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This can be a yaoi or a yuri if you want it to be straight we can do that too.

Key never believed in the tales of men becoming wolves. He refused to but when he is forced to move in with his grandparents he quickly learns that he will have to get over that. The reason? The town is made up of nothing but werewolves and to make matters worse the Alpha wolf has been eyeing him up. Which makes Key nervous extremely nervous to the point where he is on edge constantly.

Key, however, is not good with words or his emotions and tends to get into fights a lot. So he tends to try to avoid the alpha every chance he gets and focuses on his work in his grandparent's shop. That is when Key is forced to come in contact with the Alpha. Key was forced to ring the male up while his Grandmother pack up the man's order. What made this worse was Key was doing this shirtless because of the hot summer air. Key refuses to believe that he is a wolf because unlike the others in town that had shifted when they were seventeen Key had never changed.

Need a sexy alpha and to the girls out there I wouldn't mind making this a yuri.


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Robin went back to painting her nails as she sighed "I know you say it all the time." She said as she smiled weakly at her "But I think this pack could use a female Alpha you know show them we are more than pup caretakers." She said to her with a smile on her lips as she finished her nails. "You know if she assumed that about you I wonder how many other lies she has been told by her attackers."
  Keia human / Lunatic19 / 112d 2h 14m 38s
"I swear if Jake hadn't died in the attack, you know what one. I wouldn't even have to do all this." Juniper said with a huff as she leaned her head out the window to puff on her cigarette.
  Juniper Vane / mythicmallow / 112d 6h 45m 56s
Robin smiled with a shrug "A few more months worth sadly." She said to her with a smile. "Look basically the loophole, short version that is, that if other pack members consider her a pack member she is protected. Long version other pack members must confront you about on 5 separate occasions out of concern for her safety. Then you can act out in revenge however you want. It is the typical group anyways they don't like that a she-wolf is doing a better job then they could."
  Keia human / Lunatic19 / 112d 16h 17m 38s
"mate?" juniper questioned rolling her eyes "what a joke, i'm interested because people a threatening her saying i agree when i don't." she explained lighting herself a cigarette "how much more of this stupid training do i have left?"
  Juniper Vane / MythicMallow / 112d 20h 53m 42s
Robin looked up at her with a confused look on her face then sighed. "Because there was nothing to be done unfortunately look as much as it sucks unless they attack her grandparents they are well within their rights to go after Kia. Until she shows a hint that she is a wolf she is consider human by our laws." Robin stopped painting her nails looking at Juniper calmly. "Juniper until training is done you can't change the law so she either has to transform or wait. I honestly like the girl, and when she is a wolf she is going to be able to destroy them based on our laws." Robin told her calmly knowing the situation was bad but their hands were tied. "Look right now I have been getting her jobs and the rest of the pack are starting to like her. There is a loophole I found and I'm working on it to make sure there is a third option that doesn't add end in a blood bath."

Robin sat back looking at Juniper "What has you so interested all of a sudden? You two have been at each others throats for a while I send you to pick up supplies and suddenly you act as if she is your mate?"
  Keia human / Lunatic19 / 112d 21h 1m 7s
Juniper glared at Robin walking towards her aura very intense and full of anger "why didn't you tell me what the pack was doing?" she demanded "I may be busy with Alpha training but that doesn't give you an excuse to not tell me things Beta Robin"
  Juniper Vane / MythicMallow / 113d 5h 11m 18s
Kia sighed she had assumed it was the case "Their words were 'not even Alpha can look at trash like you.'" Kia said twisting her hands "I just needed to protect my grandparents. I just need to keep them out of harm's way." Kia just nodded and let her go sighing softly.

At the packhouse, Robin looked up when Juniper came storming through "Well aren't you in a wonderful mood did our resident human piss you off again?" she asked from painting her nails
  Keia human / Lunatic19 / 113d 16h 48m 32s
"Did they say that was the case?" Juniper demanded angrily standing up. "Because the one thing everyone knows in this pack is that I don't treat people badly" she hissed heading for the door turning around one more time "I have more Alpha training to do" she then walked out into the rain popping a cigarette in her mouth as she headed towards the pack house.
  Juniper Vane / mythicmallow / 114d 6h 53m 41s
Kia shrugged at her "Because I thought you were sending people to attack the only people that don't want to see me dead." She explained to her like she was talking about the weather. "Wouldn't you?"
  Keia human / Lunatic19 / 146d 14h 54m 53s
"you're the one who'se been acting like a bitch" juniper said with a lazy eye roll "i just don't talk"
  Ophiotaurus / 146d 21h 44m 13s
"Well I didn't make it any easier I could have talked to you but you didn't seem interested so I never bothered," Kia said as she scratched her wrist again sighing weakly. "So can we try and be a little less like a couple of bitches to each other?" she asked her.
  Keia human / Lunatic19 / 152d 23h 17m 56s
"i haven't been focused on the pack." juniper admitted "i'm an alpha who wasn't born to be alpha, i have years of training to catch up on"
  MythicMallow / 154d 7h 25m 9s

Kia sighed "Robin, Brett, Louis, and Chance have been the most active." She whispered itching her wrist. Her grandparents excused themselves and Kia looked up "You honestly had no idea?" she asked her "Since I got in this town they have been after me since saying that it was for the greater good of the pack." She explained, "I hated you so much because I thought you had given that order knowing I had no chance of defending myself like the rest of them."
  Keia human / Lunatic19 / 154d 15h 36m 50s
Juniper looked deathly serious until kia said the last bit which caused her to laugh "who the hell came up with that?" she asked "that's bullshit"

  MythicMallow / 154d 16h 5m 7s
Kia froze as she looked at Juniper "Wait you are actually going to do something?" she asked as her grandfather growled at her. "What I'm actually curious considering that they have been saying she approved of them using force?" Kia said as she bit her lip as she looked down it had been one of the reasons she was so bitter towards Juniper. She couldn't get behind someone who found the force the answer to everything. Kia turned her head back to her hands as she sighed. "I'm not a part of the pack until I transform so they said it wouldn't matter if I reported it."
  Keia human / Lunatic19 / 154d 16h 13m 37s

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