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"No problem." Shiretsu smiled, kissing Vern before they started walking to his house.
  Shiretsu Oyari / AskTheStaff / 201d 16h 30m 20s
"O-okay..." He wiped away the tears and smiled up at Shiretsu. "Thank you..."
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 202d 1h 7m 11s
The shark girl nodded in understanding, hugging Vern as long as she needed to so he would cheer up a bit. "Would you like to go and help me get it over with?" She asked, tilting her head.
  Shiretsu Oyari / AskTheStaff / 202d 3h 37m 33s
"Y-you might have a chance, but I have none..." He finally hugged back.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 202d 3h 38m 56s
Shiretsu nodded in understanding, hugging her friend even tighter. "What if [b I] told her?" She asked gently.
  Shiretsu Oyari / AskTheStaff / 202d 3h 42m 4s
"I could hope for the best with your parents, but my mom...I can't tell her, I just can't..." He began to cry, his arms by his sides.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 202d 3h 46m 35s
Shiretsu nodded in understanding towards her parents' words, and she followed Vern outside. "T-that was awkward...but it went better than expected." She admitted, hugging him to help calm him down.
  Shiretsu Oyari / AskTheStaff / 202d 3h 54m 59s
Their explanation ended with the classic 'be careful and use protection', and Vern got up, thanked them, and went outside. He leaned against the wall, trying to calm down.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 202d 4h 3m 46s
Shiretsu listened to her parents explain things, as she blushed and held onto Vern just as tightly as he was doing to her.
  Shiretsu Oyari / AskTheStaff / 202d 4h 7m 53s
Her parents shook their heads, explaining that they knew it wasn't 'if' it was 'when'. Vern was bright red as well, hugging Shiretsu's arm.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 202d 4h 12m 3s
"Thank goodness, I thought you would be angry..." Shiretsu admitted to her parents, blushing out of pure embarrassment.
  Shiretsu Oyari / AskTheStaff / 202d 4h 14m 47s
Vern took a deep breath, covering himself with his hood. "And last night, we sorta...took...each other's...virginity...I-I used protection, I promise..." Vern looked like he was going to start sweating nervously and die.

Her parents, despite looking a bit shocked, smiled and said it was okay. Vern felt like he was about to faint, happy that they weren't angry.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 202d 4h 16m 46s
Shiretsu sat down as well, acting as calm as she could. "So...Vern and I are now boyfriend and girlfriend..." She stated gently, motioning for Vern to tell her parents about what happened last night.
  Shiretsu Oyari / AskTheStaff / 202d 4h 26m 44s
Vern was silent as he did what her parents said and sat down at the table to talk. He felt like he was going to die if he opened his mouth.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 202d 4h 31m 54s
Shiretsu followed Vern, and smiled gently when she saw her parents. "G-good morning, Mom. Good morning, Dad." She said, acting like she hadn't stuttered out of nervousness a second ago. "We have something to tell you." The shark said, as her tail started to move around awkwardly.
  Shiretsu Oyari / AskTheStaff / 202d 9h 10m 20s

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