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The female tossed and turned a little bit, sensing Amy’s discontentment
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 136d 20h 25m 36s
She shifted to her blutbad state and she growled then looked around slightly
  Amyumino / 136d 20h 26m 16s
The girl was sleeping quietly, not having a care in the world
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 136d 20h 27m 24s
She made some and sighed as she rubbed her hands through her hair
  Amyumino / 136d 20h 28m 30s
She soon was wrapped up like a crepe, the quilt making her comfortable.
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 136d 20h 31m 57s
She carried her to the couch and covered her up with a quilt
  Amyumino / 136d 20h 34m 31s
“Okay...good night.” She said, passing out in the chair
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 136d 20h 36m 10s
"I can smell it on you, its sticking to you like gorilla glue", she says as she looked at her
  Amyumino / 136d 20h 37m 48s
“I’m tired, okay...” she said, and started to fall asleep.
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 136d 20h 39m 29s
"Something smells like a mix between grapes and fireplace", she says as she sniffed the air
  Amyumino / 136d 20h 40m 58s
The female was sitting in the chair, an aura of tiredness about her
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 136d 20h 43m 1s
She sniffed the air,smelling like oranges since she only got 4 hours of sleep last night.
  amyumino / 137d 4h 32m 47s
Sakura smiles and introduced herself. “My name is Sakura Renshi, Amy’s Blood maid.” She said, and William gave Amy a weird look until Sakura explained.
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 137d 9h 50m 2s
"I know right",she says as she smiled slightly then sniffed the air slightly
  Amyumino / 137d 19h 0s
She bowed politely, and told him her name. “Polite too...you don’t see many people like that anymore...” William said
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 137d 20h 59s

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