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Fourty five minutes later.

It took a few minutes to get the girls away from their smash cakes. They had managed to save a little bit of it. Even though the girls were hyped on sugar, it was getting close to their bedtime. They all but stripped the girls before they loaded them up into the truck. Thankfully the place they rented, had its own clean up crew. That just had to get all the decorations down and everything. Hannah and her mother were riding back in the suv, which was now deemed Hannah’s car. Everyone else was headed home.

It was about a thirty minute drive, by interstate, home. It wasn’t a long drive. The twins were getting tired, and were definitely getting cranky. [b “Nanna and Han Han are gonna give you bath, and then y’all are going to bed.”] she mumbled. [b “This pregnant momma is wore out. A hot bath sounds amazing right now, doesn’t it?”] she asked, glancing over st Kane.
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Kane was already smiling and Taya was smearing more cake onto him but he managed to kiss Katelyn on the cheek in her selfie. "I love you and yes you need to help me get frosting and cake out of my hair... my hair is worse than the girls' when it comes to curls." he kissed her again and then Taya smacked his arm with her frosting covered hand. "Daddy!" She shreiked. Kane smiled, "Are you done princess?" Taya nodded, "Peesha." Kane nodded, "Pizza after your cleaned up princess and then bed time."

As soon as Pizza was mentioned Ari perked up. "Pizza." They were one and knew a handful of words, Mommy, Nana, Daddy, Hanhan, Peesha, Ramo, and Tartar which meant guitar. They were smart girls. Katelyn's mother took Taya and Hannah took Aria, "I got some amazing pictures that I'll edit tonight." She said to Katelyn smiling. "I wish my old camera had a shutter on it."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 10h 32m 54s
Katelyn just laughed as she watched Taya attack Kane with her smash cake. [b “Hannah! Get pictures!”] she said. She watched Aria, who was a little bit shyer than Taya. But once she had tasted the icing, she was all for the cake. She mostly got it in her mouth, but some got in her curls. [b “Momma and Hannah are on Taya and Hannah bath duty. I guess that means I get to help Kane get the icing out of his hair!”] she said with a giggle, just after that, Aria smacked her in the face with a handful of vanilla cake. [b “Ari!”] she squealed. She looked over at Kane and just grinned.

Thirty minutes had gone by, and the twins were still going at it with their cake. She and Kane were now mostly covered with cake. She looked over and just laughed. [b “Baby. Smile.”] she said as she held up to take a selfie. It was the cutest thing ever. They were both covered.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 10h 38m 24s
Taya was flailing her arms and giggling and grabbed Kane's hand. "Babe I think she wants me to smash their cakes with them... "You get Ari, I'll get Tay." he said slowly standing up and picking Taya up to go and sit by their smash cakes on the plastic. It was hard for Kane to get on the ground but Tyler helped him and Rambo came to sit by all of them while Marie got the smash cakes and sat them down in front of each of the girls. There was no warning before Taya, having Kane's personality smashed into the cake and smeared it all over herself and Kane, making sure it was in his hair and his face... smashing it into his shirt. "Daddy loves cake." He said laughing and smiling. "Daddy." She muttered and then smashed another small handful of cake onto him while she herself was covered. Ari was not much better... except not as messy and trying to get most of it in her mouth. Taya was not interested in eating it.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 11h 9m 9s
Katelyn grinned as she nodded. [b “Hannah would be the perfect photographer for our wedding.”] she said. [b “Are you still okay with having a small ceremony now? And then an actually huge weddding and reception a year after baby Brown is born?”] she asked. They had talked about it, and decided that it was the best thing for them. She was kind of sad because this was the second time their weddding plans had been messed up, but it was a baby, so she couldn’t be mad. [b “We can announce it to everyone if you want.”]

She nodded. [b “Let’s do presents right now, and then after we can do the smash cake.”] she said. [b “Present time!”] she said as she walked over and sat down near the present table. [b “Come on my babies!”] she said. [b “Kane, come over here and sit with us!”]

Thirty minutes later, all the presents were unwrapped, and the girls were about to smash into their smash cakes.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 11h 17m 1s
Kane nodded, "I want to buy her a new camera for the wedding and we will need some maternity pictures with Baby Brown... and if you want to tell your mom now...we can... I mean she would be excited about it."
Katelyn's mother was sitting with the girls helping them play games before it was time for cake. They were starting to get cranky half way through the party.

"Baby they're getting cranky, maybe cake, pizza, and presents now would be good... let them smash their cakes and open presents and eat before we give them baths and put them in bed." Kane said to Katelyn and her mother smiled, "I can give them baths with Hannah! I volunteer." She loved her granddaughters.

"Daddy daddy daddy." Taya chanted and used her little chubby legs to walk to Kane. He couldn't lift much but he managed to pick up Taya and kissed her forehead, "Hey princess, Nana has Ari." Taya nodded, "Peesha!"
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 11h 23m 28s
Katelyn just stood there a few moments before she pulled away from her Mothers embrace. She walked over to Kane and looked up at him. [b “I love you so much.”] she whispered. She leaned over to kiss his cheek. [b “Thank you baby.”] she said. She looked down as the girls were starting to wake up. [b “My babies! Look whose here! There’s Nana.”] she said. She giggled as the twins face both lit up.

She listened to Kane and nodded. [b “It seems like this birthday party is going to go off without a hitch.”] she said. [b “Hannah’s always loved photography. But it’s always been a side thing for her. She’s amazing though. She could do it full time. Maybe I should mention that for her major?”] she asked.

Soon enough the party was going full force. The kids were in the bouncy house jumping. Hannah was supervising as she was taking pictures, and the adults were mostly eating pizza and socializing.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 11h 27m 42s
"I wouldn't miss my grandbabies first birthday and thank your husband to be, hes the whole reason I'm here. He paid for my ticket and made sure I had everything I needed to get here on time..." She said hugging her. Kane had the girls with him on the couch. They were just waking up but it was alright because their grandmother would for sure perk them up.

Kane smiled to Katelyn and said, "I knew you missed your mom and the girls needed grandma on their birthday." It was true, her mother wouldn't have forgiven herself if she missed her only grandchildren's first birthday party. "Theres pizzas stacked in the kitchen now, cake for everyone and their smash cakes are in the fridge and Hannah just put down the plastic for them do do that on so its easier to clean up later... and shes taking their pictures.... did you know your sister is a damn good photographer?" he asked Katelyn.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 11h 32m 30s
Katelyn smiled as she was hanging up the streamers. She knew that today was going to be an emotional day. She couldn’t believe that her babies were already a year old. [b “They’re definitely going to need a nap. If I had thought it through, y’all could just stayed at the house and I could’ve came back and got you.”] she said. She didn’t know how the girls would do with taking a nap with all the hustle and bustle.

[b “I asked them what they wanted to eat at their party, and they both said Pizza.”] she said with a smirk on her face. [b “I told you. They would eat pizza for every meal if we would let them.”]

She thought she heard her mother’s voice a little while later, but her mother couldn’t take of work? She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around. Her face instantly lit up. [b “Momma!! What’re you doing here? You said you couldn’t take off work!”] she squealed as she pulled the older woman into her arms.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 11h 37m 36s
Kane looked to Katelyn, “I got them to drink some juice but that bouncy house has their attention. They’re going to need a nap before their party because they’ll be so tired out.” He muttered and sure enough half an hour later Taya was crawling into Kane’s lap to take a nap and Aria was on the cushion beside him. The party didn’t start for another two hours so they were alright.

Kane smelled pizza in the kitchen, “they wanted pizza didn’t they?” He asked her as he sat on the couch with the girls. They loved their father. It was 2:30 before the girls woke up and luckily they hadn’t messed up their party outfits. Kane noticed people starting to arrive, including Katelyn’s mother. She had surprised them all. “Where’s grandma’s girls?” She asked as she tapped Katelyn on the shoulder. No one but Kane had known she was coming. She was trying to be sneaky and he had paid for her ticket.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 319d 19h 29m 39s
Marie and Tyler ended up hanging out at the house with everyone for awhile longer before they decided to go home. Katelyn was so grateful wth everything that they had done. When they walked to the front door, she hugged them both. [b “I cannot thank you enough. Y’all have helped me and the girls so much.. Marie, thank you for staying here with Hannah.. We couldn’t have gotten through the last two weeks without you”]

When Marie and Tyler were gone, Katelyn headed back to the living room to sit with Kane. She laughed when the girls got annoyed because Kane wasn’t handing them bites of pizza fast enough. [b “I’m telling you. Those babies would eat pizza every day if I would let them.”] she said.

Two weeks had gone by since Kane was home. They had the girls back in a semi normal routine, it was a lot harder know that Kane couldn’t move freely, but they made it work. They had been out the bouncy house since noon. The party was starting at three. Everyone was busy decorating while the twins hung around Kane.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 19h 43m 27s
Kane smiled, “Home is so much better than the hospital.” Rambo jumped on the couch and Kane nodded. “Baby I love you.”

Soon they were eating pizza and Kane was eating one all by himself with his girls sitting beside him. “I can’t believe they’ll be one in two weeks. Are we still having their big party with the bouncy house and everything. Even though it’s mostly for the adults.”

Two weeks later Kane was doing better but still not a hundred percent. He was walking on his own but slowly and his leg was still broken and in the cast. He tried to help with the party but it seemed Hannah and Marie weren’t going to let him. Aria and Taya has no problem bugging their father and occupying him while everyone else got their party ready. He couldn’t believe his baby girls were one year old today. It didn’t seem like that long ago. Now they were having another baby.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 19h 58m 41s
Katelyn grinned as she watched Taya and Arias face light up when they seen Kane. It had been almost a two weeks since Aria had seen him. She placed all the bags in the foyer and headed into the kitchen. She was just going to order everything by the grocery delivery company. She didn’t want to leave Kane or the girls right now.

She ended up ordering enough pizza for everyone, and some so they would have a little left over. The girls took after Kane, they loved pizza so much. They would eat it for every meal if Katelyn would let them.

She ended up spending close to three hundred dollars just on groceries. She didn’t know the when she would be able to go to the actual grocery store again. She smiled as she walked into the living room, fourty five minutes after they had gotten home. [b “Pizza is ordered as well as enough groceries to last us for a week or so.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 20h 20m 23s
"DADDY!" The girls squealed coming to him as fast as possible. Kane smiled, 'Theres my girls. Daddy missed you two." He said smiling at him and leaning into Tyler before he plopped down on the couch. Rambo immediatley ran to the couch jumping on it. "Hey bubba have you been holding down the fort while daddy was gone." Rambo licked his face and Aria and Taya giggled. They were adorable baby girls.

'Thank you two for everything." Kane said to Marie and Tyler. "If theres anything you need just let us know." The check had been deposited into their bank account this morning for the insurance claim from the accident and the label was paying for only the best care for Kane. Taya was standing by the couch and reaching for Kane before he picked her up a little and helped her onto the couch, the same with Aria. He kissed their foreheads and smiled, "Daddy missed his princesses."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 11h 7m 51s
Katelyn smirked as she listened to him name off a bunch of foods. [b “How about, once we get you home settled, and the girls go down for the nap, I run to the grocery store. We can finally let Marie and Tyler go back to their house if they want. But Hannah should be okay with y’all for an hour or so. We can order pizza for now. But I promise. I’ll fix biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and fried chicken for dinner tomororw.”] she said. [b “I don’t know about you, but I missed our bed so damn much.”]

She grinned as she pulled into the driveway. [b “Once we get you settled, we’ll post a picture.”] Katelyn smiled as she watched Tyler walk out to help Kane. [b “Make sure Bubby doesn’t jump on him please!”] she said as she grabbed all their bags out of the trunk, before following them back into the house. She grinned as the girls toddled out of the living room into the foyer.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 320d 11h 12m 43s

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