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Velia was making the best of the morning. She didn’t want to send them off with her acting sour over them leaving, and she of all people knew that they [i had] to leave, sooner or later. And she had gotten what she wanted, even if now she was hoping for more,”I understand. I wish you could stay longer as well, but you are here for a reason, and I can’t keep you from it. Perhaps after.”

Celeste looked up at Velia. She very much doubted Velia would actually tell them much more about what the future held. She seemed pretty cautious about that, which Celeste supposed was understandable. She went ahead and helped herself to some of the breakfast,”So you won’t be going to the senate yourself?”

Velia shook her head,”No, I’ll be leaving for my villa very soon. You will be able to find me there, if you need me. I may not be much help, but you will always find shelter and advice from me.”
  Celeste / Yavanna / 64d 14h 59m 59s
Jax nodded with a smile as she seemed to have made choice about saying a goodbye to Velia before they left. He knew it was the right thing to do, but wasn't sure what he or Velia would do if he went back inside to say goodbye. He sighed to himself before following his companion back into the manor and into the room where Velia was continuing to eat her breakfast, sitting down with her as he tried not to look directly at their host.

Hearing about the gifts she was going to send for them and the guards she was supplying did make him wonder why she was so giddy and ready to help them, she couldn't be that lenient and happy now that he had 'fulfilled' her request, right?
"T-Thank you Velia, for everything, your help, hospitality and um.other things." He said with a blush as he glanced away, rubbing the back of his head.
"Sorry I-we couldn't stay longer, we need to deal with the Senate foremost and work out why we're here."
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 66d 4h 1m 30s
Celeste nodded. She wasn’t sure what, exactly, she was going to do with the senate. Apparently Velia’s idea of help was to make her look sexy, which she supposed [i would] distract them, though Celeste was still uncomfortable with just how much skin she was showing. As for her powers, she was still working on control, but she did have a better idea on how to use them too.

His offer was sweet, but Celeste smiled and shook her head,”It would be rude. We really ought to at least say goodbye. Then we should go and deal with the senate, I suppose. And try to figure out what we were brought here for.”

If Velia did know more about whatever this threat was, she wasn’t telling anyone. Celeste took a breath and walked forward and back into the house. Velia was still nibbling on her breakfast and smiled at Celeste’s return,”It’s good to see you back. I expect you’re leaving soon, but do eat. I’m having a few little gifts sent with you, and an escort to bring you and the gifts safely back to the senate. The little guard escort isn’t much, but it may impress the senate a little.”

Velia’s cheerfulness didn’t exactly make Celeste feel at ease, but she nodded and tried to stay polite,”Thank you. We would like to leave soon though.” But maybe breakfast would be good, facing the senate on an empty stomach wouldn’t be appealing once they actually got there.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 66d 12h 17m 0s
He listened to her words as she continued speak, glancing back at her while his blush still maintained it's current redness on his embarrassed face. A small smile broke through his embarrassment at the feeling of her soft lips on his cheek, looking at her now as his blush faded softly from her next words. Swallowing his embarrassment and trying to maintain his composure a he fake coughed a bit, dusting himself off slightly.
"Y-Yeah, looks like I might need to try a similar trick to what I did last time. At least now I have a small grasp on how my power works." He stated, trying to change the subject completely as he started walking back towards the main building before stopping and turning to face her soon after.
"If you want we can leave now without saying anything if you feel uncomfortable, I'll leave it up to you. I'm not really sure what I'll do if we go in and say goodbye." He said honestly while crossing his arms and trying not to look directly at her.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 68d 8h 48m 51s
Celeste got up and brushed her skirt off. She wasn’t entirely sure either. She didn’t want to push him either, not like Velia had. She still didn’t like how Velia had manipulated him.

“R-right. Me too. I just… I want to know. And...” Celeste took a step closer, then paused before stepping around in front of him. She leaned in and kissed his cheek before she lost her nerve,”There. Sober this time. A-anyway, I guess we should try and get back to the senate and figure out what we can.”
  Celeste / Yavanna / 188d 17h 35m 59s
He listened as she talked about their dangers and how fast this all was. Nodding as she continued.
“Yeah, I didn’t want to, but she persuaded me, I just felt bad for her, wanting her to be able to choose and live without having her life chosen for her by the Senate. Because of that, I don’t really regret my decision, but I feel bad for making you hurt and upset.” He answered again with a sorrowful smile.

Before blushing at her bext stuttered question.
“U-Uh well. First we’ll try and go to the Senate, find out more about this city and this world. B-But concerning you and Velia w-well.” He started before glancing away.
“I-I’ll admit I have some feelings for her, seeing as we, w-well.... h-had sex. B-But, like I said last night, I d-do have feelings for you too. I-I don’t know exactly how deep t-those feelings are for either of you, t-this is the first time I’ve had these feelings.” He admitted with a mad blush, getting up and turning away from her out of embarrassment.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 189d 1h 31m 37s
Celeste listened silently to his reasons. He was being honest now at least. As hurt as she was that he’d been with Velia and then kissed her without telling her, he didn’t really sound pleased about the whole thing. Velia was manipulative and insistent, was it really so surprising that she would make him feel bad enough for her to get what she wanted? She glanced back to see him sit down on the ground. She wasn’t sure what to do. Everything seemed to be a mess. They were in a lot of danger with no real allies, except apparently Velia now. She sighed and sat down as well.

“Everything is just… it’s all moving too fast. You. The senate. Velia. These powers we’re still not sure how to use. And anyone might want to kill one of us any time.” Celeste hesitated a moment, but put her hand over his,”I… I didn’t want you to have to.”

Wanting to change the past wouldn’t do them any good. She shook her head,”I guess we can’t change it. So I… Well, from here what are we going to do? And… um, are you… I mean, I-I know last night with me was probably just… B-but do you… are you more…” She was blushing again, and struggling to figure out how to ask,”Um, serious about… her?”
  Celeste / Yavanna / 189d 21h 20m 26s
Jax just looked away from Celeste as she asked her questions.
"I wanted to tell you straight away, but we ended up drinking, and I obviously mustn't have said anything while I was drunk." He tried to say as an excuse, unable to look her in the eye.
"I didn't want to, I just felt bad for her, she was going to be forced to be with someone the Senate decided, and forced to live life as their pet. I didn't want that for her, plus I wanted to keep you safe, I promised you that much already." He said blushing and still looking away, feeling more and more embarrassed about all of this.

"A-As for when, I-it happened just after you got in the bath, we did it while you were getting cleaned up." He answered honestly, sitting down on the ground and just keeping his gaze away from her.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 190d 7h 28m 22s
Velia didn’t seem terribly bothered by Celeste’s reaction. She had expected it sooner or later. “Mmm, my door is always open. I’ll send a letter later to tell you where my country villa is.”

Velia watched him leave with a sigh. She knew time was short, the frustrating part was that she didn’t know [i exactly] when they were leaving, just that it would be today. She focused on her breakfast, giving them a little while alone.

Celeste kept walking, though her pace slowed. They were in the garden, which seemed empty at the moment,”When were you going to tell me? I thought… I thought you didn’t want to. I… When did you…?”

She stopped walking, but didn’t turn to look at him. A more calm, rational part knew there was some logic in it, Velia’s help could be very valuable now. That part was being overwhelmed by the hurt, angry part.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 190d 8h 37m 21s
Jax nodded at Velia's response and reasoning, of course she knew they were leaving, he was a bit annoyed that, but she had a point, they would live longer if they played along. He just had to keep up the little 'performance' he started at the Senate. He was worried about Celeste though, about what some of the men at the Senate might try and do to her.
"Im rather against having Celeste try and keep the men infatuated with her, but you're right, it's the best chance we've got." He admitted.

His heart dropping at Celeste's stutter and that she should leave, she must have figure out why Velia was suddenly helping them. He looked at Velia briefly.
"I'll talk to her, thank you for your help Velia." He said following after Celeste.
"Celeste! Wait, I can explain. I went along with her to give you a better chance of surviving, if I didn't, chances are she might have even convinced the Senate to kill you." He tried to explain, feeling horrible and guilty about all of this.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 190d 9h 2m 44s
Celeste took the seat next to Jax, red faced and trying to look at just the food. Apparently Jax had only fared a little better than her for modest clothing.

Velia went on to explain as she got a little plate ready for herself,”It’s perfectly reasonable. You two will go back to the senate, and I would like you both to be as safe as possible. My letter should warn most of them off, but it’s really best if you also manipulate them into liking you while you’re there. For you, Jax, you should be confident, fearless. Be a leader. They’ll respect that. As for you, Celeste.”

Velia paused, looking over Celeste,”They’re a bunch of men, and not all are terribly bright. It’s best if they see you as a woman, an [i attractive] woman. They’ll be too distracted fawning over you to think to kill you.”

Celeste was still looking embarrassed, but also at Velia curiously. Of course Velia knew, but why was she trying to be so helpful? She looked at Velia, then Jax, and a light turned on. “Oh. Oh. Um.”

She looked hurt. When had that happened? If Velia was helping them so much it could only mean she got what she wanted from Jax. The question was when. Celeste wasn’t sure. She got up from the table,”Right. I… I think I better go now.”

She wasn’t sure where to yet, exactly. Out of the room, at least. Did she want to try to go see the senate on her own now? She didn’t know, she just started walking.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 190d 9h 38m 32s
Jax went down towards the table, blushing mad when he saw the dress Velia was wearing.
“Uh m-morning. What are we eating?” He asked as she took his hand, trying not to stare at her body too much as she led him to the table, trying to regain his composure before she talked about Celeste.
“What did you give Celeste to wear?” He asked curious and a little worried. He wasn’t exactly happy with his own clothes, his torso was mostly bare at this point, with what was closer to a large scarf than a shirt draped around his neck and top of his torso and back. The waist down he was wearing what would be more akin to half a robe than pants, in black and grey. His own clothes keeping his blush apparent as he stood near the table, waiting for Celeste as he tried his best not to stare at Velia. Trying to think of how him and Celeste would leave and tell Velia, if she didn’t know already, but he didn’t underestimate her power, she’s definitely know by now.

That was when Celeste finally came down, causing poor Jax to have as dark of a blush as possible, embarrassed at his own clothes, plus trying not to stare at either of the girls.
“H-Hey Velia, mind explaining your choice of attire for us here?” He chimed in as he sat down, keeping his gaze away from the girls as best as he could, thinking that he needed to say something to not look like a blushing fool.
“W-We’ll, these aren’t all bad, you both do look really beautiful like that.” He said looking away and rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 190d 10h 46m 4s
Downstairs Velia was waiting for them with breakfast already laid out on the table. It was set up to be a more modest feast, but it hardly looked plain. When Jax came in Velia went over to him, smiling. She was wearing a dress the only went over one shoulder before wrapping around, and along one side it was open pretty far up and showed her leg when she walked. “Good morning. Come, have a seat and eat. Celeste won’t be too much longer. I expect she’s not happy with what I picked for her to wear. You’ll see.”

She was being warm and friendly, and took Jax’s hand to bring him to the table. She was in a pretty good mood at the moment, though some of it was forced. She knew they would be leaving, but hoped to still enjoy what she could of the morning.

Celeste was indeed not very happy with Velia’s choice in dress. The servant girl helped her into it, and after some argument and the girl refusing to get something else for Celeste, Celeste finally went down to breakfast, the servant girl trailing behind her. Celeste was red faced and had her arms crossed in front of her when she entered the dining room. The dress Velia had picked embarrassed her. It was mostly held in place by a cord tied around her midsection, crossed a few times. It draped down her shoulders and the skirt was long, but it left her back mostly exposed, as well as her sides down to her hips. The front plunged down too, leaving a strip of skin exposed to her bellybutton. As soon as she saw Velia she complained,”This has to be a mistake. You can’t seriously expect me to wear this.”

Velia smiled, leaning over the table,”No mistake. You look lovely. I have my reasons, and I’ll explain over breakfast. Come have a seat.”
  Celeste / Yavanna / 190d 22h 26m 16s
Jax blushed and nodded as she said that they didn’t have sex, sighing in relief.
“I-I was worried I tried to hurt you or something for a moment there.” He admitted rubbing the back of his head, freezing when she asked if he remembered kissing her.
“W-W-What!? I did what?” He asked with the deepest blush, he didn’t really remember it, or did he? He wasn’t sure, he remembered drinking wine then it was all a blur.
“S-Sorry for that, I don’t know what w-would have come over me.” He said as an excuse before she stumbled out of the room, him getting changed quickly as he blushed. Vaguely starting to remember a bit of what happened after they both had wine. Remembering the kiss and a bit of what he said.
“G-God, I can’t believe I said that.” He said facepalming, worried about what she thought of him, also concerned about how Velia would feel about the kiss, and even worse, what Celeste would think about him having sex with Velia. It was all too much to protest, plus he wanted to try and leave with Celeste today, since they didn’t go last night. He soon exited his room, going back downstairs, glancing at Celeste’s room as he passed, heading down to where Velia would have been waiting.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 191d 7h 17m 13s
Celeste shook her head, her face feeling very hot,”No! No.” He was hiding something about Velia, but she was too mortified trying to explain about the two of them last night to press him on it more. She finished gathering the clothes and continued,”We um… You really don’t remember kissing me?”

He didn’t remember it, but from what she remembered of last night he’d seemed pretty genuine about liking her. She stumbled on her way to the door,”A-anyway, I… I better go change. And um, let you.”

Celeste was surprised to see the servant girl still waiting outside. The girl bowed,”I was instructed to help you dress, if you needed help, Lady Celeste. My lady chose it for you.”

Celeste ducked into her room, at first insisting that she could manage. About a minute later she had to carefully poke her head out and ask for a bit of help. Whatever Velia had picked out wasn’t easy to get into.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 191d 12h 21m 41s

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