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Jacob had to bite back a growl as Alex got closer to Gannie and she seemed nervous. It took everything in him to not become the "guard dog" in those moments. Instead he only moved closer to Gabriela's other side, his hand taking hers but being out of Jamie and Alex's view as he didn't want the other two to think something was going on between them. Or he didn't want them questioning the girl. All he knew was that she was uncomfortable and he didn't like it.

When the other two were gone, Jake couldn't help a chuckle and shake of his head. [b "Nah, I don't think it's bad...have to give him that..But he needs to learn personal space too."] Jake quietly and then gave the girl a smile. [b "Yeah I can definitely do that. Meet you out by my car after school?"] He asked her as the two of them began to walk to class.

The rest of the day was boring and seemed to literally pass like "the sand through an hour glass". It got so bad that at some point, Jake had actually dozed off in class and had an earful from the teacher and the rest of the lesson was called on to answer questions to make sure he did not fall asleep again. By the time the final class was out, Jacob could not be more happy. Nor could he be more happy to see Gabs, though she looked to him a bit sad. And Jake opened the door for her and listened to what had happened between her and Alex. [b "Well..you didn't lie and you are doing what you need to do. If he is your friend he'll get that."] He said and gave her hand a small squeeze before finally starting the engine and driving her home as he promised her he would.
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Gabriela was excited to see Jacob come out. Hearing him say it wasn’t that bad after her help. Alex looked at her. “You’re a tutor now?”
[#af18ae “Nah. I just saw Jacob studying during lunch so I decided to help him. It’s nothing.”] she says shrugging. He then looks at Jacob in almost a glare.
“I’m confident I passed. It was as easy as stealing candy from a baby.” He says moving closer to Gabriela. The girl nervously began to rube her left earlobe and hold her breath. “So the double date has been bumped because he has something going on...”
“Oh yes. So it has been bumped. We’re going to a somewhat fancy restaurant. No jeans or sneakers. OkaY? I owe you big time for this...” Alex nudges Jamie. Jamie laughs.
“Well I for one is excited for this date. Should we consider this our first date?” He ask gab. Both Jamie and Gan shook their head no. Jamie pulls Alex as they walked away. It made Gabriela sigh in relief.

[#af18ae “Would it be wrong to text her that day and say I’m sick? I have to say he’s persistent, but dam he needs to learn when to throw in the towel... well we should head to class before we’re late. Since you brought me to school think I can get a ride back home?”] she asks as they began to walk.

The rest of the school day was boring. She didn’t enjoy sitting away from the window. however with what happened last time it was a must. At one point Alex found her and told her to wear red so they can match. He even asked her to be his girlfriend but his feelings got hurt when she said no before he could even finish the sentence. Then she pulled the classic move of [i it’s me not you] and how she has a lot going on that dating isn’t crossing her mind at all. He said he understood but she could tell he didn’t. By the time she gathered her things to go home she realized he’s been dodging her since a period ago. That’s going to be hard to do when they’re in a group project together. Gab waited for Jacob in front of her truck. She hummer as she waited. When they got in the car she instantly told her what happened between Alex and her. Part of her feels bad but in a way she isn’t lying. Her life is a hot mess and she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt because of her.
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With her helping him, Jake was finding it a bit easier but still struggled a bit. When he missed the answer or only half got it, the pout did pout and almost seem the oversized puppy. Embry of course was more than happy to tease him about it too. But Jake gave him dirty looks and some not so kind jesters and then his attention was back on Gabbie and her ways to try and help him remember.

By the time lunch was over, the boy was given back the rest of his food and distracted by her popping the last dumpling into her mouth. It was cute the way she ate it and with the near goggling, Jake almost missed what was said. [b "Thanks...I still need a little more help."] He said as they went to their classes.

As was promised, Gabbie met him after and gave him a little more help. It was because ir was her that he was sure some of it would at least sink it. A faint blush did creep into his cheeks from the kiss to it, but he smiled to her. [b "Think I got it."] And with that, he went into class and had his test.

After, he walked out with a smile when he saw her. The girl looked anxious and he was tempted if he should be nice or should tease her. But her being his imprint and the last couple days won over and he decided to be nice. [b "It wasn't so bad. Especially not after your help. I owe you or I would have failed it completely."] The shifter boy said and looked to both Jamie and Alex who stood near them. [b "So how do you think it went?"]
The boy was trying to behave. He really was and for Gabs' sake.
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Gabriela laughs. [#af18ae “I don’t think he’s Jacobs type.”] she replies joking around. She smiles her chair closer and to start teaching him. She even told him a few tricks to remember some of the thing. Emery loved it when he failed. It was hilarious. It was like watching a baby get fussy when you put away some chips or candy.

When lunch was over she cl Ames up and handed him his remaining food. Gabriella happily popped the last dumpling in her mouth. Her freehand covers her mouth to speak as she chews. [#af18af18 between classes I’ll take you to class so I can help you study.”] Gabriela did that. Before and after class she made sure she got to him within a decent time to help him study. Maybe he’ll remember everything since she’s the one who taught him things. When it was time for his test she wished him luck and gave him a motivational kiss on the cheek.

It was hard to focus on the class project when he’s taking a test. She whispereya few things that she knows he didn’t understand to help. Jaime thought she was insane. Class was let out early. Both Jamie and Gabriela went to go see Jacob and Alex who are in the same class, taking the same test. [#af18ae “You this babe.”] she whispers under her breathing. She didn’t realize what she said. She’s more anxious to hear how he think the test was.
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So maybe he should have behaved better. She had decided to basically give him most the food and all exchange for dumplings. Buuut because of the wolf and his need to tease the poor girl, Jake had to pout and ask for a dumpling. Man when he thought about it sometimes he really was a giant pup. He only lingered on the thought for a moment as she seemed to relent and say how she could compromise. [b "You're the best."] The boy said with a smile.

Brown eyes soon followed hers to the notebook as she mentioned the studying. Inwardly, the wolf boy was cringing. [b "Yeah, help would be nice. You see how well.you got me to understand Spanish...so maybe you can help me get this too since the test is in two classes and I'm lucky if I got any of this."] He said as he waved a hand over the open book, soon pushing it over to her. His eyes almosy widened at her plan on how to get him to get it and the others laughed.

[i "That's a neat way to train him. We should tell Sam."] Embry joked as the boy flashed the girl a smile. Jake only rolled his eyes and then gave a faint smile to her. [b "Whenever you're good to start."]
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Gabriela eyes himself. He has a large rice, broccoli and chicken, and sweet and spicy chicken. Yet he wants a dumpling? That’s the animal in him. Ha ha, get it? He’s a rusty color wolf. A large, on steroids wolf. She hands him the options of using a fork or chopsticks. It took her two years to learn how to eat with chopsticks. She couldn’t get it for the life of her. Nor is she willing to teach because she still isn’t sure if she’s doing it right. Using her pair of chopsticks she gave him a dumpling and dipped a small corner of it in soy sauce. [#af18ae “Now you can never say that I don’t compromise.”] she says stealing a broccoli for herself.

Maybe all she needed was some space from her [i therapy dog] to miss him. As she chews on the broccoli her eyes were scanning his book. [#af18ae “Need help?”] the girl has a plan on how to help him study. If he gets a question right he can take two bites of the food. However, if he gets it wrong his buddies can have a bite. It’ll be effective since they’re always hungry. Plus they may have class together so this can be beneficial for them in two different ways. [#af18ae “Just know if you pass with an A I’ll take you out. And yes I’m that that confident you’ll pass with anything from a B and up. But I like A’s”] she’s says winking at him. She even told him her plan on making him study. Minus that part where he gets whatever is left of the food either way.
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Jacob was silent and waitong for her answer. Somehow, the boy figured she didn't really want to tell him. It was the way she was sitting there and the way that she played with her sleeves that told him that fully. He found he was about to ask the girl again what had happened, but before he could Gabbie told him and he couldn't help that his hands clenched onto the steering wheel. He was REALLY going to give Sam a piece of his mind on some of it later.

When they had gotten to school, the girl was quick to leave him. And it made him think he had done something wrong. Initially, Jake wanted to go after her. But given how the others treated her and what had happened the day before he gave her the space but hated it. For a few moments, the wolf boy watched after her to give them enough distance before he finally got out of the car himself and went to class.

The classes passed by muderously slowly and even had he wanted to focus he just couldn't. Everytime he tried, thoughts of Gabriela and what she had told him went through his mind. His lack in focus was so bad that in order to get him to pay attention tje teachers kept calling on him. It was not until lunch did he see the girl again and she had come up to the table, making the deal about the dumplings. [b "That sounds good. Though I do want to try at least one dumpling."] The boy said with a puppyish pout just to "guilt" her into at least one. [b "So how have the classes been going this morning?"] He ventured as he had a notebook on the table and was staring at it. Unfortunately for him, the boy had a test in the next couple periods and he had NOT studied.
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Gabriela wasn’t ready to tell him. The way he’s going to look at her is going kill her. He may even stop listening to Sam because he’ll think that he could’ve protected her if he was watching her. The girl sighs. Playing with her long sleeve, sleeves she began to tell him what happened yesterday. Of course she skipped towards the end.

When they reached the school she was quick to get out. She couldn’t face him after telling him. She gulps. Her friends doesn’t seem to be there. Makes her wonder if Jamie and Alex are coming today. She could use a distraction. [#af18ae “But I’m obviously fine so....”] she says shrugging, [#af18ae “No matter what happens I’m going to stay in school. I need to focus in school. I have never cut school befor... it’s such a bad habit that doesn’t want to shake off...”] she says looking down chewing her lip. She gives him a hug before going to class.

Gabriela got pulled third period to go talk to the principal with Valentina and Isaac. During lunch time they got Gabriela and Jacob food. She’s going to claim most of the dumplings. The girl looks for Jacob when she got to the lunchroom. She power walks to him smiling. [#af18ae “Hey, so as a thank you from my family the got us lunch. We can make a deal. I get all the dumplings and you can have everything else. I haven’t had dumplings in forever.”] she says sitting down at his table.
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His ears were 'twitching' as he had been more than listening to the comversation that had been going on inside. It was times like these that he liked being the wolf and liked that not many knew how sharp his hearing truly was. He had done well enough at pretending he had only heard the little bit from when Gabbie had made her way down the stairs. His eyes had gone to the girl, with a pointed 'tell me outside' type of look. [b "Yeah, I'll take you. And she'll be safe with me."] Jacob assured her guardians with a smile.

As the two walked out, Jake had the girl's bag and took in her words. [b "It wasn't anything I hadn't heard from him before. It was more a reminder than anything else..."] He said slowly and peeked over at the girl. [b "Thanks...so what did happen yesterday?"] The boy asked when they got to his car and he opened her door for her, waiting for her to get in before he went around the front and got in himself, having the car roar to life

When the engine was warm enough, he began to drive them towards the school. But still was he waiting on her reply.
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Gabriela began the freak out. Her front breaks aren’t working. Everything was okay. She could change her gear and let the bike ride out without doing anything with the speed. Then the car from before was tailgating her. As much as she didn’t want to increase the speed she had too. It was as if they were trying to take her somewhere. With one more hit to the back tires she lost control. It was practically a hit and run. Thankfully she had her protective gear on. A car from the opposite lane pulled over to help her out by calling the cops and staying with her until he’ll arrives. What she did notice is that her bike was tampered with.

Then the an officer came by introducing himself as Charlie Swan. Her bike was being taken for examination and she was being taken to the hospital to make sure she isn’t hurt internally. Her godparents were also called. It was a long night. Gabriela is fine. She may be sore and will develop bruises but nothing major.

Her godmother were freaking out. When they got home Gabriela showered and went to bed. Both Isaac and Valentina stayed home. They plan on taking Gabriela to school and have a talk with the principal. The girl wore dark grey and black because hit matched her mood. When they all heard a knock Isaac answered the door. “Gab it’s for you. It’s jacob.”
“Maybe she should just stay. Recover.”
[#af18ae “I’ll be fine. School is safe... ish. Plus we don’t know what really happened. No need to be jumping to conclusions.”] Gab says walking downstairs. She smiles at Jacob. [#af18ae “Save me by taking me to school. Please.”] she says grabbing grabbing an envelope with the police papers and hospital forms but Isaac quickly. She rolls her eyes and sighs. The girl grabs her two pop tarts for them and walks out. [#af18ae “So did Sam chew you a new one?”] she asks even though she could tell he’s listening to the conversation inside. It’s only a matter of time when he asks her abkjt yesterday. He’ll probably be upset that she didn’t tell him. [#af18ae “Oh you’re cleared by the way. For missing school because of me. You’re welcome.”] she says trying to make him smile.
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Jacob had shot Sam a look when he was told that he had to stay behind. It wasn't fair because Gabriela was HIS imprint and he should have been the one to take her back since he had brought her to the house. Besides, Leah didn't even like the girl and to put them near the other was torture, mostly for Gabbie. But before he could even protest it, Sam gave Jake a stern look. It was a look that said he had messed up AGAIN and would end up getting a nice earful once Gabbie was gone. Did he care? Not really, but regardless, the boy was stuck listening to it when it came.

He gave the girl a quick squeeze and let out a laugh when she had hugged him and said her words. It really was funny all things considered. [b "For you..I'll try. But I'm not making any promises. But since you told me to behave, you better too. Actually get some sleep tonight."] He said as he gave her a pointed look and wave as she was led out the door by Embry.

"You know what this means, Jacob. Because of you she knows about us and not in the traditional way. You have risked the exposure of the pack. This weekend you have to tell her all of it." Sam said as he was starting the lecture that Jake had heard in the man's head when they had been wolves. But the boy instead didn't say anything and let Sam go on and one. Most of what was said was the repeat of the words with Bella and so were going in one ear and out the other for the most part.

By the time Sam had done, it was time for Jake to take the patrol with Embry and Quil. Because it was the three of them and a school night it would only be for a couple of hours. And a couple of hours he really needed to be able to run and to clear his head. But as was expected, Gabbue was not far from his thoughts. As soon as his shift was up, Jake was quick to go home and to TRY and get some sleep. That way he would be able to escape things for a bit.

In the morning, Jacob was quick to get a shower and to get ready for school. Still he had yet to explain anything to Billy about the imprinting. But being an elder and one of the council, the man knew. He was just waiting for his son to tell him on his own. He didn't know what it was but he felt off somehow and figured he would check on Gabbie and so took the car to see if he could get to her house before school. Maybe he could even offer her a ride.
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Gabriela rubbed her palms together. She wasn’t sure if she [i should] ask about Bella turning despite him tell her to ask a way. The girl smiles shaking her head no softly. [#af18ae “Nope. Onces past should stay in the past. Besides you should be eating Jacob. Go on and eat. I’ll be fine. I’m close by and I’m pretty sure you’ll hear someone coming before I could even blink and see them.”]
“Come on Jake! Paul is stealing some grub. Plus Leah is done eating. She’s about to head out.” Seth shouts standing up with his plate.

As Jacob walked inside Leah walked out. “If anything happens to Jacob I’m holding you responsible.”
[#af18ae “Little oh me can’t hit a wolf. I’m pretty sure I’ll break my hand trying. But thank you for the lovely warning. Too bad I can’t hit a certain someone for the same reason.”] Gabriela said referring to her hitting Leah. The girl is full of attitude and nasty vibes. Why does Leah care so much anyways? Seth began to laugh reminding them about when Bella broke her hand because she hit Jacob after he kissed her. Leah left chuckling. [#af18ae “I should go though. My godparents are freaking out.”] she says getting up.
“Embry go take her home. Leah go follow. Jacob we need you here.” Sam orders while still holding Emily in his arms.

Gabriela went inside to say bye to Emily with an embrace. She walks up to Jacob smile. The girl hugs him too. [#af18ae “See you later. You better behave you rebel.”] she says jokingly. Seth hugs her before she left. They took Jacob’s truck. Embry tried to get to know her. Asked simply things like her favorite color and what not. [i Purple. Fresh fries. All types of music. Monkeys. Almost a year since she last dated and he’s currently the same person they were looking for. She’s okay with all types of movie besides certain comedy movies. The girl can bake, cookie, clean, and work with card a little.] The guy is slightly impressed.

Her godparents greeted them outside. Gabriela waves bye as she entered the house with them to explain everything. They ended up calling the cops so they can also keep an eye out. The restraining order was also renewed and they added more ‘feet’ to how far he should be from her. They even had to go to school to clear things up. Gabriela was able to ride her bike after placing the new license plate to it. After clearing things up in school they went to go shopping for a wedding gift and outfits for the upcoming wedding. Gabriela watched them leave first before she took off. Then her bike began tot act weird.
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He had told the girl it was a safe place and it was. But he had also told her it was his job to look after her and to protect her. So when he had heard her words, Jacob, or at that moment the great russet wolf came closer to the trees so she could see him. It had actually taken him off his guard that she had figured out that he had been there. But given he had already pulled a stunt like this one it wasn't exactly odd when he stopped to think about it. He wished he could better explain, but when the wolf he could not exactly explain anything in a clear and coherent way to those who were not giant "fur-balls" as Gabs had called him.

So the wolf only nodded and had run off ahead, but keepin close enough if she were to need him. Given her "poor sense of direction" Jake had to admit that she had found her way back to the house simply enough. And he could also see that Leah was being just as "lovely" as ever. But he had been told to not get into it with her for the time being. So he had to listen.

It was when Seth came up and spoke did Jacob finally shift back and come out in jean shorts. [b "Seth is one of the youngest and newest of the group. He likes the idea of being on patrol but hasn't exactly been on a hunt. We try to keep the 'pups' out of it if we can."] Jake explained, giving a smirk when Seth had given him a look. But it didn't last long before the boy had gone inside. The look Gabbie jad been giving was not lost on Jake and he sighed. [b "Go ahead and ask about her and what Seth said. It was bound to come up."]
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From time to time Gabriela would look back to make sure she could see the house. She doesn’t want to get lost in unknown territory. Eventually she had to turn around in order not to get lost. Just as she heard something and looked around her phone buzzed. Her godmother texted her a [i story]. The school called her. She left work early to go see what the heck happened but only to find out she didn’t go home and she’s mad. Crap. She’s so in trouble. But then she send another text saying her license plate for her bike came in. Yes!

Because she learned from her mistakes Gabriela is going to have to tell them what’s been going on. They’re going to be worried and call her parents immediately to inform them as well, which is what she doesn’t want. They’ve been through enough. Not to mention they’re probably enjoying themselves without her being there. As horrible as that sounds. [#af18ae “You know you should be eating Jacob. What happen to this being a safe place?”] she says looking around. The girl had this weird feeling of being watched. It’s the same feeling she had when he helped her get back home. [#af18ae “I’ll head back. You can shift and go eat while I sit outside. And yes Emily and I ate so don’t worry about saving a plate for me.”] she says touching a few trees as she made her way out the forest.

Gabriela looks back wondering what happens to him when he shifts. What does he feel? Oh, what happens to his clothes! One of her hands gently smacks her face sort of covering her eye. Why would she think that? It most like shreds to pieces... it’s probably like The Incredible Hulk moment. They must have clothes everywhere for when the shift back. When she got to the porch she pulls out her phone to text her godmother to let her know that she’s sorry and that they will talk. The only thing she mentioned was that she’s scared that Joshua may have found her somehow. When she didn’t get a text back she knew her godmother Valentina is freaking out. Most likely pacing and cursing. Then a boy comes out grinning hooty hooting. He’s so young. Is he one of them or just related?

“What up new girl. I’m Seth Clearwater the bestest, brightest, and most talented from the back” he says grinning like a child.
“Took you long enough. Come inside before they eat your share. They’re already eyeing Jacobs plate.” Leah says looking at her brother. He nods.
“Where is Jacob?” He asks. Gabriela points at Jacob as he walks towards them. “Hey Jake! She’s cuter than the last one.” He says trying to embarrass Jacob. Gabriella chuckles.
[#af18ae “I’m sure that’s a compliment, but if he had a crush on his best friend for years I doubt I’m that cute.”] she says winking at Jacob, playing along.
“Oh snap. She knows about Bella? Carefully Bella doesn’t hear you. She’s young leech now and apparently stronger than the rest but we’re better. We’re faster and stronger.” He says flexing, chuckling before rubbing inside. Gabriela looks at Jacob with a slightly scared and question filled like facial expression. Bella turned? That must’ve Ayer Jacob alive... she tried to shake the look off and smile. They can talk about it whenever he’s ready. Besides the cat is out the bag now so it may be sooner than later.
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Jacob had to stop himself from going immediately to Gabbie when they had gotten in. It wasn't like he didn't want to, but more like he did not want to push her into anything. And mildly had the things both Leah and Paul had been saying and showing him the whole run were still in his head. He didn't see the girl in the way that the other two seemed to. He just couldn't but that didn't mean it didn't still get to him. But he was able to push all of that to the back of his mind and give the girl a smile.

[b "Didn't you and Emily eat?"] Jacob had just managed before the girl had mentioned Emily being strong for being in the kitchen for so long. He had always admired that about the woman. And appreciated that she always seemed to be willing to cook for them when they had been out on patrols and stuff like that. But again he had to push that to the back of his mind. He was going to be going after Gabs to make sure that the girl was okay. He knew that Emily would manage to at least put a plate aside for him that the others would not touch.

[i "Don't give me that look, Jacob. I didn't say anything to the stupid little girl. She just went for her walk and Paul stopped me. But maybe next time I WILL say something. I don't want to watch you get played again."] Leah all but growled as she shoved her way past the boy to go and get some good with the others. She didn't even give him a chance to respond to her words.

The boy looked after Leah and shook his head. He could always have a few words with her later. And with those thoughts, Jake had slipped into the woods just beyond the small house and shifted again. The russet wolf was following the girl within the treelines and watching her.
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