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At some point, Nexus had fallen asleep. He woke up with a jolt as he sat up. He had fallen asleep at his desk, again. Stretching to release some of the stiffness, Nexus sat up and prepared to go to work. Glancing at the screen, all he saw was an empty Green Room. Once he got to work, he did his usual ritual of rewriiting the code he was working on onto the chalkboard. With the task done, Nexus pulled up marks that he needed to keep tabs on. There was a knock on the door. It was Sega. Since the last mission was completed, she was here to get info on her new mark. Nexus couldn't look at her. He didn't know what to do, after what happened last night. "hi, sega," he said weakly. Nexus just sat at his desk, hands in his lap, looking down at his hands
  rocksanne / 1y 48d 19h 50m 30s
As the tears slowly stopped, Nexus could feel his mind clearing as he regained control of himself. Once again his hands flew over the keys of his computer. He was making a new program for Sega's Green Room. The castle scene disolved and was replaced with pictures of the two of them. Some were of the pair at work, some while they were just out and about together. Nexus explained, "I've been saving these pictures, some of them for years." He cued up a new photo. It shoed them while they were in the center of town. There was a festaval going on, decorations everywhere, many other people around them. "this one is my favorite. It was the first time we were together outside of work." More and more photos were qued up, and they spent the time talking about the past.
  rocksanne / 1y 48d 19h 51m 34s
Nexus watched the video feed, as Sega put an arm around the hologram. There was a weight on the real Nexus' shoulders, that same enbrace they had many times before. He listened to what she had to say, and could feel his heart growing in his chest, filling the hole it had just left. By now he could not hold back his emotions, he had kept his feelings bottled up for months, years even. To have them out in the open was so freeing. Like a weight had been finally lifted. Nexus did something he rarely does, he lost control. tears flowed freely from his eyes. He put his arms on the desk and burried his head, and sobbed. More and more he cried. Throuh his computer, he heard Sega's soft, comferting words he barely heard. Nexus was in too deep, he wasn't presant. Time passed. An unknown amount of time, but everything seemed to have stopped, the world itself had broken.
  rocksanne / 1y 48d 19h 52m 54s
Regret hit Sega like a truck when she saw the holographic form of Nexus begin to cry. "N-Nexus, I'm so sorry for acting like this..." She had tried to tell him, her own face going solemn as guilt coursed through every inch of her body. A few moments later, the husky was speaking with even more emotion. Such a strong, meaningful made her feel even worse about how she had just acted towards him. His explanations of how she was a true friend rang in her ears just a bit in a way, but then his tone shifted a little bit. Then a little more...and soon he was admitting that he loved her. Right then and there, it had happened. Words that the blue dragon had never expected for Nexus to say to her had just been spoken...with such truth and passion. By now, at least a few tears could be seen in Sega's own eyes. "I'm s-so sorry..." She repeated herself a bit before continuing. "I never meant to...get so angry at you. I...d-didn't want to hurt your feelings, but I did. I'm sorry, dude..." She sighed, her tail rather limp as she had no will to move it. Then, the female dragon wrapped her arms right around the hologram of the wolf. Despite it being a hologram...she could feel the real Nexus in her embrace in a way...and she knew that the real Nexus could feel her as well. "I feel the same way towards you." Was all she could manage to say, going silent for a while. This silence let her sit there, hugging the wolf that had confessed to her only moments ago. And she didn't let go, didn't want to let go. "You were always more than my mission guide and partner from home base. You were always the best way possible. Something about you always drew me in...made me want to stay around you, hang out with you, do more missions with you theoretically by my side...even when you were technically at base. I've never met someone like you, and you've respected me more than almost anyone else. Your personality is perfect...just what I like to see in somebody. I love you too, Nexus..." Sega then explained, hugging tighter around the hologram, knowing the real Nexus would somehow feel her doing this. Her tail moved a little bit again, but she didn't move at all besides that.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 1y 52d 18h 16m 26s
There was another pause. "All that changed when i met you, so long were nice to appreciated my're the first person to do that in...many...many years..." he paused again. By now he could barely speak, the heartbreak was just too much. "Sega...i can say for sure...that i love you..." He had said it, the thing he had been hiding, keeping so bottled up, buried deep down. How was Sega going to react? What was HE going to do next? No answers came to the wolf's mind. All he could do was wipe the tears from his eyes and watch the screen. He felt vulnerable again, like when he was a kid all over again. The pain just would not stop. The hole in his chest only grew. By now he could not speak, no matter how hard he tried, his mouth just would not work.
  Nexus / rocksanne / 1y 66d 13m 21s
"i did...all this for you...i meant what i had said..." Slowly, the gears of his mind started to work again. "i had meant what i said...I really am sorry for treating you like that...i...i had no idea..." A path was starting to open up to Nexus, but he couldn't see where it was going, so he just kept talking. "You mean a lot to more then just a co-worker, a're a friend." His voice was beginning to sound more and more choked up as he talked. It took all he had to not just break down. "you're more then a're..." There was another pause. Was he really about to say this? Admit his true feekings for the first time since he was a puppy? "I want to spend the rest of my life with you...when i was young, i took to computers easily...sooner then eveyone else...i was always working on something...and i was bullied for it, for being got so bad that i programed myself a friend...computers were the only thing to be nice to me."
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Nexus' hands stopped dead, hovering over his keyboard. Had he heard that right? After a few keystrokes, he replayed what Sega had said. Then again. Then a third time. Each replay tore his broken heart a little more. He had not seen this outcome coming. There was a hole in his chest. He had not been genuine enough? How? Why? Nexus' mind was reeling, trying to put these new pieces to the puzzle in their proper place, but they wouldn't fit. Nothing worked. Nothing made sense. the projection just stood next to Sega, waiting for its next command. Nexus could feel tears forming in his eyes. "Sega..." His voice was thick with emotion. "Sega..." he said again. His mind was failing him. "i..." There was a moment of silence. He felt a tear starting to run down his cheek.
  Nexus / rocksanne / 1y 66d 29m 14s
Sega sighed and decided to listen to what the husky had to say, and she heard him speak of his he was going to make it up to her. However...the way he spoke seemed...strange. Not genuine, even. It almost sounded fabricated, but she knew better than that. It was Nexus's real voice, but bland and not much emotion. He didn't sound sorry at all to the female dragon, as she silently walked into the room when he told her to. As the walls transformed and Nexus seemed to just disappear soon, she didn't even have enough time to reply to him. Instead of choosing a direction to go...she stood right where she was, sitting down a few minutes later with a frown on her face until the husky's presence returned. Once it was obvious that he noticed she had done literally nothing, she spoke up. "Y'know...I wish you were actually sorry. Thinking that a game is how you make something up to me is...stupid. A genuine, worded out apology that shows how you care is just too good for you, isn't it? Too heartfelt, too meaningful..." She paused, her tail against the ground but not moving at all besides its tip as tears were forming in her eyes again. It turned out that the gift made her feel...even worse.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 1y 73d 1h 9m 29s
The nexus projection stayed by the door as it closed. The room sega in was dark. Nexus' voice seemed to come from everywhere."I have a special gift for you." And with that, the surfaces of the room changed. Sega was no longer in the entertainment room, but a hallway made of crude stone. She could go left or right. "Remember thise "Escape the room" challenges from years ago? This is like one of those. I added a few puzzles i thought you would like." With that, Nexus' voice grew silent. The real Nexus watched Sega as she manuvered through the program. On another window, he was improving her security program. His hands never stopped moving, inserting code hear, deleting some there, moving stuff around. It was all a game to him, one that he would always win. He glanced at the feed of Sega to see how she was doing.
  Nexus / rocksanne / 1y 76d 28m 32s
The Nexus projection was silent as the real Nexus debated how to go about what he was trying to do. "I can inprove your security, won't take but a few seconds. But thats besides the point." There was a pause as Nexus projected each possible scenario, weighing pros and cons to each. "I'm here to make things up to you. I didn't know i was making you feel bad all the time. I really didn't, and i'm sorry. however, i have a way to make you feel better." The projection stood up and walked to a door to another room in the house. The door opened, revailing an empty room. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all green, Projection Fabric, the key piece to an entertainment room. "Come here, i want to show you something." The wolf watched as Sega got up and entered the room.
  Nexus / rocksanne / 1y 76d 30m 23s
The young dragon had sighed gently as she sat on the couch in her living room, contemplating what had happened and how she had acted. There were tears in her eyes, but she was trying to control herself to the best of her ability. Her tail was curled up, which was an odd thing she did when she was in a solemn mood. However, right when she looked to her right, there was...Nexus? It couldn't be him, he didn't have the keys to get into her home. It was...a hologram, now that she thought about it for a second despite her clouded mind. Sega heard the male speak an apology, but she simply looked away from him and towards the floor. "Hi. Thanks for hacking into my house. Really makes me feel nice about my own security." She said rather sarcastically, which wasn't a good sign at all. "Just hurry up and do whatever you're trying to do, and get out." The dragon then stated.
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One of Nexus' hands went into his pocket, the one with the flash drive. Pulling it out, he looked it over. It looked ok. Inserting it into his computer, he waited as the program booted up. A simple command window appeared. Hands flying over the keyboard, nexus wound his way through the digital world, slithering like a snake into any hole he could find till he found his prey. "Gotcha," he said as he found what he was looking for. After a few more keystrokes, he was where he wanted to be. A few more keystrokes, and there was a projection of himself sitting on the couch in the living room, a leg proped up on the other casually. The only way to tell it was a hologram was the fact that the couch did not sag under his weight. "Hi, Sega. Its me. I just wanted to say im sorry."
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Nexus watched as his friend walked away, a hand outstretched. All he could do was watch Sega leave him. Standing in the rain, Nexus could not move, he felt numb almost. Finally, his legs decided to work. He walked in the direction Sega went, but the rain was too thick, and quickly lost track of her. A shiver raked through his body, but it had nothing to do wit the cold or rain.

The scene just kept replaying in his mind. His analytical mind looking at each tiny piece, trying to make sence of the bits, how they strung together. Points of interest stood out, each one leading to the next, like the flow of code. before he knew it, he was home, standing at his own front door. Placing a palm on the security panel, he let himself in when he heard the lock release. The door closed behind him, and relocked. Removing his coat, he set it on the rack by the door. Without bothering to change clothes, he sat at his computer and booted it up. As he waited for the machine to wake up fully, he plotted out what he was going to do. It would be illegal, but it was the only thing he could think of. The computer was ready, waiting for commands.
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Sega sighed and looked down a bit as Nexus asked about what was wrong, and the storm had come rolling in out of nowhere. The rain slid right off of her smooth scales and the tech on her body, although it did get soaked into her hair. "I get sick and tired of you always acting so superior to me just because you're the one with all of the technological intelligence." She told him, trying to not sound too rude in an angry he'd understand her better. The way she spoke turned into more of a solemn rudeness, with anger in the midst of it but not being the largest contributing factor. "You always laugh like a jerk at what I have to say about code or technology when I'm wrong, and you either let me know that I'm absolutely incorrect or you pound me into the floor with every reason why what I said was stupid. Even when I do my job, I've always done something incorrectly, I've always messed up this one thing that doesn't even matter...and y'know what? It sucks. A lot." She continued to explain, her tail sliding across the now slicker ground from the pouring rain. "I just wish you didn't have to rub it in my face that you're the smart one." Sega stated as a couple tears were forming in her eyes, although she hoped Nexus wouldn't see them as she turned and walked away quickly. Soon, she had arrived at a decent-sized house painted an orange-ish color, and she walked in before closing and locking the door behind her.
  Sega Veles / AskTheStaff / 1y 82d 1h 13m 27s
Nexus looked taken aback when Sega reffered to him with such a dark tone. "Sega, you ok?" he asked her, confused. She had been in a good mood a few seconds ago. "Is something bothering you, Sega?" Nexus was at a loss. The mission had gone well, without a problem, like always. They had chated on the way to the surface, like always. Nexus could not figure out what was going on. There was a gentle roll of thunder from some near by storm clouds. Without warning, the sky grew dark and rain started to fall in sheets. Nexus' jacket instantly soaked though, clinging to his body. His fur felt heavy as it soaked up the rain. There wasn't supposed to be rain today. A hand went to his pocket, feeling the flash drive he had there, making sure it was safe. He hoped no water would get to it.
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