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"With their poisonous slime and ugly toad faces", she mumbled/slurred then started to feel nauseous
  amyumino / 134d 22h 3m 32s
Amanda told her to just rest, and she wiped up the blood.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 134d 22h 7m 38s
"Nnngh",she groaned as she geeky blood dropping from her head then stated to feel sick again "goddamn Fiellulms", she frisked out as she coughed
  amyumino / 134d 22h 9m 26s
Amanda picked her up, taking off the pig mask and put Amy in the chair
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 134d 22h 16m 10s
She mumbled/groaned as she seen the blurry figures before passing out
  amyumino / 134d 22h 18m 45s
Amy could hear the sound of Amanda’s blade slicing through flesh, along with scraping against the metal bat.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 134d 22h 35m 18s
She was hit in the head with the bat and almost knocked her unconscious
  amyumino / 134d 22h 36m 11s
Amanda had just entered the room, and she immediately grabbed the end of the baseball bat, and when the perpetrator tried to swing, they couldn’t.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 134d 22h 45m 13s
She went back to normal "A...amanda?",she rasped as she looked at her in her eyes
  amyumino / 134d 22h 47m 40s
The person didn’t answer, and that’s when she saw the attacker’s throat had stitches
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 134d 22h 48m 58s
She growled a deep growl and charged at them "who are you?",she yelled
  amyumino / 134d 22h 50m 47s
The person held up the baseball bat as if they were ready
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 134d 22h 52m 26s
She growled at the attacker as she looked at them with blood red eyes
  amyumino / 134d 22h 54m 14s
She could see the unconscious and bloodied Sakura lying on the floor
  Sakura Renshi / DoomGuy123 / 134d 22h 55m 29s
She cocked the gun then opened the door as she shifted to her blutbad form
  amyumino / 134d 22h 56m 20s

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