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With Gab things were easy. Very easy and it was perhaps like taking breaths of fresh air. When he was with the girl, Jacob didn't think about Bella nearly as much. His attention was focused on the girl he sat with. [b "Well I didn't know it had to be me to pick. Remember I can get away when I tell them I am spending the time with you."] Jake said, trying not to burst out laughing at being called "boyfriend who won't propose". It was just too funny to the boy. But what REALLY made him laugh was their waitress' words as they left. He really could not keep a straight face as they walked out the door.

When they got to the meadow, the boy got out of the truck as well and grabbed his backpack. [b "Maybe a little of both? But being more serious this is a place I really like to come to and be alone..and well wanted to show it to you."] He said with a small smile as he led her towards his favourite spot near the small pond.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 92d 14h 1m 37s
The girls smiles. Is it supposed to be that easy? She's free at any hours besides school hours. He's the one who has to a [i job] to do. As for the other things, it's a little mind blowing. However. it makes sense. The Mike guy probably doesn't notice her the way Jessica wants to be noticed. It's slightly pathetic how she would go out her way to do things to be noticed.

[#af18ae "You're the one who needs to pick the date and time since you're the busy one, [i boyfriend who won't propose to me]."] she says trying not to laugh. When it was time to go the waitress wished them a good day and that Jacob propose soon before she Gab decides to leave him for taking too long. Now that made her laugh.

Jacob takes her to a meadow. It's actually nice out despite how cloudy it is. [#af18ae "Is this you trying to be romantic or is this like a favorite spot you go to think and want to share it with me?"] she says getting out the truck looking around.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 173d 12h 48m 49s
[b "It did chase them away. Which was good thinking on your part. Didn't really feel like dealing with either of them. Mike always had a thing for Bella and Jessica..well she always does what she can to get Mike's attention."] All of it seemed to slip out before he could stop himself from saying the words. But she had a right to know. At her next words, the ones teasing him, Jacob laughed. [b "Well yeah. I do owe you. You picked the days and we'll go from there."] Okay, so it did drive him crazy. She was teasing more than she knew, but he would never admit it. Besides as long as she was happy that was all that mattered to him.

When she asked what it meant about them being back, the wolf boy sighed. [b "Means I have to tell Sam and the elders. Also means some of the old treaty has to be re-established...and more of us with the gene will be forced into the change.."] Again, the boy could not lie.

As soon as she said she was done, he motioned to his plate. He had been done and waiting for her. [b "Sounds cool. I'll show you where."] He said with a smile and held a hand out to the girl. Jake planned to take her to a meadow that was actually on their side of the territory and a place he liked to go to be alone.
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Oddly enough, the girl didn’t blush when he questioned what she said. Yes, she could herself his girlfriend. Are they really dating? No. It was a trick to get rid of them. Bella’s weird friends. [#Af18ae Hey it got them to leave. I don’t know who looked more hurt. Mike or Jessica... “] Gabriela wanted to ask about the way they both looked at him. Obviously there’s been conflict or some sort of history. [#Af18ae “Why want me to be your girlfriend?”] she says smiling widely, [#Af18ae “because you already owe me a few days. I don’t know if I can say yes yet.”] it’s kinda fun being a tease. Maybe it’s wrong to be doing it since she doesn’t know how this imprint thing works. She could actually be torturing him and not know it. Plus he teases back so maybe she’s not doing anything bad...

[#Af18ae So what does this mean if they’re back?”] the girl feels bad for him. He may have a lot on his plate now. He has her to deal with because of the imprint, Joshua and now Bella and her vampire in-laws. Poor therapy guard dog... [#Af18ae “Well I’m done. How about we go where you like to study so I can fill your brain with knowledge.”]
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[b "Actually not that silly. Probably would do better at these sort of things if I could think of it like that. Or find something that makes me care."] He wasn't teasing her at all. In fact, the boy was saying that he found it both smart and a good idea. Also in some WAY round about way he asking she find a way to help him figure something out that worked for him too.

He began to eat and was about half through when some kids walked in. At first, the shifter didn't pay them attention. Or didn't until the girl, Jessica approached them. Flirty and trying to flaunt it as ever. And as ever he was annoyed by it, but pretending to be civil. [b "Nope I've not heard from her. Last I did was before she married the le-- Edward."] Jake nearly did choke on the leech's name and also had to try not to laugh at Gabriela's comment that Jessica did not hear.

When she introduced herself as his girlfriend, Jacob did raise a brow. But it had gotten the girl's attention got her to leave him alone. The boy did stiffen when Mike approached but that did not last too long. As the other two left he visibly relaxed.

[b "Girlfriend, huh?"] The wolf boy asked with a smile. He then sighed as she asked what Bella being back meant. [b "Means the leeches are back in town.."] However, those were the only words that he spoke.
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[#Af18ae “I pretended it was a random graded assignment... weird I know but it worked.”] Gabriela eats her breakfast. She spots a blue hippy like van outside. Kids stroller out and came inside. A few minutes later a girl approaches them.

“Jacob, right? Bella’s friend... we graduated with her. How’s she doing? She doesn’t respond to our text, calls, or email. Charlie said she may be visiting like everyone else. We tried telling her about today. About meeting us in La Push beach. The usual.” Jessica didn’t bother looking at Gabriela. Gab just continues to eat. Gab is a girl and knows when another girl is flirting. Jessica did the typical playing with the hair thing and trying to bite her bottom lip all sexy like. Gab was starting to get a bit annoyed and jealous.

[#Af18ae “I think she likes you.”] she whispers super low so she doesn’t hear her, but she knows he would. Mike comes over to get her. He stops and smiles at Gabriela.
“Hey, I’m mike.”
[#Af18ae “Gabriela. Jacobs girlfriend.”] crap... it just slipped, but it caught jessicas attention
“Oh, I didn’t realize you were here...”
“She was sitting here the whole time... come on Bella texted Angelina. It was nice to meet you.” With that he left. He ignored Jacob for obvious reasons... Jessica waved by to Jacob before following Mike. Bella may be back. It made her wonder how Jacob feels about that.

[#Af18ae “So what does it mean if she’s back...”] she asks him curiously.
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He had never seen the imprinting in the way that Gabs had said it. But then he was a wolf and they thought of it as one of their absolute laws. So her twist on it was interesting and something he could see. And the more he thought about it, the more Jacob could say Gabriela was right. [b "You seem to be able to do it all. So I'm sure you'll have a poem by the time we have breakfast and the date."] Jake said with a chuckle. If she wanted to count this as one of the many dates he owed, the boy was good with that.

And again silence fell. Jake's mind was on the bonfire of the night as he drove. It did not taken long to get to the diner or for them to be seated. The boy knew what the place had but still had used the menu just because it was there. He had let Gabs order first and then ordered the same thing. The girl did have good tastes. In clothes and in food. When she began with the poem, Jake's eyes were drawn to her. It was so good for being made up and on the spot like that. The others around them were clapping and cheering for the girl.

[b "That was great! How did you come up with it and so quickly? I would NEVER be able to."] The boy managed just before the waitress had come back. He let the girl answer the question and had to stop himself laughing out right. The girl was terrible, but it was hilarious. And he only nodded, aying along as more cheers seemed to sound.

When she mouthed her sorry, Jacob shook his head. [b "i think it was funnny.."] He whispered. And soon their food came, him thanking their server as well. [b "A poet and amazing."] And with that, the wolf boy began to dig into his food.
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[#af18ae "Because you owe me so many dates, this should be a date... I'm just saying."] she says smiling, her cheeks burning a little. [#af18ae "Imprinting sounds like a weird cheesy poem."] she say laughing, [#af18ae From what you told me I can possibly make one up. Maybe by the time we're done with breakfast I'll have one whip up."] Gab says wigging her eyebrows.

Gabriela was silent for the rest of the ride. Her brain was scrambling for a poem idea. Poetry isn't her thing. Gab didn't even have to look at menu because she picked simple things that everyone normally sells. Pancakes, eggs and bacon. Before the food arrived she claps her hands bouncing. [#af18ae "Okay. I got it. Don't judge me. I'm not a poet..."] she says brushing her hair off her shoulders and sitting up straight clearing her throat. [#af18ae "Meeting you was fate. Reasoning became to late... ah... Becoming your friend was a choice. With a beautiful, luring voice. But falling in live with you is the best thing I'll ever do. Something I had no control for. You are everything and more, though others may judge you or push you away, remember I'll be here night and day. Cause no matter how hard they shove all you need is my love. I know love lies within your heart, cause we can never be apart. The special place can only be filled with images of my face. So when you're feeling down I'll be around. Though people may hate you remember that nobody loves you like I do."] when she finished she bites her bottom lip waiting to hear what he thought. All of a sudden the whole place began to clap. Her eyes widens, cheeks burned dark red. She looks around to see people smiling and and applauding. The waiter comes back with a hand placed over her heart.

"That was so beautiful. How long have you too been dating?"
[#af18ae "Five years in two days. Waiting for the next step."] Gabriela says raising her left hand, wiggling her fingers. When the waiter walks away Gab covers her mouth to hide her laughter. She whispers sorry though. Was she even speaking loudly when she was making up the poem? When their food arrived she thanked the server. [#af18ae "Maybe I am a poet."]
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[b "I figured we could get breakfast and just hang out and get to know the other. Besides I have a lot of homework and you're smart and a good teacher. If you want to say I'm kidnapping you then we can call it that."] The boy teased as they were in the car and he snapped his own seatbelt on and looked over to her to make sure she had hers on.

When she did, Jake had the car roar to life and slowly began to drive, mind on the bonfire later ans wondering just what would be coming. Oh he had seen it with other imprints or when shifters found out what they were, but this was sure to be different in its way. Vaguely was he aware of her questions but was able to snap into them and refocus enough to answer.

[b "The pack knows and my dad does because of Sam. With dad knowing and being an elder of the council they do too. There is no getting around it. So they all know already. For us...I explained that our imprints become like our everything and gravity holding us to the earth...the others...they sense it."] It was really the best answer that he could give until it all got explained later.
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Gabriela was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of juice. She was reading the news paper from yesterday. Valentina and Issac are still asleep. Hell, she would too but she had another nightmare and she wasn't sure what time Jacob would show up. In the middle of an interesting article the doorbell rang. She quickly gets up to answer it. [#af18ae "Good morning. I complete forgot to ask when you would be coming, but thankfully I'm already ready."] She heads towards the couch where she had left a small casual back pack with her things in it. She went to the kitchen to grab her cellphone and tosses it in her bag before following him outside.

[#af18ae "Please tell me we're going out to eat and what time is this bonfire anyways? You showed up pretty early. Am I being kidnapped?'] she asks him after putting on her seat belt. She is actually excited to see what he has in stored for them. Feeling her phone vibrate she opens her tiny bag to look at it. It was a text from Alex saying good morning beautiful. I had a nice night yesterday with you. Gab rolls her eyes and deletes the text. [#af18ae "Oh, better question. Does your dad know you imprinted? How can they tell? Is it a smell thing or feel or do you just tell them?"] Yea, she knows everything would be explained later but she sorta wants to know now. That and if vampires can sense it too.

[center [https://i.pinimg.com/originals/83/c8/2e/83c82ecfad6540730f6341fd090858a5.jpg Outfit] [https://owless.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/how-nice-backpack-fashion-frosted-pu-zippered-school-bag-with-metal-lock-match.jpg the small backpack]]
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The boy sighed as he could tell she was anxious again. But he could bot blame her. It was a whole new world so to speak and they hadn't know the other long. To top it off, Gabriela was meeting the "family" and they weren't even dating. At best she was his imprint and he was just her wolf. To picture this all reversed even made him stiffen a bit as he couldn't.

[b "That story is one between Leah and Sam. He can tell it because he plays a part...but if I do she will kill me and then lay into you for wanting to know...So it's hest to leave that to them."] Jake said honestly. The boy did however give her a little so it was not a complete mystery there.

She felt so soft and warm against him. Just her scent alonenwas enough to soothe the wolf boy and he could feel her relax. When she moved away, the boy had to supress a soft whine. Slowly dark eyes came to her and he nodded to her question. [b "Yeah, I'll be here. Good night, Gabs."] Jake said before he jogged off into the woods.

In the morning he was up early to shower and dress. When he had, the shifter drove to Gabs' and knocked on the door. He would stop and get them some breakfast just because he wanted to bug her before the beach that night. He also figured she might be able be able to help him with homework.
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It’s good that things are going to be explained tomorrow. However, it’s still going to be nerve wrecking. It’s like being in a relationship and having to meet their family. Only they aren’t dating. Would they think they are since she’s his imprint? Ugh. It’s confusing.

Gabriela nods. [#Af18ae “Alright. Well it’s good to know I’m nothing like her. So does Leah have he same sad love story like you?” It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. I now know ya share thoughts and I don’t want her to kill us because you told me and I know what happened.”] Gab uses her free hand to take off her heels so whenever she goes back inside the sound of them clicking against the floor won’t wake them.

Gabriela closes her eyes. She could easily fall asleep like this, but she shouldn’t. The girl gets up yawning and stretching. [#Af18ae “Alright I’m falling asleep. Are you going to pick me up tomorrow?”] she asks him curiously. When he gave her, her answer she nods and kisses his cheek before calling it a night. Gab showered and got ready for bed.

In the morning she was up early and got ready.
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With her not wanting to talk about it, Jake wondered how bad the date has actually gone. But he could not make her do anything she didn't want to do, UNLESS it was for her safety. Her not telling him how things had gone was just a personal preference. His hand slowly went to her knee and the boy gave it was he hoped to be a comforting squeeze.

[b "Leah had her heart broken in the same basic way that I did. She doesn't like to admit it but she cares and is TRYING to look out for me. Or that's how she reasons it.. But no, you and Bella are nothing alike...with Bella it was a strong attraction and a misunderstanding on my part... With you it is different... You can and do only imprint once. The elders will explain it better than I can."] The boy said as his head rested on hers.
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Gabriela cocks her head to a little when he gave her a paw. [#af18ae “Are you giving me attitude?”] she says jokingly.

When he came back shirtless, but with jeans she laughs. Her cheeks grew color a little as well. [#Af18ae “Dam. You’re walking out here without a shirt. Are you that confident about yourself?”] Gabriela says jokingly around. She didn’t want to talk about the date. It’s probably something she shouldn’t talk to him about since she’s his imprint. [#Af18ae “Not telling you. Besides we should talk about tomorrow. I’m slight nervous about i. Definitely don’t want to sit near or across from Leah. I don’t get why she keeps comparing me to Bella... you can only imprint once or multiple times? Because of its multiple times then I guess I understood. I don’t know.”] she rests her head on his shoulder. With the cold wind and his heat it feels nice.
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The wolf sat on his haunches and wagged his tail as he gave her a nudge. Jake knew it was hard to communicate when he was a wolf, but their interactions were always interesting. When she mentioned Alex and his being a love sick puppy, the wolf raised a brow. The human on him was more than amused it was the wolf that was a little insulted. After a few minutes, Jake held up one paw and trotted off.

A few more minutes passed and he came back in jean shorts. [b "Sorry sometimes I forget you don't speak dog.. And it was more of the same. My lecture to pay better attention and rebel less...and Leah being well Leah. Tell me more about your 'date'?"] The boy asked as he took a step on the stairs beside the girl and have her a curious look.
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