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"Maybe he was acting and when we had back turned, he high tailed it", she says as she looked at her and smiled
  amyumino / 3d 22h 25m 25s
She looked and was surprised to see he was gone. She tapped out the message: "how can he disappear? he was dead!"
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 3d 22h 29m 5s
She shrugged as she looked around then seen the person was gone
  amyumino / 3d 22h 31m 49s
She asked in Morse code why she was flashing so much
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 3d 22h 46m 55s
She started to 'flash' her colors again as she looked at the name
  amyumino / 3d 22h 48m 9s
Breezie showed her the name, and it didn't surprise her
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 4d 24m 43s
She looked at Breezie and looked at the wallet as she seen Sara
  Amyumino / 4d 29m 14s
The hedgebot grabbed the body and took out the wallet, and knocked gently on the side of the tank for Amy to know it was safe.
She watched and swam into some seaweed and was glowing bright purple
  amyumino / 4d 1h 4m 52s
Breezie fired a shot, and it rebounded off the ceiling, the wall, then the floor and hit the intruder in the back.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 4d 1h 18m 57s
She seen somebody in the corner then growled as she watched them
  Amyumino / 4d 23h 5m 28s
Breezie's arm became a blaster again, then she charged up a shot.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 4d 23h 13m 39s
She sensed something, Them going dark red then dated to the back of the aquarium
  Amyumino / 4d 23h 28m 48s
Breezie looked confused, not sure how she could do that
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 4d 23h 31m 30s
The bioluminescence changed from purple to a light pink, the colors flashing
  Amyumino / 4d 23h 34m 28s

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