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Gryphons and Dragons. Two rivals since the beginning of time. Forgotten by the human race, gryphons were once worshipped as the beautiful protectors of mankind, while Dragons were hated, said to be children of hell and that they only hunger for destruction. Though humans say these were myths, I can tell you that these creatures are real-and are among us today. The hatred between gryphons and dragons has not died down, but maybe two special beings, a gryphon named ______ and a dragon named Roselyn, can change this. Will they live happily ever after, or stray from each other and let the hatred continue?

Rules: 18+ is timeskipped or offsite, es rules, mature topics allowed, no outside drama, this can be mxf or fxf


strengths: (two+)
weaknesses: (two+)

Name: Roselyn
Gender: Female
personality: Jumpy, forgetful, eccentric, selfless
Strengths: Poisonous blood and flesh, flying, selflessness
weaknesses: Forgetful, reckless, loud, talkative


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"You learn a few things on the streets, not that you wouldn't know that." She spun her drink a bit before taking a long sip. She looked underage, but everyone seemed to not care or were too drunk to notice. She watched as the smog flowed away. "That smog of yours is an interesting trick, y'know."
  Roselyn / RamaAmor / 177d 16h 32m 38s
When bestowed by a sudden, unexpected falsehood; You follow. No questions. No jaw snapping. Just forward the message until everyone is inhaling your bullshit. So he nodded along in agreement. The miasmic slut scoffed. At first. Before she fled, tail betix's her thick thighs. Not without a few [b selective] words being shed.

[i "When you're done babysitting, call me."]

His face remains neutral. Until something—someone grasp onto his arm. A smile and laugh greets him. Another speck of this Dragon's [i charming] personality. He grins, soon unleashing a deep chuckle. There upon waves of black smog proudly followed.

An answer is granted afterwards.

"No," his mouth broadens as he continues, "but perhaps I should have. For that little spin of deception was flawless. I'm impressed." This time his voice held steady. There's nothing else. Just him and his honesty.

[hr ]
[right Apologies for my tardiness!]
  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ / Decker / 181d 16h 54m 57s
Roselyn sipped on a piña colada she had manipulated a drunk into giving her. She noticed the gryphon flipping her off and hid a laugh, walking up to him and the woman.

"That's my boyfriend, I advise you leave before I make you." She lied through her teeth like a professional, smiling as the slut left and sat in her place.

"So, did you miss me?~" She laughed, holding onto his arm in a playful way.
  Roselyn / RamaAmor / 205d 4h 29m 19s
Her ridiculous farewell made him smile. A [i ghost of a smile]. It only lasted for a split second. But nevertheless it happened. Perhaps he'd have spent another moment or two berating himself for such an dreadful response. Though it seemed the heavens above had something different planned out, as his attention is soon drawn to music.

Music calling from within his pocket.

[i Two hours later...] He stood outside some popular nightclub. An arm lazily draped around the shoulders of that slut. She got lonely quick and called him. Somehow tempting him here. He didn't mind of course. It's just too bad her perfume is overwhelming. He doesn't know any of her friends, even if they've met countless times already. Frankly, he's ignoring them. Her included.

His gaze wanders the surrounding area. It wasn't long until something - someone reentered his world. [i A Dumb Dragon]. He smirks without realizing it and...

Flipped her off.

[b Again.]
  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ / Decker / 205d 16h 23m 54s
"Well, mighty gryphon, I shall take my leave. Please, don't kill me." She laughed rather loudly after saying this in a mocking tone. She turned around to leave, not knowing that she would see him again, outside the nightclub.
  Roselyn / RamaAmor / 205d 17h 1m 33s
When she stepped away, he shoved both his talons - hands into his jacket's pockets. Then he merely stared at her. Expression mocking and body language mellowed. It's clear he didn't give a shit. At all. Her threats or whatever she's spewing, pointless.

[i Dragons are dumb.]

That's what everyone said, right?
How pitiful. Yet he couldn't bring himself to stop studying(staring) at her every moment. Or what's drizzling from her open maw.

"Ey, sweetheart," he began slowly, as if she might be too stupid to follow along. "Killing such a [i poor, helpless] teen ain't gonna ruin my day. Nor would someone catching sight of the justifiable deed." Now right here, next up. He chose to ignore her comment about his behavior. "Weapons. Really." Neither a question, purely full of levity in their undertones.
  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ / Decker / 206d 2h 29m 57s
"I could say the same to you. Then again, I wonder what would happen if someone caught you murdering a poor, helpless teen~" She backed away, the poisonous liquid that ran in her veins dripping from her mouth. "Y'know, for a filthy goodie-two-shoes gryphon, you're pretty rebellious." She laughed, sticking her tongue out. "But I have my own weapons, though not as pretty~"
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 206d 14h 31m 40s
The golden and black feathers upon his voluminous wings individually shudder when she took a stand. [i Against him.] Those bug-like things she called wings were out. As if they'd spook him. It frankly ripped a chuckle from his throat. And there it went, another burst of smog.

Yet the [i little wench] spoke too much.

He [u allowed] her to grasp his hand, obscuring his pleasant greeting and drawing closer, willingly. Mindlessly. Now it wouldn't be completely his fault if things ended up... Messy.

A shit-eating smirk wiggled its way upon his face. His eyes narrowed and he leaned slightly, still towering above this '[b Dragon]'.

"Sweetheart, don't ever-" His expression steadily darkens with every word, until he spat out the last few. "-compare me to them. My [i brethren]. Now, back off before I do something rash."
  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ / Decker / 206d 15h 23m 1s
Roselyn looked shocked. Definitely the accident didn't call for that. She got up and began to confront the awful creature. She honestly couldn't understand how people like him were once worshipped as protectors, while dragons were hunted and dwindled in numbers. Her moth-like wings unfolded, though this was unseen by humans.

"Thanks for the help, seeds-for-brains, you are truly a wise protector." She said this in an extremely sarcastic way, smirking.

She grabbed his hand and pushed it back into a fist, getting rather close to him.

"May I ask you if I have done something wrong?"
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 206d 17h 22m 45s
[i "You're such an asshole!" "Mm." "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME!?" "Sure." "UGH! Why do I even try with you!? You never do what I want! I mean fuck! I have guys beating down my door for a laid! Wha...? Where are you going? WAIT!"]

[i [b "GARRICK!"]]

Another one-sided argument. Another moment of pretending not to notice the scent of [i some guy] on her entire body. Now that he left her alone, she'd have another 'friendly' meetup and forget all about him until she's lonely. Again.

That [i human] woman didn't even realize his stance within this plane. How his lethal talons were oh-so gentle against the softest of plush bodies. The way his grand feathered wings pressed and shielded them from unspoken dangers. Yet none of this could compare to how lowly their one-night stands ruined his chances with any of his own kind.

He's truly fowl.

Such truths would have made him growl. Just to release more of that dire smoke he has grown to adore. Unseen and different. [i He should have hated it.] And perhaps he might've changed his mind about certain things if someone - SOMETHING hasn't decided to charge right into his personal space.

His ears twitched slightly when a female voice had begun apologizing, then there was nothing. Dull orbs quickly darted down. What they found forced a smirk upon his pointed features. A Dragon. A Sub-Dragon at that. Suddenly, the Gryphon's expression switched into an awful sneer, and...

[b He flipped her off.]

[hr ]
[right Yes. He just gave her the finger.]
  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ / 0shiri / 207d 14h 55m 27s
Roselyn ran down the street, full of energy. Her moth like wings were folded against her back, and no one noticed dark violet blood dripping from her tail, which was in four pieces. Humans couldn't see these things, all they saw was an energetic girl with mexican skin. They would never guess that she was a dragonbug, a subspecies, but hated all the same. Her two violet foot claws sounded against the pavement as she ran into a taller man. She fell on the ground, her bat-like elbow wings folding against her arm. "I-I'm so sorr-" She stopped when she saw two large, feathered wings, trying her best not to hiss.
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 207d 15h 39m 35s

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