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[center [b Bella becomes a Cullen, leaving Jacob all alone. They decide that she is a little too dangerous and decide to move away and allow Bella some time to get used to being a newborn.]]

[center [b Now Jake is left alone heartbroken and needing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still hangs with the pack and everyone, but he seems more down and less willing to be the wolf that he and the others are.]]

[center [b But what if a new girl, _________________ moves to La Push because her parents force her to. And what if Jake meets her and it turns out she is the one he imprints on? How will he tell her anything about it?]]

[center [#9251c1 I am willing to play Jake or the New Girl..role doesn't matter to me]]

[center [i We can discuss further plot ideas..this is just a basic]]

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Did he tell her how they smell? She thinks he did. Part of her doesn’t want any vampires coming because then it means he could get hurt. Who’s faster? Stronger? [#af18ae “It’s hard to pick a favorite episode. But my favorite character is Louise. I’ll have you watch any episode with me one day.”] she says pulling her laptop closer to her to finish writing the conclusion to one of the six page essay. Once when it was saved she closes it before putting it on the nightstands next to her. She kindly shook her head no when he offers her half of his last sandwich. [#af18ae “I’m okay. Besides I’m not really a breakfast person. Unless it’s left over pizza.”] she says smiling.

Her phone buzzed. Gab grabs it to see a notification. Her friend tagged her on Instagram. It was her group of friends at a party. It made her smile seeing a big chunk of them together. She misses her old life... [#af18ae “Ever been in a girls room around this time?”] she says trying to be a flirt but she’s just being playful. Part of her doesn’t wish to go to school. She doesn’t wish to be bothered. No one likes her. It’s hard to adjust. Jacob somehow makes it easy. [#af18ae “Thank you for coming... I don’t like being alone when I get a nightmare. I had a pet who kept me company. But things are different here.”] she says shrugging.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 1d 17h 27m 47s
Jake had easily finished the first sandwhich and was half through the second when she began her words. The boy had to try hard not to laugh but couldn't help it. [b "It would be nice to have something to do while on patrols. So yeah, guess I am saying I want the 'leeches' back in town."] He said, giving her a smile. Slowly he nodded to her words. [b "That's amazing to get so many projects already. Oh and did you? What's your favourite of the episodes?"] The boy didn't much watch it, but he would ask anything as long as it got the girl talking. He loved the sound of her voice and when she seemed excited about something.

Jake's chocolate eyes had fallen on her when she got under the covers again. He didn't know if she was cold, but that was only because he really couldn't feel it. He literally was a moving space heater. [b "Nah, dad doesn't care. Or really worry. Not much can hurt a giant wolf. Besides he's used to me running with the pack. If it's a few days then he worries."] The boy said as he picked up the last sandwhich and broke it in half, giving the other half to Gabbie as he "wolfed" his half down.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 1d 17h 24m 34s
Gabriela smiled really hard. It wasn't research. Well part of it was, but it wasn't related to him. It was all for homework. [#af18ae "So is this you secretly wanting them back?"] She looks at her laptop, [#af18ae "I was. I'm proud to say I completed two projects, one is a working progress, and then I may have binge watched half of seasons three of Bob's Burger."] She says smiling. Then there was the fact she was also doing a little online shopping. But he doesn't need to know that.

The girl moves under he blanket realizing that she didn't put shorts on. Even though her pajama dress is midway on her thighs, she's showing the kid too much skin. [#af18ae "So your dad isn't going to be worrying about you?"] She asks since he's with her. The urge to kiss him and have him wrap his warm arms around her came back. It's like it never leaves. It subsides for a little and bam it comes back like a heart attack.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2d 17h 32m 17s
Her scent and the soft shuffling her feet made gave the girl away. But he had to admit that he was glad it was her and not one of the others. Though when she opened the door with knofe in hand, Jake had to fight back a laugh. She did look abit ridiculous on her pj's holding a knife like that. But he was quick to regain himself. [b "Sorry...maybe I should have texted you. But I didn't think about."] He said slowly and quietly as he held his hands up, slipping quickly inside so she could close and lock the door.

At the mention of sandwhiches, chocolate brown eyes lit up and he could not help that his stomach protest. [b "Thanks... and yeah, might be a good idea. The last thing you need is to be in trouble."] The boy said as he slowly followed her up to her room and looked around. The only girl's room he had..but he quickly pushed that thought out of his head and turned his attention back to Gabbie. She did seem calmer now but he could still see she was not fully okay either.

The boy moved to the nightstand she had set the plate on and picked it up, moving to sit on the end of her bed. [b "The areas we patrol are safe. It gets kind of boring because we haven't seen any action since the vampires who used to live around here left. Some of us wonder why we still do it.."] He admitted as he took a bite from one of the sandwhiches and smiled to her. [b "This is really good....and since you couldn't sleep, what have you been up to?"] He asked with a tilt of his head towards her computer. [b "Not more research, right?"]
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2d 17h 52m 10s
Gabriela saw him nod. Yup, he heard her. Being a wolf must be cool. She kept her window open. Watching him leave, she decided to go shower since she woke up sweaty from her nightmare. The girl even washed her hair and braided it. She woke up Alec but he quickly went to sleep. She watched a few shoes before deciding to go to the kitchen. Now knowing that Jacob is always hungry she decided to make him three sandwiches. Three should be enough right? Her heart sank hearing a knock on the door. The first thing she did was grab a kitchen knife before going to see who it was through the peephole. Sighing in relif, she rested her forehead against the door for a few seconds before answering it. [#af18ae "You scared the shit out of me."] She hurries him inside and locks the door quickly. [#af18ae "Since I couldn't sleep I made you three sandwiches. But so I don't get in trouble we need to go to my room."] She says going to the kitchen to get the plate wit his sandwiches. On her ways back she intertwines her free hand with one of his and takes him to her room. Luckily her door has a lock so there goes another door being locked. [#af18ae "So is La Push and any other part you patrol safe from vampires?"] she in a whisper placing the plate one one of the night stand and moving towards the middle of the bed.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 2d 21h 34m 46s
His ears twitched as he could hear her roaming around in the room. And when the light came on, Jake got up from lying down and had his chocolate eyes turned upwarfs as she came to the window. Every word she spoke, he could hear perfectly thanks to being the wolf. The wolf thought it over for a moment and then nodded. He would be done in a couple of hours. And IF she was still up he would check on her and stay for a little while. Of course he couldn't verbalize his thoughts and so only gave a few quick nods of his great head.

When he was sure she got what he meant, Jacob turned and ran off. He had a couple more rounds and some explaining to Sam to do before he could go back to Gabbie's. And he did what he needed to do. Even had switched back to the human him so he and Sam could talk privately for a little while without the others hearing them.

He got his usual lecture and the being careful warning. By now, Jacob knew it so well and was only half listening. When he was FINALLY free, the boy ran back to Gabbie's and was at the back door, knocking softly. Only did he pray it was her who answered and not her godmother or the fiancé
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2d 21h 57m 9s
Gabriela didn't wish to go back to sleep. Not to get that reoccurring nightmare. In her head she was howling since she was staring up at the moon. It looks so bright tonight. Bright and big. It's nice. Eventually Gab went downstairs to get something to drink when she got back upstairs she turned on her laptop and sat on her bed. Maybe she can pull an all nighter binge watching something on Netflix.

As her computer slowly turned on she heard a howl. It definitely wasn't her howling in her head. She walks over to the window to see if it was Jacob. It was him. She waves hi to him. [i Should I go downstairs and see him?,] she asks herself in her head. Nah. [https://i.pinimg.com/236x/fc/e0/15/fce015033595fa9c32df9ca984a743fa--plus-size-sleepwear-beautiful-curves.jpg She in a pajama dress.][#af18ae "So much for behaving. I'm pretty sure there's a rule against this..."] she says smiling, [#af18ae "Is your shift almost over? You can come over... I had a bad dream so I'll probably be up all night again. That's if you want."] She whispers knowing he can hear with his big dog ears.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 3d 16m 21s
After he had left Gabbie's and gone into the woods out of the girl's sight, Jacob got out of the clothing he had been wearing and stashed them within an old owl's home that had been long since abandoned. He could feel the cool night air rush over his always warm skin and closed his eyes for just a moment to enjoy the breeze before he shifted. The boy was also trying to calm his racing mind. He knew that the others would see, but that didn't mean he wanted his mind buzzing.

When he felt that his mind was as calm as he could get it, Jake took a couple bounds before he jumped into the air and the now familiar ripple went through him. When he came back down, he was on all fours and covered with the thick russet fur. The now wolf Jake shook out his fur as he ran off to meet the others. He would be do the pattol where he needed to first but then make his way back to Gabbie's. And had he thought about the girl, a collective groan could be heard within his mind, making him shicker. Now the others knew how he felt.

Jake was quick and thorough with the part of his patrol and soon did return to the girl's house. But he came to see that the car was gone. Curiosity did get him but he could not risk getting too close to town. He had done that a few times in the past and had gotten "chewed" out for it. So the wolf ran his patrol a few more times, slowly widening the circle. All the while his mind being on the girl and wondering if she was safe.

It was past midnight when he once more had come back towards her house. And he could tell she was back by scent and choclate eyes were on her window. Whines could be heard from the open window. His shift wasn't over and if he howled, Jake risked exposing the wolves and waking those asleep up. Maybe, just maybe she would hear him if he let out whines? It was worth a shot and the wolf began to whine, moving just close enough that Gabbie might be able to hear if she listened.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 3d 35m 1s
Jacob keeps surprising her. He’s okay with her riding a motorcycle. Most guys would tell her she’s lying or that she should even be riding because it’s a guy thing. The second one always gets to her. It’s not a guy thing. A lot of guys just so happens to ride them. [#af18ae “Be safe. Leave the rabbits alone!”] she shouts, jokingly.

When Gabriela was left alone she locked the door, grabbed her things and went to her room. She began to her essay project since she had nothing else to do. She knows she should Google things abkit Jacobs ancestors. Two Saturdays from now she’ll learn everything. She can possibly hold out until then... Jamie texted her asking if she can go out with her, Alex and their friends. As much as she wanted to say no Jamie was parked across the street and her car was full with them. The rest of her gang are going to meet her at the place. As much as she wants to ride her bike she took her godmothers car. Alex and two of their friends joined her. Alex acted like nothing happened. She tried do the same. If not Jacob can eat him. Kidding... maybe. They went to bowling. Alex begged Gab to be in his team and she said yes... Alex was really trying to get on her good side. She wasn’t good at bowling. Not anymore. She stopped playing. Alex was really competitive and she didn’t like it. It reminded her too much of Joshua. Two hours later they all went outside. Alex’s friend lit up a joint. They offered her some but she turned it down. She waited in the car for them to finsih. She couldn’t help wonder if Jacob was around. Is he watching her? Stalking her for her safety?

“Hey. Thanks for coming out with us. It was fun. Maybe we can go out again. Just us two this time. What if we got breakfast tomorrow before school?”
[#af18ae “I’m flattered. Really. But i got out of a really bad relationship and so I’m not looking for anything. Not even a friend with benefits or a potential boyfriend who’s willing to wait until I’m ready. Move on. We’re jusy friends.”]
“Okay... well we can still go as friend. It’ll be my way of apologizing for whatever I did that for you upset earlier. Please?” Sighing she nods.
[#af18ae “Fine. Just text me where. Can we go now? I need to finish some things.”]

It took an hour to take everyone home. When she got home her godmother and fiancé were home. They asked about Jacob. All she told them was that they did homework and then he left. Then Jamie sort of forced her to go out. Eventually she showered and got ready for bed. She had a nightmare. One where she kept turning and tossing and eventually woke up sweating. She ran to the window to open it and stick out her head for fresh air. Her dream wasn’t just a dream. It happened. Joshua happened. Joshua scares the life out of her. She lays on the floor close to the window allowing the moon light to greet her.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 3d 17h 44m 3s
[b "Eh, I'm always in trouble for something."] Jake said with a shrug as she had said she didn't want him in trouble again. It wasn't really a lie. He was constantly being reminded why they had patrols even with the Cullens gone. And his mind wandered a moment to how he had felt about Bella. Even those feelings hadn't been like this. Now he knew that there WAS someone for him. But he was pulled from those thoughts when Gabbie came back and gave him the water bottle and bag of Doritos. A bright smile came to his lips and he nodded. [b "Thanks. And yeah we do. You should see how much we actually eat."] Jake said as he got up and had his eyes on her.

He wanted to pull her into his arms. Wanted to kiss her. But he was not sure it would be a good idea. Not because he didn't want it but because he didn't want to be rushing her. [b "Maybe we should go for a ride sometime then."] He said with another smile, walking to the door with her.

[b "See you tomorrow. And try and get some sleep tonight."] He said and gave her a quick hug before he jogged off and into the woods.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 3d 18h 28m 39s
[#af18ae “I did. I’m not going to lie I’ve been having trouble sleeping for months. I’m kind of upset my dad called me. But you should go. I don’t want you to get in trouble. Again.”] Gabriela left him alone. She went to the kitchen to get a him a water bottle and a bag Doritos. She walks back and hands it to him. [#af18ae “A midnight snack for later or in an hour. Your metabolism must be crazy high with being a shifter and a heater.”] is it weird that she’s proud of him? For what, she has [u no] idea. It makes her want to kiss him. Why does she want to kiss him? Ugh. [i Jacob, what are you doing to me?] she ask herself. [#af18ae “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be here playing games and ordering parts I need for my bike. I know how to ride a motorcycle. I’m a badass. It’s something I used to do with my parents. Except my mom rides with my dad.”] she says shrugging. Why did she have to tell him? [#af18ae “See you tomorrow?”] she asks him walk slowly towards the door to walk him out.
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[b "We protect our own...or their imprints. If that were to happen..one of the others would stop me."] Okay, maybe it had been just a question she had. Maybe she didn't even want the answer but agsin it seemed a compulsion to answer her. It was because of the imprint that he could not lie to her. It was because of the imprint that he had to tell her anything she asked. She just had to make sure it was something she wanted the answer to. [b "After our nap...or whenever you want.."] He whispered, sleepily. Just having the girl in his arms was calming and putting him to sleep. And it was not long before the wolf boy was out.

While having the girl close to him, Jacob was able to sleep well. Probably the best he had in a while. And when her phone began to buzz, the boy had heard it. It had actually woken him but he pretended to be asleep just because he did not want to be up yet.

It was when she whispered and shook his shoulder did chocolate eyes open and look at her. Slowly he nodded and sighed. [b "I probably should go..but I don't want to.."] He said and gave a pout. [b "Did you have a good nap..?"]
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 3d 21h 54m 51s
It’s cool that he can’t lie to her. The imprint things probably doesn’t allow it. Why can’t all guys be like that? Kidding. She knows why. She closed her eyes when he reaches to tuck a chunk of her hair behind her ear. [#af18ae “As much as that comforting to hear that doesn’t help. What if one of the pack members just pissed you off and I show up at that moment?”] Gabriela doesn’t want to get into. Now when she wants to take a nap and he seems to be tired as well. [#af18ae “And we can continue this talk either after we wake up from our nap. She didn’t mind that he pulled her close. She rested her head in his shoulder. With his body heat she doesn’t need to get a blanket. It’s an amazing perk. Something about his warmth and being comfortable around him made it easy for her to nap. The vibration from her cellphone woke her up around eight. She slowly got up not to wake up Jacob and answered the phone call. It was her dad checking in on her. They had a quick chat before her mother wanted to talk to her. After the phone call she went upstairs to use the bathroom. With her wet hands after washing them she braided her hair before going downstairs. Should she wake him or let him sleep? She knows he patrols at night but didn’t know what time exactly. [#af18ae “Hey sleepy head. What time is your shift?”] she asks him caressing his left earlobe from behind the couch. She leans over to placing her head on his right shoulder.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 4d 12h 8m 59s
Jacob couldn't help chuckling as she wrinkled her nose at his words on the seafood thing. [b "When you live with my dad you kind of learn to like it. Fish is pretty much the only thing he knows how to cook. Most times we get other foods from Sam's wife, Emily or Sue Clearwater."] Jacob explained. He probably didn't have to, but it was compelling in a sense. And he wanted her to understand the how and the way to why fish seemed the only thing he truly knew how to cook.

When she answered hos question, his fingers found their way to her hair and brushed some of his behind her ear. Chocolate brown eyes looked down at Gabbie. He could understand her fear of it. Hell he would probably feel the same way if he was her. [b "I can and will never hurt you...I'm pretty controlled compared to the others...but if someone hurts you I can't lie...they may get hurt...unless you call me off. If hurting them hurts you..then I can't and won't."] He whispered, being as honest with her as he could. He wanted, no needed her to know that he would never hurt her.

When she mentioned the nap, the wolf boy yawned as if on cue. He really was tired and was sure her brain was spinning with it all. [b "Yeah...a nap sounds better than ever.."] Jake whispered as he did gently pull her closer. He couldn't seem to help it.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 4d 14h 48m 49s
Gabriela couldn’t stop smiling. This is amazing but weird. Anything she wants minus a chef. She wrinkles her nose when he said fried fish. [#af18ae “I’m not too crazy about sea food so having you cook for me is a no go then.”] she says has her cheeks began to finally relax. When he asked if she’s freaked out the girl shrugs. [#af18ae “Yes and no. It’s cold that I know you can shift and have this weird Harry Potter like contract thing with me. However it is terrifying because i don’t know you and I’m not from here. Not to mention what if you get mad and take out on me? Or hurt someone who accidentally hurt me. It does scare me but what can I do besides accept things and see how it goes?”] with how things are going she’s going to have to tell him more about Joshua. If he only knew he’ll understand why she’s a little guarded. [#af18ae “So how about that nap? I think our brain can shut down for a little.”] she says smiling. Again. They can stay in the couch and still have one another in their arms.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 4d 19h 42m 14s

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