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Roleplay Responses

Breezie watched the glowing Amy swim around in the tank.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 4d 23h 37m 26s
Her glowing body kit up the dark tank and swam in circles
  Amyumino / 4d 23h 44m 12s
Sh looked like she was covered in sweat, then she put on a robe.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 4d 23h 48m 8s
Her hand hit the glass and swam around, glowing a purple bioluminescent
  Amyumino / 5d 1m 3s
Breezie emerged from the water, and she shook herself down like a dog.
She was in the deep Sea tank and was in the pitch black
  Amyumino / 5d 17m 53s
Breezie woke up the next day, and she looked around, then activated night vision so she could see.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 55m 36s
She jolted awake and looked around, playing with a rubik's cube
  amyumino / 5d 56m 12s
Breezie sank to the bottom of the tank, being made of mostly steel and wires.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 57m 34s
She finally fell asleep but was mumbling and thrashing in her sleep
  amyumino / 5d 1h 1m 34s
Soon, Breezie fell asleep, and the fish pushed her into a hollowed rock.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 1h 25m 21s
She was bobbing up and down like a bobber then coughed
  amyumino / 5d 1h 26m 47s
Breezie kept the special mask on, which operated like how a fish's hills worked
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 1h 30m 57s
She nods as she went to her isolated tank and turned the lights off but didn't sleep
  amyumino / 5d 1h 36m 39s
Breezie looked around, and after an hour of exploring, she finds Amy? And tells her that she's probably going to be sleeping in the fish tank for the night
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 1h 39m 31s

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