The Coastal Meeting

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Foxy went to the market to buy food and some drinks so that they could be able to go on a full stomach that night, and when he got home, he set up that night's dinner inside a crockpot, which was to be pot roast. After he had set the crockpot to slow cook the food, he went back to his hammock and went back to sleep, taking off his eye patch so it wouldn't be uncomfortable.
  Foxy / DoomGuy123 / 208d 18h 47m 4s
Kokishia continued to sleep, in a slightly curled up position. The only sound in the room was of her breath, as her chest lifted and lowered slowly. Seeing the feline sleep like this was almost soothing, to a degree.
  Kokishia Hyo / AskTheStaff / 208d 18h 55m 11s
Foxy got up finally, putting his eye patch on, covering the empty eye socket, and he walked into the room that the leopard was sleeping in, and when he saw her, he smiled in admiration.
  Foxy / DoomGuy123 / 208d 18h 57m 40s
Kokishia dreamed of absolutely nothing, which was actually quite normal and unfortunate for her. Although the male had woken up, she was still fast asleep on the futon and she looked rather comfy.
  Kokishia Hyo / AskTheStaff / 208d 19h 27s
Foxy was already passed out in his hammock, dreaming about many things, but mostly about the map he had in his possession. And when he woke up in the morning, he fell out of his hammock, and sluggishly got up.
  Foxy / DoomGuy123 / 208d 19h 4m 16s
"Thanks...same to you." The feline stated with gratitude towards her friend, and wanting him to have decent rest as well. Kokishia laid down on the futon in the room, and she slowly closed her eyes...soon falling asleep.
  Kokishia Hyo / AskTheStaff / 208d 19h 16m 33s
He smiled. "I hope that you get lucky while you have that piece of gold..." he said, and he left the room. "Goodnight, and sweet dreams." He said, then he went to sleep in his hammock in the living room.
  Foxy / DoomGuy123 / 208d 19h 23m 20s
Kokishia hugged the male in response to his hug, as she blushed and her tail swayed slightly faster than normal. The feline looked at the piece of gold when Foxy had given it to her, and she smiled a bit. "Thanks...I'll treasure this." She said with hopefulness.
  Kokishia Hyo / AskTheStaff / 208d 19h 25m 3s
He smiled, and hugged her again, and handed her something he normally wouldn't let anyone touch. "Here, take this piece of gold, it's always brought me luck when I need it most..." he told her, and handed her the gold coin.
  Foxy / DoomGuy123 / 208d 19h 27m 51s
Kokishia's ears twitched slightly as her tail swayed from side to side, and she listened to the fox speak. "I'll...try to." She admitted, looking up at him with a solemn and small smile. " one is usually this nice to a leopard like me..." The feline said.
  Kokishia Hyo / AskTheStaff / 208d 19h 29m 55s
Foxy looked at her, and he shook his head. "You never know, you might have an ancestor more awesome than me, but until then, keep your chin up, I'll be there for you until the end." He said with a charismatic attitude.
  Foxy / DoomGuy123 / 208d 19h 32m 56s
"You' me do that? Really?" The feline asked with a slightly hopeful tone as she looked up at the male, before she looked down again. "Even if you did, I bet my ancestry would suck..." She mumbled, accidentally letting him hear her. "It is quite dark and late to be moving about I'd be delighted to stay for the night." Kokishia said.
  Kokishia Hyo / AskTheStaff / 208d 20h 2m 40s
"Maybe I could help you find out when we get a chance." He told her, and after they finished their curry, he told her she could spend the night if she wanted.
  Foxy / DoomGuy123 / 208d 20h 4m 45s
Kokishia listened to her friend speak of his ancestor, and she sighed. "Even your ancestry is cooler than mine..." She said solemnly, looking down for a few seconds. "I don't even know what I am...besides a leopard." The feline stated, looking at her distinct markings.
  Kokishia Hyo / AskTheStaff / 208d 20h 7m 1s
"Thanks." He said, and he told her that one of his ancestors used to be a captain of a ship called The Moonlight Marauder. "He was called Moonscar because he used to have a moon shaped scar over his left eye." Foxy told her.
  Foxy / DoomGuy123 / 209d 2h 25m 20s

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