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She seen the teacher and grabbed Her notebooks and grabbed her pencil, waiting for the teacher to start talking
Sekai stayed utterly silent, except for the occasional fluttering of her wings becoming restless. She let out an elongated sigh of boredom, as she swam through her own thoughts.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 30d 1h 55m 55s
She taped her fingers on the table and fiddled with the Crystal around her neck as she waited for the teacher
Sekai slowly walked to her first class, which was apparently the chemistry lab. She entered the room as her tail dragged along the ground behind her, and she took a seat near the female she had seen before. However, the young dragonelle did not notice the other woman.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 30d 3h 26m 50s
She went to the chemistry lab and say in the back, being pale since it was normal for elves to be pale except for drows who were dark as night. She pulled her books out and stretched slightly
[i Why did she smile at me? I'm half-dragon...usually people are afraid.] Sekai thought to herself awkwardly, before hearing her name and getting her schedule as well. The female dragon walked to her first class as well.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 30d 3h 34m 35s
She looked at her and smiled as her name was called and stood up then grabbed bet schedule and made her way to her first class, humming to herself.
Sekai walked into the main office and signed her name in as well, sitting in a chair near another female. The young dragon looked at the woman, wondering what she would think of a 7'0" girl being in the room.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 30d 18h 42m 30s
She walked to the main office, not looking like the standard elf then signed jet name in as she sat in one of the chairs
A young dragon girl was walking up to the school as well, glancing around nervously at anyone who looked at her. She towered above literally everyone due to being half dragon, as she was 7'0" if you don't count her horns. Her tail dragged along the walkway, and her wings fluttered gently every once in a while.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 31d 5h 58m 30s
Amy walked up the steps to the school wearing a green shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, wearing a beanie to hide her pointed ears, her hair cut short and stood 6'4" since most elves were 6 foot and taller.

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