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"I look like I tore the hallway apart too", she says as she put her face in her hands
  Amyumino / 53d 12h 16m 35s
Sara looked at Amanda, but she said she fell asleep before anything happened
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 53d 12h 17m 57s
"I...I woke up in the woods but all I remember is being here and talking to Amanda",she says
  Amyumino / 53d 12h 19m 7s
Sara asked where she had went, having been worried like a mother
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 53d 12h 23m 4s
She looked up and seen Sara then looked back down slightly
  Amyumino / 53d 12h 25m 3s
She got Amy into the house and put her on the couch.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 53d 12h 26m 45s
She had scratches all over her from the branches and her face was pale and had red under her eyes
  Amyumino / 53d 12h 29m 45s
Amanda helped Amy back to the house, having Amy sling over her shoulder
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 53d 12h 31m 27s
She seen it was Sara and shakily answered then hung up after talking
  Amyumino / 53d 12h 33m 40s
“I don’t know...I only woke up half an hour ago...” she said
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 53d 12h 35m 37s
"How long was I gone for?",she asks as she heard her cell phone ring and jumped
  Amyumino / 53d 12h 36m 41s
She shrugged. “I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about that”
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 53d 12h 39m 20s
"How...how did I get out here, what happened?",she asks as she looked at Amanda confused
  Amyumino / 53d 12h 41m 0s
Amanda used her heightened sense of detection and found Amy in around ten minutes, and she helped her up.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 53d 12h 42m 48s
"W..where....am I?",she asks as she looked around confused at the trees
  Amyumino / 53d 12h 43m 30s

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