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It was the lunch period, and Sekai quickly rushed off to the lunchroom. She got into a line that was serving fettuccine alfredo, getting her portion of food. Even the people giving out the meals started looking at the dragon girl funny, and she looked down shamefully. Soon enough, the dragonelle had finally received all her food and was sitting at a small table...all by herself.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 265d 16h 49m 56s
She was snoring lightly and her head was resting on one of her tattooed and scarred up arms, her beanie slightly covering her eyes So you couldn't see that she was sleeping.
Sekai had waved her new friend goodbye, before walking to her advanced mathematics class. Her tail dragged along the ground again, and she glanced around as more people started staring at her. Soon enough, she sighed as she entered her classroom and sat down...letting the monotonous day go on.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 266d 13h 7m 18s
She thanked her and walked to her own math class, sitting in the back and soon fell asleep due to extreme boredom.
"That should have been the last one." The dragonelle stated as she packed her things up as well, her next class being math as well. However, the class was an advanced one and took place in a different classroom than the other girl's.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 266d 13h 13m 14s
"O..ow", she says as she hears the bell ring and started to pack up her stuff up for the next class, it being math.
"Let me help you..." Sekai said gently as she reached over and pulled a couple more of the crystallized chemicals out of the girl's hair.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 266d 13h 15m 24s
"This crystalized chemical is in my hair",she says as she pulled another out and winced again
Sekai glanced towards the other female, wondering why she had winced. "Hey, is something wrong?" The dragonelle asked the girl, concerned.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 266d 13h 18m 28s
The teacher walked away as she picked a hardened crystal from her hair that was poking from the beanie then winced slightly
The dragonelle watched the teacher approach the other girl, wondering what would happen. Her wings fluttered nervously, and her tail swayed from side-to-side slowly.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 266d 13h 26m 58s
She wiped some of the liquid from her face then seen the teacher coming and quickly wiped her table off and acted like nothing happened.
"Told you so..." Sekai said in a kind manner as her tail thumped the ground, and she watched the other female's beaker erupt.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 266d 13h 45m 56s
Soon, it started to go everywhere but mostly on her and the desk, spitting the liquid out when it got into her mouth and the liquid was now a fiery orange color.
Sekai looked towards the other female's beaker, watching as the girl shook it gently. "Are you sure that's the best idea?" The young dragonelle asked.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 266d 13h 57m 20s

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