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She started purring loudly and she sighed when he stopped, but the two sisters got up and followed their trainer.
  Wispeon / DoomGuy123 / 22d 14h 53m 55s
*Rubs her back* This is awesome. but let's get a move on!
  Leo / MLthevampireking / 22d 17h 16m 22s
Wispeon smiled and started to rub her head on his arm like a cat
  Wispeon / DoomGuy123 / 22d 17h 17m 51s
AH! WH-WHAT? what happened? *Looks up at them* that was... weird *Thinking*
  Leo / MLthevampireking / 22d 17h 21m 20s
Wispeon licked his nose, waking him right up. [i I don't know why you're sleepy...]
  Wispeon / DoomGuy123 / 22d 17h 24m 27s
Why do I feel so *YAAAWWNNN* Sleepy? i got A lot of sleep last night?
  Leo / MLthevampireking / 22d 17h 25m 45s
Wispeon leapt onto the bed and curled up next to him
  Wispeon / DoomGuy123 / 22d 18h 46m 1s
interesting... I feel like *Yawn* Sleeping... Again... *Falls over and passes out*
  Leo / MLthevampireking / 22d 18h 47m 49s
They looked at him, and told him that they remembered that Jirachi sounded like a little kid.
  Wispeon / DoomGuy123 / 22d 18h 50m 49s
what?! you heard Jirachi!? Holy crud! that is so AWESOME!
  Leo / MLthevampireking / 22d 19h 4m 29s
They looked at him, then they remember the voice, which sounded like a young child
  Wispeon / DoomGuy123 / 22d 19h 19m 27s
Sorry for scaring you, Wispeon....*Get's her down* It's called Jirachi... it's said to wake up every 1000 years to grant a wish to three people with the purest of hearts...
  Leo / MLthevampireking / 22d 19h 24m 14s
Wispeon jumped and was hanging onto the ceiling with her claws.
  Wispeon / DoomGuy123 / 22d 19h 46m 12s
*wakes up abrubtly* I FOUND OUT WHAT POKEMON THAT WAS!!!
  Leo / MLthevampireking / 22d 19h 50m 22s
Wispeon was passed out on Leo's bed, curled up beside his head.
  Wispeon / DoomGuy123 / 22d 19h 57m 34s

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