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She was mixing up some tonics and ointments as she hummed
  amyumino / 250d 3h 32m 54s
Amanda looked at her and knew she had changed over the years, but she never expected her to change that much
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 250d 3h 34m 45s
Her hair was much shorter and you could see wounds and such all over her body
  amyumino / 250d 3h 35m 54s
Amanda looked around some, and noticed a picture of them when they both got out of the Lab
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 250d 3h 38m 44s
She made a nose then her nose as she put on a different shirt
  amyumino / 250d 3h 44m 14s
“I didn’t notice it until now...” she mentioned, looking around.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 250d 4h 10m 54s
"Thats old for maybe 4 years ago", she says as she coughed some and made some tea
  Amyumino / 250d 4h 13m 25s
She looked a bit surprised. “You have a large bite mark on your shoulder..”
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 250d 4h 18m 20s
Nods as she itched her neck then stretched slightly, a bite scar on her shoulder blade
  Amyumino / 250d 4h 19m 36s
“12:30...” Amanda told her, messing with a billy puppet.
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 250d 4h 21m 44s
"What time is it?",she asks as she coughed then heard a noise
  Amyumino / 250d 4h 22m 18s
She decided to not mention it to Amy, since she didn’t want to think about it
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 250d 4h 23m 29s
She stirred a bit as the color returned to her skin and yawned
  Amyumino / 250d 4h 24m 16s
Amanda saw it and was confused, then she realized it was her PTZD
  The Pig/Amanda Young / DoomGuy123 / 250d 4h 25m 5s
She was gray on color and her chest wasnt moving but she was still 'alive'
  Amyumino / 250d 4h 27m 49s

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