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Amanda woke up to find Amy missing, and the trail to the door was a mess.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 195d 20h 14m 17s
She thanked her as she smiled then closed her eyes. Next thing she knew she was in the woods
  amyumino / 195d 20h 30m 2s
She handed over a Billy Puppet, which Amy could have as a reminder to call Amanda if she needed help
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 196d 7h 25m 50s
Nods as she spit blood into a trash can then coughed some
  amyumino / 196d 16h 24m 32s
“That was a warning, telling me someone failed to escape.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 196d 16h 32m 8s
She jumped at the buzzer then sniffed the air slightly
  amyumino / 196d 16h 33m 31s
“True...” She stated, and she looked around, and a buzzer on her wrist went off every time someone died in the abandoned meat packing plant.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 196d 16h 39m 49s
"Dammit",she mumbled then closed her eyes "at least I can still see",she mumbled slightly
  amyumino / 196d 16h 58m 9s
She shrugged, not knowing at all. “I wouldn’t know that...” she said
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 196d 16h 59m 32s
Nods "how long does the slime last?",She rasped as she coughed some
  amyumino / 196d 17h 3m 35s
“I see you’re feeling somewhat better?” She asked, looking at Amy.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 196d 17h 12m 15s
She woke up,the grayness from her skin going away and turned back into her normal skin color
  amyumino / 196d 17h 19m 5s
Amanda stayed with Amy until she woke up, and smiled gently
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 196d 18h 35s
She took it then feel unconscious as she went limp
  amyumino / 196d 18h 2m 10s
She told Amy to calm down and gave her a serum to help with the nausea.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 196d 18h 29m 27s

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