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The next few months, the Brown family was pretty crazy. Kane and Katelyn had a meeting with the Label, and they had planned a summer tour for Katelyn. Staring in the middle of May. Katelyn and Kane were pretty busy all on their own, since they had the girls, they basically had to get a new tour bus. The Label didn’t want to pay for it all, so Kane payed for the rest. It would be shared Kane and Katelyn, when Kane got back to touring. Hannah was going with them, to help Kane with the girls while Katelyn was on stage. Marie and Tyler were kind enough to offer to let Nash and Rambo stay with them.

The day had finally came, they were heading out for New York. Katelyn was so excited for the twins to see all the lights and buildings. Her mother was flying in for that performance.

Katelyn laughed as she ran after the girls. They were crazy hyper, which kind of made her nervous. They would be basically trapped in a bus for the next month. [b “Are we making the right decision, taking them with us?”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 317d 13h 48m 4s
Kane held Rambo and said,”That was a big surprise but at the same time I’m happy to have a big dog that will protect the house and our family.” He muttered touching her flat stomach. “Soon we will have another baby here to protect and love...and cuddle.” He said scratching behind Rambo’s ears. The tiny bulldog panted and smiled up at him. People said dogs couldn’t smile but Rambo sure did. “We should go to petsmart tomorrow and let him pick out some new toys and we need to pick up the dog food anyway we’re almost out, I even checked by the freezer in the garage...Rambo has been eating like a pig!”

Rambo barked in response and Kane leaned back, “I...I don’t think I need my injection tonight.” He said seeing her opening the drawer where they kept them out of reach of the girls. “I’m feeling okay and not hurting too badly. Maybe we could take a dip on our jacuzzi tub?”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 317d 14h 8m 54s
A suprise was the right word for the dog. She hadn’t been expecting Marie and Tyler to get them a puppy in a million years. Especially a Presa Canario. That breed was one of the most expensive breeds in the United States. She looked up at Marie after a few moments of staring at the dog. [b “You guys...”] she muttered. She bent down and held her hand out. Rambo came over to her, and the Puppy quickly followed. [b “Hi my baby.”] she said as she picked him up. He was definitely going to grow up and be a large dog, that was for sure. [b “Thank you guys so much.”] she said.

An hour later, everyone was gone home. Hannah was driving her mother to the airport, while Marie and Tyler were going home. The girls already loved Nash, that much was clear. Katelyn got the hint that Rambo may have gotten a little jealous of that, but Katelyn was giving him extra lovings, so he would be okay.
  Savannah / BooBear96 / 318d 11h 26m 28s
Kane chuckled seeing the puppy, "Meet Nash. "Tyler said with a smile and Marie continued, "Katelyn was telling me how ya'll needed a big dog and he will grow to be a big dog and protect you and the girls, right now hes a puppy but him and Rambo have been playing all morning... and we didn't name him, he came with that name." Kane petted the puppy's head and smiled, 'Nash fits him... thanks guys." he was actually happy about this surprise. "Rambo can teach him all the puppy things he needs to know and then he will grow up and be a good guard dog." Marie nodded, "hes already met the girls and Taya tried to put bows on him before they laid down for their nap." Kane chuckled hearing this and asked Rambo, "Do you like him Bubba?" Rambo licked Kane's hand as if to say yes and he looked to Katelyn, "What do you think darlin'?" He knew another puppy was alot of work.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 318d 11h 41m 16s
Katelyn nodded and grinned. [b “Waffles and French Toast Sticks?”] she aksed. Her pregnancy cravings were in full force at this point.

They ended up ordering room service, and they did eat it in the hot tub. She thought it was pretty funny, but she was almost sure they weren’t the first couple that had done it. She was slightly nervous about the “suprise” that Marie and Tyler had for them, but she didn’t say anything. There was no telling what it was honestly.

She parked the Hellcat in the garage and headed inside. She looked around after she got inside, she half expected the twins to knock them down, rubbing into their arms. She glanced around as she heard a slightly yelling. [b “Is that Rambo?”] she asked. She frowned when she seen Marie with a slight smirk. [b “What did you do to my dog?”] asked. [b “Come here Bubby!”] she called.

It wasn’t long until Rambo was running full force to her.... with a puppy behind him.
  Savannah / BooBear96 / 318d 11h 50m 2s
"Good morning Mrs. Brown." he said kissing her. "Do you want to order room service for breakfast and eat it while were in our hot tub before we have to go home and get back to reality?" He asked kissing her again. He really didn't want to leave but the last night in the hotel had been amazing and very much relaxing for the two of them. He loved her more than anything except their daughters of course.

"Marie and Tyler texted me." he muttered after he got out of the shower, "Said they will meet us at the house with a surprise for us." Kane had no idea what they were planning but knowing Marie and Tyler it would be great.

Once they were at the house he noticed Marie and Tyler's car and Kane grabbed his crutches and their bags before heading into the house. "Hey ya'll." He muttered sitting their bags at the bottom of the stairs. The girls were napping on the couch it seemed.

  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 318d 12h 3m 45s
She gasped as he opened the door to their suite. She felt tears spring to her eyes. [b “I thought we were just going to have a normal room... Baby. This is amazing...”]she said soflty. She walked inside and blushed slightly when she seen the heart shaped bed. [b “You can just leave our bags by the door. Thank you.”] she said soflty. She looked Kane after the bellboy had walked out and shut the door. [b “I’m so lucky to be Mrs. Kane Brown..”] she whispered. [b “You planned all this for me?”]

The night went pretty well. Kane couldn’t do much because he got tired veg easily. But it had been a long night, so they went to bed pretty early than they were used too. It had been a wonderful wedding night, never the less.

She woke up snuggled into Kane’s side. She just grinned as she realized that she was his wife. [b “Good Morning.”] she whispered as she kissed his neck soflty.
  Savannah / BooBear96 / 318d 12h 7m 47s
Kane nodded, "I know I know, I hate these things though but they seem to take some of the pressure off of my leg." He looked down at his hand, the golden wedding band shined in the sun. It was official, he was a married man. A bell boy unloaded their luggage onto a cart and followed them inside so Kane could check in.

Once they were checked in they were escorted to their room by the bell boy. Kane thanked him and tipped him before taking their luggage off of the cart and opening the door to their room. "For my beautiful wife." He muttered opening it to let her inside. He had done all of this for her. He could have stayed home but he wanted to make tonight special for her even though they had two children and one on the way... your wedding night was still supposed to be special. They would have a real honeymoon after their big wedding but right now this was perfect.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 318d 12h 13m 31s
The dinner couldn’t have gotten better. The girls once again went crazy over the cake. Thankfully, her mother had taken off their dresses before they tore into it.

They headed back to their house to change out of the wedding attire and grab their bags. She hated going off and leaving the girls and Rambo, as they never slept well when she or Kane weren’t there. But it was their first night as a married couple, they deserved a night to themselves after everything had happened, right?

She grinned as shred walked over and climbed down into the Hellcat. [b “I cannot wait for breakfast tomorrow.”] she said with a giggle. [b “Baby Momma is craving waffles and French Toast sticks.”] she said. It was only a twenty minute drive downtown to thi hotel. She tossed the keys over to the valet as she grabbed their bags out of the car. [b “Get your crutches. You’ve been without them long enough today.”]
  Savannah / BooBear96 / 318d 12h 18m 56s
"I love you more." Kane said kissing her, "And you look gorgeous... I can't believe I got to marry you." He muttered taking her hand before pulling her chair out for her and then sitting down beside her. Their dinner went off without a hitch and then they were headed home to change and get their overnight bags. They were staying in a hotel for the night and her mother and sister were going to watch the girls and Rambo.

Once they were home Kane changed as quick as he could... which was rather slow and made sure they had what they would need for one night away. They would be ordering room service and he had gotten a honeymoon suite at the fanciest hotel in town, The Omni... complete with heart shaped bed, and hot tub... and he had arranged for roses and rose petals to be around the hotel as well as non alcoholic champagne since she couldn't drink.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 318d 12h 24m 31s
[ Dress1]

She beamed up at him when she heard the Pastor tell Kane that he could finally kiss his bride. She just grinned as she met his lips. She couldn’t have been happier, she had never been so happy. She took his hand as they walked back up the isle. They were still going to take a couple of wedding pictures. Hannah followed behind.

Hannah and Karen were staying at Kanes and Katelyns house, and Kane and Katelyn had gotten a hotel for the night. They didn’t plan on doing a lot. Katelyn was pregnant, and Kane was still recovering from his plane crash. Things seemed like they were going a lot better for him, but Kalyrny sometimes thought that he was just masking it so she wouldn’t worry as much. She leaned up at soflty kissed his cheek as they walked into the dining hall. [b “I love you.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 318d 12h 35m 6s
Kane was still injured but doing better than he had been a couple weeks ago. He stood at the altar with Rambo sitting behind him in a tuxedo shirt. Kane of course was wearing dress pants, a white t shirt, and black blazer with his white hat. When he saw her coming down the aisle he took the hat off and handed it to Tyler who was laughing at him. She looked gorgeous. He didn’t know how he got so lucky as to be able to marry this girl but in a few moments she would be his wife and he didn’t want anything more.

Soon the pastor was telling him to kiss his bride and he used his page thumb to wipe her tears before kissing her, she was his wife now, they were married. The girls were sitting there with Katelyn’s mother and Hannah clapping. They had arranged a dinner for all of their friends and family in the wedding at a hall for afterwards. Kane couldn’t do much.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 318d 13h 46m 21s
The day she finally came around. She was marrying the love of her life, in front of their closet friends and family, as well as their two amazing twin girls. Karen, Katelyns Mother was still going to walk her down the isle. Aria and Taya were going to walk down the isle with Rambo, and then Hannah and after that, Lauren would walk down.Rambo was still Kane’s best man, which everyone thought was hilarious.

Katelyn had two wedding days, so she took that as she got two wedding dresses. To her, the first one was a whole lot simpler than the one she had for their big wedding ceremony in a year. She couldn’t wait to have that ceremony, with their newest edition.

She took a deep breath before the doors opened in the church. She looked once more at her mother, before she finally looked straight down the isle, where Kane was waiting for her. She promised herself that she wouldn’t cry, seemed as if that was a lie.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 318d 13h 54m 2s
Kane hugged her tight before laying down completely, "I'm sorry I'm putting all this on you. I just... I need someone and your my everything and I never want to lose you and now baby Brown is coming and I'm excited and can't wait but theres always that fear that what if I don't get better and this version of me is all the kids ever know? If I don't get better I won't ever be able to play football with our son or makeovers with the girls... I want to be there for them but right now I can't even be here for me." He leaned into her, "I don't want to talk to Ryan, I'm done, I've moved on." He leaned up to kiss her and said, "Do we have any pizza left?" He was still hungry but when wasn't Kane hungry?

The next day he woke up and slowly moved to the chair in their room and attempted to put his cast on himself and failed. "Babe can you help me?" he asked her .
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 318d 16h 48m 1s
Katelyn cringed as she heard Kane raise his voice a little. She just nodded slightly as she listened to him. She knew that he was having a rough time since the accident, but he had no idea it was this bad. [b “I’m not telling you what to do, okay. I’m not. But I do think it would help if you spoke to someone..”] she said. [b “If not a therapist, then Tyler or Gage..... Ryan?”] she mumbled. She knew he would hate that ide, but he was the closest to Taya that he could get.

She waited to see his reaction. [b “I know it’s not the most ideal situation. But I truly feel that you’re still here on earth, because of her. Kane. You should not have walked away from that plane crash. You should be dead. Just like I shouldn’t have walked away from my car accident. We should both be dead right now, but she saved us. Why? I have no clue. But I truly feel like something good will come from this”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 318d 19h 2m 30s

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