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"Ever since my dad passed, I been living with my uncle, aunt, cousin and gran", she says as she coughed "its mostly chaos at my house", she added.
"Wow, that sounds so much better than this." Sekai admitted, almost reflecting what she had said before. "If only I had ever had the chance for doing that..." She said gently.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 123d 5h 49m 41s
"It wasn't even really school, just my gran and Me making Baked goods and potions and me and my uncle target shooting", she says as she shrugged slightly
Sekai nodded in understanding, sighing for a few seconds afterwards. "I've never been homeschooled...which sounds like it would be a lot better than being here." The dragonelle explained.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 123d 6h 7m 22s
"My uncle thought this school Was gonna be good for me cause I was homeschooled before", she says quietly as she sneezed
"Finally..." Sekai mumbled, loving the sound of nothing. She led her friend back to their table, and sat down with her.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 123d 7h 11m 4s
"Would you all SHUT THE FUCK UP", she says then screams as the while cafeteria goes completely silent then sighed slightly.
"Let me help you, my friend." Sekai said as gently as she could, helping get anything out of Amy's hair. Soon enough, she had gotten everything out and was growling towards any other human students that were loitering near them.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 123d 7h 14m 38s
"Fucking humans, your all like a bunch of primitive neanderthals", she growled under her breath as she picked good from her hair.
The dragonelle quickly got up and ran over to her friend, helping the female back to her feet. Hearing the students laugh and murmur more ignited some kind of anger within Sekai, and she growled extremely loudly towards the human students.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 123d 7h 17m 22s
She waved to her and was walking toward her then was suddenly tripped and fell to the ground, the students starting to laugh and she got up and growled slightly as she wiped her clothes off.
Sekai could hear the murmurs and whispers of the other students as well, with many of them being directed towards herself. She looked down even farther, before glancing up one more time and seeing Amy. Almost instantly, a small smile appeared on the dragonelle's face. "Hey!" She exclaimed towards her friend.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 123d 7h 22m 0s
She spotted her and started to walk over, hearing the murmurs and whispers of students and sighed as she was pointed at by the human students.
Sekai glanced around, looking to see if she would find the female she had talked to earlier in the day. Seeing no one except for the normal students, the dragonelle sighed solemnly as her tail thumped the floor.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 123d 7h 25m 32s
She grabbed her food as well and gave a evil glare to anybody who looked at her weird and sat in the corner of the lunchroom, adjusting her glasses on her face.

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