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[i We all seem to wear a mask and hide the real us, afraid that we will not be accepted, be doomed to be shunned, and merely just a small role in a greater story. We all hold secrets. We all tell lies. We all hide behind a mask, making only certain ties. Even those we have the cloest bonds to don't know all the deep and dark secrets we hold.]


[b [#be5cf5 There was once a family by the name of Stone. Each memeber was either adopted or brought into the family through some other relation. There was a father figure, a mother figure, but most acted as children and brothers and sisters.]]

[b [#be5cf5 Each memeber has a past, a deep and dark secret they are trying to hide from. Something that they don't dare to tell any of the others about them. They have formed bonds within the family, but not even those they are closest to know the truth.]]

[b [#be5cf5 For as long as each one can remember they have worn a mask, have hidden away and burried the past. But they still have tendencies of their pasts that come back and bite them in the ass..and then some of the family has not changed at all and still live by what they had once done..]]

[b [#be5cf5 In the end...they all become so tired of hiding..become so tired of trying to be something or someone they are not. All they want is to be true to themselves and to finally be set free. But what will happen to the family when they all slowly reveal what they had been hiding? What will happen when all the masks come off?]]

[b Secrets]

Abused: Taken
Drug Addict (User) : Taken
Porn Star:
Gay: Taken
Bisexual: Taken
Lesbian: Taken
Stripper: Taken
Acoholic: Taken
Drug Dealer: Taken
Thief: Taken
Bipolar: Taken
Multiple Personalities:
Pregnant: Taken
Gang Member:
Cross Dresser:

**You can have your own secrets. These had just been the ones I could think of when writing this

[size35 [b [i Rules]]]


1.Real Pictures
3.Drama, Searing, Violence, Romance and all of that is wanted
6.Must be able to post AT LEAST between 800-1000 characters
7.No text talk, please spell everything out completely
8.Proper Grammar and spelling would be nice
9.No love at first sight shit
10.Cyberying if it comes down to it needs to be taken off site
11.Be Mature and Respect Others
13.Two Secrets per player
14.No posting without the owner
15.We will be posting in rounds
16.You will have [b A MONTH] when it comes to your turn to post
17.Most of all have fun

Note: [i When asking to join put Red Moon at the bottom of your Skeleton so I know you have red everything]

[size30 [#e84a70 ** There will be THREE females and THREE males...once the roles are taken the Role Play is filled.]]

[b [#be5cf5 Skeleton]]

Character Name:
Picture Link:
Short Bio:

[b Note: You can use the Skeleton Here...Or the one Like Lily's. It is up to you]

[b [#be5cf5 Characters]]

[b Lily-Anne]


Username: [ SheDevil]
Picture Link:
Character Name: Lily-Anne Stone
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Role: Youngest Sister
Secret: Pregnant and Bisexaul
Short Bio: Lily-Anne was about five when her mother had remarried to her step-father. Since her mother had remarried, Anne had been abused both mentally and physically by her step-father. He would yell at her and call her things like "worthless, little bitch, selfish, whore" and many other things. And also when her mother was not around he would beat her. When he did some of the things around her mother, the woman was too scared to do anything for her. Her school life wasn't much better either. Most called her a whore and thought her to be easy and so people would date her on bets, thinking they could get her to have sex with them. And on top of that they just made fun of her for being the sort of girl she was. So when she was seventeen, Lily decided to runaway from home and the life that she had been leading. One night she had stumbled upon a party and had become rather drunk and ended up having a one night stand with one of the guys at that party. It wasn't until a month later she found out that she was pregnant and began to freak. She was out on her own and the Stones found her and offered for her to become a part of their family. At first, Lily was skeptical, but the gentle nature of the couple had convinced her. Now she lives with the family and tries to keep her sexuality a secret, her being pregnant a secret and overall her past. But how long will it be before the mask comes off?

[b Matthew]


Username: [ Quest]
Character Name:Matthew Rogers
Picture Link:
Gender: Male
Likes:Parties, Photography, cats
Dislikes: Thieves, egotistic people, narrow minds
Personality:Friendly, creative, blunt
Secret: Alcoholic, drug user
Short Bio: Growing up, Matthew always played against the rules. Skipping school, going out at 14 sneaking his parents alcohol out of the house for all of his buddies. His parent's were constantly working, father was a veteran with PTSD so he had resorted to drinking and occasionally fighting with Matthew. His mother owned her own salon so she made her time with work instead of her husband due to his disabilities and now addiction. They made no time for him, so he ran away finding the Stones at 15 years old. He still ran with the same crowd, but only bringing drugs into the situation. His common choice would be cocaine, but he would keep xanax or any pain killer on him to get through his days. Only mixing it with alcohol when he frequently went to parties. He's stuck in the life of numbing the pain of his childhood, with seemingly no way out.

[b Serah]


Username: [ Burningsxn]
Character Name: Serah Stone-Ashwood
Picture Link:
Gender: Female
Likes: Smoking, Cats, Blueberry Pancakes
Dislikes: Milk, "Chatty" People, Daytime Television
Personality: Strict, Protective, Cold.
Secret: Stripper, Bipolar
Short Bio: Serah grew up in a children's institute with her sister, having been abandoned by their parents at the age of two. The twins were closer than family and her sister helped her manage her emotions and temper which had always been a challenge. 
The day her sister ran away it broke her soul. Leaving her with nothing other than a letter she searched for three years before giving up. Serah moved out of the institute at 15 and got a fake ID and motel room with the little cash she had left. She started stripping down in a club in a part of town no one knew her, being a pretty girl with blonde hair got her a long way, and before she knew it she had her own flat. It wasn't until she met the Stones, accidentally in the doctor's surgery one day, that she started to warm up to people. They took her in and when the younger siblings became part of the family she grew overly protective of them, but would often use her anger to push them away, afraid of getting her heart broken again like her sister had.

[b Charles]


Username: [ Aaron]
Character Name: Charles Hurley "Dr. Hurley"
Picture Link:
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Likes: Making money, Studying, contact with people
Dislikes: being alone, rude people, unhealthy eating
Personality: center of attention, generally nice unless he wants something
Secret: Thief, drug dealer
Short Bio: Mr. Hurley has been with the stones since he was very young and they helped him go to collage and to become what he wanted, being so close now to becoming a doctor Charles is going back to his old ways. He is learning from a Doctor but it seems this person is always finding mistakes that Mr. Hurley is making. In the past when he was younger before he met the stones Charles was raised very poor, having to steal and sell what he got to survive. Mostly what he stole was drugs because he knew users and how to get the cash for it fast. He was about 15 when the stones found him, he was walking to a lead of drug dealers when the Stones stopped him and said they would help.

[b Chloe Morgan]


Username: WinterWonderland-
Character Name: Chloe Morgan
Picture Link: Coming Soon
Age: 20 
Gender: Female
Likes: Dancing, Music, Drawing 
Dislikes: Rude People, Bossy People, Dark Things 
Personality: She is a very outspoken girl. Even with the things that have happened to her in her past. She likes to help others as much as she can. She hates the fact of someone being alone. But once you break her trust, there is no way of getting it back. She only gives you one chance and one chance only. 
Secret: Abused and Lesbian
Short Bio: Chloe has always been the type of girl that was social. She had a great life until her mom passed away. That was when her whole life seemed to change. She was living with her dad for the longest time. Once her mom passed, her dad seemed to start drinking a lot more. Life was really rough for the two of them. But it just seemed to get worse and worse. That was when Chloe’s father started to abuse her. Chloe would do everything to hide the bruises. She used foundation, covered it up with her clothes, and pretended that she was interested into making zombie makeup. Eventually – it seemed liked everyone was starting to catch on. She gave up trying to hide it. But Chloe still hid the truth. She would tell everyone she fell a lot. It seemed to work as she was super clumsy. Eventually, her dad ended up passing away. Even though, he put her through so much drama, Chloe was devastated. She lost both of her parents, really had no one in the world. This was the time that Chloe had to learn how to survive. As time went on, Chloe realized something about herself. She always loved being around women, talking to them, hanging out with them, and occasionally flirting with me. She knew something was off when she realized that she didn’t really like males much. When she got drunk one night, she ended up kissing a girl, and she honestly didn’t want to stop. At all. That was when she realized that she was lesbian. But in this age, that was horrible to be lesbian. Coming out of the closet wasn’t something that was going to be easy for Chloe. She knew one day she would tell someone without having to feel judged.

[b Dylan Waters]


Username: -YouAreLoved
Character Name: Dylan Waters
Picture Link:
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Likes: Sunsets, Oranges, Men
Dislikes: Liars, Cheaters, Rude People
Personality: Spunky, Sweet, Caring
Secret: He's Gay
Short Bio: Dylan lived a rough and tumble life from the moment he was born. Born to two addicts, the young man spent most of his infancy and toddler years on the streets before the authorites took him away at five. Bounced from home to home, Dylan rarely found a place that wanted him for long. That all changed when he turned fifteen years old. His foster family, The Stones, took him in for good and adopted him. Grateful for what they did, Dylan hid his deepest secret in fear of rejection from the only family he's ever known. No one knows he is gay, and he doesn't plan to ever let them find out.


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Serah watched her ‘siblings’ enter the room. Charles made a comment about her lack of hydration and she almost smiled to herself, if only he knew that she had spent the past few hours on her feet and when she wasn’t dancing, she was working out to maintain the body that people were paying her for. Twisting a lock of blonde hair around her finger she looked back to her little Lily-Ann and tilted her head. She was a sweet girl and often Serah found herself thinking of her real sister, her twin, when she was around the girl. [b “We can go to the mall, there are a few things I need anyway. Charles can drive us and as payment for carrying our bags, coffee is on me.” ] She said, flashing him one of her bright smiles. Serah knew that if she was to spend the day with her siblings and continue playing happy families, she would need to sort herself out. She could still smell the club on her hair and there were little specks of silver glitter on her arm.

[b “I’m going to quickly shower and change, I probably have kid puke on me.”] Serah rolled her eyes and gave her best-feigned look of sympathy. Standing up, she reached over and filled a mug with coffee before leaving the room to go to her bedroom. Serah stepped into the shower and closed her eyes, trying to push back the creeping anger that was starting to fill her. It was always hardest to manage her Bipolar when she was tired.

Once clean, she dressed in a casual grey dress and chucked on her leather jacket. She could see the rings under her eyes in the mirror, the makeup hadn’t helped. Serah picked up the mug and bought it to her lips to take another sip but her weariness caused her hand to slip and the coffee spilt on the top of her dressing table. Serahs mood exploded and the anger that had been building in her chest erupted like a volcano. [b “Oh, for god sake Serah you IDIOT.”] She shouted at the mirror as she opened her dresser drawer with shaky hands she pulled out a small pill bottle. The blonde swallowed two of the cherry red pills. The ones that kept her sane, that stopped her stabbing anyone in reaching distance. The feeling was almost instant and the familiar feeling of numbness spread through her brain.

Standing up, she straightened her dress and took in a deep breath. [I count the stars, count the clouds, count the beat of your heart.] It was how her sister had calmed her down as children and though it didn’t work as well now, she said it in her head out of habit. She would wait a few more minutes until her siblings were ready.
  Serah Ashwood / Burningsxn / 229d 15h 56m 57s
The morning was or rather seemed like normal mornings. Or as normal as they could get with the Stones. Each of them seemed closed off in their way or like they had something they wanted to hide. At least that was the hint she had gotten in the last three months she had come to live with them. The girl didn't find herself particularly close to any of her "siblings", but she could at least get along with them and gave the effort if and when they did. She was more the "I'll treat you as you do me" type of girl, though she did like her space and sometimes feared the others could see right through her.

[#3ddaf7 "Oh...I did as long as I was able to. But I had some last minute homework and Liz was going to..."] But her words trailed as her phone buzzed and she slipped it from her pocket to read the text. A sigh slipped from her as she slipped her phone back into her pocket. Her best friend had just bailed out on going with her to the mall and she REALLY needed to be able to do the slight shop. Maybe she could ask one of the others if they would be up to it? It was still early and technically she didn't have to go in until second period as she went two through six. Besides MAYBE this was a time to try and get to know one of the others better.

Lily-Ann was toying with her thoughts when she watched the glass of juice that was on her left side lifted and gulped down. [#3ddaf7 "Serah that was mine!"] The girl squeaked out with a pout. The older was almost always doing that to her and she didn't know why. But she was quick to recompose herself as she pushed her eggs back and forth on the plate, the smell getting to her more than she thought it would have. [#3ddaf7 "The coffee house sounds like it would be fun...maybe if you're not busy could do that and a quick mall trip?"] The words really were thrown out to anyone who wanted to do it. There was NO way that the girl would find herself being direct.

Green eyes slowly went to the others around the table as she bit on her bottom lip. She really was hoping maybe one of them would agree to it.
  .Secrets. / SheDevil / 229d 12h 36m 10s
[google-font ""]
[font "Ruda" It was a rainy night. There was thunder and lightning and lots of rain. The female thin body jumped from the current nightmare that she was in. The female chest was moving up and down rapidly. Her brown eyes scanned the area, as she realized she was awake from the nightmare. She turned her head slightly, and looked outside. There was no sun yet, which meant that it must have been in the middle of the night. She quickly grabbed her phone and saw that it was 3 a.m. Because of the conditions outside, she grabbed a jacket, put the hood up, and grabbed her bag that she uses for when she goes to ballet. She needed to leave for a while. She needed to feel okay once more. She knew she wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone. She inhaled deeply, grabbed her car keys, and left for the gym. She needed to dance this out in a way. She couldn’t be stuck in this house, pretending that she was okay.]

[font "Ruda" The moment she got there and started to dance, she felt like all her problems were slipping down the drain. She felt actual happiness gliding through her body. The brunette kept dancing and dancing until her body and legs couldn’t do it anymore. She took a few drinks of her water, and looked down at her phone, and realized that she been here for hours. Chloe sighed, and took in a deep breath. She didn’t want to go back home, but she knew she needed too, or people would catch on that something was wrong.]

[font "Ruda" Chloe made it back into town pretty quickly. She needed to get something from the store. As she got out of the car, she just wrapped her arms around herself. She kept her eyes to the ground, and made sure she didn’t have any type of eye contact with any type of males. They made her feel beyond uncomfortable. Chloe hated the fact that she used to be a social butterfly, and now she is very reserved, because her father thought abusing her was okay. She kept it a secret for the longest time. But then she knew people were starting to catch on. It didn’t really matter to her, though. She didn’t talk to anyone, and she really didn’t trust anyone. She kept to herself. She had to protect herself and her secret. She didn’t want any pity from what her dad did to her. She got enough pity when both her parents died. Chloe simply sighed, went into the store – grabbed what she needed – and then she left to go back home.]

[font "Ruda" She noticed that everyone was awake when she got back. She could hear all the commotion inside. Chloe chewed on her bottom lip, as she was feeling herself starting to get nervous. Chloe gulped lightly, as she could smell that breakfast was made. Chloe had to force herself to eat, because she didn’t want anyone asking questions. She walked inside really quick, went upstairs, changed and came back downstairs. She got a plate and only put a few items on the plate, and went to a chair where no one was around, and ate quietly to herself.]
  WinterWonderland- / 239d 8h 39m 52s
[google-font][center [Handlee [size16 A heavy breath escaped the male as he jolted awake, his entire body sore. The breathing form next to him told Dylan all he needed to know. He had gotten drunk and brought a man home, again. With a small groan the brunette pushed himself into sitting position, shaking the male beside him awake. Putting his finger to his lips he motioned for the man to follow him.]]]

[center [Handlee [size16 As they crept down the stairs Dylan could feel his breath hitch. Shit. His siblings were awake. This was the last thing he wanted them to figure out. It was the one secret the young man had been hiding since he was fifteen years old. He was absolutely gay. No one knew about it, Dylan had made sure of that. The last thing he wanted was for his family to outcast him.]]]

[center [Handlee [size16 These people were the only parents he knew, the only people in the world who had given a damn about him when no one else would. After his parents had lost custody of him, Dylan had been bounced from place to place. Judged and disliked by each foster family he had been with. Two of which had outcast him after they discovered his dark secret.]]

[center [Handlee [size16 As a teenager Dylan didn't try to hide his homosexuality, and that didn't fly with these bible thumping christians that had taken him in. Instead they shunned the boy, calling him a devil and sending him on to the next family to live with. That was until he came upon the Stone's. They were all he had and he wasn't about to lose that.]]]

[center [Handlee [size16 Pushing the male gently through the back door, Dylan straightened himself out before making his way to the kitchen. A quiet nod good morning coming from him as he went to make himself a plate of food. Dylan was never a morning person. So talking before he had coffee was quiet frankly not something that he enjoyed doing. Not that it stopped his siblings from talking to him though. Two of which who had just seemed to return home from work.]]]
  sєcrєts / -YouAreLoved / 244d 16h 42m 50s
Charles finally being able to go home after a long night of work, this night was a busy one. The Doctor had him follow him around doing a few surgeries through the night. On this night there was a gang fight, two with knife stabbings and one with a gun shot. Charles knew what to do to take care of the men but the lead Doctor for the night did not want Charles on his own. It seems they might be suspicious of his actions when no one is around.

The man finally pulled up to the Stones house and walked into the door seeing everyone at the breakfast table engulfing themselves like always, "Good morning everyone, sorry I am late. It was a long night." he said as he grabbed a plate and sat at the table, "I have some free time if you want me to accompany you Serah to this coffee shop, we can even take my car if you like." he added and watched as the girl downed the drink. "You need to drink more water, you seem a little dehydrated." the man added and went back to his plate.

Being in the process of becoming a Doctor he can pick up a lot from people, there skin color, morning sickness and whatever the case. He knew this family was not normal, but he kept things to himself because he was not perfect at all as well.
  Charles Hurley / Aaron / 291d 14h 15m 1s
The club was loud, dim lights lit the room which was covered in red velvet drapes and deep purple velvet cushions. It was not the kind of place you would expect a young girl who belonged to a kind, well-off family to visit, but she was here nonetheless. In fact, she was here most nights and the room was filled with people who were there just for her. Serah finished her set and picked up her clothes off the stage, giving a playful bow to the patrons. It wasn’t that she disliked her job, she enjoyed the attention and got paid well, it was just that she had been forced into it at a young age and now was in too deep to quit.

Back in the dressing room, the blonde removed her heavy makeup, switching the lace for blue scrubs. Her family believed she was a children’s nurse in the small paediatric clinic the next town over and it did well to cover the late hours and early mornings. It was a quick goodbye to the girls she danced with and then she made her way to the first of two buses that would take her home to the stones.

Entering the house the smell of breakfast hit Serah. It was a pleasant smell that she had come accustomed to over the years. Walking into the kitchen she saw her two ‘siblings’ and Mr and Mrs Stone. Serah playfully smacked Matthew on the back of the head as she walked past him and sat down at the breakfast table. “If you’ve eaten my pancakes again you’re dead.” She said and scanned the food before picking a piece of toast to munch on.
“I don’t have work again until tomorrow night. If you need me to do anything just say.” She said looking at Mrs Stone. The woman smiled kindly and shook her head.

[i “No dear, you enjoy your time off. You work so hard.”] Serah felt her heart sink and wondered if they would say the same if they knew she was a stripper earning double what she told them. Resting her chin on her hand she looked at the others. “Tell me someone’s free today. I want to go see the new coffee shop that opened in town and would rather not sit alone..” She said before picking up Lily-Anne’s drink and downing it in one.
  Serah Ashwood / Burningsxn / 291d 22h 47m 30s
"Oh thank god!" Cried out Matthew as the smells of breakfast simmering woke him up out of a hard sleep. He had been up the night before drinking with a few buddies and had a small hangover, so bacon crisping brought him right out of bed. Running a hand through his dirty blonde hair, he rubbed the shaved sides that revealed a large mandala tattoo on the right side of his head, but that of course wasn't the only one. Matthew was covered all the way down to his feet in tattoos. He had started young when going under the needles made his pain go away, more or less covering the skin he didn't want to be in. He was creating a version of himself that he wanted.

Stretching out of bed with a lazy groan, Matthew slid on a pair of basketball shorts and headed to the bathroom to shower his previous night away. He couldn't allow anyone to know his habits, and knew he'd be ridiculed terribly. He didn't want to be like his drunkard of a father but knew that's exactly what he was doing. It numbed him more than any tattoo could, and then when he brought drugs into the mix he found the high he never wanted to fall down from. He finished his hygiene routine and headed down to the kitchen wearing a pair of sweatpants, as downstairs always seemed to be a little more cold than the rooms upstairs.

"Good morning all 3 of you~" Matthew chimed, as he pulled a seat next to young Lily-Anne who was up before everyone. "You're up rather early, I'd suppose you would've slept in a little since you have school." He teased her with a grin as he nearly drooled over the sight of the food being prepared. He loved it when the Stones cooked, they were already generous enough to allow him to live with them so long, and yet still made sure food was prepared every day for basically an army. Matthew was going to a trade school for the last 10 months getting a degree to become an electrician. He had felt like he needed to get on his own feet and move from the Stones once he received this career. His current job wasn't making him enough to live on his own, and to care for his habits at the same time. On this day specific he was free to do as he wished. It was his day off and his class wasn't for another day. It had been a while since he was able to freely go about his day, and had ideas of what to do with his time creatively.

[ Here's alll his tattoo's if ya'll are interested]
  = / Quest / 289d 4h 36m 21s
[#3ddaf7 [i 'We all have our secrets, and all tell our lies...why do we do it? Because we have too much pride...want to hide...or is it to keep it locked so deep down inside? I know we all have secrets, things we're not really proud of, but it comes down to us...what we hold dear, never wanting to have them fear or to hate us for who we really are...']] The seventeen year old bit on her rosy pink bottom lip and stared at what she had just written. What had possessed her to even write such a thing? It was as she was rereading the words on the page did her hand unconsciously run over her twelve week baby bump and she cringed inwardly.

Lily-Anne Stone had come to the family about three months ago after they had found her and decided to take her in. They had asked the girl why she had been out on the streets and she explained how her step-father had been and how her mother had never been strong enough to protect her. How she had always been called a 'She Devil' and how she had been physically and emotionally abused since she had been five by the man and how she had pulled back so much that those at her old school thought she was easy and even had bets on who could get the 'little whore' to sleep with them. And she told them how she had been so tired of it all and just ran away.

Most of it had been the truth, but she had not told them of the drunken party and the one night stand, the one which had landed her with the secret she now held. Lily was so scared to tell her new family the truth. She didn't want them to think of her as a whore...and she didn't want to have to get rid of the baby either as even if it had been a mistake, she still very much loved the baby already. But even she knew it was a matter of time before she could no longer hide beneath over large clothing and would have to come clean.

The girl was zoning out and jumped as she heard the steps on the stairs and going down. A few minutes later, a second set was heard and the girl let out the breath that she had been holding. [#3ddaf7 [i 'Well it looks like...Chris and Maggie are up...does that mean the others are too? Either way, I should probably get downstairs. Think Lizzie will be here soon and then we're going to the mall for some clothes shopping.']] The girl thought as she closed her notebook and hid it back under the mattress before she went over to her closet and got into a blue v-necked sweater that was just starting to get a little tight and into a pair of black yoga pants, brushing her hair to where it fell in soft waves down her back before doing a light make-up that hid the dark circles under her eyes because most nights she was up still getting sick or having nightmares.

When she looked as good as she felt she would be able, Lily grabbed her wallet , phone, and keys, stuffing them into a small purse as she slowly walked down the stairs, seeing the Stones already in the kitchen. [#3ddaf7 "Morning Mr. and Mrs Stone! Oh, everything looks and smells so good!"] She chirped as she went to the table and took some of the eggs, toast, and fruits, eating slowly. Green eyes went to her adoptive parents and she tilted her head. [#3ddaf7 "Are any of the others up?"] She asked as she was trying to listen but not sure if she could hear them or not.

[i "They might be up, dear. And where are you off to and so earlier?"] It was Mrs.Stone who looked to the girl of seventeen.

[#3ddaf7 "Oh, Lizzie and I had planned to go to the mall before school. So kind of have to if we want to make it on time."] Lily responded, trying to keep a straight face. God she hoped the others would be up and about soon.
  .Secrets. / SheDevil / 292d 39m 16s

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