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It was easy enough to slip into sleep. Celeste was certainly tired enough. Her sleep was peaceful, and once or twice she could almost swear she heard music. Nothing woke her until the morning when there was a knock on the door.

The knock jolted her awake, and for a moment she couldn’t remember where she was. She was snuggled up with Jax, and on remembering where she was and most of last night her face went red.

The servant girl didn’t wait for more than a second before opening the door,”Pardon me, My Lady. I was instructed… Ah, My Lord. Excuse me, I was to wake you as well. I have fresh clothes for both of you, and am to tell you breakfast is ready. Lady Velia awaits you both.”

She seemed unfazed on finding them in bed together, and just set the neatly folded stacks of clothes down. All Celeste could do was nod, her face turning a darker shade of red.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 10d 18h 25m 18s
Jax blushed as he felt her snuggle up to him, her arm draping over him, making him feel warm and secure. He let his own hand hold her arm softly, pulling her close to him as he closed his eyes. His mind still swimming with both drunk and logical thoughts. For now though, he gave in to the biggest desire of all, which was just to sleep and let all the events of today swim through his mind, just passing by him as he drifted off to sleep. As he slept, he could hear soft singing in his head. It sounded like a girl, but he couldn't tell what she was saying, he just gave into the odd barely audible song, a soft white and black aura emanating from him. Giving off a calming and soothing tone, like that of a lullaby, letting out a soft hum in tune with the song Jax could hear in his mind.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 11d 9h 10m 0s
Celeste was puzzled when he suddenly turned away. It took her a moment to think he probably wanted to sleep. She thought sleep might be good, but she didn’t want to just turn her back to him. Instead she snuggled up against his back, one arm draped over him,”Mm, good night, Jax.”

She was tired enough that she’d easily fall asleep within a few minutes if nothing else distracted her. Just listening to him breathe.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 82d 20h 44m 33s
Jax couldn't help but keep his drunken smile as they shared their kiss, happy that she was glad to have him here with her. His arms wrapping around her and holding her close as he deepened the kiss slightly, keeping it going for just a while longer.

Finally breaking it after a few moments before looking into her eyes, his last drop of logic taking hold again, making him blush before quickly letting go of her and turning around, so she was facing his back.
"W-Well, g-goodnight Celeste." He said abruptly, thoughts of today, his powers, what he did at the senate, his jealousy at the guard, Velia. They all went swimming through his mind, snapping him back to his senses if only for a moment, enough to make himself stop, but not sure he could do it again if Celeste tried to hug or kiss him again. He wasn't entirely sure if he wanted to gain self-control again.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 83d 3h 25m 0s
Celeste scooted over and laid down next to him,”Sam tells me that. She says I’m too naïve.”

It was comfortable there and she was sleepy. At the same time, Jax was interesting and keeping her from sleep

“I’m glad you’re here.” She leaned in to kiss him, not pulling away quickly. Celeste snuggled closer against him. She was tired enough she could almost fall asleep, but at the same time his kisses were helping keep sleep at bay for the moment.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 111d 23h 42s
He let her drag him along to the bed, letting his body just collapse beside her. Quite surprised himself at how soft it was, he was expecting perhaps even a stone slab or some form of hay. He crawled up to the top of the bed and laid there looking at Celeste, patting the spot beside him. His last bit of logic and sense finally starting to flee from him.

"Some would say that's naïve Celeste~" He teased drunkingly before chuckling and shaking his head.
"But I won't go, don't worry. I just admitted how I feel and kissed you, why would I leave~" He added with a smirk as he waited for her to lay down beside him before snuggling with her.
"Right now, I just want you, to be here with me." He added, not sure himself if that was the alcohol talking or how he really felt. Both becoming blurred together by now. He shrugged all that away before leaning in for another kiss unconsciously.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 112d 2h 21m 23s
Celeste smiled, looking a little sleepy. She slid her hands down his arms to take both his hands in hers before tugging him along, walking backwards toward the bed. It was a good thing it wasn’t far, because she practically fell back to sit on the bed. She’d half expected some kind of straw or something lumpy, but the bed was soft and the blankets and pillows even more luxurious.

“I’m not worried.” The little bit that was still rational was, but it was a soft voice fading in the back of her mind. She was feeling too relaxed to get worried. “I just don’t want you to go.”
  Celeste / Yavanna / 112d 8h 55m 31s
He felt a slight disappointment when she agreed with him that they should go to sleep. Still probably the buzz from the alcohol and his current feelings toward her. His arm not leaving her waist though as the other reluctantly slithered its way out of her hair. Jax's body instinctively leaning forward as she leant in to kiss him once more, pecking her on the lips before she leant back.

Enjoying the feeling of her hands on his chest, slowly feeling his last sense of logic and sanity fleeing his mind.
"O-Of course, I'll gladly stay with you, but aren't you worried I might get the wrong idea. I am a guy, who's had a bit too much to drink." He pointed out in a very half-assed way. Wanting her to be aware of that, but also wanting it to happen at the same time.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 112d 9h 20m 57s
“Mhmm,” Celeste hummed. What he was saying made sense. She could feel that it would be too easy to get carried away with the intoxication of the wine and affection. The part of her that was still thinking was working enough to mumble,”We should go to bed. Get some sleep.”

The trouble was she wasn’t thinking very hard. Even as she started to move her arms back, she leaned in to kiss him again. Her hands rested on his chest, hardly even half committed to stepping away from him. When she leaned back from the kiss she asked,”You’ll still stay, won’t you?”
  Celeste / Yavanna / 112d 10h 12m 42s
He wasn't sure how she'd react to what he said, or his attempt at kissing her. But he wasn't expecting the feeling of her lips meeting his own, but he had definitely hoped for that. He simply smiled into the kiss and let his eyes clothes, the arm around her tightened slightly around her waist, holding her close while the other gently went through her hair. He felt himself wanting more, which was most likely the glasses of wine talking.

Then they finally pulled apart for that dreaded thing called oxygen. He was intoxicated, not just from the alcohol, but even from their kiss, he wanted more. Normally he would never feel like this, but the alcohol seemed to have other ideas for him. A childish sense of joy filled him when she stated that she was starting to like him as well. Just adding fuel to the fire for him.
"I'm glad, b-but we should probably get to bed. B-Before we w-well, rush too far in without thinking." He said abruptly, grasping for the last bit of logic and sense he had left before he was too far gone. Even though, deep down, he didn't want her to agree with him and just end it like this.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 112d 14h 4m 46s
His hand in her hair made her spine tingle. Her senses weren’t quite working the way they usually did, but she could feel that. His answer pushed the nagging thought about what they were supposed to do away. He just admitted that so casually, which she wasn’t expecting.

Celeste’s answer was to finish closing the distance when he leaned closer and press her lips against his. It was sweet and tender, but at the same time she had this fervent desire fueled in part by the wine. Rather than pulling away quickly like she thought she would, she lingered. Her arms wound around him and her fingers found their way into his hair again.

When she did pull back she felt dizzy and even more drunk somehow. It took her a second to say anything,”I’m starting to like you too.”

The words didn’t seem to quite match with the intense, intimate feeling just then. Or the way she held him tightly while the world seemed to tilt and spin around them, like she would fall down if she let go.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 112d 14h 49m 40s
Jax just tilted his head with a cocky smirk as she answered him, she didn't give a hint that time. Was he spot on? Or at least on the right track?
"That's not how the game works~" He said teasingly as he noticed her lean forward until their noses touched. Shivering once more as he felt one of her hands go to the back of his neck while the other went to his shoulder. The hand that was on the wall next to her began to gently go through her hair while the other wrapped around her to pull her close.

Then her own question came, almost like a small whisper. Did he have feelings for someone? He knew he was definitely attracted to her, and was starting to care for her. But he wasn't sure how far those feelings went.
"Do I? Well, I didn't really at first. But, in truth. I think I might be starting to like you." He admitted without hesitation. The normal him would never have been able to get a single word of that out without stuttering. And right now, the drunk Jax wanted nothing more than to kiss her, in the back of his mind he heard a voice nagging him to tell her about what he did with Velia, but he was ignoring it as he looked at Celeste, before unconsciously leaning forward to kiss her.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 112d 16h 30m 53s
Something about his voice sent a shiver down her spine. It took her a moment to even think to answer. At first she stood there, watching the way he looked at her. Normally it would have made her self conscious.

When Celeste did answer it was a low whisper,”That’s not… Guess something else.”

She didn’t answer if he was warmer or colder. She couldn’t tell. Celeste didn’t even realize she was leaning forward until her nose brushed up against Jax’s. The hand at the back of his head trailed down the back of his neck, while her other hand went to his shoulder as if to brace herself. Her next words were a nearly breathless murmur,”Do you have feelings for someone?”

She’d almost forgotten about the guessing game already, her mind desperately trying to figure out what she thought about him. There was an intense attraction, but was that all? No, that wasn’t all, she cared about him. Something else tugged at her mind, a memory that there was something they were supposed to do tonight. What was it?
  Celeste / Yavanna / 112d 21h 31m 55s
Jax just frowned once more with a chuckle when she said he was wrong, but also warm at the same time. So it was something along those lines, maybe feelings for someone, attraction, wanting to kiss them, sex. There were a few things his drunken mind focused on a bit too much out of those.
"And that's my second guess, maybe you have feelings for someone? Attracted to them, wanting to kiss them, among other things~" He said once again in a surprisingly heated whisper, his body shivering at her touch when he hand went through his hair, he found his own free hand going to her face and gently cupping her cheek. He just found himself gazing at her, for a moment his eyes drifted down to her lips. Did he want to kiss her? He wasn't even sure if this was the alcohol or how he actually felt, he knew that he was attracted to her, and he was starting to grow attached to her. He could kiss her right now, but, he wasn't sure if she wanted it, or how Velia would feel. Although what he did with Velia was more out of necessity and a spur of the moment, he did feel attached to her too. The alcohol not exactly helping his currently jumbled up mind at this point.
  Jax / DarkVulpis / 113d 3h 11m 22s
Celeste bit her lip when Jax leaned toward her. Her face felt hot. She shook her head,”That’s not the secret you’re trying to guess.” She emphasized her statement by reaching up and touching his nose with her finger, then brushed his hair back,”But it’s sort of warm.”

After a brief moment Celeste continued, her fingers running through his hair to the back of his head,”So, second guess?”

He was asking if she had feelings for anyone. Before tonight she’d have said there wasn’t anyone, but she was getting butterflies in her stomach when she wondered about Jax. How did she feel about him? There was this silly game. She’d started out not sure where she was going with it. The thing was, being so close to Jax made her think about how she’d never really been kissed. That was the secret, but his questions were making her think. Was the bigger secret that she sort of wanted him to kiss her? She’d gotten attached to him so quickly.
  Celeste / Yavanna / 113d 9h 11m 55s

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