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“I’m never going to be the man I was before that crash. I’m never going to be the same. You know it and I know it. How do I move on with my life when I’m stuck now? I want to be back to who I was but I can’t bevause god damn noises scare me and I can’t even breathe without help.” He said looking to her. It was obvious that Kane was depressed. “Now everyone wants me to see a damn therapist and I don’t want someone in my brain! I want to get better and just forget that ever happened and everyone says but you saw Taya again for a minute and you know what I would give anything for forget seeing her again, that brought up a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from in the hospital. As much as I know she saved me that night, it was a silent hell for me while I laid in that hospital bed. A reoccurring nightmare and I still have nightmares where the plane crashes. I can’t get away from it.”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 318d 21h 12m 23s
Once she was finished with his injection, she walked over and threw the needle in the orange bin, made specifically for used needles and such. She walked back over to the bed and smiled softly.

She crawled into bed and held her arms open. [b “Come here.”] she mumbled. She wanted him close to her. [b “Kane. You went through something that most people wouldn’t make it out sane. Okay. You went through something so traumatic, but you’re fighting... You’re righting for me? For our girls and baby Brown.”] she said [b “You don’t ever have to apologize.”] she said. She leaned down and kissed his forehead. [b “What’s wrong?”] she muttered.

She looked up when she seen Rambo slowly inch into the room. She had yelled at him, and now she felt bad a little bit. She sighed and patted the spot beside her. [b “Come on you big baby.”] she said. [b “Just leave daddy alone.”] She ended up leaning over and somehow managed to help Rambo up on the bed. [b “I know you.”] she said as she looksd back at Kane. [b “You have that worry face on. What’s wrong?”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 36m 45s
Kane nodded and watched her. Watched what she was doing. She calmed him down. She understood he couldn’t help this, what he had been through was traumatic and something most people didn’t live through. He was a lucky man to be alive but this...this stress disorder was disrupting his healing process.

Once the pain medicine began to take affect about five minutes later Kane visibly relaxed. “I...I’m sorry.” He blurted out knowing when things like that happened it scared her. “I shouldn’t stress you out it’s bad for Baby Brown.” He muttered with a frown on his face. Kane looked up his icy blue eyes meeting hers, she was beautiful and successful, what did she want with a broken man? He would never be the same as he was before the crash, he was broken and couldn’t be put back together the same way and he prayed that she understood that. He couldn’t lose her.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 8h 56m 50s
Katelyn nodded after she heard him mentioned not being able to breathe. She reached over and started hooking up his nebulizer. She had the shot all ready to go, but she knew he would fight her about it. She had to do it when he wasn’t expecting it.

She heard Rambo run in, and then the door slammed. The next thing she knew, Kane had ahold of her hand. She turned to look at him and just shook her head. [b “Rambo! Go downstairs!”] she said. She climbed on the bed as she rubbed his leg. [b “Look at me. Okay. Just look into my eyes. You aren’t back there okay. You’re in bed, in Nashville with me.”] she said. [b “Baby. I can’t have you freaking out again...”] she muttered. It would scare the girls if he started his screaming fit. [b “Hold up your arm.”] she daid as she wiped off the fatty underneath before poking him with the pain medication injection.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 9h 1m 33s
“It’s not your fault darlin’ I slipped on the carpet on the stairs. Slippers and carpet are like mortal enemies but it’s swelling a little. Damn it.” He sighed and nodded, “It hurts worse now than it did before so I’m going to need it.” He was still taking breathing treatments and after that fall he needed one. He was breathing hard and sort of having a panic attack. “My throat feels tight, I need some air.” He muttered grabbing his tea off of the night stand and trying to chug it.

Rambo came running into the room wondering what was going on and the door slammed back and hit the wall making a loud bang which made Kane jump and hyperventilate. He grabbed Katelyn’s hand to calm himself down, he had to keep telling himself he wasn’t on a plane he was home with Katelyn in their room. He was safe. He was on medication for this but with the fall he hadn’t full recovered from feeling this way.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 9h 12m 12s
Katelyn was almost asleep when she heard a thud, then followed by Kane’s voice. She quickly untangled herself from the comforters and blankets. [b “Baby?”] she asked as she turned out of the bedroom door. She didn’t see him. What had happened? She walked closer to the stairs and gasped slightly when she seen him. [b “Babe. What happened?”] she asked. She leaned down and somehow managed to get his arms around her neck and shoulders. [b “Slowly try and stand”] she mumbled. She felt horrible. She shouldn’t have taken that damn cast off of him.

Five minutes later, she had finally managed to get him into bed. [b “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have taken that stupid cast off.”] she said. She propped his leg up and looked at him. [b “Let me see if it’s swelling... Do you need a shot?”] she asked. She didn’t wait for him to answer her before she walked over to his drawer.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 9h 18m 14s
Kane managed to make it half way up the stairs before slipping on the carpet and falling to the bottom. He didn’t scream as he didn’t want to wake the girls up but he was in pain. He had fallen on his leg and his side. He was afraid to move, afraid it would hurt more if he moved. He needed help. Hannah and her mother had gone downstairs to the basement where they were staying so he called upstairs, “Baby I need help.” He said louder than normal but not loud enough to wake the girls.

Kane couldn’t stop the tears from coming. He couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t even walk for himself without creating more of a problem. What was he supposed to do? Just be a lump forever? He wasn’t healing as fast as he was supposed to and with falling this would just prolong that process even more. “Babe please.” He called up to their room again. He knew she couldn’t pick him up but she could help him slowly move.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 9h 26m 33s
Katelyn just laughed. [b “I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a pregnancy that’s planned. Things keep catching us by suprise.”] she said. [b “But yeah. We’re having the small ceremony at the church. Then on our one year anniversary, we’re going to have the big wedding with our co workers, and just other singers and everyone. I’m gonna have to work my ass off to get my body back in time for it.”] she said.

She ended up putting the girls to bed herself. They were getting cranky, and she honestly wasn’t in the mood to deal with them. Their birthday party had went off without a hitch, and it was perfect, but everyone was tired. As soon as the girls were in their cribs, she headed into her bedroom and crawled into bed. She could hear Kane downstairs speaking with her mom and Hannah. She scrolled through her phone looking at professional cameras for Hannah.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 9h 31m 56s
Her mother smiled, “I kind of suspected when you got sick earlier but I never thought it would be this soon. Was this planned?” Kane shook his head, “Nope this is as big of a surprise to us as it is you...but slightly your and Hannah’s fault. Y’all left us alone on New Years Eve.” Her mother laughed and said,” We did do that didn’t we.” Kane kissed Katelyn and said,”But I can’t wait to be a dad again.” Her mom hugged her and said, “This Time You’ll be married and I want to be here again when you have that baby, and now you have Hannah to help with the girls and around the house since Kane is still hurt for the most part.”

Kane shoved a piece of pizza into his mouth and nodded, “Yeah but she took my cast off for the night and I can move freely. It’s so much better to not have that thing but I know I know my leg won’t heal right without it.”
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 9h 50m 33s
Katelyn thought for a moment and nodded. [b “Let’s to somewhere. But let’s go somewhere like small? If that makes sense. I don’t want to be bothered by paparazzi and everything. I want to only have to worry about you and I.... The mountains maybe? We could get a cabin? Or some small beach town?”] she suggested. She really didn’t care where they went, as long as she got to spend time with Kane.

She followed him downstairs and smiled when she seen the girls, along with her Morher and Hannah. [b “It’s time for bed my babies. If y’all stay up any longer, y’all are gonna get really cranky. And I don’t think that’s something mommy can handle right now.”] she said. [b “Ten more minutes and then bed time babies.”]

Her mother gave her a look and she smiled softly. [b “Momma.. I’m pregnant again. I’m about ten weeks by this point.”] she said. She leaned over and kissed Kane’s cheek.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 9h 55m 54s
Kane nodded, “I was thinking something a little more extravagant. Since we’re not getting a honey moon...I was thinking about maybe a road trip somewhere you wanted to go and then just relaxing since you’ll be showing by then..and I want a boy but you know I’d be happy with another princess.” He muttered kissing her. Kane groaned pulling himself out of the tub but pulled on some sweats, slowly moving his leg and getting into his slippers. “Let’s go see if they got the girls clean and tell your mom our news.” Kane didn’t bother with a shirt as it was hot out and they would most likely leave their window open tonight or turn on the air conditioning, “and I want to eat some pizza.” He muttered taking the stairs one slow step at a time.

Kane sometimes forgot that Katelyn was 4 years younger than him. He had just turned 24 and she was about to turn 21.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 10h 15m 34s
Katelyn just smirked and rolled her eyes. [b “You’re my fiancé, you have to say that.”] she said as she stepped into the tub. She smiled when she felt Kane’s large hand rest on her flat stomach. [b “I can’t wait till Baby Brown gets here... I hope it’s a boy... What do you want?”] she asked as she lathered her hands up with Kane’s shampoo. [b “Lean forward so I can get behind you.”] she said.

Once she was behind him, she massaged his hair until the icing was gone. [b “How about the next time Taya gets cake, we just put her in a giant bubble so no one else gets dirty.”]

Once the icing was out of Kane’s hair, she softly rubbed at his shoulders. [b “I never thought it a million years that I would be spending my twenty first birthday pregnant. But I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want it any other way.”] she said. Her birthday was coming up in about two months. [b “Maybe Hannah will offer to babysit? I really don’t want to do anything except go out to eat, maybe get a hotel room, and snuggle with you.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 10h 23m 10s
“You look beautiful.” Kane said kissing her gently, “Plus we didn’t get to make our announcement so we will have to tell your mom tomorrow, since Hannah, Tyler, and Marie already know.” Once she was in the tub he let his hand rest on her flat stomach. “I don’t mean to ruin the mood but I have frosting in my hair.” He said attempting to get it out but his neck issues and lifting his arms for long periods of time right now was out of the question. She had to help him. It was almost impossible but somehow they managed. “Let’s make a deal that the next Cake Taya gets to smash is her wedding cake because she enjoyed that way more than I thought she would have and I feel bad for your mom and Hannah trying to get cake and frosting out of their curls.” The girls had hair like Kane’s but longer with tight curls. They were adorable even covered in frosting. Kane loved having the inflatable cast off. It was easier for him to move though he had to be careful.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 10h 31m 43s
Once Katelyn made sure Hannah and her Mother had everything they would need for the twins bath, she headed upstairs. [b “If you keep your leg elevated tonight while you sleep, the doctor said we could leave your cast off every little bit.”] she said. [b “Go sit on the couch while I run the water and add bubble bath, then I’ll help you take your cast off babe.”] she said.

She thrugged into the bathroom and poured a hell of lot bubble bath, probably more than she should’ve, and turned on the water. She turned around and walked back into the bedroom. [b “But yes. After we get out of the tub, we can look online and order everything that she would need. She’s been mentioning majoring in photography, but I really don’t know Kane. The girl changes her mind every thirty minutes.”] she said. She leaned down and slowly tugged of his cast. [b “Let’s go soak.”] she said. She wrapped her arms around Kane’s waist and slowly helped him into the bathtub.

Before she got in, she looked in the mirror. [b “I thought pregnancy was supposed to make you glow? Why the hell am I breaking out?”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 319d 10h 41m 35s
Kane nodded, "Big bathtub sounds nice." he said kissing her. "and we have pizza left." He muttered kissing her again. The girls were sticky and cranky but they had a ton of presents now. Kane slowly got up to go into the house and grabbed the pizza to carry it inside. "Two pizzas for us and one for Hannah, one for your mom, and one for the girls and Rambo." He unlocked the door and Hannah carried Taya inside holding her away from her body since she was covered in frosting. Once they had the girls in the downstairs bathroom, Kane smiled, "So we should order Hannah a nice new camera tonight and everything she would need. Sort of a starting school present and a we believe in your passions present."

Hannah was his little sister too now. Kane walked upstairs to their room slowly with Rambo trailing behind. "A nice soak in the tub would be great but your the only one that knows how to take this inflatable cast off of my leg."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 319d 10h 49m 29s

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