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Gabriela was enjoying her book. It’s been a while since she was able to sit or lay down reading a book. Good or bad. She got a text from her godmother saying goodnight. Gab ended up shouting goodnight instead. It took a while for her to set the book down to get ready for bed and look for an outfit for tomorrow. It’s nerve wrecking thinking that she’s going to meet the elders of the pack and learn more about his family.

Chewing her bottom lips, she sat in the edge of the bed thinking about what can happen tomorrow. Somehow thinking about Jacob has him pop up. She looks towards the window before getting up to head downstairs after grabbing a sweater. [#Af18ae “A single howl will do. I feel bad for this back door having your big paw greet it.”] Gab says sitting carefully since she’s still wearing the dress from earlier. [#Af18ae “Alex is like a love sick puppy.”] she says chuckling. She wasn’t sure what else to say. Definitely nothing about the date. He may not want to hear it. She tucks her hair behind both her ears. She looks up at the sky sighing again. [#Af18ae “So how was your day... wait. Never mind you can talk and I don’t understand howling.”] she says looking at him smiling.
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Jacob had heard those first howls earlier in the evening. Almost had he gone to her, but Sam had used the command of the alpha on him. He was not to go to Gabriela until after she had her fouble date. The boy was slacking in his duties and was needing to try and focus more. With that being the case, the russet would was forced to run the bext few hours and imagine the very worst. Or what was the worst for him since he was falling for the girl and falling hard. He knew it started as the imprinting but now and after getting to know her it was for her.

[i "You're such a lovesick puppy. Stop thinking about that girl! She is just like Bella and only using you. Only you are too blind to see it.'] Leah snapped, casuing the others who were phased to wince. They would NOT get involved in this.

[b [i 'You don't know the first thing about this Leah, so shut up!']] Jacob snapped as he wanted a go at the sandy brown she wolf. And she was egging him on too. If it hadn't been for Sam, Jake would have gone for her.

The holws later that night, when he was off his patrols brought him to the base of the woods. He did lift his head and let out a howl in response and then sat watching. It was when most the lights were out aside from Gab's did he go to the foor like he had the other night and gently paw it.
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Gabriela was nervous. There’s no reason for her to be nervous but she is. Stupid her howled for ten seconds hoping to see Jacob, but instead Alex arrived. She lets out a long and dragging sigh as she grabs her purse and leaves. Alex mouth dropped. Then a stupid smile appeared on his face. During the ride to the restaurant, in Forks, he went on and on about how excited her is about this and something about his passed relationship. The girl zoned out until her song began to play. Which apparently he hated and changed the station.

They were the first one to get there. She was praying and texting Jamie that she better have not canceled and set her up. She would never forgive her for this if that’s the case. About ten minutes they did show up. They talked about their future and back up plans. Then shared memories as they ate, which gab felt weird to hear. All she could do is laugh and ask questions from time to time.

Alex let loose. So loose that she got a ride bike by Jamie and her guy had Alex. Following them. It was a disaster in her eyes but Jamie loved every minute of it. When Gabriela got home she went up to her room and poops down on the bed sighing. [#Af18ae “What. A. Night.”] again she howls. Just for fun this time around. Her godmother walks in to tell her she crazy but does it as well. Eventually all three of them began howling. Before getting ready for bed. Gab on the other got up and pulled out a book to read for a little befor she goes to bed. She even sent Jacob a texting telling him Alex got drunk, the food was good but it was a waste of a good outfit.
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Jake wasn't one to shy away from a joke or a way to habve some fun. He could be serious when it was needed and mattered but he still liked to have fun too. And he wouldn't have minded keeping her family guessing what the deal betwewn the two of them was. Of course he would like to know himself, but her being his imprint Jacob could not and would not pressure her. [b "You know never had that done before. Doubt it's comfortable."] The boy teased right back as he gave her a wink.

She looked down at her phone and his head tilted. It looked to him like both Jamie and Alex texted. Only a guess since they two were looking down at their phones. [b "Cool I got an upgrade. So when do I get to be house pet?"] Yup he was all good with the corny jokes and even had a few of his own. When she said they needed to go, dark eyes went to the sky and he could see the raging storm rolling in. [b "Yeah...probably a good.idea."]

Gabs was JUST ahead of him and about to toss something when the first roar of thunder sounded and the ran began to pour from the sky. Bear everyone was pushing and shoving to get inside. [b "Later!"] The boy managed to call back. But it appeared later never did come. Everytime he tried to get to the girl it seemed that he was pulled away for some reason or another.

By the end of the day he JUST got a glimpse of her and managed a small nod in return. The boy went home and was soon on his patrol. All the while he wondered about Gabs and her "date".
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Gab smiles. Of course he would like busting their chops by making them wonder if they're dating or not. Poor Alex is dealing with it now. Yet he keeps trying to get with her. Perhaps she should tell Alex she is dating Jacob to leave her alone. [#af18ae "Maybe I should blow into your eye and make it look like we're kissing. I seen it in a movie a few times."] the girl wiggles her eyebrows.

She looks down at her phone seeing separate texts from Jaime and Alex. Alex is saying he can't wait for tonight's double date and that he'll be picking her up. Jaime is warning her that Alex is overthinking things with the double date and assuming Jacob and her are secretly dating, but until Gab tells him otherwise it's all is fair in love and war. [#af18ae "Well you went from therapy dog to a trained dog... look at you growing."] She says laughing hard at her corny joke. She wipes away her tears, trying to relax. [#af18ae "Alright, we need to go inside before we're late and it starts pouring."] she says grabbing her things and the empty container to toss. Jaime and Alex were a head of them. Seconds before she was able to toss the empty container in the trash there was a thunder roaring and it instant poured so hard it hurt a little. Gab runs inside along with a few others. It was horrible because people were pushing and shoving. [#af18ae "I guess I'll see you later.] she shouts having a hard time trying to get out the way.

Alex made something happen... he actually kept her company while having some distance, and making sure Jacob wasn't around with the help of his friend. By the time she saw Jacob school has ended and she needs to go home to raid her closet for today's double date. She did wave hi/bye before taking off. It took over an hour, outfits after outfits, simply to pick something simply but nice. She doesn't want Alex to think that it's for him when its simply to help out his cousin.

[center [http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/r1o6pq-l-610x610-dress-ashley+graham-model+duty-instagram-bodycon+dress-curvy-plus+size-plus+size+dress-black-black+dress-halter+dress-halter-little+black+dress-bodycon-party+dress-sexy+party+dress.jpg Outfit]]
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Her words were amusing to the boy and so he couldn't help the laugh that he let out. Of course leave it to her to sass her family like that and to leave them wondering. [b "So according to them and SOMEONE saying those words they think we're dating. I'm cool with that and maybe we can have some fun with it too."] Of course he was joking, or rather mostly he was. There was some part of him, the part that had imprinted that wished there was truth to that.

Again he fell silent and was listening to her words. He had of course noticed Alex and the glare he was getting, but it was of no importance to him. All that mattered was Gabbie and that she had his full attention. [b "You know that kind of date sounds nice. Means we get to hang out."] He said, nodding to answer the bit of him being free on Monday. He wouldn't have a patrol until Tuesday night because of an upcoming test and Sam was giving him the day to study, which though he should he probably wouldn't. Actually, scratch that. With Gabs' idea of a date he would but at least she would be the one teaching it and it would stick.

[b "Yes..I had no choice but to tell them. It was better for them to hear than for them to see it just in my head and the shared mind. And they had to know because remember what I told you? The pack is meant to protect those living here...each other...and imprints."] He said slowly and quietly. Jake wasn't sure how she would take it, but because of the wolf he had had to tell her the truth. He couldn't lie unless it was called for, like as a way to protect her. It was something he truly hated.
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[#af18ae "I told them I don't kiss and tell. So they all believe we're possibly dating."] the girl says shrugging. The girl doesn't care what they believe. Not anymore at least. Fuck Joshua...

The girl chews on the corner of her lips hearing him say he would rather go on a real date. [#af18ae "Yea, I'm still waiting for that too. You owe me about three of them and I owe you one... Speaking of which, are you free Monday afternoon? A home cook meal, movies and maybe some studying is my ideal date for you. So... what do you say? Go out with me Monday. My place at six. And you don't have to dress up."] Gab looks at the time. They still have time to kill. She puts away her finished homework.

Turning around to give Jacob's her full attention. She saw Alex glaring daggers towards Jacob, but when he saw her looking he smiles. It made her laugh so she waved hi. [#af18ae "So out of curiosity did you tell the other's what I told you? ...About Joshua..."]
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For a moment, Jacob had almost expected the knock to maybe startle the girl. But when instead it didn't and she let him in, the shifter got in the car and leaned on the door. The heater was going and so it was warm to him, but he didn't say anything. Instead he listened to her and couldn't help a laugh. [b "That's fun. So what did you tell that as far as that goes?"] He asked, just to hear her keep talking. Yeah, the boy liked her voice and he was also curious.

But it didn't take long to completely sidetrack him as she mentiones food and pointed to rhedashboard. He couldn't help his stomach from letting out the growl it did and he did look a bit embarrassed. [b "Thanks.."] The boy said and quite literally "woofed" it down since it tasted good. Not long after she had pointed to the food did Jamie and Alex drive up, waving to Gabbie. Just to be polite, Jake did wave though Alex shot him a glare.

[b "You know...I don't think I would call it a date. Maybe a friendly get together? I rather have a date with you on our own.."] The boy said and gave a faint smile. He still had yet to hear what she wanted and needed from him. And in return, Jake had yet to ask her on a proper date, though he could not get the girl out of his head.
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Gabriela slowly ate her breakfast while doing her homework. It would be easier if she was sitting down outside. But it was drizzling so she doesn't want to do her homework out there and risk it getting destroyed. Little by little other students were popping up. The radio was. She was sipping her coffee when her heard a knock. [#af18ae "Come on in stranger."] she says unlocking the car and tossing her backpack to the back. [#af18ae "SO I may I have kept one little thing from you... they think we're dating... my family."] She says with a smile.

The girl finishes her science homework. [#af18ae "What the rest of my breakfast? There's a pancake, two sausages, and a has-brown left."] Her pen points at the dashboard. A car stops in front of her car. It was Jamie and Alex waving hi and parking besides her, on Jacob's side. [#af18ae "I feel like a player. I have a date tonight and a thing tomorrow with you. Although I don't know if I should call it a date or an ambush since I'll be meeting a lot of people who are important to you."]
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The wolf knew better than to leave scratches on the door. It was just his way to get her attention rather than texting the girl. Besides he was TRYING to slowly get her used to his wolf form and the idea that he would not he hurting her. When he heard the soft steps from the other side of the door, the wolfy Jake sat on his haunches and watched the door with his big brown eyes and tail wagging a little.

But when the door did open, Jake's ears drooped. He could tell she wasn't okay even with that fake smile of hers. And he could not help a whine at her. But when she began to speak, the wolf stiffened and was bristling a bit. Since what she had told him was NEW and it was IMPORTANT, Jake had to stay a wolf a bit longer. He had to call the others and show all of them what she had told him at once. It would make things a lot easier.

Lightly he nudged against her hand when she pet his head and he nodded to her. And after a moment more, Jake ran off into the forest again.

The next morning, the boy was at school earlier than he would have liked. He also had not really done his homework. Since he had found out what he had, the wolves were on more alert and had also taken a few extra hours on the patrol. And it was because he could see Gabbie in the car and smell her, the boy went to it ans gently knocked to get her attention.
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Once again the girl ended up having a nightmare. This time around she didn’t wake up sweating. Her heart was racing though and it was a bit hard for her to breath. The dream felt so real. She could feel the conflicting wounds that occurred in her dream on her right now. She gets up to look at the time. It’s a little pass ten. She was going to message Jacob to see where he’s at until she heard something slightly terrifying, but it has to be him. She quietly walks downstairs to go look for where it’s coming from.

[#Af18ae “You better not be leaving scratch marks on the door...”] she whispers heading to the kitchen towards the back door. [#af18ae “I’m pretty sure you can’t fit in the house like that...”] she says chuckling. Gabriela sits on the step and leaves the door cracked open. [#Af18ae “So I got some inside scoop. I saw that girl again. He’s coming here. Well in Forks. She’s dating someone who’s related to him and she found out about me from my family. They caught me [i mans handling] that snake...”] she tells him looking down at her hands. There’s more to the story that she will not share. Apparently he has plans. A handful of good, but mostly bad. They know about Jacob. He thinks they’re dating and he doesn’t like it at all. [#af18ae “Just be careful okay? I know you have a bigger advantage, but he will hurt those you love to get to you. To me.”] she looks at him with a fake smile. [#af18ae “However, I am excited to find out more about this.”] she says gesturing his shifting abilities and his pack. [#af18ae “You should go though. Get some sleep. Do your homework. I actually have to do some homework too and get ready for bed. I have to wake up early to drop of Isaac at work. Later therapy dog.”] she was hesitant to touch him in his fur form but she did. It made her wonder if he has dog instincts when like this and enjoys ear scratches and belly rubs... Gab just petted his head. It was surprisingly soft. [#Af18ae “See you tomorrow.] she said as she got up to head inside.

Gabriela went upstairs to shower and do some homework. Before calling it a night, again. She had to get ready for school early but Isaac got her coffee and breakfast on the way to work. Since she showed up to school early she stayed in the car to finished up two homework’s she didn’t do.
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Jacob had been meant to be on a patrol with the others. But Dam had kept him behind to lecture him about Gabbie a bit. More so because he had told her so much more than he should have and seemed to be doing the whole imprint thing backwards. And the lecture went on and on and actually bored Jacob. Part of it he had heard when he had thought Bella was his imprint. The second part was newer saying how he needed to be more careful and be SURE that this girl was aftually his imprint. The others were ALMOST sure he was right, though after Bella both Paul and Leah were not fond on Gabbie. In fact, both of them thought Jake was in for a world of pain.

Jake listened or more like let the words go in one ear and out the other. He nodded and have "okays" or "yeahs" in the proper places. It was hard to tell he had been blowing Sam off. [b "Okay, I get it. Try and be more careful. Go SLOWLY and see how this works out. Since I have had this talk MANY times am I free to go?"] He asked, earning a glare from the acting alpha, but also a nod.

As soon as he was set free, Jake rushed from the house and to the nearest tree line. When he was hidden well enough, the boy stripped and phased, joining those who were out for the patrol. He did try to block the others out of his head, but they saw the ride back to Gabs' house and him telling her he would see her later, the lecture he had AGAIN gotten from Sam and just all his thoughts on Gabbie and if she was omay. It was enough to have them moaning and groaning the whole time.

Ten came and Jake was more than thankful for it. It meant he was off and he could finally go and check on the girl. So instead of going back to his house, the wolf went to Gabbie's godmother's home and to the back door. He didn't exactly want to shoft back and to sneak in, so he resulting to scratching at the back door and whining like a stray dog might do. It was in his mind a better idea than the howl which would end up alerti g everyone. Only did Jake hope the girl would hear and be the one to come to the back door.
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Gab chews on her bottom lip and nods. [#af18ae "Alright. See you later."] She waves bye before taking off. The ride was slow considering she didn't know where she's going and the fact that she's also paranoid after what happened. Messing with her bike is one thing, but to mess with her family member's car is another.

When she finally reached the house she was instantly greeted. Her aunt and uncle tested her by speaking Spanish. Not all of her cousin knows Spanish. They were beyond happy that she can keep a conversation going in Spanish. One of her cousin is in love with Gabriela because she's also a big girl who dresses up with the trend. Although Gabriela swears she isn't wearing trendy.

Dinner felt like a Thanksgiving get together. For some reason Jacob was mentioned. One of her cousin's has a friend who's been seeing them together. They instantly assumed they were dating. Then out of nowhere that girl who took a picture of her in school a few days ago popped up. She turns out to be the friend she mentioned. The girl looks frightened. Gab glares at her. It took a while for them to be alone, but when they did Gab pinned her against the wall for answer. They fought but Gab managed to wrap her dirty hair in her heads and use all her force to bring her down on the ground. Boy did she sing like a a canary! A cousin found them and called the family to help break it up. Gabriela left before she can be questioned.

After getting back to the house she showered and worked on her homework. She went to bed early with the window to her room cracked open to allow cool air enter her room.
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Jake could feel and see just how broken up the girl was about hurting the boy. Knowing her even as short a time as he did, the shifter knew it to not be in her nature to want to hurt anyone if she vould help it. What made it all the worse was knowing that she had to face this alone and he literally could not help her with it. [b "Actually since you mentioned tests... I think I have one in math and another in History.. think you would be up to turoring me?"] He asked and gave her a quick puppyish pout before his attenti9n was back on the road before them.

When they got to her godmother's house, Jake did accept the invite into the house but only went as far as the livingroom. He was amazed to hear her sing and watch the way she moved. Girl could definitely dance, there was no denying that. But he had to refocus and fast because before he knew it, Gabs was telling him she forgot about a family thing. A smile came to the boy's lips and he nodded. [b "I actually do have patrols tonight...and it goes till ten. So I'll see you then. Good luck with your family thing."] He asnwered, watching her go. As soon as she was gone, Jake was in his own car and heading to Sam's and Emily's to get ready for "gaurd duty".
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Gabriela sighs. She was never good at turning down guys. She usually has a friend who speaks for her when she sees Gab struggling to find the words. Sadly she doesn’t have anyone like that. Jacob can’t do it. He’ll probably beat the guy up and then say it. Thinking about it made her chuckle. [#af18ae “Any other test this week? I can help you study so you’re more guaranteed an A. Who knows maybe we can go out, out if your grades improve. I like smart boys.”] she says giving a wink and a chuckle.

The girl invites him inside. She doesn't know if he has to go on patrol or have a pack meeting but she wants to hang out with him for a little. When she enters the house she heard the song playing. [i King City by Maijd Jordan]. She began to dance and sing as she entered. Before she could set her bag down she got a text from a random number. It was an address first followed by a message saying the family can’t wait to meet you prima. [#af18ae “Crap I forgot I was supposed to go to my cousins house... I hope they aren’t weird...”] she says going to look for her godmother to borrow her car. She jogs back down with the keys in her hand and grabs her backpack. [#af18ae “Thank you for the ride today. Family duty calls... how about you come over tonight? After your patrol. That’s if you want and if you do patrol until nightfall.”] she says smiling.
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