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Kane smiled, "I would love to have biscuits and gravy or fried chicken... or pizza... anything but hospital food he sat comfortable sitting in the front seat. "I miss the girls, I miss Rambo, and Hannah... I am just happy to go home... plus I want to cuddle on the couch or in bed with you... I don't know about upstairs just yet. We will see if I can handle stairs when I get home."

Kane had been doing better but stairs seemed like a feat that he wasn't sure if he could handle. "Its up to you what food we have as long as you feed me. I do want to post on our social medias that I'm home and relaxing now..." As soon as they were home Kane opened the door and used the door and the side of the car to pull himself up. He could walk with his leg in the cast but it was slow and he had to have something to lean on. Tyler came out and smiled seeing him. "Let me help you in man, we don't need you falling."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 7h 31s
Katelyn couldn’t stop smiling when she heard the Doctor say that they were going to let Kane go home. She knew in her heart that Kane would heal better being in his own home, his own bed, with his family.

Three hours later, Katelyn felt like she had went to a crash course in Nursing School. She had carried all of their bags out to the Hellcat, while a nurse pushed Kane in a wheelchair. He wanted to walk out himself. But it was Hospital policy. Katelyn was just giddy. She couldn’t wait to have him home.

She helped him down into the car and smiled as she walked over to the driver side. [b “Are you craving anything? Hannah and everyone has basically been living on take out.. I need to go to the grocery store at some point.”] she said as she drove off. [b “I know Rambo is going to be so excited to see you.”] she said. [b “I can’t wait to see the girls’ faces when they see you come through the front door.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 320d 7h 13m 33s
A doctor came in as the nurse was removing Kane's neck brace for good. His neck was still bruised in places and his spine hurt but there was nothing he could do about that right now. He could just take his medicine and keep improving. The doctor spoke, "Well your breathing is getting better but you will need to continue your treatments as well as your medications and injections but I am going to allow you to go home. The nurses can show your fiance' how to give you your injections and where to give them but you will have a nurse come in three times a week to check on you as well as the physical therapist three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have already arranged this and if you keep inproving you'll be as good as new in maybe a month. Your cast comes off in a month as well on your leg. Don't hurt yourself more and you'll be alright."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 7h 38m 54s
Katelyn smiled. [b “I didn’t go to Medical School... But the way I’m looking at it, once they get your breathing under control, they’ll send us home. I can speak to your doctors tomorrow. I do think they you’ll heal and just do better in general if you’re home. I could get Hannah to set up the bedroom downstairs, if you think it would be too hard to walk upstairs? Maybe we’ll be home by the end of the week.”] she said. [b “You keep improving, and I’ll make it a point to have you home by the end of the week. You just have to promise me that you’ll take it easy.”]

The next couple of days went by pretty smooth. Kane was improving every single day. He was getting his neck brace off today. Which he was supper excited about. He hated it. The doctors were speaking on the issue of letting them go home, which Katelyn was hoping they’d say yes. Sleeping on the hospital couches kind of sucked.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 320d 7h 43m 38s
"When can I go home?" He asked seriously. He could do physical therapy at home right? Why did he have to stay here in the hospital? "Can't we have a physical therapist come out everyday or every other day and help me? You and me can do my medicine ourselves. I just hate being confined to this bed and at least at home I have Rambo and the girls to lay on the couch with me and be lazy.... and babe you shouldn't worry. We're good on money and we have 7 extra bed rooms. You forget theres four in the hall that the theatre is in. I look at it as we're filling up our home. I did check my phone and we got the house in Georgia.... wait why is the label sending us a check?" He asked.

Kane sat there and ate two orders of onion rings, his whole coke slushie, two cookies, and three cheeseburgers, he had been starving. He hated hospital food. "Plus at home you could make your good food for me."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 7h 56m 32s
Katelyn took another bite of the burger and nodded. [b “I think it’s a boy.”] she said with a grin. [b “I’m kind of getting worried. Our house is huge, but it seems we’re quickly running out of space.”] she said [b “Once you get released, I’m going to tell the label that they can set up a summer tour for me. But we’ll only be traveling by bus. Just so we can get some money coming in... The Label is going to send us a four million dollar check.”] she said.

[b “I know we have savings and everything, I shouldnt be worried about money, but adding another baby is going to be really rough.”] she said. [b “I told Tyler and the rest of the band, that if they needed anything, to just let me know, that I would make it happen.”]

She leaned down and kissed his cheek. [b “Once Aria is fever free for twenty four hours, I’ll get Marie and Tyler to bring them over. Hannah wants to see you too.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 320d 8h 1m 2s
"He?" Kane asked with a smile. It was no secret Kane wanted a son, but he loved their girls very much. But what man didn't want a son of his own. Kane reached over and touched her flat midsection. "Its so surreal we're having another baby but I'm excited.... hopefully I'm better by then... and I want to take some time off and write. I can't go back into playing and touring right away after this and we're having a baby." He said picking up his cheeseburger and biting into it before opening a BBQ sauce packet for his onion rings and putting some on his burger as well.

"I am getting the hang of not being able to move my neck and I'll be able to move it a little more after the injection at 6:30.... the nurse said only 2 a day and they do work and once I'm walking more they said it'll be better. The doctor thinks I only have another week in the brace and then I can take the damn thing off." He muttered looking at her.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 8h 10m 3s
Katelyn smiled as she walked over and kissed his forehead. [b “I may or may not have went a little over board with dinner... I bought extra cheeseburgers because I’m starting to get the pregnancy appetite back. Plus, I figured that you were really hungry too.”] she said. She placed his burger and onion rings out on the moveable table in front of him. [b “If you need help, just let me know..”] she said. She sighed when he asked how things were. [b “Rambo was fine. I’m okay.. The girls had a meltdown when I left. I felt horrible for leaving.. Baby Brown is okay. He wanted a cheeseburger.”] she said.

She looked down and smiled as she felt him toying with her engagement ring. [b “How did Physical Therapy go?”] she asked as she took a bite of her own cheeseburger. She grinned when she heard his question about the extra food. [b “We can always eat cold cheeseburgers. Those are my favorite.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 320d 8h 14m 12s
Kane smiled, "Hey baby." He muttered in his hoarse voice. He still had the brace on his neck but he was sitting up now and relaxing. "Thank you for going to get some food baby." He took a slushie from her and helped her sit the bags on the edge of the bed. "Is everything alright at home?" he asked as he took sip of his slushie. "Rambo and the girls? you? Baby Brown? everything okay?" he asked.

Kane took her hand and toyed with her wedding ring. "I love you Katelyn... I can't wait to marry you." His stomach growled loudly. "I just took my medicine. Theres a new nurse tonight and she was nice, kept trying to give me more of that damn jello. I hate jello." He muttered and looked up at her... "But I do like onion rings." He noticed the bag she had and all of the food. "You bought extra... how'd you know I'd want to eat all of this?" He asked.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 8h 20m 19s
Katelyn smiled and nodded. [b “Onion Rings, I got it baby.”] she said. She nodded softly as she listened to his physical therapist. [b “I’ll help as much as I can...”] she said before she ducked out the door. She hated seeing Kane struggling like that, but she had a feeling that she would be seeing that a lot in the upcoming months.

She was slightly shocked when she felt the doctor grab her arm. She nodded when she heard her question. [b “Yes Ma’am. That’s me.”] she said. [b “I was just heading out to get him some dinner...”] She thought as she heard the woman speak. [b “Kane’s been through a lot of trauma... His Fiancé was killed by a drunk driver... Uh. His dead Fiancés brother attacked me, I was inlvolved in a very rough car accident a year and a half ago.. They didn’t know if I would make it. He’s been through so much. He has so many triggers. I’ve noticed he doesn’t like loud noises...”] she explained. [b “We have twins girls. They’re turning one next month. I’m six weeks pregnant.. He has plenty to fight for. We’re supposed to get married in two months...”]

After Katelyn spoke with the doctor, she was back to the hospital with all the food. She felt like a pig walking through the hospital with everything. She’s gotten two large coke slushee’s. That seemed to be the one thing he would drink. She walked into his hospital room and smiled.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 320d 8h 25m 26s
"Burger king sounds good, Onion rings please baby." He kissed her and the physical therapist smiled. "We're going to try and get him moving a little. From now on he will have to do physical therapy twice a day." Kane nodded, "I'll do it. We're getting married in two months." He muttered. He was so happy to be marrying Katelyn. The physical therapist nodded, "I think we can get you walking by then." Even though his leg might not be healed he would be able to say I do.

Kane tried again, this time standing up and leaning into the male nurse holding him up. "My back." He said in pain and the physical therapist nodded, "Its bruised, its going to hurt but we can't have you laying on it all the time, you need to use your muscles for them to heal."

Kane's doctor was in the hall and pulled Katelyn aside to talk to her. "Your his fiance and emergency contact correct?" When she nodded the doctor spoke. "His therapy will be intense, physical and mental to combat the PTSD hes having. Is there any other trauma that hes went through that may come up. Anything else that could trigger him? Also is there something he could use as a goal to get better for? We don't want him losing hope. You'll need to encourage him as well."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 8h 38m 18s
Katelyn drove quickly to the hospital. Tears were rolling down her face full force. She hated leaving the Twins, she felt like a terrible mother for leaving them with Hannah, Marie and Tyler. She knew they didn’t care to help her and Kane, but she felt horrible. She parked the Hellcat and walked into the hospital with the backpack, and the duffel bag tucked on her shoulder, and the pillows under her arms. She couldn’t wait to get to Kane.

She was walking down the hallway when she heard Kane raise his voice. She slipped inside the room, and smiled weakly as she watched him trying to stand up. [b “I’m gonna put all this down... I’ll go get dinner. Does Burger King sound okay? Or McDonald’s?”] she asked. [b “I’ll stop by and get Starbucks too baby.”] she leaned over and kissed his forehead. [b “Is there anything else I can get you?”] she asked him.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 320d 8h 58m 45s
A nurse from physical therapy had came in and her job today was trying to get Kane to stand on his own. He hadn't since the accident and it was killing him. He wanted to be able to do things on his own. There was a male nurse helping since Kane was heavy and if he started to fall the physical therapist wouldn't have been able to catch him.

Kane managed to swing his bad leg over the edge of the bed himself and then the other. "Let me do it on my own." he almost yelled at them. He was in a bad mood because they were making him do this but pushing and prodding him didn't help. "I can do it. Just give me time." He muttered reaching for his drink and taking another breath. He had to wear oxygen at all times now and he hated the tubes in his nose.

Kane looked up when he saw Katelyn in the door. Had she heard him yell? The physicial therapist smiled, "Okay Kane when your ready put pressure on your good leg and Mark will support you." Kane nodded and pushed himself up wincing before falling back down on the bed. "Let me try again."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 9h 9m 3s
Katelyn watched as Hannah came upstairs and grabbed Aria. What if the girls forgot that Katelyn was their real mother? It was stupid, she knew. But how’s Katelyn felt. She hated leaving her girls, pawning them off ok everyone else, but Kane needed her more than he ever had. She was thankful that they had such helpful friends and family. She read the small letter that was attached to the flowers as she tried to pin her damp hair up. She’d dried a little bit of it, but not a lot. She rolled her eyes. [b “Once I get the check, I’ll make sure everyone in the band is paid.”] she said. [b “Kane’s already said that if y’all need anything, you just have to ask..”]

She put the iPad, and laptop in a backpack, as well as a few of Kane’s favorite movies. In the duffel bag, she threw shampoo and deodorant, as well as a bunch of different pairs of Kane’s joggers and sweatshirts. She knew he would want his own clothes as soon as his leg was healed enough. She threw two of their blankets as well. She walked down the stairs with the backpack on her back, the duffel bag slung around her side, and two pillows. She knew Kane would sleep better with his own pillow. [b “I gotta go..”] she mumbled, looking at the girls. [b “Hannah. My credit card is upstairs on the desk. Put it in your wallet, if you need anything, you can do the curbside pickup at Meijer or just order it.”]

She walked out the door, fighting back her own tears. The car seats were in her SUV, she she drove to the Hospital in the Hellcat.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 320d 9h 14m 11s
"Oh thats so great!" Marie said hugging her and soon they were taking care of Taya. Marie knew Tyler wouldn't be working with Kane off but Kane had already made it clear that his band would be taken care of, even if he had to pay them out of his pocket.

"The label sent the flowers in the kitchen and a envelope is attached but no one opened it." Tyler said to Katelyn. The letter in the envelope was sending prayers and letting them know when Kane was better he would always have a place there and he would be getting an insurance settlement of over 4 million dollars.

Hannah smiled seeing Aria, "Lets go get some animal crackers sweetie." She said to Aria who's face lit up. "Shes been eating them like crazy. I went and bought another tub of them."

When it was time for Katelyn to leave the girls started to cry. "Momma! Daddy!" They cried. Kane's accident was taking a toll on everyone.

At the hospital Kane took another breathing treatment and ended up falling asleep. His neck hurt and he couldn't have another injection until this afternoon so he was stuck with the pain and sleeping seemed to help.
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