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Gryphons and Dragons. Two rivals since the beginning of time. Forgotten by the human race, gryphons were once worshipped as the beautiful protectors of mankind, while Dragons were hated, said to be children of hell and that they only hunger for destruction. Though humans say these were myths, I can tell you that these creatures are real-and are among us today. The hatred between gryphons and dragons has not died down, but maybe two special beings, a gryphon named ______ and a dragon named Roselyn, can change this. Will they live happily ever after, or stray from each other and let the hatred continue?

Rules: 18+ is timeskipped or offsite, es rules, mature topics allowed, no outside drama, this can be mxf or fxf


strengths: (two+)
weaknesses: (two+)

Name: Roselyn
Gender: Female
personality: Jumpy, forgetful, eccentric, selfless
Strengths: Poisonous blood and flesh, flying, selflessness
weaknesses: Forgetful, reckless, loud, talkative


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