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The dragon could hear Nexus's little chuckle, which she smiled about, since that was what she was wanting from him. However, when she heard the way he sounded more like he was rude rather than mostly humored. Sega's grin swiftly disappeared off of her face almost as quickly as it had first showed up, and as the elevator doors opened and they were heading towards the ladder to the surface, she was silently listening to him ramble on about how everything has to be more complex than how she perceives. She had climbed up the yellow ladder, coming out and seeing the male emerge afterwards. When he finally finished what he was explaining, the female let out a small "Fuck you too, techno-wizz." and she crossed her arms, a frown now on her face. She hadn't even heard his question about where she wanted to eat, and she finally decided it was time to let him know how she felt towards his actions that were directed towards her for the past few months.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 1y 28d 19h 47m 2s
Nexus let out a little chuckle, he couldn't help himself. The elevator started to rise, bringing the pair to the surface. The comment about 2s and 3s was cute, but the comment on security made him laugh. Slowly, Nexus regained his composure. "Sorry, that was just...sorry." He still had a smirk on his face he just could not quite get rid of. You're great on the job, Sega. but there is much more to our machines then what you see on the surface." The elevator stopped, opening to a small hallway lit with lights overhead. In front of them was a ladder to the surface of the city. Nexus let Sega go first, and he followed. "In the digital world. there is no such thing as perfect security. Honestly, i'd rather secure a building then a network, far less could go wrong." They walked down the busy sidewalk. "You hungry? I'm starving, where should we eat?"
  Nexus / rocksanne / 1y 28d 20h 39m 5s
The dragon followed her informant out of the room, before seeing him lock it and start speaking to her. Many things he spoke were rather obvious to her, but she tried to act like she was more interested than she was. "Yeah, it's been like that for centuries." Sega replied simply, before chuckling to herself. "I wonder if anyone ever thought about putting numbers besides 0 and 1 into code. Like 2's or 3's. If that had ever happened, this kind of thing would be rather complex compared to how it is for us." She said, her tail sliding slowly across the ground as Nexus mentioned something about changing the code. "Well...remember that other programs of 1's and 0's are made to prevent these changes from occurring, so that nothing harmful results." The female stated before getting into the elevator with the husky, and she waited calmly.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 1y 31d 15h 2m 38s
Nexus lead them out of the room, locking the door behind them by placing a hand on the pad next to the door. "You ever notice," he said to Sega, starting a new conversation as they walked, "everything is connected to the Internet. Everything. From the generators that power this building to the machines that clean our homes. Everything is talking to something using nothing but 1s and 0s." Ever so slightly, almost unnoticeable, the lights flicker. Nexus is too deep in his train of thought to notice. "All it would take to shut the whole city down would be to change a few of those 1s and 0s." They continued to walk down the hall, soon reaching an elevator. Pressing his palm to the panel, Nexus called the elevator. The two waited. Soon, the doors opened and they entered, the doors closing behind them.
  rocksanne / 1y 36d 23h 14m 17s
The dragon simply chuckled towards her informant's words about how he could see anything, and she glanced towards all of the coding when he told her to. "Well, duh, code is supposed to basically be a series of words...and also numbers." She grinned with a bit of friendly sass as she nodded in understanding towards his next statements regarding its use. "That sounds rather useful." Sega told him a bit gently, before he was already speaking to her once again about how she had infiltrated the building earlier. "I didn't knock them out, I [b tranquilized] them. There's a difference there, bud. And I'm pretty sure I told you about how there was a laser gate in the vent system as a precautionary measure, so I had to go through that side hallway to get where I needed to." She explained, her tail sliding across the ground slowly as she chuckled again.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 1y 38d 17h 45m 11s
A young blue and white Anthro Husky turned in his chair to face the newcomer. Behind him was a bank of computer screens. Alonrackg one wall was a chalkboard with line after line of computer code. "I saw everything, Sega. You forget i can get into anything in this city. Real shame. Its almost too easy." He motions to the chalkboard. "What does that look like to you? Probably just a sires of words, right? If all goes as it should, i can use that to track any mark, anywhere in the city." Turning back to the banks of computers, Nexus logs out, locks up, and shuts down each one. With the task done, he goes over to the chalkboard, and erases it. Soon it was just a blank green slate. Tucking the chair under the desk, he walks over to Sega. "Was it really necessary to knock out the guards like that? you could have just went through the vent system."
  Nexus / rocksanne / 1y 41d 20h 3m 15s
A young, blue scaled dragon with hair of a darker shade of the same color and equipped with sleek, high-tech attire was walking into a small building in her city. This place was the location of her informant...Nexus. He always gave her each assignment for the day, and needless to say each of these [i 'assignments'] sometimes turned out to be an assassination...where she was the one who pulled the trigger.

"Target down for the day, Nexus. If you look on the security cameras on level 2B of the facility he was located in, you should find his brains splattered across the floor." She chuckled, her tail swaying against the hardwood floor slowly. Afterwards, Sega smiled towards him, and waited to see what he would say to her after doing what she suggested...if he could.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 1y 41d 20h 18m 4s

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