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Katelyn sighed softly as she heard Kane begin to speak. [b “My music that’s already released, can stay out there. But from here on out, there will be no new music. I’m not even going to write anymore. I’m completely finished.”] she said. She just stared at them when she heard them say that they would terminate her contract, but Kane had to sign up for more years on his. [b “Are you fucking kidding me?”] she asked. [b “He was in a plane crash, that he was put on by your company! I lost my baby, but I was told I had to tour! I wasnt given a damn option!”]

She reached over and took his hand. [b “He can’t tour for at least two years. And that’s only because of the fucking pressure on his lungs. He had to carry me out of the pit because security was just standing around! They didn’t once move! His back is probably fucked up even more.”] she said. She stood up and just shook her head. [b “I’m finished. We can finish this shit through my lawyer.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 316d 7h 23m 39s
"We're here to terminate Katelyn's contract, after last nights incident, she no longer wants to preform. We lost our child because of fans not taking her safety into account, I won't have it." He muttered glaring at the executives. "Kane we will terminate her contract if you sign another, a renewal." Kane looked at them and nodded, 'But its on my terms. I cannot tour. I can barely sing two songs without gasping for breath. Your plane crash nearly killed me and I'm still recovering and probably will be for two years according to the specialist. My spine is out of whack and I carried Katelyn last night to get her out of that mess. Your security was useless." he said starting to raise his voice. he was upset and it was all coming out now. The tears were starting to tell up in his eyes. "I lost my son because of you people! Pressuring Katelyn to tour when she was pregnant! Telling her you would drop her if she didn't! This is your fault." There is was, the anger, the worry, the fear, and in Kane, it manifested as pure hatred of the company.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 316d 7h 29m 20s
Katelyn nodded as she snatched a banana up. She quickly ate it and then turned to look at him. [b “I can drive if you want..”] she said soflty. [b “You’re still in pain, I bet more now. You shouldn’t have picked me up...”] she said as she slide down into the car. [b “I don’t think this will be pretty. But they didn’t want to sign me in the first place.”] she said.

She looked out the window as they drove to DownTown Nashville. It had been awhile since she had been down here. She signed when they parked. She grabbed her purse and hopped out of the car, taking Kane’s hand. She smiled softly. [b “I think everything will work out..”]

She felt everyone’s eyes on them as they walked into the building. She couldn’t even fake a smile as she walked into the room.. She wished she had Rambo. He calmed her down. It was like he was her support? She sat down in a chair and glanced up at Kane.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 316d 7h 36m 31s
Kane nodded and said, 'But you eat something for me first... then we will go." he knew he had to bargain with her when it came to their baby boy and the label. Once she had eaten something he grabbed his keys even though he was in pain, "Lets go... there will be no yelling, we will handle this and our lawyer is meeting us there." he muttered knowing this might be a fight.

Soon they were at the label and Kane was helping her out of the car. "Listen baby... you can tell them what you want but if they argue I don't want you getting upset. We will get you out of your contract. "

Walking in, Kane held her hand and everyone looked to him. He had'nt been back since before the crash and now after the incident in Georgia and losing their son, everyone was silent.

Kane held her hand and walked to the board room where the meeting would be taking place.
  polkadotrocker / 316d 7h 43m 0s
When she fell asleep, she could see the baby... He was crying, for her? He kept reaching out for her? Katelyn didn’t sleep well. She had finally fallen asleep again around dawn.

She groaned when she heard Kane’s voice. She just shook her head. [b “I’m not really hungry right now... I just want to sleep. You go on and eat breakfast, check on the girls..”] she mumbled before rolling over on the other side. Rambo was snuggled up to her.

She didn’t wake up for another couple of hours. She realized that the time was twelve fourty five. She wasn’t looking forward to the conference call with the Label. She would’ve preferred just having an actual meeting, so they could see how torn up she was. Maybe that was the best option? She got up and pulled on some nike shorts and a hoodie before she trugged downstairs. [b “Can we just go to the Label? I’d rather speak in person...”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 316d 8h 56m 2s
Kane made sure Nash was in bed and the girls were sound asleep before going to his drawer and giving himself an injection. He needed it today... they made him sleep and took away the pain and his back was in immense pain. He had carried her out of a crowd and backstage... he wasn't even supposed to lift the girls, let alone Katelyn. Bending the needle and putting it into the sharps container he crawled into bed beside her, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her neck. "Good night darlin', I love you."

The next morning Kane woke up to the smell of bacon wafting upstairs, "Baby I think someone is downstairs making breakfast, do you want to go down with me? Or have breakfast in bed?" He knew she might not be in the mood to deal with anyone today but they had the conference call with the label at noon. Kane wasn't looking forward to it.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 316d 9h 24m 39s
Katelyn was silent on the way home. She was really hungry at this point, not after her procedure. She snuggled into Kane’s arms. She couldn’t help but shake as she cried a few times. This wasn’t how her life was supposed to go.. Kane had already been through one loss. It wasn’t supposed to happen again... Where was her Guardian Angel?

[b “Do you think they’ll try and fight the termination? Kane. I fucking lost our baby while I was performing. They cannot expect me to get back up on a stage.. I’m not doing it. I can’t.”] she said.

Once they were back home, she soon realized that her Mother was there, and had no plans on leaving, st least not for a week or so. She had heard her telling Hannah that she would need help with the girls and Kane, which she was thankful for, but she wasn’t a child.. She walked upstairs and crawled into bed. She felt Rambo walk up his stairs and lay down beside her. She smiled softly. [b “My bubby.”] she muttered. She just shook her head. Rambo came up and licked her face. Her body shook with tears, as she cried into him
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 316d 9h 29m 25s
The doctor nodded, “It was a boy.” Kane’s heart broke a little more.

Soon they were leaving and Kane held her when they were on the bus, “they want to have a video conference call or just a conference call with us when we get back home, Hannah has the girls and Rambo and Nash at home, we can go home and relax.” He wasn’t going to fight her on wanting to quit preforming...what said said was true. The fans had caused this...caused them to lose their son.

“We will have to release a statement on social media within the next couple of days. The label asked us to. All tickets will be refunded and if they try to dispute your contract I have the best entertainment lawyer in the business ready to handle them.” Kane said getting her some Gatorade. “Are you hungry baby?” He asked hoping she would try and eat some pizza.

Four hours later they were back in Nashville and Kane helped her inside. He was not leaving her side.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 316d 12h 25m 10s
Katelyn just shook her head as she heard him say that she loved performing. [b “I love my kids.”] she muttered [b “I love our family so much more. My singing took our baby away from us. I’m not performing anymore. I quit.”] she said. [b “I just want to hold my babies. I want to go home to our babies.”] she felt the silent tears roll down her face.

She looked up when the Doctor walked in. She simply nodded when he gave his condolences. [b “So it was a boy?”] she muttered. [b “We were supposed to find out the gender next week.”]

The next day they were headed home. The press and paparazzi had the hospital completely surrounded. It was a nightmare to get out. Between the security guards, and Ron, they made it to the bus. [b “What is the Label saying?”] she asked as she laid back on the bed. She knew they would try and fight her over her terminating her contract, but she didn’t care.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 316d 12h 45m 33s
“Baby don’t say that, you love preforming, it’s your favorite thing in the world. Security got you out and we got you here, I love you darlin’...Hannah already has the girls and they’re on their way home. We will head home when your released.” He held her hand and kissed her. “The nurse said you’ll be down for a couple days, relaxing at home...we will have a voice call with the label after we’re home.” He muttered and kisses her forehead before the doctor came in.

“Mrs. Brown, we are sorry about the loss of your son and your prescriptions have been sent to your home pharmacy. Your husband can take you home.” The doctor said looking to her with sadness. When the doctor said son it was like someone stabbed Kane in the heart but he stayed strong for Katelyn. He didn’t want her to see him cry, not now when she was already so upset. He had messed his back up more carrying her, the pain was there again but he had injections at the house.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 316d 13h 8m 27s
Katelyn nodded softly as she heard Kane speaking after he walked in the room after her procedure. [b “Tell Hannah to go to the hotel.. I’m sure she called my Mother.. Hannah needs to take the girls back to Nashville.”] she muttered. [b “They’re going to freak out being in a strange place without their parents..”] she said. She indeed had a concussion. She wasn’t making sense when she spoke. [b “I just wanna go home.”] she muttered.

[b “I want to go home.”] she said before she broke down again. [b “It’s not the damn venues fault. That fucking fan pulled me down.”] she sobbed. [b “I got too close to the edge, and she pulled me down..”] She glanced up when the doctors and nurses walked out. Leaving herself and Kane alone in the room. [b “I want to go home.”] she said soflty.

[b “I don’t want to sing anymore. I don’t want to get on a stage ever again. I’m done.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 317d 5h 32m 26s
Kane came back in the room after her procedure and said, "Honey, Hannah is here and I called the label. This tour is cancelled, I didn't cancel, they did after they found out what happened. The venue is throwing a fit saying they're not liable but all I care about is you... are you okay? The doctor said you had a concussion." Kane wasn't touching on the big issue, he couldn't. Even if he said baby, he would crumble and a hospital surrounded by paparazzi was no place to crumble.

"Hey hey don't cry, I got you. Marie texted that the girls are asleep with Bella in their room and I told them when we got back to the hotel I would come and get them." Kane muttered. He had hurt his back carrying her. His spine hadn't been a hundred percent but her safety was more important to him than his back was. She was his everything. The video of her falling was everywhere and Kane running in after her.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 317d 5h 38m 51s
[b “Label.. call the Label..”]

Ten minutes later, Katelyns world was flipped upside down, changed forever. She just shook her head. Her baby couldn’t be gone. This couldn’t happen to Kane again. [b “No.. No.. No.”] she muttered. She just shook her head nonstop. She leaned over and sobbed into Kane. Her entire body was shaking. This couldn’t be happening. [b “I shouldn’t have gotten so close to the stage.”] she sobbed.

Hannah had gotten ahold of her mother, and she was flying in. Hannah raced through the hospital. Trying to find her sister. She’d taken the rental car. She had never drove so past. [b “Where is my sister?”] she asked a she ran to the nurses station. [b “Katelyn Jae Brown. She was brought in a few moments ago.. An accident at her concert..”] she rambled.

The next couple of hours went by in a blur. Katelyn had to have a procedure performed, but she wouldn’t have to stay in the hospital after ward. She could go home.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 317d 5h 45m 57s
Kane shook his head, "No Katelyn, this isn't your fault. I love you and the girls are safe with Gage and Lauren, they're going to give them pizza and make sure they're alright... I'm staying with you." Soon they were on their way to the hospital and Kane hadn't let go of Katelyn's hand.

It was 10 minutes later that their worst fears had been confirmed. Their baby was gone. Kane couldn't help but help the tears well up in his eyes. Not again... this couldn't happen again. Just when things were going alright for him... another son taken. Every time he was so close to getting what he wanted. Kane kissed her and held her, letting her cry into him. "This is not your fault... those... those fans... they were monsters... if I hadn't ran in they would have hurt you worse." Kane was right, the fans had just wanted to grab and touch her and Katelyn was small and couldn't fight them off.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 317d 6h 2m 55s
[b “’s.. throbbing.”] she somehow managed to get out. She just watched as everyone moved around her. She could see Kane, but she couldn’t see where the girls were. [b “Tay and Ari?”] she mumbled as she looked around some more.

She heard Kane say he was going to get the girls brought to the hospital and she shook her head. [b “Hotel.”] she said. She didn’t want the twins to see her in that environment. [b “They don’t need to see like this. Please Kane.”] she said soflty.

She felt tears well up in her eyes as she heard Kane say that her concert was over. She didn’t even get to debut her new song. How could this have happened? [b “I got too close to the edge of the stage...”] she said. She couldn’t believe this had happened to her. [b “I’m... Kane... I’m sorry.”] she said. She knew deep in her body that her baby wasn’t going to make it.
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