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[center [b Bella becomes a Cullen, leaving Jacob all alone. They decide that she is a little too dangerous and decide to move away and allow Bella some time to get used to being a newborn.]]

[center [b Now Jake is left alone heartbroken and needing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still hangs with the pack and everyone, but he seems more down and less willing to be the wolf that he and the others are.]]

[center [b But what if a new girl, _________________ moves to La Push because her parents force her to. And what if Jake meets her and it turns out she is the one he imprints on? How will he tell her anything about it?]]

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A small smirk was on the boy's lips when she had spoke of the detention that he had gotten. Funny how she looked at it. But then he found he completely agreed with her too. The detention really was for something stupid and also for something he couldn't really help either. Being the shifter like he was, Jake sometimes had to bail or sometimes just couldn't get up in the mornings. Not like he could tell that to the new girl who stood before him though. [b "They don't get it and think their rules are everything. And I guess this whole drtention to make you stay in school thing worked for them in the past. You'll see that they like to keep to tradition because it's what they know and what 'works'. If it's not broken don't change it.. But yeah ay least it wasn't what you'd expect a detention to be for."] He was trying to let her know he had agreed with her. And that it had not really been lost on him. Also since she had said it, Jake couldn't help wondering if Lucinda had ever gotten a detention.

Jake was very much aware when she became worried when his mood had seemed to take the turn it had. His wolf thing and so a little bit more keen on emotions of people around him. Such a joy it could be sometimes, not. And he could tell she was curious. [b "If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.. I don't bite hard."] He was trying to make a joke of it, but hinting at his notice in her own mood.

Dark eyes were on her schedule as it had been handed over to him. And it didn't take him long to look it over and to give it back. [b "Three of your classes you have with me..and the others are this way."] Jake said as his eyes found their way once more to her face and he noticed the small frown upon it. But he did not say anything and inclined his head as if to ask if they should go.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 83d 41m 34s
"It's fine, it doesn't have to be huge. Even if it's on the small side, it'll be nice to be able to have somewhere to go interact with others outside of here. The movie theater is also a nice touch to it. I'm excited to explore it already" Lucinda replied with an easy going shrug and upwards quirk of the lips. She knew when she had first moved here with her parents, that there wasn't going to be much to do when they finally got their house settled. She hadn't been too happy about it and she had fussed all the more about being allowed to stay with a friend or something until she finished school and went off to college. Of course, her parents wouldn't hear any of it and she found herself moving regardless of her personal annoyance. Now though, it seemed like there was at least a bit of a reprieve. The shopping center was definitely a light at the end of this otherwise boring, dark tunnel that had become the move to this new place.

"They really thought that would work? To give you detention for the fact that you came late or missed school? Geez, that would make most people want to miss class even more. I don't think they thought that decision out too well if you ask me.But at least you didn't get landed there for something that would actually deserve detention" Lucinda rolled her eyes in exasperation as she said that. While she hadn't been to detention herself, she had had friends that had been unlucky enough to get themselves on the bad side of teachers on more than one occasion. While she had been amused by them getting caught for truly being rather dumb, they had deserved a few hours of detention. Jacob though, Lucinda didn't think the boy deserved it. If anything, the school was adding fuel to an already lit fire.

Watching closely as the boy's smile seemed to fade after a moment and his mood dropped once more, sympathy rippled through her. The curious nature in her wanted to ask if the boy was alright, if there was anything she could do to help with whatever was bothering him, but even she knew it wasn't her place. She didn't want to ruin the first friendly encounter she had had in her new school. The last thing she wanted was to have Jacob brush her off as being annoying or nosy, so though it was a tad hard, she kept her questions to herself.

"Yeah sure, take your time" Lucinda answered quickly, blinking out of her thoughts to hand the boy her schedule. She couldn't stop the worry frown that touched her features but she hoped that Jacob didn't make too much of it.
  Lucinda Hale / birdseyeview / 88d 2h 15s
[b "It isn't like huge, but it is bigger than both Forks and La Push. Gives you more options of shops and places to eat. It also has a movie theatre if you ever want to see a movie. Both Forks and La Push actually kind of lack one."] The boy explained. He was just more or less trying to let her know what some of her options would be if she did decide she wanted to ever visit the bigger city.

A chuckle slipped past the boy's lips as she mentioned being a "godsend" and his getting out of the early morning detention. [b "Nah, nothing serious. Just some days I either come to class too late or won't show at all. They thought this would be a good way to make sure I show up."] All of that was said without his really thinking about it. But somehow he figured he might as well tell her. If they had any of the same classes, Lulu would be seeing him either late or missing soon enough anyway.

There had been the laugh and the smile. And even the girl had matched both. But then in the instant that he thought of Bella, a sinking feeling set in. And his smile had disappeared, though he listened to what had been told to him. [b "That's true...some parents make full names nightmares."] He was trying to lighten the mood and to not show how his own had fallen.

Slowly the boy reached out a hand for her schedule after a moment. [b "Mind if I look at it?"] Jake asked. He would not take it unless or until she handed it to him.
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"Really? Huh, I'll have to keep that in mind for when my brothers come to visit or if I ever feel like wondering around outside this place. I'm not big into spending countless hours in shops but I wouldn't mind seeing something a bit more exciting" Lucinda answered, smiling at the thought of being able to spend some time a bit further away from the place her parents decided to move into. She didn't mind the quiet, honestly she didn't, but if she had some more stomping grounds to go to when she wanted some distance between her and them...then walking around some shops wouldn't be a bad idea. Of course she'd have to make she wasn't out too late unless she wanted to get her head chewed off by not just her parents but her brother's too when they heard. Regardless, Lucinda would definitely make sure to keep what Jacob said in mind for future explorations.

"You're a godsend then....if you're sure you don't mind, then I'll definitely take you up on that offer to show me around. I think exploring the school with you around will keep me from stumbling into areas I probably shouldn't be. Even if you did just get out of detention, which should really be a red flag, I hope you didn't get stuck there for something too terrible" She teased him lightly about the whole detention bit even though she truly did appreciate his will to help her out a bit. Her parents would probably throw a fit about her hanging out with kids getting out of detention, but Lucinda honestly didn't care. Jacob seemed like a friendly enough person and he hadn't done anything to have her considering walking away. At the end of the day, that was what truly mattered, and she hadn't been lying about really needing his help if she wanted to learn her new environment faster than she would have on her own.

"Then I'll make sure to call you Jake then, if you want" Lucinda replied, smile matching his own. She did wonder about the girl he had mentioned but she wasn't entirely sure she should bring it up. Instead she took the easy way in mentioning "Most girls prefer nicknames, at least my friends back home did. That and the fact that I was too lazy to say their full names half the time, helped my case more times than not. I just feel like it's easier to remember nicknames better than someone's full name".
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Jacob listened to her answer to his first question about how she liked La Push. And it had honestly been what he had expected to hear. There was no way he had expected her to be in love with a place she had just moved to. That would have been unfair and even a bit strange if he were honest. None of that did he say, but only gave the a small smile. [b "Yeah, the beach seems the best part here. Unless you decide to go into Port Angeles. There is where all the shops and stuff are."] Jacob offered. He wanted her to know that sometimes even he could find La Push boring. Or at least seemed to when not on patrols with the pack. Again something he needed to keep his mouth shut on.

[b "My friends are late and I just got done with detention. So nah, there's nothing else I rather be doing. And showing you around wouldn't be a bother. Most of us had help figuring out the school and so only fair to give you a hand too."] And he meant it. There was really nothing else he had in mind to be doing.

Her next words made him smile more. Or at least the laugh of relief seemed to. It was almost magical to hear. [b "You don't come across it often. But I've known people to prefer their nicknames...I prefer Jake...and I knew a girl at sometime who only went by her nickname."]
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"Honestly? I'm not sure yet. I mean, I kinda miss my city and my friends back there. It feels like there was so much to do back home compared to how it is here. I know I need to give myself time to adjust and all that, but I don't know. It's quiet here and you guys have an amazing beach at the reserve but I can't help but miss home all the more" Lucinda answered as honestly as she could with a little shrug. She wasn't lying about the beach, the moment she had caught sight of it, she had fallen in love with the proximity she would have to the ocean in their new home....but she did miss her own beach back in her old state all the more. The prospect of going down to the ocean front and having a good time seemed so much more appealing when she had actually had friends to spent the hours with. She was being biased, Lucinda knew that all too well, but she couldn't help it. The move was still too fresh in her mind to be comfortable here yet.

Feeling her eyes widen in surprise at his offer, Lucinda couldn't help the grateful smile that lifted the corners of her lips despite the way she shook her head. "I don't want to be a bother. I mean, I'm not going to lie, it would be great to have you show me around and get to know the school with the help of someone who's been here a while, but I bet you have better things to do. I'm sure you have friends you'd rather be meeting than giving the new kid a tour of the school" she said quickly. It had always been the same with her, she hated being a bother on people. While she would definitely appreciate Jacob's help getting around the school, she didn't want to have to keep him from other things he'd rather be doing.

Laughing softly along with him, Lucinda felt her shoulder slump a bit in relief even while saying "At least you got it, I wouldn't want to come off sounding like a nut. I know it's weird for a complete stranger to tell you not to call her by her full name. You probably don't get that everyday".
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As bad as it would sound to another, Jacob was almost relieved to see that the girl was as awkward as he was. It made the whole trying to start a conversation with someone you ran into easier. As did the fact that she was new and didn't know anyone. That there meant she did not know about Bella or the Cullens and IF he chose to, Jake could try and make a fresh start. He could try and make a new friend. Well that was only IF the other pack brothers didn't ruin that for him somehow.

[b "Well it's nice to meet you too, Lulu. And welcome to our small corner of the world. How do you like La Push so far?"] He found himself asking. Genuinely was he curious what she thought so far, though he did know a week was not long to be in a place or to full know if you liked it. [b "Ah that would make sense.. the school isn't that big and so it should be easy enough.. Or if you want I can show you around?"] He figured he would make the offer since it was still early.

He contemplated her kast words and laughed shaking his head. [b "It's no worries. Didn't sound like rambling just telling me your name and what you want to be called. "] The boy stated simply, hands going to his pockets as he gave yet another small smile. He hoped that he had made her feel better about her said rambling.
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"Thank you" Lucinda said when the boy handed her some of her books. Brushing her hair out of her face a bit, the blonde straightened back up again with a huff and looked at the boy in front of her. One she hadn't really paid much thought to glance at while her mind was preoccupied with getting her books back within her grasp. There was no way Lucinda couldn't say that the boy wasn't attractive, he was handsome alright, but there seemed to be something wrong with him. Maybe not physically but he didn't seem like he was in the best of moods. Blame it on how she could quickly read people thanks to having to think on her toes growing up with her parents, but Lucinda could almost see a sort of sadness to the boy. It wasn't any of her business to make any comment about it, but she wasn't blind to it either. Nevertheless, the boy was polite, she'd give him that. A bit awkward, but polite enough to help her and try to make conversation with her. The new girl.

"It's fine, really, don't worry about it. I should have been watching where I was going. Yeah, I'm new around here. Today's my first day, my family just moved to La Push a week ago, we're just settling in now. And I know it's early, I just wanted to get a layout of the school and where my classes around going to be before I get all confused when school actually starts for the day. I'd rather not be stumbling around more than I have to on my first day" Lucinda replied, smiling at the boy friendly. While she hadn't been expecting to be holding any sort of conversation so soon after arriving at the school, she was grateful to have met her first friendly person. Heavens knew she'd probably need this little bit of reprieve from the craziness that would greet her the rest of the day.

"It's nice to meet you, Jacob. My name is Lucinda but most people call me Lu, Luci or Lulu. Lucinda is usually reserved for when someone is angry with me or I'm just not paying any amount of attention to what is being said to me. So please just call me one of those nicknames.....unless you don't want to, then you can call me whatever you want" Lucinda finished rather sheepishly, passing a hand through her hair as she offered the boy another hesitant smile. "Sorry, I'm rambling like a lunatic....That's probably not gonna help me make a decent first impression, huh?" She asked, tone more than a bit bashful.
  Lucinda Hale / birdseyeview / 90d 19h 15m 8s
From the sound of her voice, the boy could tell that she was a bit annoyed. But how could he blame the girl? He had just quite literally run into her. It was as she bent down to pick up her books did he do the same, handing the couple he had grabbed back, brown eyes now finally coming up to see her.

[b "You're new here, aren't you? It's kind of early for school and for classes to be starting...Sorry again for the just bumping into you like that. I'm Jacob by the way."] He found himself saying. It was awkward and he knew it, but he thought maybe striking up a conversation would maybe be a better idea then running off through the rain. Though the rain was still so tempting to go and run in.

Honestly he didn't have any idea what he was doing. But that he had run into this girl and just decided to start probably the most awkward of conversations. Oh well it was done and now he had to wait and see what came of his actions. God he had to learn to think before he acted.
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If life went as well as one would have hoped, Lucinda wouldn't be in the predicament she was now. She would have been back in her home town, getting ready to attend the same school she had been going to for years, with her friends waiting just around the corner for her to join their posse. However, things rarely went as well as one would have liked. That's why Lucinda found herself hurrying to get books out of her newly appointed locker to get to her new classes. Yes, it was early but at least she'd be able to have some breathing time before she had to be introduced to the rest of the classes as the new girl.....God, how she hated that title already. She had never been a new girl in a school before this big move across the country to her new home and she still had to get used to it. Either way, there was no use being a downer over things she couldn't change. Might as well just deal with it and gradually grow accustomed to whatever her new home had to offer.

Curling an arm around her books and keeping them close to her chest, Lucinda closed her locker quietly and quickly headed off down the hall to where her class was supposed to be. She was so focused on her schedule written on a paper she was holding in her other hand that had no way of seeing the body heading towards her after exiting a room she was passing. Letting out a soft gasp of breath as her body collided with another student, Lucinda stumbled back a few steps and cursed softly under her breath as some of her books dropped to the ground. A small frown touched her usual tranquil features however it quickly faded at the mumbled apology from the obvious male student she had quite literally run into.

"It's fine, don't worry about. It's was as much my mistake as anyone else's, I wasn't really looking where I was going" she replied calmly, bending down to scoop up her books quickly. It was the truth, it hadn't been all the guy's fault, she had been as much at fault as he was.
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The rain was coming down hard as it almost always seemed to be doing. It was one of the many joys to living in La Push or actually the state of Washinton. But he was used to it because it had been his home all his life. Jacob was staring out the window and was tapping on the desk and playing with a pencil as he was waiting for the guys and the rest of the class. He was only there so early because he had decided to be late multiple times and they had thought putting him in a morning dention was a good idea and would have him coming to school on time and not ditching classes. Actually the joke was on them because he had one of the most messed up sleeping schedules.

[i 'Will they hurry already? This is getting boring and the rain is looking more inviting by the minute.'] Jake found himself thinking. It was more his way of trying to distract himself since his best friend had married the blood sucker and had become one of them. Just that thought as it entered his head had shivers, the ones that meant the change was coming went through him. Recognizing the sign of shifting, Jake quickly rose from the desk he had been sitting at and rushed out into the hallway. Unfortunately he was not paying attention and just trying to get out he ended up bumping into a body much smaller than him. A girl at that.

[b "I'm sorry..."] He grumbled out, awkwardly. He hadn't even bothered to even raise his eyes.
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