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Gabriela didn’t say anything when she told her story about the scars. It was fun cooking. It’s a crazy amount but it’s still fun. They continued to talk about life. Things they want. Then Emily began to talk about her dream wedding, which was nice. Before Gabriela can tell Emily hers people began to walk inside. The girl looks at each other smiling. Emily went to go greet Sam as she places a large tray of rice on the table. Gabriela walks out placing a tray of pork chops. A smile grows on her face seeing Jacob.

It took everything in her to not to and practically jump in his arms. [#af18ae “There food if you’re hungry. I’m going to walk around. Emily is strong for being in the kitchen that long.”] she says smiling.
Emily laughs. “I enjoy being in the kitchen. It’s not for everyone. But thank you for helping me. It was nice talking to another female.” She says giving her a hug before going back to the kitchen.

After the hug Gabriela went outside. She’s going to ask later if they found him. Joshua is smart. He’s most likely still home. Perhaps it’s a family member or a friend? Oh, what if he hired someone to find her like a detective. The girl puts her hoodie one and stuffs her hand in her pockets as she walks down the quick steps. She spots Leah who grills her. Gabriela rolled her eyes and Leah was about to approach her until Paul stopped her and whispers something to her. Whatever he said made he storm inside. Then he gives her another dirty look. Gab sighs. It feels like middle school all over again. The girl walks towards the forest close to the road simply to walk for a little. Emily and her ate since there was only three of them at the house.
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Emily couldn't help feeling bad when the girl had told her all of what had happened. It was rough and no one should have had to face it. But even she knew that the world was unfair and life was not always easy. She had seen it and had some experiences of her own in that department.

"You know..I could tell earlier that you were curious about my scars. And you could have asked about it. This happened when Sam and I were firsr getting together and when he first had begun his transformation as the wolf. He had lost his temper at the time..I don't remember over what now.. But I had been too close to him when he had shifted and he attacked me. He didn't mean it and even now though it has been so long he feels really bad about it." The woman explained as they had gone from baking to preparing dinner for everyone.

As Gabriela looked to all the food that was being prepared. The woman couldn't help a soft laugh and shake of her head. She knew it was a lot. "Being wolves the eat a lot. So it's always good to have a lot of food for them."


Leah was REALLY starting to piss him off as she had decided to join them on the run. The woman's mind would not shut up and she was picking at wounds that were JUST starting to become at least somewhat bareable. [b [i 'I remember all of that! Just I can't say anything until she makes her choice.. And Paul shut the hell up. One of you is enough!']] The russet wolf thought as the four were still on the run to make sure they did not come across Gabbie's ex.

Because he was worried a fight would break out, Sam was being extra careful in watching Paul, Leah, and Jacob.

When it had been a couple of hours and still no signs, the wolves running headed back to the house. Jacob was tired of being in their head and had changed back as soon as he could. And once he had, the boy went into the house to find Gabs.
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Em, as in Embry or Emily? She didn't want to ask him the question, because it's a stupid one. All she did was nod. Emily smiles at Gabriela Alec kept blowing up Gabriela's phone. Out for boredom the girl went to go help the other girl out in the kitchen. It didn't take long for Emily to ask what's going on and that's when Gabriela told her everything. Everything practically came out like vomit. Joshua was sweet at first but then something changed and for the worse. He got jealous, abusive in every way, controlling. He took advantage of her. Raped her twice, once sober and the other drunk and high. She went to the hospital once for a dislocated shoulder and very bad sprained ankle. It was so bad they thought it was broken. Even the part where she was pregnant and miscarried because he was abusive. They didn't know until the doctor told her she's having a miscarriage.

What sucked was that Gabriela didn't hear Embry. It made her wonder what he heard... But a new batch of cookies came out. Gabriela happy to help and share a family recipe. Then they began to make food for everyone. It felt like she was a having a family get together with the amount of food they were making

[center [b - - - - - - ]]

Leah was in the run. Her mind wouldn't stop. She kept comparing Bella and Gabreilla. Even mention how both names as an E and -la. She even thought about this morning to prove Gab is just using Jacob. [ i "Just tell the stupid girl how you feel before she continues to drag you into the mud like Bella. Don't be stupid."]
[i ‘Remember all he could think about Bella? I wish Bella would. I wish Bella wouldn’t call. Maybe I should call Bella. Maybe I should call Bella and hang up.”] Paul says running along side of Jacob.
[i ‘Oh I can’t believe i forgot about that!]
[i ‘She’s going to torture him like Bella did. Watch it. You seem to like people who steps over you Jacob. Grow a pair. Stop being weak.’] Leah says before going her own direction.
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Sam immediately shot Embry a look as the boy had been about to say more about Leah and what the she wolf thought. It was not his place to say it and already Leah was on thin ice with her behaviour and thoughts. The man only shook his head and sighed when the teen boy had left, chuckling. It seemed all of them would have to be talked to later and even an alpha's order would have to be given. Sam really did hate to do it, but he would if it came down to it.

"Alright...got it.." He said as he handed Gabbie back her phone once Jacob too had seen what the man looked like.

When Embry had started about Leah, Jake too shot the other a glare. He already knew what was thought and now was NOT the time to be making jokes about it. Gabriela was scared enough as it was and she didn't even know why he has chosen to bring her here.

[b "I'll take you home after the run with Sam and Paul. This had just been the only place I could think of..most of the others are cool. Leah and Paul are the main hotheads and ones to look out for. But as long as you stay with Em you'll be fine."] Jake said as he finally looked at the picture and then tried to give Gabs a reassuring smile.

He then nodded to Sam and Paul and the three of them were out the back door.
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Being with other wolves isn’t fun. It’s scary. She would squeal like a canary if they tried to make her talk. Emily is so nice trying to make her comfortable and relax. Not to mention how much she baked. Grocery shopping must be a pain. Seeing Sam and Emily love is adorable. But she did see the marks on her face. She remembered what Jacob told her and looked away. Part of her wants to ask what happened, but she probably knows.

[#af18ae “I still don’t know why I’m here...”] she quickly whispers to him. Then Sam was standing in front of her asking for a picture of Joshua. It confused her. Why... she looks at Jacob. He told him? [#af18ae “I can look for one...”] she says grabbing her phone from her back pocket to look for one. She was hesitant to show them the picture. Her mother isn’t tech savvy and most likely forgot about the picture but it was on of Joshua and Gabriela at the beach in the beginning of the relationship. Plus she was skinner back then when everything was good... [#af18ae “He hasn’t changed. Besides a few tattoos. It’s in hidden places though...”] god. They’re going to kill Joshua... she can’t date Jacob if he kills her ex. That’s crazy.

That’s when Gabriela took a muffin to calm her nerves. Stress eating. Or is it fear eating? Let’s jusy say it’s emotional eating. [#af18ae “How long do I have to stay here? What if I want to go home?”] she asks nervously putting small piece of the muffin in her mouth.

“She’s certainly scared...” Emily says placing a hand on Embry’s shoulder. “Don’t worry we’ll take care of her. If she still wants to go home Leah can take her.”
“I highly doubt she would. After this opening she thinks...” Embry stops seeing the look he was getting. He left chucking. That made Gabriela more confused and worried.
[#af18ae Jake.... are you sure I’m safe here? I don’t want to be somewhere where I’m not welcomed...”]
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Jake could sense how nervous Gabbie was. All of them could really. Part of the whole giant wolf thing, but even without it the girl looked it. [b "Yeah, this is something wolfy."] The boy said in an attempt to calm Gabriela at least a little. The other eyes were still watching them and when both Emily and Gabbie were in the house, Leah came over.

Dark eyes and a scowl were on him. But like the others, Jacob didn't flinch. Leah didn't scare the pack in the way that she might a "normal" person. [b "Spit it out, Leah. I know you're dying to anyway."] Jake said almost impatiently as he just wanted for Sam to get back.

[i "Your little girlfriend there is using you in the same way that the 'leech girl' did. I saw her this morning with another guy after you left. I may act tough but I know the heartbreak you felt before..I don't want to see that for you again, Jacob."] The woman said, still a bitter bite to her words but it was softer.

[b "She is not Bella and wouldn't do that. Besides...she is my imprint and you know the rules.."] The boy said just as Sam came up to them. The man gave both a look, but then sent Leah away. He had been dealing with her bitterness all morning.

"What do you need, Jacob?" Sam asked as he saw the look in the boy's eyes. [b "A mini patrol to make sure Gabbie's ex isn't in town."] And at that, Sam nodded and led Jacob back into the house, giving Em a quick explanation and giving her a kiss.

Jake had been with Gabbie at that point. [b "Sam agreed to what I asked...and you should know once we shift...he and the others will see my thoughts...it can't be escaped..but he can give an alpha's order...one we can't didsobey so no one else will know.."] He whispered.

The alpha soon came to where the two teens were left, eyes going to Paul who only nodded and went outside. "Do you have a picture of your ex?" The man asked, dark gaze going to the girl.
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Gabriela could feel more eyes on them. Feeling the extra pairan of eyes made her more nervous. Are they going to have to tell everyone about her personal life? About her past? What if they judge her? Ugh!

The girl smiles at him when the lock eyes. She didn’t want to break eye contact, but she had too. It felt weird being around more of them. The wolves. She ended him letting go of his hand to fold her arms. “I get it. Wolf business. Sam should be here soon. I’ll keep an eye on her. In the mean time come inside Paul, Leah and Seth are here. I’m not sure who’s watching but I’m not worried. I just made muffins.” Emily says turning around waving her hand, gesturing for Gabriela to follow her.

Then another girl popped out of nowhere. Leah. The way she was staring at Gabriela made gab blink a few times. Is that Bella? [#af18ae “Are you sure it’s okay that I’m here? I don’t want to get you into trouble. Well more of it...”] she says in a whisper even though she knows the other wolves can hear her. Gab was hesitant to follow Emily. But she did. Paul was inside. Tanking on her long sleeves she hid her hands and sat down. What is she going to do while he’s gone? Emily offered her food but gab politely said no.
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Jake couldn't help a laugh when Gabs said she would rather be bitten than deal with her ex. [b "You don't know what their teeth feel like. Trust me it hurt."] The boy said as he stayed close to the girl and walked with her. He could easily tell that she was scared and was taking the house and land around it in. And he was more than sure he would have A LOT of explaining to do. But for the moment, this had been the only place that he really could think to bring the girl.

When Emily came out, Jacob almost flinched as he prayed that Gabbie would heed his words and not stare. Sam always got upset by it. But when she didn't and the two seemed to converse normally enough, the boy relaxed. He even flushed and groaned at Emily's words. [b "I can't help what the wolf makes me do. None of us can Em."] Jake said as he flashed the woman a smile and then looked down almost guiltily when she asked him about school and both she and Gabbie had their dark eyes upon him.

[b "Well we always have at least one of us as a wolf around here...and it's pretty much protected between a guard and the forest...Just I thought having Gabbie stay here with you for a little while would be a good idea. I was going to see if Sam and Paul would go with me for a run."] That was how he explained it and was waiting to hear it from both women.
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Gabriela couldn’t focus. She take in what he’s telling her. All she got was that their laws can be bent. She didn’t get why. When he placed his hand on top of hers she looked at him. She smiled at him quickly. [#af18ae “Don’t try to be a hero. You’re supposed to be whatever I want and you can’t do that if he kills you. He’s that crazy...”]

When they reached a house she looks at him again. She didn’t want to get out of the car when he opened the door but she grabbed his hand and hopped out. [#af18ae “At this point I would rather prefer that then to deal with this thing with my ex. So why here?”] she asks still holding on to his hand for some support. Being here sort of scares her. Is this a wolf hang out? Is she going to be the only imprint here? Her free hand touched his arm as she looks around. They live in the middle of the forest. Is she crazy? That’s way too many trees for her liking. But then there’s also a big clearing which is nice.

Gabriela saw that serious dude that was with Paul. Then two familiar faces from school. She only knows their face because they’re Jacob friends and apparently a part of the pack. Then a girl came out. She has scares on one side of her face looking like the female version of scar face. [#af18ae “You must be Emily.”]
“I am. Your must be infamous Gabriela. The girl Jake here is always disobeying the rules for. Welcome to the family. But what brings you both here instead of being in school?” Gab looks at Jacob. She doesn’t really know why either.
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[b "There are loopholes in some of our laws. Remember..I wasn't supposed to tell you what I was and how I kept giving the hints.. And because you figured it out I was able to tell you. It's kind of like that. Generally we can't or won't hurt humans and are only after vampires...but if that human is a threat to others...the pack or their imprints than that law of ours is bent. We can go after and hurt them."] Jacob explained. She needed to know that though MOST of their laws were set that there were still some that bent or changed as the circumstances did.

When she said that she didn't want him her because of her, Jacob's hand moved to take hers as he was in the driver's seat and pulling out of the school's lot. [b "If I do it's on me.. not you. I'm meant to help you and to protect you no matter what."] The words he spoke were soft as he did. And he kept his hand in the girl's.

It didn't take them long to get to Sam's and Emily's. And when they did, Jake got out and opened her door for her, holding a hand out to the girl. [b "Come on..they don't bite."] The boy tried to joke to ease some of the tension as he led her in.
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If she could hit something she would. But knowing Jacob he would’ve stopped her. Maybe she should do it so he can hold her. He doesn’t seem to care if she doesn’t know what to do. He wants to help by taking her to Sam’s and Emily. Emily must be his imprint.

The girl followed him. She doesn’t care where she goes. Right now she feels like that sister of Jason in Halloween. No one would see him until it’s too late. When he told her not to stare at Emily she wanted to question it but she most likely won’t stare at anyone but stare out the window. [#af18ae “What are they going to do? He’s humans. I’m pretty sure ya don’t hurt humans. Only vampires.”] she says getting in his car. She kept looking around for the car but didn’t see it or him. Whoever he is. She’s only been there for about a week and now there’s a chance he may know what here she lives. [#af18ae I don’t think you can help me with this one... I don’t want you to get hurt because of me.”]
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Seeing her so scared and broken had him shaking on the inside. It was the wolf and he knew it too. Jake had control and more than the others, but that didn't stop the fact that he had a protective nature. [b "The guys will cover for me. They're used to my disappearing.."] He said quietly as he was at her side and was glancing at the window. He was trying to see if he heard or saw anyone out there. But for the time being it was clear. Like whoever was only there to play with the girl's head.

[b "I'm going to take you to Sam and Emily's...it would be better for you not to be alone..
And I'm going to have Sam and the others help me see if we can find whoever it was..."] Jake said as he gently put a hand on her shoulder. He wanted to make sure she was listening to his words and slowly began to lead her away from her locker and towarda one of the doors that led into the school.

He was leading her to his car and going to take her where he had said. [b "Just one thing...make sure not to stare at Emily..."] If she asked why, the boy would tell her. But he figured he would give the warning, opening the door to his car for her when they came to it.
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Gabriela wondered if she whispered too low for him to hear. How good is a wolves hearing anyways? When’s he turned around to began pacing he popped up and held her gently. She pulled him close and held him tightly. [#af18ae “Something weird is happening. First the car, then the girl, and recently this guy was watching me. He waved hi. I thought it was for someone else but then he sent me a message...”] she pulled away to show him thhow text. Her eyes are now glossy as she tries not to cry in school. [#af18ae “M-my ex... he’s... he was abusive in many ways. I force to leave because oh him... what if he found me... what if they know him and they want to mess with my like I’m a tiny mouse...”] saying it out loud scared her. She goes to her locker to get her things. [#af18ae “I don’t know if I should leave or stay... Jacob... I’m scared.... terrified actually. I don’t want to die or see him...”]
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Jacob knew he had the "therapy dog" thing going for him. He also had figured out the own personal heater things as well. But the dog thing was more amusing and he had been keeping things light. His smile only brightened when he noticed she had to try not ro laugh. Honestly he did too but he was doing better at keeping the straight face.

[b "Yeah, I guess I do. But I've never been good at dancing or events like this."] He said slowly and quietly. It took him a second but then he have a slow nod as he finally decided on what to do. [b "If you don't have anyone else to go with...will you go with me?"] Jake asked as he motioned to the poster.

When they got to Gab's class, the boy returned the quick hug. For a moment, the boy watched to make sure she would be okay and then he went off to his own class. The shifter boy tried to pay attention but could feel a sinking in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong and that was when the whisper had caught his ears. Without really thinking, Jake got and left the room. When he got back to class he would just simply blame his abrupt leaving on having to use the bathroom. They were ALLOWED to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom.

As soon as he was in the hall, Jake literally sniffed Gabbie out. It didn't take him long to find the girl standing in the hall and shaking. [b Gabbie..?"] The boy asked as he went to her and gently hugged her. His fingers began to immediately run through her hair as he hoped he could help calm her.
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Gabriela had to bit her bottom lip to prevent herself from laughing. He got her there. No one can be her therapy dog like him. Unless she buys one then he’ll be replaced. But he’s also her personal heater so he got that going for him.

She could tell Jacob wanted to go after the girl, but she’s happy that he didn’t. [#af18ae “So you need a special girl to make you go? I’m starting to see a pattern. It looks like you enjoy it when girls make a first move.”] when they reached her first class she hugs him before going inside. She took her now usual seat by the window.

The girl was distracted. Her mind was everywhere. Something caught her eye. A guy was eyeing her. When he waved hello she looks behind her to see no one was looking that direction. She watched him pull out his phone. A minute later she got a text saying [i ‘hello Gabriela Mari Solorzano.’] gabs heart began to pace. She grabbed quickly ran out the classroom. [#af18ae “Jacob...”] she whispers running to her locker. Then she pumps into Alex.
“Hey. What... are youvokay?”
[#af18ae “Y-yea. I.... I forgot something in my locker. I’ll back shortly. We’re doing a group project. I’ll be on your team. We need two more people. Go pick them.”] Alex nods with a smile and runs to class. Her shakes hand covers her mouth as her eyes closes. From where she’s standing she tried to calm herself.
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