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She his in a ceiling pocket then looked around as she yawned quietly
  amyumino / 5d 1h 41m 9s
"Took you long enough." She said, and started counting.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 2h 1m 12s
She looked around and finally found her after 20 minutes of looking
  amyumino / 5d 2h 2m 28s
Breezie took off like the wind, and hid in one place Amy doesn't look very often.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 2h 3m 9s
"Dammit", she says as she laughed slightly as she started to count
  amyumino / 5d 2h 4m 5s
Breezie looked around after thirty seconds, and eventually found her.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 2h 4m 39s
She hid behind another massive rock and smiled as she stayed quiet
  amyumino / 5d 2h 6m 18s
She old Amy she was it, and that they should count to thirty before seeking, since he aquarium was massive
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 2h 7m 51s
She nods as she smiled slightly them smiled as she stretched
  amyumino / 5d 2h 12m 17s
Breezie asked if she wanted to play hide and seek, to try and forget about it
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 2h 13m 54s
She had The Devil Makes Three playing, the song being Drunken Hearted Man
  amyumino / 5d 2h 15m 24s
She sighed, and sat down, wearing an underwater respirator mask*
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 2h 19m 51s
"Terrible things", she says as she closed her eyes and sighed
  amyumino / 5d 2h 22m 0s
"What happened...? My memory was wiped for a good two hours..." she said.
  Breezie the hedgebot / DoomGuy123 / 5d 2h 46m 11s
She stayed quiet and looked at Breezie "no", she says quietly
  amyumino / 5d 2h 48m 32s

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