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[center [i "Snow.. My last memory of my mother involves her dropping me off in this town where seven months of the year, snow covers everything. It gets so fucking cold that I wear jackets underneath my covers just to stop freezing. Life with my Obasan* is a pain in the ass. When I'm not working with in school, she's using me as a slave driver... Or was.] ]

[center [i She died two months ago. And here I am; living out a dream I didn't think I ever get to. I'm a singer in a punk-rock band.. We have gigs here and there; its a dream that I find myself stuck in the midst of and I don't know if, or when it'll come crashing down.. But, if it's possible, I hope. I wish.. It'll last for ever."] ]

[center [b "Sam, 22; Rockstar] ]
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[center [b "Catherine; 18, singer"] ]
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She wasn’t sure what it was that she had walked in to but everyone seemed to be having a good time and it was enough to make her forget about the fact that she had just lost her job and would need to find a new one pretty soon. The last things she needed now was to fall into old habits because she didn’t have enough money to afford the rent. She smiled towards her friend who gave her a wave and she waved over at the others as they greeted her. It wasn’t until now that she felt nervous about the whole situation. Today they would be hearing her sing for the first time and if she wasn’t good enough, she would have walked out of her job for nothing. Catherine made a mental note to talk to her friend, Caleb, about that later so that he might be able to help her out in some way.

She smiled towards Sam who walked towards her with some ear plugs and she took them from him gratefully. “I don’t doubt it.” She said with a smile as she moved closer to the band and placed the earplugs in her pocket, ready for her to take them out when she needed them. She let out a sigh as everyone else seemed to be preparing themselves for practice. Catherine locked eyes with Caleb for a moment. “I’m pretty nervous.” She said to him quietly and he replied with a light tap on the shoulder.

“You have nothing to be nervous about. You and I both know that you have the perfect voice for this band.”

“I’m not so sure. I guess I’m just feeling the pressure since I just lost my job over this practice.” She said as she glanced up at him and noticed that he raised his eyebrows and showed confusion upon her face. “I’ll explain later. No point in dwelling on it now.” He nodded and continued checking his guitar and Catherine took a deep breath and looked around, waiting for someone to indicate that they were about to begin.
  Catherine / d1gn17y / 171d 4h 15m 14s
It Wasn't often to that the male got woken up to banging on his door. Hell, most people wouldn't even bother coming to see him so early in the morning-than again anything before 1 for him was early now that he'd quite his job at construction. Rubbing the sleep put of his eyes, the male headed towards the door before opening it. The first thought he had in mind was cussing the sonbitch out for waking him up so early, but all that change when he saw who it was.

Smoking a cigarette, he pushed open the door and spoke [b "Yo. Mind if I come in..]

It wasn't often that the leader of the band came to visit him at seven in the morning, but he figured that that was because he was on his way to work. Dressed in a business suite confirmed his decisions, and as he leaned back against the only couch in the place, Sam sat down on his bed and reached for a cigarette. "So, what's this all about?" He asked as he looked at his friend. Leaning forward, Yohann spoke up [b "How does 15 grand a week sound to you? And that's not including getting paid to play shows and shit."]

Pausing momentarily, Sam stood up shook his head. "This shit again?" He spoke looking at the band leader, before he headed towards the corner of his room to pick up his acoustic guitar. Putting our his cigarette he sighed before Strumming it lightly. launching into a guitar rift, the male began to sing out loud.
"Everything you say you change it every day.
You're so inconsistent I can't stand it.
I wish things weren't so twisted yeah
I don't want to do this anymore
Can't do this anymore yeah.."
Throwing down the guitar, Sam turned toward his friend and instantly, Yohann stood up and walked towards him. [b "Youre a literately fucking brat."]
"I'm not a all-out! I don't understand why you're always shoving this shit down my throat. I'm punk rock, I don't do that-"
[b "Are you going to die punk rock than? Some broke mother fucker. Homeless overdosing on drugs or getting hook on heroin or cocaine cause that's how some of my friends went. Caleb, our current guitar player, his father owns a multi-billion dollar company, I'm a lawyer, and you're just a kid with dreams. Even if we found out singer, even we might be able to get a record deal. You never know how far we can go! And I want You to have a future that doesn't involve you licking rocks before 25."]

Blinking his eyes, Sam stood st his friend in shock. He'd never look at things in the first place. While it was true, Sam did do a line of cocaine once or twice at parties. He normally stayed the hell away from heroin or pills. But he'd also seen fellow musicians already get to high on life and crash to soon. [b "it's like talking to a fucking brick wall. They'll be back next year. After the tour is up for a four month break, before going back out again, that's when you can audition though it's pretty much a done deal"]
And with that Yohann walked off, [b "I'll be back later to take you to band practice."]

Despite the tension earlier, that didn't stop Yohann or Sam from being all buddy buddy when it came to music. And with Caleb telling them a joke, by the time Catherine walked in, the trio were already laughing up a storm.
"He did what!! Boy, you're so crazy." He spoke laughing.
Wiping a tear. The youthful boy continued on "yeaj!! Buts that's not even the best-hey Catherine!!"

Turning around, the band turned around and wave at the woman that just showed up. It was good seeing her again, and as the band leader clap his hands together, he headed towards the drums that were set up and began tuning them up. Mean while, Caleb plugged in his guitar and started strumming it lightly before Sam walked over and pulled our a plastic bag. "Here, these are ear plugs, you probably didn't bring any, but it's important to protect you hearing. We can get pretty loud." He spoke before he headed towards his bass and starred plugging it up and smiling.
  Sam / Mr-X / 181d 21h 49m 2s
The days passed by quickly over the next couple of days. Catherine put in a few shifts at the diner and she practiced sings around that until the first day of official band practice arrived. She was a mix of emotions and she was so unsure of how to feel but mostly she was nervous and excited. They had no even heard the woman sing yet they were so willing to invite her along to their practice and a part of her wondered if she would be good enough for them to want her to be a part of it, another part of her knew that she would be. It was a strange feeling.

Catherine finished serving up her last customer and removed her apron and started to say goodbye to her other work colleagues before heading towards the door.

“Hey, where do you think you are goin’?” A voice travelled towards her, stopping her in her tracks.

“It’s the end of my shift.” She said in reply as she watched the man shake his head and hand her the apron she had just removed.

“No I need you to keep working. Someone called in sick and you need to cover them.”

“I have somewhere to be. You’ll just have to get someone else.” Catherine turned away from him and walked towards the door once more.

“If you leave, you don’t have a job to come back to.” Catherine simply sighed and shrugged before pushing the door open and walking towards the venue for their band practice. She felt relief for the freedom that came with walking out. Maybe now was clean and in a better position she might be able to get a better job.

Soon enough she arrived at practice and saw the guys huddled together laughing and talking while they waited for her. “Afternoon!”
  Catherine / d1gn17y / 190d 8h 12m 24s
"Totally cat." His voice came out pretty nonchalant before he flashed her a grin. Heading out of the car he made his way to the abandon warehouse and let out a low sigh. Home sweet fucking home, was what he always muttered underneath his breath, but as for now, he was thinking if someone else. That girl which would soon drive away and the beginning of the start of something new.

Before he enter, he of course waved his hand at her and smiled. With his bass slung over his shoulders he entered into the abandon building and let out a sigh. Band practice was going to be amazing.
  Sam / Mr-X / 190d 8h 33m 39s
Catherine couldn’t help but sit in complete silence when Sam began to sing. The lyrics were beautiful and full of emotion and she wondered why they even needed another singer when he sounded the way he did. A small smile pulled at the corner of her lips and she couldn’t help but glance over at him as the words left his lips. She might have even kept driving around just so she could hear him sing again but he stopped to give her directions.

“Your voice, it’s something special you know.” She wasn’t just saying that because she felt like she had to but she really meant it. Catherine couldn’t help but wonder what their voices might sound like if they were to sing together. She could only hope that they had the chemistry the band needed to continue to be successful.

She followed his directions and when they pulled up outside his home she couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction. “I guess I will see you at practice then?” She asked as she turned the engine of the car off and waited for him to climb out so that he could go into the warehouse he called home.
  Catherine / d1gn17y / 201d 3h 35m 22s
"You're probably right." He spoke softly as that smile slipped from his face and returned to looking out the window. It wasn't like he ask for the notoriety surrounding his birthing circumstances or the cards which. He was dealt with, but he couldn't help it. Slowly his voice started singing slowly

"When I was darkness as a time.. along in the room I'd cry wondering who would stop me. The more I fought, the more it hurt couldn't take it anymore. Need someone to hold. But no one can save, from this loneliness, I wonder God are you there? I need some love, I'm a broken rose. Can someone heal this broken heart. My soul cries out, I need your love. I'm a broken rose, this pain and sorrow, it sings just for me. Ima need some love, oh I need some love."

By the time he stopped singing the warehouse appeared before him and he smiled briefly. Pointing it out to her, he directed her to turn down towards the docks into the where the place was. Sighing softly, he rubbed his shoulders and let out a sigh, "home sweet fucking home."
  Sam / Mr-X / 203d 12h 55m 15s
Catherine thought that is might be a while before she learned anything about her new band mates but it seemed that Sam was pretty much an open book and didn’t mind telling her all about his past. She was not without a past herself but she might keep that to herself for a while. She didn’t want to air her dirty laundry too early, even if Sam was alright with airing his own.

She glanced over at him occasionally as he spoke, keeping quiet but making sure that it did not come across as her being rude or indifferent. He was telling her something extremely personal but he it seemed as though most people here knew about his past and he did not seem to mind about that.

“That’s some story. I firmly believe that every experience is important and has made us who we are and if your birth mother didn’t want to raise you then you were better off without her.” She said simply as she looked at the road ahead of her noticing they were not too far away from his building. Catherine looked towards him and noticed him grinning at her and she couldn’t help but laugh. “Local celebrity huh? Well now I feel honoured to be in your presence. I’m afraid you are not in the company of any as half as important as that.”
  Catherine / d1gn17y / 205d 18h 20m 21s
"Oh wow you really are new here." He spoke looking at her as he stepped into the car and let out a sigh. Almost everyone who lived in this town knew the exactly story of his childhood up to a certain point. So shrugging his shoulders he closed his eyes and spoke softly "Its kinda a loaded question.. when I was born it turned out my mother wasn't ready for motherhood, so she kinda just dumped me at an abandon warehouse.. They found me right before I almost died.. and since I was abandon I was put into foster care.."

"Eventually I dropped out of middle school and started working any job that would hire me. Luckily I landed a job in construction and ever since I was eighteen I've made enough to live in this warehouse.. I even redesigned it a little bit. I have a bad, a couch, some furniture, but no T.V. my foster family was all about reading, or going on trips, or educating yourself... they were cool, but.. I dunno. Being abandon by the woman that gave birth to you kinda gives family a bad taste in your mouth."

Once he was finished he gave her a grin. "Kinda badass right? Not many people can say they've been on T.V. since they were born." He laughed out loud and gave her an even more wider grin.
  Sam / Mr-X / 206d 58m 7s
Catherine eyed him as his cigarette fell out of his mouth. It was a confusing reaction to a simple lift home and it caused her eyebrows to raise slightly as her lips started to curve up into a smile. When he shrugged his shoulders and gave his answer she laughed quietly. “Well alright then. Follow me.” She said as she started to walk towards her car knowing that he would follow her. “I get it, I like to walk to but it seems a shame for you to have to walk when I drive past there anyway.”

She occasionally looked back as he spoke and when they arrived at the car she opened the door and climbed in, laughing at his comment. “I’m sure the place is bad ass. I’m all for unique and interesting living arrangements.” Catherine started the car and waited for him to get into the car so that she could head towards his place.

“How long have you been living there?” When the door shut behind him she pulled out of the parking space and started on the road towards the building he called home. “I’ve not been here too long myself. I moved out here a little under a year ago. I think getting away from my home town was quite literally the best decision I ever made.”
  Catherine / d1gn17y / 206d 4h 49m 35s
He was halfway done smoking his cigarette before it fell out his mouth. He hadn't been expecting her to offer him a ride home. Shrugging his shoulders, he looked at her direction and said "Alright." It wasn't that he wasn't used to other people's kindness. It's just that he had gotten use to the hour and a half walk home. It gave him time to think and it kept him somewhat healthy. Or rather that's what he told himself at least.

Heading towards her car he looked at her sand spoke rather softly. "You know it's been a while since anyone stopped by that abandon place. Haha, I'm just glad no one tried to break into it anymore. Everything thinks it's haunted or some shit. Honestly I think it's bad ass... okay I'm lying it's actually a warehouse." He spoke falling lamely on his face metaphorically speaking..
  Sam / Mr-X / 210d 1h 53m 22s
Catherine smiled towards Sam when he took her words at face value. So far things were looking quite positive and it seemed as though they would all get along well, so long as this kind of lifestyle did not affect her sobriety. She had worked so hard to ensure that she was clean and this would really be a test of how strong she could be. She raised her own empty glass and laughed softly as Sam did the same with his glass.

Yohann was quick to mention food and truthfully she was glad about the fact because she had not realised how hungry she was until now. She wouldn't be getting drunk but an empty stomach wouldn't do. Catherine grabbed a menu that lay on the table while the boys talked about their order as she listened to Sam make the sensible decision to stop drinking because he had work the next day. This was something she was quite glad about because it seemed as though she would have someone in the group to keep her level headed if she needed someone other than her friend.

For the rest of the evening they ate and talked, bonding over similar taste in food and music and when the time passed, they split the bill between them and decided to call it a night and started to head for the door. When they managed to make it to the door Sam addressed her directly after the rest of the crew had split and said their goodbyes. "Yeah, the group seem great. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better." Catherine laughed slightly when he mentioned the wild side and moved her head from side to side. "I think that will all depend on how wild things get." She smiled when he detailed the practice times and was grateful to hear that he might be willing to get some practice in before their first practice.

"Hey, I have my car here." She said as she held her car keys up as if to prove it, point them towards where her car was parked. "I can drop you home if you want. It's no trouble at all. I have to drive past that way anyways."
  Catherine / d1gn17y / 231d 22h 24m 42s
"I couldn't have said that shit better myself!" Sam spoke as he raised his almost empty beer towards the sky and chugged the last of it. Falling backwards into his seat, he let out a toothy grin before Yohann laughed once more. So far the chemistry was seemingly all there; it was a good feeling to have the four piece hand back together as well. Stretching himself out, Yohann open up the menu and spoke "Ots pretty bad getting drunk on an empty stomach.. so let's get some food."

"Order some wings and fries and beer. You can't have good hot wings without beer man." Caleb spoke laughing as he looked at Yohann before grinning that stupid grin of his. [i "you're not even suppose to be drinking in the first place! But, it does sound pretty good.. but No means no." ] Sam spoke laughing before he extinguish his cigarette.

"Plus, I gotta go in and work tomorrow. And I rather not show up shitface."

With that the food was order and the group continued to talk amidst themselves. Once the bill was split, Sam turned towards Catherine once they were outside and he smile at her. "So,what's your impression of our group? You down for the wild side?" He asked her before he leaned against the wall and lit his cigarette. Closing his eyes, he spoke softly "I hope these days can last forever. Any rate band practice is Tuesdays and Thursdays.. I got a notebook filled with old lyrics and an acoustic guitar. So if you feel like practicing before Tuesday just bang on the door at the abandon factory down by the river. That's where I'm at. It's about a ten minute drive from town any rate. I better get walking. See ya."
  Sam / Mr-X / 232d 15h 40m 57s
Catherine had only been partly joking when she suggested that her age might have been an issue for them. As she suspected they put it right and explained that it did not matter to them that she was 18. Besides, she was far more mature that most 18 year olds, but then most people her age hadn’t experienced everything she had. Being hooked on drugs and exposed to sex far too early, she was way beyond her years. Her friend, Jacob was the only one who knew about her past though and even though these guys seemed to be more than happy to expose their pasts, she was not about to do the same. The last thing she wanted was for people to judge her or even pity her because of what she had been through.

While it was intriguing listening to their stories about Kylie, she couldn’t help but wonder that she had a lot to live up to and she couldn’t help but feel anxious about the fact that this girl had clearly had a massive impact on their lives and she needed to try and fill her shoes in some way. Catherine was just glad that she had talent and could only hope that would be enough to win them all over.

Catherine was surprised to learn that Sam hadn’t finished school himself and she wondered why that was the case, although she would not ask but maybe some day she would learn more about it. Catherine did not really drop out. She was pretty much kicked out and found herself in shit when they wouldn’t take her back. She never really had the guts to find herself another place in another high school so she got herself a job and an apartment and decided to leave that part of her life behind, mostly because if anyone found out about her experience, her high school life would be made a living hell.

Catherine broke the tension by laughing quietly at Caleb and shook her head. “Well alright. It seems like I have some big shoes to fill.” She finished her coke and looked around at the guys around the table and smiled. These guys would become her family over the next few months, providing that everything went to plan and from what she could tell she would get along with them all just fine. “Well that’s the great thing about music, your background doesn’t really matter because this is something we all have in common; something we all share.”
  Catherine / d1gn17y / 242d 16h 45m 40s
"Oh no. Age has nothing to do with it."
Waving his hands away dismissively, he looked at her friend who was also about the same age as her. "After all Caleb joined the band when he was seventeen. He's only nineteen.. which means he shouldn't be drinking... But he can handle his liquor and never got blacked out drunk before."

Nodding his head, Sam confirmed that before he sipped from his beer again starting to polish off his second glass. "Kylie was.. immature in the way they she really tried pushed for certain things that weren't cool.. like for example she lied to us and showed us a fake I.D. Since she was homeschool we didn't know how old she was.. if we had known at the time before we started getting offers that she was playing us. We would've said hell no to letting her sing. But she was a great show woman.. But."

Lighting up another cigarette, he Yohann sighed. "She tried to hook up with me. Even though she knew I had a girlfriend. And after I found out she was fifteen. I told her firmly that I wasn't interested in going to jail. Part of why k decidwd to become a lawyer is that i hate fucking child abusers. My dad use to line me and my family up and beat us with whatever he could get his hands on whenever he had a bad day a work. Belts. His fist. The tv cable. Switches. He didn't care. Even though I explained all this to her, she would get all pouty and asked why I didn't like her. It's not that I didn't like it's just."

"No matter how much she wanted it. The five year age difference between them would've landed Yohann in prison.. Other than that she was pretty alright. She showed up to practice on time.. fucking nailed every performance we had. Honestly it's no wonder why we got offered that record deal.. But sheesh. She could be so whiney when things didn't work out. I mean I haven't talked to her since she was eighteen so maybe she changed? But I honestly don't know."

"She's... changed." Yohann said slowly. " Well, from what I've been told by the Tyler."
"Jesus you still talk to him?"
"Yeah." Yohann said. "After all we both had something in common. Our old man use to beat the fuck outta us,' With that he laughed a little bit.

"Jesus that was dark as fuck. What happen to not scaring off Catherine." Caleb asked.

"My bad.." Yohann spoke. "But yeah. No. Age isn't a problem. Like I said. After Kylie left Caleb was the youngest by far. But yeah, it be cool to have young people in the band. And it seems like you and Sam have a few things in common what with both being high school drop outs."

"Aye!" Sam spoke shrugging his shoulders. "Sorry I'm not mister law school graduate or fucking highschool diploma kid. It's not like I had any parents telling me to go to school."

"Geesh, am I the only one that doesn't have a fuck up childhood. I'm starting to feel shitty about being the rich kid." Caleb said.
  Sam / Mr-X / 242d 17h 18m 18s
It seemed that the boys were accepting her into the band without singing a single note for them. Apparently her feisty personality was enough to satisfy the boys. In fairness that personality often seemed to come through when she sang as well so she was confident that they would be satisfied with her membership in the band. Her lips were curled up into a smile when Sam leaned forward to look her in the eyes and for a moment she took the time to drink his in and it felt as though they were the only two in the room. That was until the waitress came over with drinks for them.

Catherine was not old enough to drink legally but that was not the reason she chosen to drink something soft. Her past meant that she refused to drink any form of alcohol. Her experience with drugs and alcohol had aged her a few years, hell she looked the same age as the man sat around the table, but she promised herself she would never go back to that place. She sipped on her class of Coca Cola and observed the men as they conversed and started to talk about opportunities missed and the history of the band.

The entire time they spoke she found herself smiling and laughing when appropriate, especially when they seemed to joke with each other. This was exactly the kind of band she wanted to be a part of and she was hoping that she would fit in nicely. Her smile only faded when they started talking about the girl who was too immature for them because of her age. Catherine took a sip from her glass before placing it back down and absently running her fingers down the side of the glass.

She cleared her throat and looked towards Sam. “You know, if I would have known age was a factor I probably would have mentioned that I’m 18 earlier.” She glanced towards her friend. “You didn’t tell me that being 18 would label me as immature.” She said with a laugh. “Seriously if this is going to be a problem it’s probably best that you know now. I wouldn’t want to cause you any issues but I can tell you that I never finished high school, I don’t attend now and I can assure you that my mother won’t be driving me anywhere.”
  Catherine / d1gn17y / 242d 17h 48m 18s

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