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“So Kane’s back in town.” Shelby, a girl that they had went to high school with, said sitting down on the bench beside her. “Is he sticking around this time? Billie needs him.” Billie was laughing hysterically when she got off the ride and Kane was holding her, “Let’s go ask momma if she’s hungry yet.” He suggested and Billie nodded.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 59d 9h 14m 4s
By the time they were at the fair Josie was ready to go home and go to sleep. She sat on a bench, watching as Kane and Billie went on one of the rides. She yawned, glad that Billie was having a great time and that the night had remained fun and she and Kane hadn't fought once.
  Josie / iPride / 59d 11h 27m 28s
Billie reached up for Kane to pick her up and he did, she looked like the perfect mixture of him and Josie, his tan skin but a tad lighter, her blonde hair with his curls, and his bright blue eyes. She was perfect.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 80d 2h 50m 48s
Josie hurried over and picked up Billie's shoes and sat down on the floor, putting them on the girl. It proved difficult as Billie was bouncing around with excitement for the evening they had planned. Once her shoes were on Josie stood up and motioned for Kane to go ahead.
  Josie / iPride / 80d 13h 56m 2s
Kane smiled, “Would a certain little girl like to go to mini golf and get I don’t know...ice cream..and then go to the fair?” The girl giggled and nodded and Kane held out his hand to her, “We can go princess, but you’ve gotta let your mom get your shoes on you.”
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 90d 15h 8m 0s
Josie laughed lightly at Billie's observation. The girl had always been bright and she had admired that. She hoped that Kane wouldn't disappear again.
  Josie / iPride / 90d 22h 20m 19s
“Your Hair is like mine.” Billie said pointing to Kane’s tight curls. “Yeah it is sweetheart.” He said smiling to her.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 129d 5h 8m 4s
She watched as Billie hesitantly approached Kane, not quite sure of who he was or why he was here. Josie busied herself with putting on her shoes and grabbing jackets for both her and Billie. It was odd to have Kane here with them. She felt as though they were pretending that nothing had happened, that everything was fine in their lives. It was far from that but she couldn't deny that it felt nice to have someone else around.
  Josie / iPride / 129d 5h 55m 31s
Kane shook his head, "Josie... darlin'... its fine... you don't need to impress me or clean the house for me... I'm still me." He muttered and saw Billie, "Hey Billie." He muttered smiling to the little girl...
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 139d 4h 12m 5s
She opened the door and stepped aside to let him in, not sure what to say. The house was a mess, as was to be expected with a young child and a single mother. Toys were strewn throughout the living room and the kitchen looked as though she had just been trying to feed a family of eight. "Sorry for the mess. Things are just so hectic now with work and all." She called to Billie, telling her to hurry up and get ready.

--Sorry. Been going through some personal stuff--
  Josie / iPride / 139d 23h 52m 17s
The next day Kane was at her house right on time to pick her and Billie up. He was wearing his normal jeans and a t shirt as well as his signature hat. He just wanted to get to know his daughter... even if Josie still hated him."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 280d 5h 40m 46s
"Sounds like a plan. We will see you then." She walked behind the counter. "Now can you please leave so I can finally close up? I would really like to get home at a decent time." She went back to straightening things up, wondering how the next day would go. She wished she didn't have such hard feelings toward him but it couldn't be helped. She couldn't just excuse what he had done.
  Josie / iPride / 280d 22h 34m 36s
Kane nodded, "I'll be at your place at nine to pick you two up... Mini Golf... ice cream... the fair... and then coming back for dinner at your place... that sounds like a hell of a day." Kane was just excited that Josie hadn't flat out said no.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 293d 22h 15m 39s
"How bout nine tomorrow morning?" She figured that was early enough that they could go out and do something. "You can pick what we do. I can make us dinner later in the evening if you'd like to stay." She'd give him a chance but she couldn't promise that everything would go like he expected it to. He didn't know Billie like she did and she knew her daughter was going to be inclined to give him a chance but she knew the girl wouldn't go easy on him either. They hadn't had a life that was easy but it wasn't the worst either. They had worked together to make things go smoothly.
  Josie / iPride / 293d 22h 26m 29s
Kane nodded and asked, 'What time tomorrow? So I'm not late... and Josie... I'm not leaving anymore." He wasn't the same guy as when he left Greenwood... but he still loved her, that hadn't changed. He had said he was taking a year off but now that Billie was in the picture... he would take more... He wanted to be in her life.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 294d 21h 46m 3s

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