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He winked at her, and he told her they were going to take a very classic car to the restaurant of their choice. "It's a very special Morgan, solid wooden frame..." he told her, and smiled at her, and led her to the car
  Jack "Hammer" Lecarde / DoomGuy123 / 359d 14h 50m 7s
Olivia blushed at the compliment, and gladly took his hand in hers. "T-thanks. You look exquisite, too." She smiled, her tail swaying happily as she looked into his eyes.
  Olivia Mari / AskTheStaff / 359d 14h 56m 35s
Jack had just finished showering and grooming himself, and was putting on his red three piece suit, and after he had gotten dressed, he made his way to the front door, and he was amazed at how good she looked in her outfit . "You look quite divine." He told her, taking her hand in his.
  Jack "Hammer" Lecarde / DoomGuy123 / 359d 14h 59m 53s

Olivia was in her room, putting on her outfit. It consisted of the white coat, and some nice black clothing underneath that was rather formal. "Oh, I hope he likes this." She said to herself, before stepping out of her room and waiting at the front door for him.
  Olivia Mari / AskTheStaff / 359d 15h 2m 8s
Jack scrambled to his room after grabbing Blitzkrieg, and picked out a nice red suit, and then picked out a bow tie and a red vest. "This would look nice..." he told himself, and he carefully set the clothing on his dresser for tomorrow night.
  Jack "Hammer" Lecarde / DoomGuy123 / 359d 15h 8m 35s
Olivia smiled and laughed a tiny bit, happy to be going out with Jack. "I should get prepared for tomorrow!" She said, already picking out a nice outfit that would pair well with the coat that had been gifted to her.
  Olivia Mari / AskTheStaff / 359d 15h 13m 15s
Jack sat down and was amazed with himself, and he smiled a bit. "I asked her out and she accepted..." he said, and looked at the room. "I actually did it this time..." he repeated to himself.
  Jack "Hammer" Lecarde / DoomGuy123 / 359d 15h 15m 9s
Olivia sighed as Jack left the room, and now a bunch of whole new thoughts about him were going through her head. "W-wow...he just asked me out and I accepted." She said to herself, blushing deeply.
  Olivia Mari / AskTheStaff / 359d 15h 18m 19s
He smiled nervously, and bowed in an awkward way, and closed the door quietly, then took a deep breath. "I need to work on my self confidence..." he told himself, and headed back into the study, where Blitzkrieg was exploring.
  Jack "Hammer" Lecarde / DoomGuy123 / 359d 15h 19m 29s
Olivia went silent as her face flushed a deep shade of red, and she made a little noise of surprise. "W-well...I'd be h-happy to, sir." She stuttered awkwardly.
  Olivia Mari / AskTheStaff / 359d 15h 21m 10s
"What I mean is...would you like to go out to dinner with me...?" He asked, his face getting even more red when he asked. He was very embarrassed about asking, and he didn't know why he was
  Jack "Hammer" Lecarde / DoomGuy123 / 359d 15h 23m 26s
Olivia looked at Jack, realizing his face was red. "W-what do you mean by that, sir?" She asked, slightly confused as she started to blush as well. Her tail went back to swaying awkwardly.
  Olivia Mari / AskTheStaff / 359d 15h 25m 6s
Jack opened the door a bit, his face red, trying not to look weird. "Um...I was wondering if you would like to go somewhere tomorrow after you get done cleaning,,," he said awkwardly, feeling unsure about himself.
  Jack "Hammer" Lecarde / DoomGuy123 / 359d 15h 28m 52s
Olivia sat down on the edge of her bed, and continued to think about Jack for a second before she heard some light knocking on her door. "Come in." She said kindly, wondering who it would be.
  Olivia Mari / AskTheStaff / 359d 15h 30m 24s
Jack hesitated, but he finally decided to go and ask the neko something that he didn't have the courage to do for a few days, and that was to ask her out for dinner and possibly something else
  Jack "Hammer" Lecarde / DoomGuy123 / 359d 15h 34m 15s

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