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[center [b Bella becomes a Cullen, leaving Jacob all alone. They decide that she is a little too dangerous and decide to move away and allow Bella some time to get used to being a newborn.]]

[center [b Now Jake is left alone heartbroken and needing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still hangs with the pack and everyone, but he seems more down and less willing to be the wolf that he and the others are.]]

[center [b But what if a new girl, _________________ moves to La Push because her parents force her to. And what if Jake meets her and it turns out she is the one he imprints on? How will he tell her anything about it?]]

[center [#9251c1 I am willing to play Jake or the New Girl..role doesn't matter to me]]

[center [i We can discuss further plot ideas..this is just a basic]]

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Gab shrugs when he asked if she wanted to watch him strip. She kind of did. But she won’t admit to that. If Charlie is having this muchbit a hard time consuming what he saw, imagine how it’ll be if his daughter tells him she’s a vampire.

[#Af18ae Good... speaking of water under the bridge. How did the meeting go? It’s okay if you can’t or won’t tell me. Just good or bad would be good enough. She or they must be in deep sh... trouble if they’re seeking the paw patrol help.] she says grinning. She better stop with making fun of them before one of the supernatural dogs decide to make her a chew toy. Charlie walked back inside. He seemed calm now. No eye contact towards them. Possibly because of Jacob. [#Af18ae I feel bad for him.] she whispers. [#Af18ae Hery Charlie, if you ever want to talk about the weirdness I’m here for you. I’m new to this too.] he didn’t reply to her. She silently laughs. [#Af18ae Okay, lets do our homework out here. I’ll bring our things. Can’t scare your best friends father into a heart attack or a stroke.]
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 6d 2h 4m 21s
The boy took the plate she gave him gratefully. He was starving, which wasn't uncommon with the wolf thing. But he had to admit that he was glad her appetite seemed to come back. [b "Did you actually want the free show? And nah..it was pretty much weird with the first change. After you just kind of get used to it."] He said with a faint smile.

He could hear the man and his tone. It was at least an octive higher than was normal and his speech was quicker. His dad was trying to calm him and to explain it. So far though, it didn't seem to be going well. Did he feel bad? Of course he did.. but did he find this funny? As bad as it was he did.

[b "Nah you're not awful and not weird either. You just have a more open mind and so this didn't bother you. I think after you said what you like to read and watch? And the meat thing, water under the bridge."] He said, smirking and chuckling as her cheeks coloured. It was more than adorable and he admittedly was having fun with her.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 6d 2h 20m 35s
[#Af18ae Think hell get you some dog food for Christmas or a big raw steak?] she asks laughing. She serves them a plate. [#Af18ae Of course. But after we eat. I think my appetite finally came back after that. Too bad I didn’t get free strip show. Was that weird for you?] She asks handing him a plate. She could hear Charlie. He’s having a hard time wrapping his head around it. It’s funny or maybe there’s something wrong with her... [#Af18ae Think there’s something wrong with me? I didn’t react like him... I was more embarrassed that I face to raw meat...] her checks gained color thinking about it. She still feels bad about it.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 6d 3h 53m 51s
He couldn't help being amused in Charlie's coveruing Gabriela's eyes. It was funny but he also knew that he was kind of thankful to the man. Him stripping and shifting didn't take log at all. It was Charlie's reactions after that stung a bit. But hey what was to be expected? He kind of was just thrown into something that quite literally came out of myths and movies. So not like he could blame the man.

He woofed and wagged his tail at Gab's. And he even nudged the girl to show Charlie he was not at all the monster that the man was thinking. It was helpful that the girl was there. If not, the man would have probably wanted to shoot him or something.

Soon, Jake was back to being the human him and dressed in his jean shorts. [b "Thanks for the help there. Charlie still looks like he saw a ghost."] Jacob said as he stood in the doorway of the room. [b "Still up for helping with the homework?"]
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 6d 4h 8m 32s
Gabriela laughs. She lets go of Jacob. [#Af18ae It’s up to the wolf boy.]
“You believe it?” The girl shrugs.

She wraps her arm around Charlie to take him outside. He was left speechless. When Jacob began to strip Charlie covered her eyes. It made her laughs. She wanted to see him turn! Although the stripping part would’ve been cool. She heard Charlie gasped and push her behind him. She turns around knowing he turned. She goes to pet him.

[#Af18ae Ever heard of Clifford the Big Red Dog? This is Jacob the Big Rustic Wolf... or we can just call him Clifford...] she says shrugging. [#Af18ae Although I don’t know if he knows some tricks.] she says smiling. [#Af18ae I’ll go get you some water.] she says hopping inside to get him a glass of water. Charlie rolls out to make sure his friend is alive. Charlie met her half way and told her to stay inside so the boy can change. The girl shrugs and began to clean the dishes before heading back to the room. Poor Charlie. He’s going to start questioning everything.
  Simply_Random / 6d 10h 48m 25s
Jacob couldn't help a smirk to the girl's words and a laugh. She had a point as Charlie only thought everything to be a story or jist part of their myths. Everything his dad usually said pertaining to the tribe and the old stories had been taken with a grain of salt. So the man would be in for quite a shock and maybe even have a heart attack, which they REALLY didn't mean. But the man deserved to know and see it all was not a game. Just he wondered how Charlie would take Bella being a le--vampire..?

[b "Yeah, he probably will be blaming me and the guys. But he'll find out we're practically overgrown puppies. You can help him see that. And of course I'll be able to play catch. Getting "chewed" has never stopped me from enjoying a good game."] Jake said with a chuckle as he hugged the girl, surprised how good she felt in his arms and how she seemed to melt into him.

Charlie was watching the two teens a bit awkwardly. The man still thought all of this to be some sort of joke. But when no one said so and Jake and Gab had been hugging a few minutes, the chief.of police cleared his throat.

"So..you kids going to show me?" He asked with a raised brow.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 6d 15h 42m 43s
Gab laughs. Bella’s dad may have a heart attack. [#Af18ae Sure, if you think he can handle it. Maybe he’ll even blame the animal attacks I’ve been hearing about on you. Let’s see if you can still play catch after he verbally rips you a new one.] she says walking towards him. She’s happy to see he’s still alive. Doesn’t seem to be hurt. Harmed in anyway. The talk must’ve went good.

Without thinking she hugs him. The girl sort of melted feeling how warm he is. Melting in a good way. Not to sweaty kind. Well not yet. But the hug also eased her mind temporarily. [#Af18ae Gor the record dinner is done.] she says letting go. Just in time too because Charlie cleared his throat talking about how he isn’t sure if he should believe his friend. It’s easy for him to assume he was drinking and maybe mixed some prescribed medications at the same time. Yup, he should show him now. She wondered how he would react to his daughter being a night walker...
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 11d 19h 23m 13s
Jacob stood at Sam's side and listened to the leech as he had explained to them that Seth managed to imprint on the little girl. Honestly he was not at all happy because that meant they HAD to help no matter what now. An imprint was an imprint and one of their own no matter what. Internally he was cursing and really against it. He was atill hurt and bitter and if he had his way he did not want to be doing this. One look from both Sam and Edward had Jacob's shoulders slump and he nodded. [b "I guess we'll be working together... this weekend we begin to try and figure this out?"]

The two groups talked a little more and then were home free. Jacob soon came out of the woods in his human form and in the usual jean shorts. Charlie was the first to greet him and tell him a little of what his dad had said. Even went on to say how weird the wolf thing was. It was Gab's words that caught his attention and brown eyes fell on the girl. He knew she eas joking but she was on to something. [b "Want to come out and have me show him? Maybe you can even have me play fetch."] Jake teased the girl as he was soon stood beside her.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 11d 20h 1m 8s
Like usual Alice was the first one to know what happened. It was a blurry vision but she saw something. Edward was the one who spoke up about it since he’s heard about the imprint and smell of it. Bella told him about Jacobs imprint and the weird smell. Weirder then the wet hobo dog smell. Bella wasn’t happy about Seth imprinting on her one and only daughter. But she remembers the rules. They have no choice but to help. Especially after some of the thoughts Edward read. He takes his child and crosses the line so she can use her powers to prove they didn’t turn someone’s child. Now knowing no one can hurt her because of the absolute rule. Since Seth was in bur ball phase those who were in the same transformation saw what he saw. Of course when it’s over he went back. Out loud Alice suggested that they can still roam forks. Help hide their scent and what not. Plus after school Seth can watch them. Of course they know he won’t be alone and the promise to fed him and do his homework. Emmett even said to talk him as a horrible joke. Hearing a loud thunder the Cullen’s decided to end the meeting since the small one is still part human they should be going. Plus a few of them are planning on playing baseball like they normally do when it thunders.
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What billy was telling them didn’t seem to surprise Charlie. Okay well the wolf part did. She even told him it’s true but he still wouldn’t believe it. Despite even him saying it somewhat makes since from the things that happened between Jacob and Bella. Hearing that made her feel weird. Almost like jealousy which scares her because it means she catching feelings. Real feelings. Ugh!

After Billy filled her and Charlie in on the past she excused herself to go do homework. It was somewhat true. But her mind is currently racing with a lot of things. Gabriela went to the kitchen to get her things to head into Jacobs room. The window was cracked open a bit to have some fresh air enter. It was nice. Plus the smell of rain relaxes her a little. It didn’t take long for it to pour. Hearing the drop hit the roof kept her mind st ease as she did her homework and his. Truth be told this is how she became a nerd. She hid her feelings by occupying herself with school work, books, and not taking. Hearing Charlie greeting Jacob and laughing at the insane part of him being a wolf made Gab stop. [#Af18ae Guess you’re going to have to show him.] Gab says jokingly.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 22d 16h 47m 0s
[#9251c1 "Maybe we should tell you all of it. You do have a right to know since you are being brought into it. Our looks have nothing to do with you and what you said.. We just were worried how Jacob was taking this..because things didn't go well when between them when she left.."] Billy started off.

The man then motioned for both Charlie and Gabbie to follow him into the livingroom. It really would be a long story. And he figured that while he had both the girl and his best friend there he should tell them both. So he told them everything.


Seth had been the wolf closest to Jacob and Sam. Both of them had said it would be okay as he was wanting to leaen more about the pack and what was going on. Leah of course was livid with them but could not do anything about it. And so they did listen to everything closely. It was a tough choice but they did decide to help. Afterall..they were the protectors of both Forks and La Push and many would be in danger.

Though it was at that time did everything stand still to Seth. His dark gaze was locked on the girl that Rosalie held. And siddenly it was like nothing else mattered. Now he knew what Jake, Sam and Quil did..he..he had imprinted on the Cullen child.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 22d 18h 47m 0s
Billy scared her. She did jump a little. The girl turns to him smiling. [#Af18ae I do. Just a lot going on. But everything would be okay. Dinner is almost done. Jacob talking to the pack and ... that’s it. How was your day?] she asks him. She was so close on telling him that Bella is back. It’s not her place to tell him. Jacob should tell him.

The girl got the table ready. It even meant moving her school books. Jacob warns her that Charlie may be coming. Not that she knows who he is. As she was serving him Charlie did arrive. The look on his face when he saw Gabriela. It was kind of hilarious. They introduced each other. He was quick to assume she was family but told him she’s just a friend who’s staying over since her guardians are away. He didn’t seem too happy about what she made. Just mostly the veggies. Gab was about to grab her things and walk away when he heard Charlie say Bella is in town. When she asked how he knows Bella was when she found out that’s her father. He asked the same thing and she told him the truth. They just met today. She came by after school to talk to Jacob. The way both men looked at each other made her feel worse. They know he is or was in love with her.

[center [pic https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQn-Kc95-XRTLV297LdDYcLy-ms3PDoAeCChFxQBjsqPcdb1BsC]]

Bella met up with her family. They had a quick conversation before taking a family trip near the borders. Rose stayed in the shadows with Nessie. Bella, Edward, and Alice spoke about their dilemma. A few vampires are after them after the head vampire council okayed Nessie. They think they’re getting special treatment and for that they must die. Especially since Rose and Edward killed two of their family members protecting her. That’s when Rose walks up with the little girl. This vampire family is making new vampires to kill them. They’ve been leaving countless of bodies everywhere. The vultures aren’t going to help since they allowed Nessie to live. According to Alice they aren’t too far behind it it’s getting harder to predict when they’re going to attack. Now they need help.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 29d 20h 1m 11s
[b "The way she was much more than 'animal attacks' coming. It was like she and her family got into trouble and there could even be a war. In this no one would be safe.. so they want the wolves to help too."] Jake said quietly as they were at the store. All of what he said he really should not have. But he couldn't lie to her. Didn't really want to especially when it could get her put into danger as well. Besides she was a part of this world now whether she liked it or not. Being told the stories and saving his dad and Em from a vampire.. Yeah that had brought her in.

Most the shopping trip he was silentl. His mind was racing over it all. He was still hurt and angry over what had happened, but Bella was his friend. Her father was best friends with his father and they would be hurt if something happened. And since this could potentially involve Forks, the tribe, and imprints..the wolves would have no choice but to help.

Soon, Jake had left to meet with Sam and the others. He told them what he had been told. Even shifted so they could all see it. And when all were wolves, the pack went to the boarder to meet Bella and Edward and..the new scent. They wanted a better idea. Both Sam and Jake were the only to shift back and stood waiting for the Cullens that they would meet.


[#9251c1 "It looks like you have a troubled mind there, Gab.. need to talk?"] Billy asked as he wheeled himself in. He had been watching and noticed the quiet between the two teens. Well more so with Gabriela as she happened to be in thought. He was not yet aware of anything going on. But if he could help in some way even if just listening, Billy wanted to. She may find the reason odd if he told her, but he had come to like her and think of her as family. Not because of his son and the imprint but because of the person she was
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 29d 21h 29m 22s
Gab drove as fast as she could. She even ate a few res lights just to lose him. If Joshua was following them. [#Af18ae So your past came back with more baggage... if you want you can go to talk to Sam. I should be fine.] she says pulling up to the third food market. She didn’t want to stop at the first one. It’s better to be safe than sorry. She grabs her wallet and looks at Jacob. [#Af18ae How bad is it anyways? Is there going to be another [i animal attack?]] she gets out and grabs on the the carts close by that lay shoppers leave anywhere so they don’t have to walk to return it. [#Af18ae Is there anything you would like specifically? Pringles. Burgers. Soda.] pulling out a grocery list from her back pocket she checks the list to see what she wrote down.

Food shopping was easy since she had the list. She got a few extra things just because like beer for his father. He may enjoy it. She needs wasn’t ready to start cooking since she doesn’t know what to make. Until then she’ll do homework and put away the groceries. Part of her wants to tell billy that Bella is back. But that’s Jacobs mess. She wants to know why she came back. Just thinking about Bella and Jacob has her distracted. She couldn’t even do her homework so she decided to cook. Some stuffed cheese and breaded chicken breast, yellow rice with diced green and red peppers, garlic roasted asparagus, and corn muffins just because she needs a distraction. So her hands needs to be occupied.
[center [pic https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQn-Kc95-XRTLV297LdDYcLy-ms3PDoAeCChFxQBjsqPcdb1BsC]]
Bella returned to the Cullen’s house. It reminded her about the crap that went down with Victoria. Alice doesn’t know who’s running the show yet. But they aren’t happy. Not to mention the have a dirty little secret. Bella and Edward has a biological kid. A daughter. They learned that. Alice counted 45 new vampires and that’s not good. There’s a chance it may increase. It scares them. They’re spread out. Two groups are close by right now as they speak. Edward and Bella takes their daughter and gets in the car. They need Jacob’s scent to keep their kid hidden until they take care of the new vamps.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 44d 18h 13m 25s
Did she really expect coming back into his life would be so easy? That she could act on the fact that they had been old friend? She HAD been the one he loved and for a while had had his heart. And he felt like she had used him. He had been a quick and east fix to her problem and then she got her vampire back and no longer needed him. Did she know how hard that had been? How much she had shattered his heart?

[b "Did you love me, Bella? Sorry can only go so far and it doesn't fix everything...But I guess I can talk to him.."] The wolf boy muttered in pire defeat as she took out her phone. He of course could not see what was said, but her words struck and made him feel ice deep down. All he could do was nod. Because before he could speak, Bella kissed his cheek and was off in the woods and going at her newly found vampiric speed.

Jacob heard the new car and saw it had been the same from weeks ago. His first thought was to face Joshua, but Gabbie's fear overrode that. He looked to Paul and Leah and motioned to the guy who had been in the car. After that, Jake was in the car with Gabs. [b "We can do the shopping..But I also have to talk to Sam. It looks like something big is coming and we're being dragged in too.."] But it was all he could say. Honestly he wished Bella would have stayed the hell away from him. Even though he had imprinted, he still remembered before and the hell she had put his heart through. With Gab he was working through it..maybe even starting to fall, but there would always be that hurt of sort.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 44d 18h 46m 15s
Bella kept looking at Gab. She chuckles hearing that's his imprint. She expected his imprint to be... well skinny like all the other imprints. His next words hurt. [b Jake... you know I love you. Just not the love you wanted... I love Edward. I'm sorry... but talk to him for me...] she looks down at her buzzing phone. It was a text from Alice. It made her gasp. [b Well meet at the treaty border line... I need to go... Alice got a vision and it's bad... new vampires bad...] Bella kisses his cheek before walking towards the forest so she can head home with her vampire speed.

Gab saw the kiss on the cheek. She bit her bottom lip for a few seconds. She buckles herself in so she can drive to a super market. She began to fidget seeing the car from a few weeks ago. Joshua got out. He looks angry. [#af18ae We need to go...]
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 48d 23h 34m 13s

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