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[+red [b ***Gonna be more chill running this rp. I cut down the rules a bit and want this one to be more easy going. So just have fun or whatever]]

This is a place where abused or neglected nekos can come to live and recover without fear for their safety. All nekos are under the age of 20 except for some of the staff.

[center ------------------------------------]

[center [size26 [B Positions needed]]]

[center ____________________]

[center [size14 [b Staff]]]

[Center Hostess- Shizuma]
[center Maid (Female)- Ruby]
[center Maid (Male)- Akira Kaneko]

[center ____________________]

[center [size14 [B Residents]]]

[Center Resident 1 - Arya]
[Center Resident 2 - SC]
[Center Resident 3 - Knight J. Rockefeller]
[Center Resident 4 - Kimika]
[Center Resident 5- Scythia]
[Center Resident 6 - Yami]
[center Resident 7- Alexander]
[center Resident 8- Taissa Nakamichi]
[center Resident 9- Leonard Russels]
[center Resident 10- Quinten Coern]
[center Resident 11- Ryuusei Oda]

[center -----------------------------------------]

[center [pic http://www.americanantiquities.com/footprints%20of%20the%20past/divider-5.png]]

[center [size32 [b Home For Nekos Lay Out]]]

[center [pic http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk266/PinkFluffy007/Random/image.jpg1_zpst2rhktz9.jpg]]

[center [size22 [+red Main Mansion]]]

[center --------------------------------]

[center [size18 [b Upstairs]]]

[center [I Staffs Room:]]

[center [b Room A1:] Shizuma, Female Maid, and Akira]

[center [I Residents Rooms:]]

[center [B Room A: Arya and Alexander]
[B Room B: SC and Scythia]
[B Room C: Knight and Yami]
[B Room D: Kimika and Taissa]
[B Room E: Leonard and Quinten]
[B Room F: Ryuu and Satoshi]]

[center --------------------------------]

[center [size18 [b Downstairs]]]

[center Kitchen
Dinning Area
Living room/Common Area
Play Area

[center --------------------------------]

[center [size18 [b Backyard/Garden]]]

[center Playground
Tea table
Picnic tables
Lots of space to run around
Several trees to climb

[center [pic http://www.americanantiquities.com/footprints%20of%20the%20past/divider-5.png]]

[b Rules]

1. You will all get roommates. And Staff also all live on the property.
2. Romance is okay, however, staff can only date other staff. And residents may only date other residents. ()
3. No masters allowed in the home. This is a place of refuge.
4. Fighting must be broken up and serious fighting can lead to expulsion. Play fighting is generally okay.
5. [b ****Interact with at least one rper in EVERY post you make. This rp will NOT be a bunch of individuals sitting off by themselves ignoring each other.]
6. You must wait for at least 2 other people to post after you, before you can post again.
7. Swearing is fine. But NOT excessively.
8. No one liners, you must be able to write about 800 characters.
9. Anime pics only.
10. There will NOT be a Posting order. There is no limit to the number of people that can join this rp.
11. [u [B 48 HOUR DROP OUT RULE.]] If you do not post within 48 hours without a valid excuse, you will be booted out and the Rp will be thrown up into advertisements allowing room for more guests.
12. [u [B FRIENDLY REMINDERS.]] I reserve the right to remind you when it’s a been a while, or everyone else has clearly posted and you haven’t, once every few hours. This is to avoid a disruption in the flow of things.
13. [u [B RESPOND TO OTHERS IN YOUR POSTS NOT JUST ROOMMATE.]] If someone addresses your character, be polite and acknowledge it. () Do NOT ignore it without mentioning something. If you want to ignore what that other character said then you literally have to write that. [+red Ex. She said Hi, but my character ignored her.] That is OKAY. Is that tedious? Yes. But you alienate people and it's less fun for everyone if you don't even acknowledge the other persons existence.
14. [u [B MAKE THE EDIT.]] If I see that you ignored another character that talked to you, and didn't even write that...I will ask you to go back and edit your post to include it. If you do NOT edit your post, and I have too remind you 3 times to do it, you will get kicked out of the rp and your position will be opened up to someone else.
15. [u [b CHAT BOX RESTRICTIONS.]] [+red [b The Chat Box and ALL additional chats are banned to prevent further distractions. NO EXCEPTIONS. Do not bother me about this. If this is an issue for you, Do NOT join. Just pm me with any questions or concerns you might have throughout the rp.]]
16. [u [b POST WITH CORRECT PICTURE]] I know it's easy to post and forget to click on your correct character nor forget to post with a picture at all, but please try and avoid this as it gets confusing to your fellow rpers. If I see you fail to use a picture/ the proper picture, that will be a mark against you and you can potentially be booted from the rp. So pay attention!
17.[u [b NO STARTING SEPARATE RPS RELATED TO THIS ONE]] Say you meet someone you really like and want to rp with them faster. Unless you talk to me first, DONT DO IT. It’s just two posts that you have to wait. You joined a GROUP rp, with likely the intention to partake in a GROUP, that includes the other person you like. And now you decided to selfishly ruine it for others who may have wanted to see the storyline play out between you two or even par-take in it. You don’t get to run off with a relationship that only exists BC of my rp, just you’d prefer a one on one with your crush. That KILLS group rps. So if even a TINY sign of this crap popping up, I’ll boot you imdiatly And put you on my “Do NOT rp with list” and warn other rpers about your actions so they can be speared from the damage you might cause them.

[b [size14 Skelly:]]

[b Username:]
[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Race:]
[b Sexual orientation:]
[b Medical Records:]
[b Previous Offenses:]
[b Other details:]
[b Background:]
[b History with other nekos:]
[b Crush:]
[b Picture URL:]

[center ------------------------------------]

[center [pic http://www.americanantiquities.com/footprints%20of%20the%20past/divider-5.png]]

[center [size32 [b Staff]]]

[+red Hostess]

[b Username:] Mist_
[b Name:] Shizuma
[b Age:] 21
[b Race:] Neko
[b Sexual orientation:] Bi
[b Medical Records:] Scar across her eye. And scars cover her back, but are hidden from plain site.
[b Previous Offenses:] Killed her old master in self defense.
Other details: Hostess of the house. She had been in and out of homes growing up and saw how terribly nekos have been treated so she decided to to work at the Home for Nekos to help all the hurt nekos out. She is strict and can seem stern but she is really caring under it all and. Natural born leader.
[b Background:] Shizuma was once pet to the toughest gang leader in her city. The gang was heartless and cruel and treated nekos worse then most people. Often abusing them, chopping off their tails for fun, just to show how tough and uncaring they were. The boss treated Shizuma a bit different though. He was in love with her. Even gave her some leadership responsibilities. But things started changing when people caught on to his feelings for her. Not wanting to be made the laughing stock of gangs throughout the city, he stripped her of her power. Began abusing her. Spitting on her and humiliating her in front of the men that once followed her orders. He resented her for the loved he felt for her and her kind and beat her to near death for it, until she could take it no longer. Changing her name, she now lives in hiding. The gangs members still very much after her, seeking to take revenge for their bosses humiliating death at the hands of a Neko.
[b History with the other Nekos:] TBD
[b Crush:] TBD
Pic: [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/af42/f/2015/301/7/8/kitty_cat_kata_by_spichis-d9eo6sc.png]

[+red Maid Female]

Female Maid

Username: Simply Random
Name: Ruby
Age: 17
Race: Neko, purebreed
Sexual orientation: Pan
Medical Records: Bipolar,
Previous Offenses: None on Record, but assault & battery, a few minor felonies
Other details:
Background: Ruby lived in Aurelia. She comes from a royal family. Nothing about that life was her thing. She left because she is about to be turn into the age where she has to marry someone, and she doesn’t have a say in it, which is why she ran away. Ruby never fit in with her family. The girl was always sneaking out to go play with kids her age and learning how to cook and clean certain things. Never have she ever spoken bad to a help and if she did they knew she didn’t mean it and it was for show.
History with other nekos: Anyone whos willing to say they grew up with her before they moved… TBD!
Crush: TBD
Picture URL: [pic http://i.imgur.com/Dc8KEx3.jpg]

[+red Maid Male]

[b Username:] Okimichi
[b Name:] Akira Kaneko
[b Age:] 19
[b Race:] Neko
[b Sexual orientation:] Bisexual
[b Medical Records:] CIPA , Antisocial Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder
[b Previous Offenses:] May or may not have murdered individuals.
Other details: Had met Shizuma some time ago and took up the job of being a maid.
[b Background:] Akira once lived a life many would call a happy and peaceful one... but that all changed over the course of a few weeks. A person he thought to be his best friend had betrayed him in some of the most foulest of ways... his "best friend" kidnapped him and did something to him that changed him completely, giving him his mental illnesses. His "best friend" was never seen again.
Akira left everything behind and was never seen again either... until he ended up at this mansion. He decided to take up being a maid since "cleaning up" is something he's very good at.
No one really knows his past besides the hostess, as she is the only one he's ever told and may never tell another soul. He doesn't love her but he respects her, and thus he tries to be on his best behavior for her.
But he just gets these tendencies to severely hurt someone if they even so much as stand too close to him. He holds them but if someone does something that he cannot stand, he may snap.
Akira will be lucky if he ever feels he has a friend again. He would be extremely lucky if he were to ever fall for someone... but that might necessarily be the same for whoever he falls for.
[b Crush:] Does not know yet.
[b Picture URL:] [pic https://i.imgur.com/OgCGY2m.png]

[center -------------------------------------]

[center [size32 [b Residents]]]

[+red Resident 1:]

[b Username:] NorthernWolves
[b Name:] Arya
[b Age:] 15
[b Race:] Neko
[b Sexual orientation:] Demi
[b Medical Records:] Numerous gunshot wounds, bruises, cuts, hypothermia
[b Previous Offenses:] Stealing
[b Other details:] Will be revealed
[b Background:] At first, her life was not bad. She lived with her master in a perfect relationship. She did not have to worry about a single thing.
That was until he had died, and his wife took over the house; his wife ran her out of the house with nothing but her clothes on.
She was doomed to wonder the city, trying to survive one day after the next. It was hell, as others would harm her in all sorts of ways.
In the end, she resorted to stealing. Yes it was a crime to steal, but otherwise she would have died from malnutrition. But she inadvertently stole some items from a gang within the city. Being a violent gang who did not at all appreciate some wacko neko stealing from them, responded violently. They tracked her down and did various things: cut her skin with knives, beat her all over, and shot her just for fun.
As the night slowly replaced day, she could only lie there and whimper in pain as she slowly died. If it had not been for a lucky and sympathetic soul, she would have died that day.
But thanks to that soul, she ended up in the hospital, and after that being sent to a Home for Nekos.
[b History with other nekos:] TBD
[b Crush:] TBD, possibly
[b Picture URL:] [pic http://i68.tinypic.com/9uae.jpg]

[+red Resident 2:]

[b Username:] RamaAmor
[b Name:] TBD, goes by SC
[b Age:] 18
[b Race:] Part neko, part demon
[b Sexual Orientation:] Pansexual
[b Medical records:] Pneumonia, seasonal allergies, vaccines
[b Previous offenses:] None that are known.
[b Other details:] She gets Stockholm syndrome easily, and is very gullible.
[b Background:] The daughter of a slave that was used for a demon's own enjoyment, she never got angry over the fact that they were planning to sell her to a rich demon's son. She accepted it as a simple part of life. She enjoyed what she had, learning from other's mistakes as well as her own. Despite this, she was given little food or water, and collapsed while on an errand for her master, or rather, her father. She was handed over to the [
Home for Nekos, where she would learn what freedom was.
[b History:] One of the slaves offered to Knight, she knows only that he is another hybrid, and that she wanted to get to know him.
[b Crush:] Drawn to Knight, though not exactly a crush.

[+Red Resident 3:]

[b Username:] Pinkra01
[b Name:] Knight J. Rockefeller
[b Age:] 18
[b Race:] Neko Demon Halfbreed
[b Sexual orientation:] Demisexual
[b Medical Records:] Shortened tail from part of it being cut off, anger issues that resulted in causing damage to theirself and objects around them
[b Previous Offenses:] Knight does whatever when ever with no regard for law. Due to this, the halfbreed has gotten into countless fights often trying to show off strength and their demon side, which is considered higher ranked in society.
[b Other details:] Knight won’t hesitate to put someone in their place, and beat the face in of anyone that deserves it, only recognizing their demon side and completely ignoring the part that is Neko. ***Knights gender is unknown but most assume the halfbreed is male do to knights handsome features and rough attitude.
[b Background:] Knight was born to a Neko mother and a rich and successful demon father. After knights mother passed away in childbirth, the halfbreed was raised to sleep, drink, fight, act and survive like a demon. Completely rejecting any Neko Blood. Since it is viewed as inferior. Demons took pride in being powerful and dominant over the weaker creatures around them. Unsurprisingly, they owned many Neko Slaves and Knight too, was incuraged to be a Master someday. Knight, however, hated the creatures. Despite looking just like them, the halfbreed viewed them as weak and pathetic. Knight disliked Neko-kind so much, the halfbreed attempted to cut of their own tail. But that proved to be unsuccessful. Instead the shorten tail through the half demon off balance, giving the brute a kind of a wierd walk. This only added to the anger issues building within the Neko hating creature.

Always out to prove their strength, Knight’s father got tired of the hot heads rude behavior and attitude and sent the halfbreed to go live at the Home for Nekos. He knew Knight would be forced to follow some sort of structure and rules but could also pick a potential slave for the future. Only problem was knight hated nekos, and their were rules against Masters being their anyway. No way was there going to be a Neko that caught the brutes attention enough to want to become knights slave after..right?
[b History with other nekos:] TBA
[b Crush:] Knight couldnt give a crapless about annoying crushes or weak feelings like love. Especially towards a pathetic Neko. But if forced to make a choice, ____ is sorta of decent looking. SORT OF, for a Neko that is.
[b Picture URL:] [pic http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk266/PinkFluffy007/080CA752-3C9C-46DB-A238-1246297CDAEC_zpsulz9kdrd.jpeg]

[+Red Resident 4:]

Username: Lypohprenia
Name: Kimika Katsumi
Age: 19
Race: Half Neko, half demon
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Medical Records: Was born premature, she is smaller and weaker than most, still fairly strong due to her demonic side.
Previous Offenses: Poisoned her previous owners.
Other Details: Can have a hard time communicating how she feels, usually avoids people, is weird about being touched.
Background: Kimika was raised by a wealthy family, who had bought her as a pet. Her parents, could not afford a child so they sold her. They had thought they were selling her to a trust worthy family that wanted to raise her like a normal person. Little did they know, they were wrong. Kimika became a family pet, while treated well as a young girl, things begin to get worse as she got older. While she was never allowed to be touched, she was forced to dance often, even for guests. She was never allowed to leave the house, unless it was on a leash. Replacing the house maids when she got old enough, she did all the family house work, cleaning, cooking, yard work. If she messed up, or forgot a chore she'd be punished. Every punishment was new and unique. She had to think of a way to get out, to escape the life she had as a slave. While cooking one day, she had slipped in a mix of rat and insect poisons into the meal for them all. Normally she was forced to eat the last left overs, so she knew she'd be safe from the food. They'd all be dead before it was her turn.
Calling the police on herself, she confessed and then eventually was sent to this home.
History with other nekos: TBD
Crush: TBD
Picture URL: [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/e589e88a64d03b3a8d9b1f0dd27ef92e/tumblr_p3pg1hixoy1ucxjaeo1_400.png]

[+Red Resident 5:]

[b Username:] IKage
[b Name:] Scythia
[b Age:] 17
[b Race:] Neko
[b Sexual orientation:] Straight
[b Medical Records:] no Injuries but shows signs of Asperger syndrome
[b Previous Offenses:] Assault in self-defense
Other details:

[b Background:] Scythia belonged to a rich family before she arrived at the home. At first she was just a pet, but as she grew older then the oldest son of the family took an unhealthy interest in her. He started to try and keep her in his room, forcing her to do thing for him and started to feel her up whenever he could. The rest of the family knew but did not seem to care. Eventually this got too much for Scythia and one day after he forced her to undress for him. He tried to rape her but she managed to grab a hold of a pen and stab him in the eye. While he was rolling around on the floor in pain she ran from the house and off into the night. From then on Scythia started having issues with men and humans in general, doing her best to stay away from them and keep to herself. One day while running she found out about the home and made her way there and hopefully to safety from people.

[b History with other nekos:] Scythia met Arya when she was laying hurt and bleeding to death from the gangs. Upon seeing this she grabbed Arya and took he rot a hospital and quickly as she could and managed to save her, but after that she left to make her way to the Neko
[b Crush:] non at the moment
Picture URL: [pic http://40.media.tumblr.com/83ebd5413d101c9e5321600e65cbbcbf/tumblr_o3mzsboUOa1tde9sno1_500.png]

[+Red Resident 6:]

Name: Yami
Age: 18
Race: Pureblooded Blackhaired Neko
Sexual orientation:Bisexual
Medical Records: Rare blood line, pure bread MoonShade Niko. Has yet to get ill , has yet to break any bones. Sleeps too much.
Previous Offenses: None.
Other details: Yami, loves being lazy, having his back or ears rubbed and tends to grow bored of things easily.
Background: Yami grew up a rich neko in the MoonShade house, but his family only married other nekos, and Yami left for a human, his master. Everything was good for a long time, Yami had everything he could want, he was papered and spoiled until his master brought home another, younger neko. Yami grew jealous of his fading attention and scratched the other on his face. Then was thrown out on the street my his old master. His family will not take him back and he's been content living on the street, he's good at it, like he was born to be an Ally neko.)

History with other nekos: TBD
Crush: Don't know yet
Picture URL: [pic http://oi50.tinypic.com/152jny9.jpgl]

[+red Resident 7]

[b Username:] nomey1
[b Name:] Alexander, though Alex is perfectly fine.
[b Age:] 17
[b Race:] Probably some kind of mutt of a neko, though he wouldn't know since his parents are MIA. People tend to confuse him for a wolf.
[b Sexual Orientation:] Pansexual
[b Medical Records:] Sever burn wounds on different parts of his body, mainly arms, legs, and back. Also some obscure knife wounds on his torso, neck, and lower half of his face.
[b Previous Offenses:] Arson .
[b Other Details:] Constantly suffers with nightmares and is still recovering from severe malnutrition. He is also afraid of/hates mirrors.
[b Background:] All of Alexanders' life was spent at Madame Dubois' orphanage. No one knew who his parents were or his family history. He was found at the doorstep of the orphanage and never left. He was always quiet, polite, and kept to himself. However, because of his appearance, most anyone that saw him grew wary or outright afraid. The only ones that never acted this way were the other children because he protected them and they knew he was really a kind boy. He played games with them and helped them feel better when they were really sad.

Due to the gang wars within the city, Alex had no choice but to become as strong as he could in order to protect himself and the other kids whenever they were out. They would sometimes get into trouble and he was always the one that had to get them out. Over the years he collected several scars. The Madame always berated him, forcing him to look in the mirror every day and yelling, "You are a hideous monster! A plague upon this earth!" Eventually, he started to believe it. He grew his hair long in the front and always wore some kind of mask that concealed most of his face.

One day, the orphanage went up in flames. He did not hesitate to run into the building as many times as necessary until every single child was out of. Unfortunately, he could not save them all. A few lost their lives and he took it very personally. To top it all off, although the Madame had no basis for this accusation, she blamed him for the fire. The police were going to arrest him, but the kids fought them off and told him to run.

Alexander doesn't know how long he ran for; hours, possibly days, before he eventually collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. He woke up inside the Home for Nekos, having no idea what the place is or how he got there. It seemed he would be staying here for the time being, however.
History with Other Nekos: He thinks he recognizes Shizuma from back when she was a member of a pretty prominent gang in his city, but that was years ago and they have never interacted before.
Crush: He doesn't know yet. He might think some of them are attractive, but he won't actively try to go after them on account that he believes himself to be a hideous monster.
Picture URL: [pic http://s28.postimg.org/bhmg8e6f1/image.jpg]

[+red Resident 8]

Username: AllOfTheStars
Name: Taissa Nakamichi
Age: 16
Race: Albino neko
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Medical Records: Various marks and scars. Was admitted into conversion therapy.
Previous Offenses: None
Other details: She is naive and she tends to trust too quickly.
Background: Taissa was placed in an orphanage not long after she was born. She moved orphanages many times. Since she was one of the few nekos living wherever she went, she was bullied and beaten by the other kids. Luckily, when she was around 10, she was adopted by a loving, rich master. Instead of being treated as a pet, she was treated as an individual, an equal. He spoiled her. However, her master was highly homophobic, and after Taissa entrusted him with her sexuality, he sent her to a conversion therapy camp. She was treated horribly, being abused and sometimes raped. It was supposed to be a camp that used modern, harmless methods, but the camp had reverted back to old-time, painful methods. She was nearly killed before the camp was overturned and she was sent to the Home for Nekos.
History with other nekos: Taissa thinks she remembers seeing Alexander at one of the orphanages, but she was in so many that she could be mistaken.
Crush: TBD
Picture URL: [pic http://oi64.tinypic.com/2ajw8zm.jpg]

[+red Resident 9]

Username: Foreveryoung
Name: Leonard Russels
Age: 17
Race: A simple black cat
Sexual orientation: Bi
Medical Records: Insomnia, season allergies, sleep walking
Previous Offenses:Arson, accidental explosions and damage to property
Other details:
Background: Black cats are said to be bad luck and Leonard could believe that. He had been the black cat for two witches and both had passed, one in a broom accident and the other dosed by cursed water that made her melt. After that he decided he was done trying to be a familiar, it was too much hurt. He had loved both witches dearly, they had been sisters and had raised him and taught him magic together in the same home. It had been going well until he had walked in on them casting a luck spell crossing path with them at the most unlucky time. That's when things went down hill, he was homeless by the end of the month. Leo had tried to make ends meet, he was able to cast a handful of helpful little spells before luck would turn on him and something blew up. This had gotten him in trouble and was now forbidden to practice magic with out supervision though none wanted to supervise. He found himself with no where to go and nothing to do so he signed himself up for the orphanage looking for sanctuary and the occasional place to practice a bit of magic because after all there had to be a way to break his curse.
History with other nekos: He doesn't know any one yet or he hopes he doesn't because the spells he provided hadn't always ended up well.
Crush: Do not know yet but he likes to look
Picture: [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Envy.Catwalk.full.894647.jpg]

[+red Resident 10]

Username: TheGayBoy
Name: Quinten Coern
Age: 18
Race: Part Neko, Part Demon
Sexual orientation: Gay
Medical Records: Depression, PTSD, Top Surgery , Night Terrors
Previous Offenses: None on record that is.
Other details: Transgender Boy (FtM),
Background: Growing up Quinten was born a girl, but didn’t feel like he was in the right body, he always begged his mum to let him do boy stuff. She laughed and told his father of the things he wished he could do. He taught himself how to basically live his life, his mother wasn’t any help and was solely addicted to any kind of drug she could get her hands onto. Leaving Quinten to fight off his father who told him to always lay on his back, the man came and paid him a visit every night up until the age of 8. He was completely cut off from the outside world, no friends, no one to count on. The day of his 8th birthday he witnessed the death of his mother shoot herself right in front of his eyes, which caused him to shut everyone out. The death left his father reeling. His father was high mafia and got away with just about everything. His family had to be one of the richest there was, with a full blooded demon as a dad and neko as his mother.
At age 12 his father grew too tired of Quinten and all of his self-sabotage, he sent him away to a neko’s adoption agency. He hated his father with every ounce inside his small body. He mostly stayed to himself and didn’t bother the other neko’s as he figured himself to be unwanted trash, his stone attitude made him seem mean and many others wanted to be around him. When he turned 14 he found out how to bind, binding is a transgender term meaning flattening the breasts by the use of constrictive materials such as a ‘binder’. The owner of the Neko’s agency known as Ms. Pettigree thought nothing of the sort and wanted what was best for Quinten knowing his back ground story.
As the years flew by no one had really wanted to take on the challenge of taking care of Quinten so he kept to himself a lot more until he reached the age of 16. He had asked his father for money because he knew it wouldn’t be a problem for him. He finally started doing what HE wanted, his thoughts often told him he couldn’t do it or he was worthless, but he pushed through it. He placed himself on testosterone and soon after on his 17th birthday he had gotten his top surgery. He finally felt like a boy, his chest was flat and his abs showed well on his chest, it was like he wasn’t a girl anymore. About a year or so later Ms. Pettigree had developed cancer and was soon killed by it.
The day of his 18th birthday he arrived at Home For Neko’s slightly remembering one of the girls Taissa.

Crush: TBD
Picture URL: [pic https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.g5cfg_VsaNj8mQi0seKLegHaIE&pid=Ap]

[+red Resident 11]
Username: Ryuten
Name: Ryuusei Oda
Age: 20
Race: 2/3 Human, 1/3 Werewolf
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Medical Records: PTSD, Severe depression
Previous Offenses: Thefts, assaults, vandalism, etc. Currently on probation.
Other details: Ryuu cannot shift and did not inherit even his father's ears or tail, but he does have the enhanced senses and brute strength to prove he is otherwise of wolven descent.
Background: Ryuusei's mother died before he turned three, leaving he and his father alone for a few years, which must have taken quite a toll on the latter, as during Ryuu's sixth year of life, his father brought home a nanny of sorts, however feline in design. This neko, Maya, eventually won him over, more or less taking over as his mother. He loved Maya, and he loved that his father was smiling again.
Unfortunately, not even this was to last. Ryuu and his father were mechanics, you see. They could fix anything... Anything, except, an angry ex-employee. He had been fired for stealing parts from the shop, and took it out on the whole family, barricading the doors while they slept. Suffice it to say, Ryuu lost everything that night, burned and orphaned and alone from then on. Exhausted, none of them had managed to haul themselves out, and even after immediate hospitalization, only a fifteen-year-old Ryuusei made it out alive. With no relatives, Ryuusei was sent to different homes for boys until he turned 18, but no matter where he went, he couldn't manage to make any friends. As a result, the loneliness overtook him, and he broke and smashed everything in his fits of rage. He has been arrested on countless occasions and used to think nothing of it, but got a reality check about a year ago. One more; He only has one last chance, before they KEEP him in prison.
Ryuusei was in therapy for eight months before being assigned to work maintenance and security for the neko facility, and has calmed a great deal, learning to vent his loneliness and frustration with music instead. Big guy is a bit tense, but is more or less harmless these days. This is the first time he's ever had friends, so the awkwardness shows.
History with other nekos: Previously acquainted with Akira, albeit only as children many years ago.
Crush: Hasn't given it much thought, so not yet.
Pic: [pic https://s10.postimg.org/4nujxklrd/1518444265504-378x653.jpg]


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[center [b [i [u T.S. to the evening...]]]]

By the time it was evening Ruby was better. She cleaned everything she could. Did laundry to the clothes that were in each rooms laundry bin. If it wasn’t in the bin it wasn’t washed. The girl isn’t going to smell clothes to see if it’s clean or not. The kitchen was cleaned and whatever sandwiches that wasn’t eating was place in a ziplock bag and left on the island in case anyone got hungry and wanted something small.

After cleaning the kitchen, Ruby went to sit outside. She knows she should be checking on the other Nekos but the girl needs some tile
To herself real quick. Before she has another random meltdown. She began to mumble and pluck the grass. Her parents never did understand why she would do it. Depending on how much she has on her mind she’ll pluck the grass out until there’s a bare spot on the yard. Sighing, she lays down on the gross. Her brown eyes staring at the clouds.
  Ruby - / Simply_Random / 1d 1h 47m 33s
After finishing her drink and sandwich Scythia got up out of the chair and headed back to the kitchen. It wasen't as crowarded as when she left but there were still a few people there. She quietly walked in and set her cup down by the sink, washing it out a bit so it would be easier to clean.

She then headed out of the kitchen and made her way to the Library. "Hmm pretty nice" she said as she looked around, getting familiar with the different sections and their location in the room. After that she looked around for a nice mystery book and pulled it off of the shelf. "Well at least O have something I can read now" she said as she walked to the front desk to check out the book.

Scythia then returned to her room and started reading her book. By the time she closed it to take a break she noticed that it was getting dark outside. "Huh..I must have been reading for awhile" she said as she set the book down and made her way back down stairs.
  Scythia / IKage / 1d 11h 5m 24s
[size12 The migraine was getting worse. Nausea was starting to set in. There was too many thoughts running through Satoshi's mind and his irritation level was a bit high. It wasn't the other nekos though. It was the elder of his clan. Satoshi was beyond done with them. He just wanted to be a normal wolf. There was some small noises from someone in the library but he didn't pay much attention to it. He was just in too much pain.]

[size12 Satoshi let out a growl that turned into a whine and his head throbbed with every beat of his heart. Part of it could be the lack of food. He was a bottomless pit when it came to his stomach. However, the sudden increase in stress just knocked his hunger out which wasn't exactly a good thing when he already had an empty stomach. It wasn't long till Satoshi suddenly turned green around the gills as his stomach jumped up into his throat and threatened to jump clean out.] [b "Ugh. I think I'm gonna puke."] [size12 He moaned as he tried to curl up tighter. He was stressed from the start of the day and it was just getting worse. Normally he could handle a lot of stress but not on an empty stomach.]

[size12 He decided that the only way to settle this down was to get something for it. He tried to slowly get back up but found it rather difficult to get up from the stuffed chair. The claws on his feet got caught in the fabric and because they are so sharp, he ended up shredding a good portion of it without much effort. He got up finally and looked at what was left of the chair, which was mostly just half the chair in tatters and a pile of stuffing.] [b "Oops. Oh well."] [size12 He said, voice monotone. He heaved a sigh and held the left side of his head, his hand pretty much covering the entire half of his face. He moved out of the library and headed back towards where he was. He made it in time to see some people heading towards the kitchen. Or at least, that's what he assumed. Satoshi made his way there and sure enough it was the kitchen.] [b "Hey. If anyone is good at making teas, I need one for migraines and nausea. My head is about to implode and my stomach is about to jump out of my throat."] [size12 He said. His voice had a bit of demand to it but he wasn't feeling well so no one could blame him. He didn't look great either as his skin was pale and his normally bright sapphire blue eyes were dull. Satoshi made his way over to a wall and just slid down it to sit on the floor, tail wrapping around him and head on his knees.] [b "And please, please, please try to be quick. I hate feeling like this."]
  Satoshi / -Mirror- / 2d 3h 19m 20s
Leonard snacked on his cookie watching another neko arrive to direct the crowd to the kitchen. He peered at those about him before deciding he had no interest in going to the kitchen or bothering with the loud group. There was too much going on and it was better not to add to the mess.

Leonard would simply leave ignoring any that might intervene with a wonderful act of unawareness. Him, and his crumby partner, would take to the stairs. He would find his way back to the room, he found himself a little confused as he stared at the doors that all appeared the same.

A sigh would fall from his lips, he would take another bite of cookie chewing on it as he mawed over his next choice. He feeling so lazy he was tempted to open any door and take any bed and claim ignorance.

At last he simply opened a door and spotted a bed, it was good enough for him and empty. Leo would take himself and the cookies to the bed where he would munch before his eyes grew heavy and a cat nap overtook him. He dreamed of being Goldilocks.
  Foreveryoung / 2d 4h 27m 46s
SC had fallen asleep after Alexander left, and woke up a while later to the sound of Satoshi's mumbling and complaining. She got up to say hi, but decided against it. His voice made it sound like the last thing he wanted was social interaction. The last thing SC wanted was to anger someone by talking to them at the wrong time or by saying the wrong thing. Her tail was still asleep around her leg when she walked out of the library when she heard Alexander's voice, "[i If anyone needs to know where the kitchen is you can follow me.]" Despite already knowing where all the basic rooms were, she decided to tag along anyway, waving to all the newcomers as she quickly made her way next to Alexander. " I didn't know you were a guide," she joked, trying her best to lift the mood. Her smile was slightly forced, though it was hard to tell.
  SC / RamaAmor / 2d 17h 48m 33s
Alexander was at first surprise when, amongst the craziness that was all the new people, Ruby approached him asking for assistance. It looked as if she really needed the extra help so he felt as if he really couldn't say no.

[b [#FF850B "Yeah, sure,"]] he replied.

Then she wrapped up whatever conversations were left for her before disappearing to the second floor. He looked towards the people that were still in the entrance way. He didn't know who was brand new and who was only relatively new, but he waved his hand in order to get their attention.

[b [#FF850B "If anyone wants to know where the kitchen is you can follow me,"]] he said. That would be the quickest and easiest way to figure out who needed the help and who didn't. The job would get done in one go with little to no hassles and he would be done.
  Alexander / nomey1 / 3d 11h 42m 22s
[size12 Satoshi was not one to get overwhelmed easily but a headache was starting to form with all the commotion going on.] [b "Ugh. Maybe it's not a theory after all. Those cheeky fucking bastard old geezers set me up. They knew exactly what they were doing. Not just get rid of me but force me to start using my status. I have a headache."] [size12 He grumbles as he rubbed his left temple. He then turns and starts wandering off somewhere, the claws on his feet clicking and lightly scraping along the floor. Satoshi left with a rather frustrated and almost depressed look on his face. Or maybe he was just tired of dealing with whatever that was going on back home. Whatever it was, he was clearly done. His hunger was knocked out as well. He'd have to eat later once he feels better.]

[size12 After wandering a bit and the headache having built up into a migraine, Satoshi has to just stop and curl up somewhere quiet. He looked around and noticed he was by the library. There was usually always soft things to lay on in libraries and it was always quiet so it was the perfect place to rest for a bit. He went in and looked around till he found one of those stuffed chairs. He made his way over and curled up in it, his tail wrapping around him as if it was his own personal blanket and he closed his eyes. He has a hand over his face as well.] [b "Here's to hoping I can get rid of this damn migraine before someone comes in here and starts yaking my ears off. Or accidentally sits on me. Ugh. That would suck."] [size12 He mumbled as he settled more into the chair thing.]
  Satoshi / -Mirror- / 3d 21h 19m 53s
One of her ears dropped slightly as her head cocked in confusion when Taissa began to call her by a different name, though the girl then apologized. Wrinkling her nose she just blinked her eyes a couple time and shrugged her shoulders. [#F75E77 "It's okay."] she said quietly.
Ruby had also called and asked her about the tea, cradling the warm cup with both her hands once again. A smile spread across her face as her tail twitched slightly. Knowing there was too much noise she wouldn't be heard if she tried to respond, so she just raised a thumbs up.

The neko never spoke loudly, never yelled, most time she spoke just above a whisper. Being given away as baby, when she was being raised by her old masters they taught her to always speak softly. If she ever raised her voice or spoke too loud she was punished. Sometimes, she could still recall the taste of soap in her mouth. Now it was just ingrained in her to be quiet.

Taking the second now she noticed how much was going on around her it was slightly overwhelming. Two were bickering over a pack of cookies to her right. Taissa was now comforting the guy who handed her back her book, he was crouched over on the floor now. Someone else was hanging out but they were a little far back.

She no longer desired to be around so many people. Taissa seemed fine, so she walked through them all and led herself upstairs. Going towards her room, maybe she'd prepare herself a bath. Maybe she'd unpack her little amount of items. Maybe she'd actually change her mind, go back down stairs go back outside and take another nap.
Turning the corner from the stairs to start walking towards her room. She saw him.
She was right when she smelled him the first time.

Quiet literally frozen, she stared at him. He was only wearing a towel, and he was carrying a set of dirty clothes. Her first instinct was to take his clothes and go wash them, after all that was her masters son. Her job used to be taking care of him. Though her mind flooded with how he left, and everything that transpired. She was reminded she had poisoned his whole family. Her ears bent back, her tail flicked straight up and began to frizz out.
She was angry, so angry she had no words for him.

Glaring, she stomped past him, aggressively clipping his shoulder as she pranced past. Then rushing herself to her room, she slammed the door behind her.
Before leaning back against it and sliding down. Hugging her knees to her chest, she pouted. Why was he here? What happened to his human he loved so much? Was she even allowed to be mad after what she did to his family? Did he even know?
Questions ran through her head, her ears sank low against her head and her tail fell flat. Kimika sighed deeply.
  Kimika K. / Lypophrenia / 3d 23h 42m 29s
Taissa was helped up by both the silver haired neko and another that was behind her that she could not see. She was also handed back the book she had dropped, which she held close once again. She took a second look at the male and noticed that he did not have ears or a tail, but his scent told her that he was definitely feline. However, her attention was not on him for very long, as she soon found herself surrounded by other nekos. She turned around to see who else had helped her up. Her heart skipped a beat.

"[#ed455f Anna--]" she stopped herself when she realized who it really was. "[#ed455f Sorry, I thought you were someone else...]" She felt close to tears again when she realized that she was just seeing things.

Ruby commented on her book, and Taissa was about to say that she had already read it, but Ruby was already on her way trying to make some sense of the chaos around her. That was when she glanced off in the direction of a very familiar face.

Although she had been in so many different homes and met so many different people, it was hard to forget someone who had always worn a mask over his face. That orphanage was one of the best and worst places that she had been at over her early years. She loved being around the other children, but she was constantly worried that something would happen to them, inside and outside the orphanage. She despised the woman who ran the place. She ended up running away, even though she never forgave herself for leaving them behind.

She was about to approach him, but she hesitated, knowing that she had just mistaken Kimika for someone from her past. She turned to try and escape from the noisy room, but ended up nearly running into the same half neko as she did just a few minutes ago. He was now sitting on the floor.

Taissa crouched down in front of him and opened her mouth to say something, but paused. What was she supposed to say in a situation like this? Instead, she placed her hand on his head, hoping that it would comfort him somehow. She knew that it worked when Annalise did that for her.
  Taissa Nakamichi / AllOfTheStars / 4d 6h 1m 14s
Leonard had been caught, he glanced at Ruby, ears twitching with dismay. She suggested sandwiches but those sounded far too healthy for his sweet tooth. He would stick to his cookies, the ones he had commandeered from the floor. The canine didn't think such things should happen, the creature even dared to accuse him of stealing.

Leonard found a scoff rolling from his lips as he stood up and looked at the half thing as he attempted to threaten him. The black cat rolled his eyes making it clear he did not take the threat as real. How could he, he had never been able to take any canine serious.

"I would be careful where you are pointing that," he grumbled. His lucky/unlucky curse had a funny way of working out. Sometimes he was the one who found himself unlucky sometimes it was others who had crossed his path that would find themselves caught in the stigma of black cats unluckiness.

He glanced at Ruby who was still sweetly offering food like this peace offering would settle everyone down. He glanced back at the cookies in his hand, oh yes this would sustain him better then real food. He tore the wrapping open, the noise was loud, clear, and crisp. "Besides, it wasn't stolen, it was found," he pointed out as he tugged the chocolate chip cookie out.

Leo took a bite crumbs sprinkling against his chin. "Besides you should have some, looks like you need more meat on your bones."
  Foreveryoung / 5d 6h 56m 55s
Scythia takes the Orange Juice. "Thank you miss Ruby, and my name is Scythia." She said and took a smalll snip. After that she looked around and sat down in a chair, watching the person who gave her the juice make some sandwiches. After she was done she told them they could grab one and she nodded as Ruby walks out. O-ok thank you." she said and walked over grabbing one of the sandwiches.

After getting a sandwich she walked out and sat down in the dinnering room ot eat. BY now she had calmed down and was enjoying her food and drink. "This is good." Scythia said out loud as she ate. SHe watched some of the other nekos head towards the kitchen to get some food as well and she waved at them but did not say anything. "Maybe I should head to the library next, or go to my room." she thought as she finished her food and drink.
  Scythia / IKage / 5d 9h 2m 52s
[b "Thanks lass. I usually just sleep anywhere. Usually outside under the stars. I'm not a room person. Been cooped up in rooms too damn much lately. The old geezers just love doing that to me.] [size12 Satoshi's hunger clearly wasn't a distraction. His ear twitched hearing a package crinkle as someone tried to take off with it.] [b "Trying to steal while in the presence of a god? Really? You've got some nerve, kid."] [size12 He said pointing towards the arse end of the neko he could see poking out from behind the crouched man.] [b "I normally keep what I am under wraps but one of the rules of every holy being is 'thou shalt not steal'. Those don't belong to you so drop em. If I catch you doing it again, I'll knock the sin out of you with holy fire."] [size12 He said as his hand lit up with a white flame. The fire, of course, wasn't painful. Just really annoying to put out as it just has to burn itself out. But of course no one knows that. It was then a light bulb came on before he went pale and the flame on his had vanished.] [b "Ohno. Could it be that those cheeky old geezer bastards sent me here to. No. They sent me here get rid of me for a while. Satoshi you over think things."] [size12 He said softly to himself as he ruffled his hair with a small growl to try and get rid of the idea.]
  Satoshi / -Mirror- / 5d 9h 10m 10s
Yami laughed as he continued washing himself, [b “Don’t worry about it, I don’t care what parts you have, if you say you’re a boy, you’re a boy, simple as that. Besides, I didn’t see your parts, I wouldn’t have been able to tell if you hadn’t told me. Anyway its nice to meet you Quinten, you must have gotten here a little bit after me today.. I seems like the lot of us got here today.."]

He finished washing himself and peeked out of his shower curtain only to see Quinten struggling to put on his towel. He waited until He saw Quinten figure it out and grab another one to fully cover himself. Yami went to grab his towel to get out of the shower only to realize he’d forgotten to grab one. With a sigh, he shook his head and laughed to himself then he confidently opened his shower curtain and walked over to the basket of towels by the entrance of the door . He noticed that there were a few different sizes and looked through them until he found the biggest one he could, then wrapped it around his lower half, went back and scooped up his clothes, then walked out the bathroom to his room in his towel.

His cheek was lightly bleeding again by the time he reached his room, the water had only stopped it for a moment. When he got in his room he noticed a mess on the floor near his bed, He set his old bloody cloths down on the floor near his bend and got down on his hands and knees to start picking up the mess. It took only a moment to realize that it was a first aid kit that someone had either dropped or thrown on the floor. Either way it was a nice thought that someone might think to bring him one. After picking up all the pieces, he sat on his bed with it, using some of the medical ointment and a band aid on his cheek. Realizing that he probably couldn’t put back on his dirty, bloody clothes he grabbed his clothes after bandaging his cheek and left the room in search of a place to wash out his cloths so he could have something to wear as soon as possible.
  Yami / WiccansWrath / 5d 9h 50m 22s
You would think being a princess she can handle and control a scene. Wrong. It was never her thing. Big crowds who’s attention is on her scares her. What if she messes up? She’ll get a lecture and be taught a lesson. Never on the face because it’ll be hard to cover it up. Her hand whips away invisible sweat from her forehead. [#af18ae “Well...”] she clears her throat slowly looking at everyone around her. [i What to do... what to say... don’t mess up Ruby...] [#af18ae “For those who don’t know I prepararse something small for anyone who’s hungry. Satoshi if you need more sandwich come find me and I’ll make you some more. Feel free to eat until your full since you said you’re starving...] hearing something annoying her left ear twitches. She bends down to see Leo grabbing a back of cookies. It made her smile and relax a little. [#af18ae “No need to be sneaking around Leo. I hope your room is okay. We got sandwiches...”]
with that she stood up straight and had her hands together in front of her all lady like. [#af18ae “You’re also knew... you’ll most likely be sharing a room with Satoshi here. Please go have get something to eat or drink. I’ll then show you both to your rooms once when I go check that everything in there in clean.”] noticing Alex with a water bottle, she decided to ask him to show the new comers where the food is at. [#af18ae “Alex may you please show the newcomers where the kitchen is at? I would be grateful. I have a lot to do...”] she even bowed to him to show her gratitude. Then she saw Tassi with a book. A book she read twice. [#af18ae “That’s a good book. I hope you enjoy it.”] she whispers winking at the girl. [#af18ae “Kimika I hope the tea was satisfying... now if you please excuse me...”] Ruby runs upstairs and hide into the first room she saw the door was open. She quietly closes it and slides down against the wall next to the door. Tears finally streaming down her face. That was terrifying. Where was the other staff? The minute her eyes closed she had a flash back to one of the last arguments she had with her mother...

[i [center [#af18ae “Call off the gathering! Would that kill them? You're the queen. You can just tell the lords the princess is not ready for this. In fact, she might not ever be ready for this, so that's that. Good day to you. We'll expect your declarations of war in the morning.”]]] [i [center “I understand this must all seem unfair. Even I had reservations when I faced betrothal. But we can't just run away from who we are.”]] [i [center [#af18ae “I don't want my life to be over. I want my freedom!”]]] [i [center “But are you willing to pay the price your freedom will cost? If you could just try to see what I do, I do out of love.”]] [center [i [#af18ae “But it's MY LIFE, it's... I'm just not ready.]]]

[#af18ae “Conceal... Don’t feel... Let it go...”] she whisper repeating it over and over and over again. It was something she made up for an old childhood friend who was a hot head. Eventually she started using it for herself and it works.
  Ruby - / Simply_Random / 5d 13h 4m 15s
If SC said she was staying in the library, Alexander left her to it. If not, he didn't mind regardless if she decided to follow him or if she went off to a different location. Her company wasn't bad and, most importantly, she was nice. Confrontation was something he did not like getting into unless absolutely necessary; like in the case of survival.

He retraced his steps easily enough, remembering where the dining room was but hoping to spot the kitchen along the way. While making his way over he did run into one of the staff members, who introduced herself as Ruby. She said there were snacks and beverages in the dining room. He was perfectly full, but the fact that there were drinks caught his attention. She was busy so she went away quickly and he continued on his way, proud of himself when he did manage to find the kitchen without getting lost. Now if only he could navigate the rest of the mansion just as easily... Some exploration would be in order.

Alexander saw some nekos in the kitchen, but made his way straight to the sink in order to dispose of his plate. He was still a little rattled from earlier to properly interact with anyone so he did his best to just stay quiet. He poked around a little until he found a water bottle and a straw. Perfect. Sticking the straw in the bottle, he loosened the bottom strap of his gas mask just enough so that he could slip the straw underneath without having to take the mask off completely.

Stepping out, he could hear a lot of different noises and voices coming from the entrance way of the mansion. He recognized a couple of the people that spoke, but most of them sounded like complete strangers. He took slow, deep breaths in order to calm himself down. While Alexander was doing this, however, he couldn't help but notice someone with long, white hair being helped out by a girl with pink hair. He stared at the albino for a while, trying to figure out why her face was so familiar.

[i [right "Tassy, Tassy!"]]

[center [i "Come play with us, Tassy!"]]
His eyes widened. That's right, she used to be someone that lived at the orphanage he grew up in. She had only been there for a few months, but her stay left a big impression on everyone there, especially the girls. They loved to ask her to play games with them and go exploring in the city. Whenever they left he always tagged along because, knowing how dangerous the city was, he was practically the only one who really knew how to protect them if any trouble arose.

He didn't say anything or approach right away. Taissa looked shaken up by something he did not see transpire and was currently engaged with the pink girl. He stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do. If she ever glanced his way he would simply wave his hand in hello. Otherwise, he started to get lost in thought like he usually did. Something that often got him in trouble for one reason or another.
  Alexander / nomey1 / 5d 13h 49m 41s

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