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"I got inked.....I got inked",she says in a weird voice as she rubbed some from her mouth
"You alright?" The dragon girl asked towards Amy, in a worried manner.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 314d 34m 35s
She was hit in the face with ink then spit it out as she Coughed slightly
Sekai seemed to chuckle a bit, as she continued to cut with the scalpel wherever she needed to.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 314d 42m 4s
"Its the.....thingy mabob", she says as she laughed slightly then coughed into her arm
"This is...weird." Sekai mumbled as she cut wherever she was supposed to, looking at some of the organs that were inside the squid.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 314d 47m 25s
She hummed as she cut into the squid then looked around to make sure she was doing it right
The dragon girl finally picked up her scalpel and started to work on dissecting the squid, which was rather awkward.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 314d 51m 8s
She cut into the squid and was squirted by some kind of liquid from the squid in her face and her shirt.
Sekai looked downwards, already continuing to assume that something was wrong with her or what she had been doing.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 314d 55m 48s
She glared at the teacher who walked away and grabbed the scalpel and sighed
Sekai glanced upwards, noticing the teacher looking at her. [i Did I already do something wrong? Or...is she just staring?] She asked herself mentally.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 318d 23h 40m 24s
The teacher put a squid in front of them to dissect and looked over at Sekai as she put on gloves
Sekai continued to stay rather silent, awkwardly waiting for something to happen.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 318d 23h 43m 46s
She coughed again and went into a coughing fit then cleared her throat but was used to coughing due to her cystic fibrosis

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