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[#af18ae Of course not. Are you crazy? My grandma is a wise owl as she likes to call herself and if you show one little sign of disrespect may everything holy kill you before she gets a hold of you...] she says laughing. Gab did that mistake twice. One time she was forced to kneel on some uncooked rice and eat some jalapenos... torture. Then there was another time when her grandmother made her do some hard labor for the entire week she was there. She actually lost weight and a good amount of it too.

Right now her horrible mistake of disrespecting the adults was on her mind. It's helping her control the fear for whatever could happen tonight. She was the first one to get out the car. Her hands stuffed in her sweaters pocket. A few steps away from the car she Leah walks by crossing paths. They had a stare down, but Gab didn't budge. [#af18ae You said not to disrespect and elder, but does she count or should I behave tonight?] she asks in a whisper looking at Jacob. When she got a whiff of some burgers she went go get one before the supernatural with nine bellies eat everything. She even greeted a few and had quick conversations with them before going back to Jacob's side.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 128d 17h 55m 46s
The main reason Jacob was worried as it was was because he did not trust Sam to come and get them. Or to send someone. If the man sent someone, Jacob was almost sure that Leah would have been the choice to keep her out of trouble. But the would just get him and Leah bickerint about Gabbie. So the best thing to do was just to go. After all, it was a pack gathering and the elders would be there. It would NOT look good being later.

[b "There really aren't many. Just don't show disrespect and try to not act purely on emotion... Even some of us struggle there. But you should be fine. And yeah there is typically a lot of food."] Jake explained as he drove, sighing when the beach came into view. Because just in the parking lot were the others already.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 128d 19h 47m 4s
Gab made a face. He would do that. Watch Leah be the one to remind them too. But she's meeting the elders so it's best if they aren't late. They walked to the car in silence. Now more than ever is she terrified. Her temptation are under control now. After that talk. Maybe they are both fooling themselves. Maybe they're each other's rebound? Not that things have gone thag far.

[#af18ae So what are the do's and don't? And is there going to be food?] She asks looking out the Window, watching the trees blur from the speed.
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He half expected for more questions to come but when they didn't, Jacob figure it must have become too much. And to be honest he couldn't blame her. All the imprints had trouble with it. But not all of the had the kinds of pasts that he and she did. So actually as bad as it was, the shifter boy was thankful when no more questions had come and she had instead agreed to help him study. God knew they needed the distraction and that he WAS hopeless in his studies.

The boy tried to pay attention as she brushed over the subjects and even began to go passed where they were. It was more helpful than she knew, but in the back of his head their conversation still loomed. And he felt absolutely terrible. Though he knew she didn't want to hear it and he didn't want to speak it.

Hours passed and she had gone over most everything he had brought with them to study and look at. And it was dark now too which meant they had to be going. Now he really did have a sinking feeling but did not say it. Not for the others meeting Gabbie and not liking her but still thinking everything over. [b "Yeah.. if we don't go they'll literally come and remind us. He"s good at that.."] Jake said as he took the bag from the girl and began to lead her back to the car.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 128d 20h 47m 20s
Gabriela didn’t comment anymore about the imprint thing. It’s just got weirder and in a way hurtful... so instead she focused on tutoring him. With certain subjects she even brushed up on upcoming lessons briefly so he won’t be confused.

It was a good distraction. Time went by really fast. It was beginning to get dark, which meant it’s almost time for the gathering. After their talk she doesn’t really want to go. But she’s not going to cancel. Sam asked himself and well he’s the alpha. [#af18ae Ready?] she asks helping him gather his study materials. Hopefully she did some justice by helping him study.
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Oh he knew what he said had probably gotten to her and he INSTANTLY regretted it. The truth of it was he did still love Bella but if he got to know Gabbie he was sure he could have maybe tried. The problem was the imprint thing. He was not fully allowed to choose what he wanted. Or whether he could learn to love. Well the imprint may start it but slowly the wolves learned the feelings on their own. Talk about one screwed up love story. No, when he thought about it, the imprinting was more like arranged marriages of the past. Pushed together but learning to love and to grow as time went on. Maybe it wasn't so bad?

[b "Trust me.. It's one I want out of and have wanted out of for a very long time."] Jacob said quietly as he looked away and tossed a stone into the pond and was watching the ripples slowly ringining out. [b "No... I hate this truth thing..because the wolf makes me say it all whether I want to or not... So thank you."] Jake said with a small smile.

And when she asked about studyint, Jacob nodded. [b "Please. I still need the help.."] And he gave puppy eyes
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Why did this kind of bothered her? He did want her. Possible still does if it wasn't for this imprint thing. Maybe they should just stay friends. It should be enough. [#af18ae "Yup, sounds like a normal modern love story."] She says with an awkward chuckle. She puts the torn grass in the pound. [#af18ae You know I give you permission to lie to me. I don't think you're liking this truth thing that's going on.] she adds, this time actually laughing. [#af18ae So... are we actually going to study?]
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Jacob could not help the almost pained smile that had slipped to his lips. There was no reason to hide things from her. It wasn't like he could as it was. But he still hated the guys for explaining that to Gab and would have rathered done it himself and in his own time.

[b "I had known Bella since we were children. Kind of couldn't be helped with our dads being best friends. Then she moved away and I did not see her again until I was fifteen and she was seventeen... And I had the misfortune of falling for her and her deciding to use me as her replacement when the l...When Cullen had left. And we got close... But in the end it was never meant to be her...It was meant to be you. You're more than enough.."] God why did he have to say all of that? Oh right because the wolf couldn't keep its mouth shut and wanted to be perfectly honest with her. He only hoped she would not end up hating him.

[b "I hope so..."] Jake muttered and was finally able to pull his dark gaze from her. The boy was literally kicking himself for all he had said.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 128d 10h 4m 14s
Gab wanted to correct him when he said Sam was the first one to change. She's pretty sure it was many moons ago. The girl didn't though. Instead she kept to herself. What makes someone an alpha anyways?

She stops plucking the gross when he began to talk. He doesn't seem to have much in is mind. [#af18ae "Why not? Was it because of what happened with Bella and how much you wanted it to be her? Am I not enough?"] she says adding the last part just to be annoying. She knows about Bella from the guys and what they told her, Jacob really love her and wanted her to be his imprint and not Edwards. It sounded horrible, but a classic and average love story. She had to look away. [#af18ae "Well figure this thing out..." she eventually adds.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 129d 19h 39m 32s
It was interesting to hear her say that she didn't know if they were over frown pups or wise elders. But either way he'd tske it. Well the elders comment got him to laugh. [b "Trust me. Most of us are young and stupid. Sam's the wise elder there. Pretty much was the first of us to be turning."] Okay so maybe that was a little too much. But the words just so easilt seemed to slip from him lips.

The boy was still watching her with his dark gaze and slowly plucking grass at his side. It was when she asked him for his thoughts did Jacob freeze. Because really he was not fully sure. They were almost a blurr in their way and did run together. [b "I guess about the imprinting and all. Never did I believe it could or would happen to me.."] Again with there seeming no filter and what was on the tongue seemed to slip out the mouth. But she had asked and so he had told her. There was more but none he could seem to find words for.
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It must be nice being able to tell if it's going to rain. Maybe in a year or so she'll magically get that ability too or she would most likely call him every morning to ask if it's going to rain. [#af18ae "Not sure if that makes you an overgrown pup or a wise elder..."] she says chuckling. The girl began to pluck some of the grass. She looks up to look at him, only to see him watching her. she smiles before looking back down. [#af1ae Penny for your thoughts?] she asks him, finally looking at him again.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2y 129d 22h 15m 53s
When he explained what he had, Jacob felt like it was out of one of those cheesy romance movies or novels. But it was what it was. The imprinting had the wolves literally bound and playing a role. Overgrown puppies as the girl had once pointed out. But none of those thoughts did the boy voice as he found a stone and skipped it across the little pond, curious how far it would go as he was still trying to learn how to skip stones.

[b "This really will make you call us overgrown puppies.."] Jake said with a laugh before he was able to finish his words. [b "But being the shifter we can pretty much feel it. Like how animals do... We can also smell the moisture in the air. Today is just a gloomy day.. And the rain won't be falling. And if it does we just meet at dad's instead."] The boy said and tilted his head as his dark gaze was once more drawn to her.
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Gabriela has dealt with girls like Leah and they aren't easy to ignore. Maybe she can hit Leah with her car and then hide for the rest of her life, ha ha. Right now, Leah and Joshua both sort of scary her. There's no telling what would happen. Jacob isn't always around... which is weird to even care if he's around. Although he is saying they would find him and protect her, but they don't know Joshua.

It was reliving to hear that even though she's an imprint they don't really have a role. But it's also weird that everything is on the supernatural. They do everything. From protecting the land from vampires to their imrpints, and being whatever their imprint wants. That's a lot of responsibility. [#af18ae I guess that sounds simple enough... so how can you tell if it's going to rain if it's always gloomy?"] she asks him looking up at the sky. What if it rains? Are they going to take the gathering inside or reschedule?
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[b "I can see the questions you want to ask. Remember if you had any you could.. I can't keep things from you."] He said quietly, dark gaze locked upon the girl. And for a few moments she was silent as she seemed to be thinking over what she could or would tell him. The boy was about to ask again but she began to tell him what was on her mind and Jacob kept silent through all of it, ONLY smirking about the Leah part.

Now it was his turn to contemplate what to tell her. [b "Leah is always one to shoot her mouth off and think later...but I wouldn't pay her much attention. She's still bitter about Sam and Emily... And we will find your ex and make sure he can't get to you.."] The words he spoke were quiet and then a faint chuckle slipped the boy when she had mentioned the imprints.

[b "You're not the one with a role to play. The wolves are. We have to act as a friend, protector, a brother, or whatever you need or want. We will stay by your side even if you don't choose us. All you have to do is not tell anyone what we are...and later decide if you want to be with your wolf or not."] Jake explained as he looked away and out over the pond. He hoped it helped.
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What scared him more was him turning. She could agree. That’s something that would most likely always be the scariest thing ever. She wouldn’t know how to deal with such a thing. Like was he alone during the process? Or with some friends or family? [#Af18ae “Well I am. This is weird and new to me and wow...”] she chuckles. [#Af18ae “So pennies for my thoughts? ... well I’m home sick. If Leah was human I could so take her... umm I’m scared for many reasons and my ex possibly being out here to get me is one of the reasons why.”] Gablesns back a little and looks up at the dark skies. What else is in her mind? [#Af18ae “Oh and I have no idea what’s the role of a imprint. Like do I have to do something? Show my worth to the tribe or something?”] her head drops to look at him. Her legs are now crossed. Her mind is racing. It’s full of a lot of things. It’s hard to focus now that it’s kinda getting worse.
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