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[b “Come on. I’ll take you to the waiting room. You can sit with momma and I’ll go get everyone some food.”] she said. [b “She’s in surgery. The... The dash crushed her leg. It’s broken. Uhm. She’s pretty banged up from what the intern has came and told us.. Her face, uhm. I don’t know Kane. They said that she was pretty beaten up.”]

Her mother looked up when she seen Kane and Hannah walk in. Kane looked like a complete mess. [b “Ah honey...”] she mumbled as she stood up and walked over to him. [b “Come here.”] she said as she wrapped her arms around Kane. [b “Our girl is strong. Okay. She’s gonna pull through this. My Katelyn is a fighter.”]

Hannah just smiled weakly as she seen her mother and Kane comfort one another. [b “I’m gonna go see if the cafeteria has anything good. I’ll call Jason and everyone... Call me if there’s an update.”] she said.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 21h 41m 22s
Kane nodded listening to Hannah and ignoring everyone else. He couldn't focus.. his mind was moving a mile a minute..."And Katelyn?" He asked softly. He didn't know if he could handle any bad news. It was obvious he had been crying on the plane, his eyes were already red and puffy and he was still crying. He was honestly surprised he had any more tears left in him. He looked at her when she said she was getting food for her mother. He hadn't eaten since breakfast and right now he couldn't, his stomach was doing flip flops but he followed Hannah to the waiting room.

Seeing her mother he hugged her tight, "Katelyn?" He asked hoping someone had some news about his fiance'. It was all over the news, Kane Brown's pregnant fiance' was in a car accident and she had been life flighted to the hospital. "Do.. do they have the insurance? Anything? I don't know... I know she couldn't talk... couldn't tell them about the baby..I... I told them."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 21h 50m 41s
Hannah listened to Kane. She was shaking her head. [b “Katelyn is stubborn and strong. She’ll pull through this Kane. I just know it.”] she said.

Shortly after they arrived st the hospital, they were escorted to a private waiting room, it was now known that Katelyn Jae was the fiancé of Kane Brown. From what they knew, Katelyn was in surgery. She’d broken her leg, it had been completely crushed in the accident. They hadn’t been given any update on the baby yet. Hannah had finally gotten her mother calmed down enough to step out and get her some food.

She was walking to the cafeteria, trying to find it even, when she heard a familiar voice. [b “Kane?”] she mumbled. She took off running, completely ignoring the people who were telling her to stop. [b “Hey Hey Hey.”] she said as she ran upbeside him. [b “I can show him to the waiting room Ma’am. He’s my brother.”] she said. She could see that Kane was a complete mess. [b “I-I was just going to get momma some food.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 21h 56m 32s
Kane nodded and realized Hannah couldn't see him, "A Sheriff called me from the scene, I told them she was pregnant... they were life flighting her, I'm trying to get to the airport." He said to Hannah. "I'll be there in two hours... keep your mom calm... and I'll try to keep myself calm... this can't happen again." He said knowing Hannah knew what happened to Taya. Was he cursed?

Two hours later he landed in Philadelphia and took an Uber to the hospital. throwing his bag over his shoulder and running into the waiting room and to the desk, "Katelyn Jae, my fiance', she was in an accident where is she?" he said frantically to the secretary. She looked a little shocked. He couldn't see her mom or sister in the waiting room and his phone was dead now. "Sir take a seat and we will find out your information." She said to Kane and that just pissed him off. "I will not take a seat." he yelled, "Take me to my fiance', she was in an accident, shes pregnant." He said tears streaming down his face.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 22h 2m 49s
Karen was in a blur. [b “Hannah! Lock Rambo in his cage! Hurry up. We have to get to the hospital. Call Kane!”] she screamed as she ran through the house pulling on clothes and grabbing her purse. Then she realized Katelyn had been in her car. [b “We have to take your car. Hannah. Hurry up!”] Hannah ran out following her mother, as she was calling Kane. [b “We’re on our way to the hospital.. Kane.. There was an accident.”]

Thirty minutes later, they were pulling into the hospital. [b “My Daughter. Katelyn Jae. She was the one in the rollover... where is she? Please! Tell me where the hell my daughter is!”] Hannah could tell that her mother was about to have a complete meltdown. [b “Momma go sitdown. I’ll find out where Katelyn is.”] she said as she helped her mother to the seat. She smiled softly and walked back to the nurses station. [b “I’m sorry, ma’am. My sister, Katelyn Jae was involved in the rollover on 87... She’s four months pregnant. My momma is really worried.. Could you tell me what news you have?”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 22h 7m 36s
Kane had just finished with his radio show in Detroit when his phone rang. He listened to the man and his mind went blank. This... this couldn't be happening again. No... he wouldn't let it happen. "Katelyn..." He muttered and the man said, 'Yes thats her, who are you to her?" Kane forced himself to speak, "her fiance', shes pregnant." He muttered and the man looked to the paramedics, "Shes pregnant." he said and they nodded. He addressed Kane again, "Shes being life flighted to Philadelphia Central Hospital." Kane nodded and realized the officer could not see him, "I'll be on the next flight." He muttered before he heard the click of the phone hanging up.

Kane grabbed his bag and zipped it up, shoving everything into it, knowing he wouldn't be back, he was cancelling. "Don I have to go, how fast can you get me to the airport?" Don nodded and said, 'ten minutes." Kane emailed the label and said he had a family emergency and cancelled the radio tour before getting on a flight.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 22h 14m 22s
Katelyn just laughed as she heard her Mother y’all about her fiancé. [b “Momma stop it!”] she said. They ended up buying a few things for the baby. It was mostly gender neutral things.

The next day everyone was home. Hannah was upstairs doing homework, she didn’t have class on tuesdays. And her mother was watching television, just relaxing. It had been such a long time since she had seen her doing that. Rambo was curled up on the couch beside her mother, which was just the cutest thing ever. She had snapped a couple of pictures of them. [b “Baby Brown is hungry. I’m gonna go to Danny’s and get take out. Write down your order. I’m gonna go change.”] she said. She headed upstairs and change into a pair of under armor shorts and a hoodie. [b “Do you want anything from Danny’s?”] she asked.

Twenty minutes later, she had the keys to her Moms car and was headed out. Danny’s was about twenty minutes away, thats if you took the interstate... Except she didn’t make it back home.

After she had ordered, Katelyns car had been slammed by a Truck as she was merging onto the interstate, she didn’t even see it coming. One second she was on the road, and the next she was up on the air. The only thing she could think about was her baby.. And Kane. She couldn’t get Kane’s face out of her mind as her car rolled down the embankment.

An hour and a half later, the first responders had finally found her wallet. A woman was listed as her emergency contact, as well as Kane Brown.

[b “This is Sheriff Collin. I’m calling because a young woman was just in a roll over crash. You were listed as one of the emergancy contacts... Sir? Are you alright? Sir?”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 22h 21m 16s
Her mother nodded, "You and Kane are so cute together, hopefully he will be there for that? I know he works a lot... my grand baby is going to be a beautiful baby, have you seen that man? Sweetie if I was 30 years younger... well okay I'll stop... your fiance' is a handsome man." She said as they shopped.

Kane ended up doing his radio station show and ordering some Chicago pizza to the bus and then they started their journey to Detroit for the next radio station show. He only did a few acoustic songs and answered questions at each one but it killed him because he was away from Katelyn. While he ate his pizza and drank his gatorade he called her, "Buy me something pretty?" he asked when she answered the phone. He knew they were out shopping, "On our way to Detroit now, Don said its only a couple hours so we will be there before its time to sleep tonight."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 22h 33m 16s
Katelyn was trying to pull her luggage and hold onto Rambos leash. As well as hold her cell phone up to her face. She grinned when she spotted her mother in the crowd. [b “Yeah baby. I just spotted to her. I’m trying to get over to her right now as we speak.”] she said.

[b “Momma!”] she said as hugged the woman. She held the phone up so her mother could see Kane. [b “He says hi momma.”] she said. [b “Baby were gonna head out to go shopping before we go home. It’s a good thing that I ordered Rambo one of those fake jackets!”] she said [b “I’ll cal you when I get to the house. I love you baby.”] she said.

An hour later, her mother, herself had Rambo were walking throughout the local outlet mall. Katelyn was wearing her huge sunglasses, it was like she never left the house without them anymore. [b “We go next week to find out what we’re having. We had to put it off with all the press and the vacation.”] she told her mother.

[Ill post the accident like as Katelyn going to get take out or something later tonight.]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 22h 38m 43s
"Thank God you landed, I was worried... have you found your mom yet?" He asked as the bus hit bump after bump on the road, "Were almost to Chicago." He muttered pissed off that he even had to do these shows. They were just radio shows for promotion at radio stations and he knew that the label had only arranged them to get back at him for what he had said when they found out she was pregnant...they hated it and now were keeping them apart.

"Remember don't carry anything heavier than Rambo... and sometimes hes even too heavy... make sure you eat darlin'." he said worried about her and then he heard her mother in the background, "Hi mom." He said through the phone knowing she could hear him. Her mother wanted to go baby shopping, "Hey if you two go shopping face time me or send me pictures, I want to see and help... even though I'm on this damn radio tour."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 22h 47m 48s
Katelyn hated the fact that the Label had only given them a day notice of Kane’s leaving. But they really couldn’t say anything because they had both said that Kane needed to be home with her when the baby was first born. It was their first; and they had no idea what to expect.

[b “I love you.”] she muttered as she wrapped her arms around him. [b “I’ll see you soon.”] She nodded when he said that her Uber would be here soon. [b “Rambo and I will be just fine baby. You don’t need to worry about us. Momma will make sure we’re just fine.”] She nodded when he asked her to call her when she landed. [b “I’ll call you as soon as we get off the plane baby.”] Since the Label hadn’t given them a weeks notice, Kane wouldn’t stop arguing until they agreed to let Katelyn and Rambo use the Label jet agin.

Three and a half hours later, she was in Philadelphia. She dialed Kane’s number as she and Rambo walked to the baggage claim.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 22h 53m 19s
Kane listened to her and nodded, "I would feel better if your with someone while I'm gone. Call me a worry wort but I want you safe and protected. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if something happened to you."

Turns out Kane had to leave the next day for the mini tour. He just had to repack his suitcase. This was killing him. Leaving her each time got harder. He already told the label that he was taking the next year off from touring after this. He had no idea what they thought of that but he didn't care. He was saying no from now on. "I love you and I'll see you in a week." he muttered kissing her gently. He had already hugged Rambo inside. "Your Uber will be here soon to take you to the airport. I wish I could take you." He said as Don honked from the bus. "Call me when you land darlin', I'll be worried until you do and I know its only a two hour flight."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 23h 1m 8s
Katelyn listened to Kane and nodded softly. The thought of Kane leaving again for a mini tour hadn’t crossed her mind. She knew that she herself was the only reason he didn’t want to leave. [b “We’ll talk about it once we get in the truck.”] she said as she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

[b “You really can’t ignore what the label wants right now.. Befusse in about five months, I’m not going to want you to leave. I’ll have a newborn baby at home, and a dog. There’s no way I could handle all that on my own...”] she said. She knew that Hannah was back in college, so she couldn’t ask her to fly down and stay.

[b “What if Rambo and I went back to Philadelphia for the week? Maybe I could talk Momma into taking a day or two off and we could get the wedding planning started? I could go see if see any bridesmaids dresses up there that I like?”] she asked.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 23h 5m 54s
"I got an email, the label wants me to go out for another week for a string of shows. I hate leaving you alone, I don't want to do it." Kane said upset but kissed her cheek. "The truck is waiting over there, walk with Maria to it and I'll get our luggage, you take Rambo." he muttered trying to take his mind off of what the label wanted him to do.

Once he was in the truck and driving home he was a little more relaxed. Rambo was asleep on the seat of the truck between them. "Please tell me you don't want me to leave... it'll make it harder for me to go... I want to tell them no but I know in a few months I won't be leaving at all but your alone in Nashville. Hannah isn't here this time and I don't want to leave you. What if you fall or something and I'm not there?" Kane was a worry wort but he would worry himself sick if he was gone and something happened to her.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 23h 14m 45s
The next week and a half went by super fast. It seemed like it was no time before Katelyn, Kane, the band and their wives and girlfriends were on the Label Plane, headed back to Nashville. It seemed that the news of their pregnancy was old news. But they would see for sure once they arrived back in Nashville.

Fifteen hours later, she was woken up by turbulence. Rambo was in her lap at this point. It seemed the he had gotten scared as well. She sighed a shee glanced out the plane window. They were landing st the private strip. She slipped her sunglasses on and glanced over at Kane. [b “I definitely haven’t missed the fact that we have to sneak around it Nashville. I liked the privacy we had it Hawaii.”] she mumbled.

She glanced over at him once more, she could tell that he had something on his mind. He had that look on his face. The look that she had seen a thousand times by this point. [b “What’s wrong baby?”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 23h 18m 30s

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