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"A very old friend of mine", she says as she smiled then coughed
  Amyumino / 57d 9h 6m 47s
William smiled. “Sorry...and this is...?” He asked, motioning towards Sakura
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 57d 10h 32m 3s
She looked at William "you scared me",she says as she looked at him
  Amyumino / 57d 10h 48m 3s
She kept a dagger ready, then saw it was William, Sara’s brother*
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 57d 10h 50m 9s
She sniffed the air then went back to normal when she heard a knock and looked at Sakura
  Amyumino / 57d 10h 52m 42s
*the female looked a bit nervous when she changed forms again.
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 57d 10h 55m 19s
She shot the remaining two Then suddenly woged back into her blutbad form growling loudly
  Amyumino / 57d 10h 55m 44s
She tossed a handful of daggers, killings three of the creatures
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 57d 11h 4m 42s
She suddenly woged into her blutbad firm and browned as she woged back into her human face
  Amyumino / 57d 11h 10m 2s
The female grabbed several daggers and readied herself.
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 57d 11h 46m 49s
"Geier, 5 of them", she says as she grabbed her shotgun from behind the recliner.
  Amyumino / 57d 11h 50m 12s
The girl also smelled something strange and hostile.
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 57d 11h 53m 11s
She was taking notes and such down from Hey books then looked around and sniffed the air
  Amyumino / 57d 11h 54m 45s
The girl was already finished with ten hardy boys books in half an hour.
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 57d 12h 2m 20s
She hand as she read her book on wesens then coughed again
  amyumino / 57d 12h 14m 53s

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