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"You said this place was abandoned", she says as she looked around then coveted her nose
When they got inside, they could hear the ink pipes gurgling, and they could also hear a machine's gears grinding loudly
  Six / DoomGuy123 / 116d 23h 37m 1s
"GODDAMN YOU RAIN", she yelled as she friend as more lighting struck again
Sara got into the car and had driven them to the abandoned studio and helped her inside
  Six / DoomGuy123 / 116d 23h 46m 16s
She sighed "ill wait in the car", she says as she grabbed a bottle of painkillers and went outside getting disks but didn't care
She rolled her eyes. "Of fucking course..." she said, rather annoyed
  Six / DoomGuy123 / 116d 23h 55m 35s
As soon as she said that, a huge strike of lightning struck outside
"It isn't going to thunder outside, it's normal rain..." she told her, knowing that there wasn't going to be any lightning
  Six / DoomGuy123 / 117d 7m 50s
She explained that the metal in her body was greatly affected by the lightning
Sara told her it was lightly sprinkling outside, so she could get away with wearing a hoodie
  Six / DoomGuy123 / 117d 32m 52s
Nods then stood up and groaned, almost falling "it's raining, isnt it?",she asks as she coughed
Six remained asleep, and Sara came into the room and asked if she wanted to see that studio she found
  Six / DoomGuy123 / 117d 39m 35s
She rubbed her hair with her finger and smiled as she coughed
Six stayed asleep, but appeared to be having a bad dream
  Six / DoomGuy123 / 117d 51m 13s
She smiled as she put her on her pillow as she sat up, swaying

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