b "Just wanting to go this morning."] He said. The boy didn't feel like explaining to the old man. He would be getting teased about it anyway. [b "See ya, dad."] And with that, the boy was out the foor.

Once he got the engine to roar to life, it did not take long to get to school. Whene he got there, the wolf boy immediately tried to search Gabbie out. And he did cheat, using her scent to find her, coming to her and her friends. The boy gave a polite good morning but didn't say much more as he listened to them and their gossip
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[#af18ae “I’m pretty sure your mind can figure it out. She was a revel and did thing to piss of her parents. This right here is the most innocent things should we do.”] she whispers to him.

Jacob did scare her though. She didn’t think he was fake sleeping but he was. Her smile grew when he kissed her forehead. See. He likes her! Wait, people do that all Time time. Blah. [#af18ae “If you must. See ya later alligator.”] it didn’t take long for Jacob to jump out her window. For some strange reason she wasn’t scared. Her big bad wolf can’t get hurt from such a jump. When he left she began to get ready for school starting with a shower. She blasted music as she got ready. She had to stop seeing Alex outside of her place. She invited him. He can talk. He even offered to take her to school and wouldn’t take no as an answer. The cute part was that he came with flowers. She couldn’t say no to that. Today felt like looking like a rebel. She had black ripped jeans, black military boots, and a black AC’DC shirt with a black leather jacket and a red beanie to go with the color of the wires on her shirt. Alex seems to love her look. When they got to school they met up with some friends before class started.
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The boy could hear and feel when the girl had moved away from him as she did. Part of him wanted to whine at her, but the other didn't want to wake up yet. The part that wanted to whine was quickly paccified by her getting back into bed and curling back up with him. It was probably terrible, but the boy could get used to sleeping with her and waking up with her beside him.

When the knock came, the boy stirred and stayed quiet. He didn't want to get Gabbie caught and so was acting to be asleep until they were gone. [b "So what does she mean with the whole don't do anything she would?"] The boy asked with a laugh as his eyes looked up into hers. It was amusing because they didn't know that she had him there.

Jake kept studying her and then looked to the clock and sighed. Slowly he kissed her forehead as he got up. [b "I'm really sorry...but I should go and get ready for school at home...I'll find you at school, promise."] He said and soon was climbing out her window and going out into the woods. He would nake better time if he went wolf.
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Gabriela bites her bottom when he kisses her back. Ugh, what is happening? He kisses her back, right? She's not imagining it... Him pulling her close is also a sign. She didn't fight it. The girl is happy to sleep in his arms. It's relaxing. Lovely even.

The girl woke up early. She had this weird feeling as if she was being watched. Except when she woke up Jacob was still sleeping. She walks towards the window to close it and lock it. She even closes the curtains before crawling back to bed. Instantly, Gabriela turns off the star light before going back into his arms to cuddle with him again. They had a little less than an hour left before her alarm goes off. She could hear Alec getting ready for work. Gab's marble brown like eyes checks Jacob out before kissing his cheek before taking a 'power nap'. Except she couldn't fall back to sleep. She stayed curled up in Jacob's arm thinking.

[i *knock, knock*]
[#af18ae "Yea?"]
"Hey, something came up. Alec has a family emergency so we're going to be a way for a few days. No more than a week. Do you want to come?"
[#af18ae "No I'll be fine. I can't miss school since I'm new. Keep me posted."]
"You got it. I'm leaving my car. Don't do anything I would do."
[#af18ae "You got it."] she says laughing. Only if she knows that there's a boy in her room as they speak. Crap they probably woke Jacob up and she has morning breath... crap...
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The boy found the stars cute when she got them to light up. Maybe a little childish, but he liked that she was free to be her and to show her likes. [b "I like them. Make your room look almost like a night sky."] He said as he watched her turn off the lights and the moon shone brightly through the window. He could see the night dress she wore and his mind was almost wandering to places he wished it wouldn't go. God she didn't know the things she could and did do to him.

Slowly and gently, Jacob returned the girl's kiss as she had leaned in and kissed him. An arm went around her and he pulled her as close to him as he was able while making sure the both of them were still comfortable. [b "Good night, Gabbie.."] Jacob whispered with a yawn and soon found himself drifting off.
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Is he liking this? His reaction made her chuckle. Her tongue was gently between her teeth. [#af18ae "Good because having you here is making me relaxed and tired."] She gets off the bed to turn on the kids star light alarm. [#af18ae "Please don't judge me... It comes in handy and I like stars. It may not seem much, but wait until I turn off the light."] she says walking to turn it off.

Gabriela forgot that the moon is bright tonight. It have her room a nice softly blue like color. Along with purple and pink stars. She walks back holding down her pajama dress as she walks back to her bed. The girl goes back under her blanket and got comfortable. She was on her side facing Jacob. Gabriela leans closer to him and kisses him, [#af18ae "Goodnight..."] Gab says moving back to where she was.
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Her words were enough to tell him that she wanted him to stay. It seemed they both had things they wanted to say but wpuldn't out right. [b "Windows are always fun to climb out. So are those movie moves."] Again the boy was trying to make light of things. Only was he whispering to make sure that they would not wake her godmother and her fiance.

A soft shiver ran through him as her hand seemed to have the mind of its own and ran to his ear lobe. God she was alluring and he wanted to kiss her. Did she want to kiss him? The boy could not ask and instead chuckled. [b "Cuddle away...and yeah actually I am kind of tired too...so you don't have to worry about me being a creeper."] The boy said as chocolate eyes locked to her dark brown.
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Gab wants him to stay, but won't tell him exactly. [#af18ae "I don't know last time I checked they're team Jacob. But it's up to you if you want to stay... I won't say... but if you do you may have to jump out the window bright an early. A classic movie move."] She whispers smiling. Why are they whispering?

The girl wants to kiss him. Again. Why does this feel so right? It scares her how she feels for him already. There's no way she's going to make the same mistake twice. [#af18ae "Just know if you stay, I am a cuddlier."] Out of urge, one of her hand moved up to his neck. Her thumb caresses his earlobe. Should she just kiss him again? [#af18ae "Are you even tired? You can stay up and watching something on Netflix. Just don't watch me when I sleep because that's weird..."] Would he be okay if he did jump out the window? Last time she did it she sprained her ankle. It was a lesson learned.
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Did he want to answer her question on Bella? This time he really didn't want to and almost was going to. Or he was until she said she was okay with it if he didn't want to. That actually saved him from more painful memories and saved him from hurting her. [b "Thanks.."] The boy whispered as her head was on his shoulder and his head went to resting on hers. He just couldn't help it because everything about them being together like this just felt so right. So confortable. When she asked her question, Jake shifted enough to look at her. Originally, the boy was going to go. But if she didn't want him to, the boy would stay. [b "I can stay if you want. Just can't let them see you have a boy in your room."] He whispered, giving the girl a playful wink.
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