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Once they were home in Nashville Kane helped Katelyn into bed and said, "I'm ordering your favorite foods and we are being lazy... and Rambo is going to take care of you and our girls." he said kissing her.. but theres one thing I do want to ask about... other than your mother's choice of car.... she had to pick the most boring car ever.... but tell me what happened with the accident and Taya... I want to show you something that I've never showed anyone before."

Kane went to the closet and even with his height he had to get a step stool. He grabbed a box from the very top. It was a shoe box.. old and beat up. "This is everything I have from my relationship with Taya but I kept it because I didn't want her to be forgotten. I'm showing you this because everything about her accident is in here... I didn't say anything in Philly because I didn't want to freak out your mom... but heres the car." he said pulling out a newspaper clipping. It was the same kind of car... same color.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 20h 5m 16s
Katelyn smiled softly as she seen Kane’s reaction as she told him that she had seen Taya. [b “She didn’t leave my side until they pulled me out of the car..”] she muttered. She glanced up when her family walked in. [b “We’ll definitely y’all about it later..”]

Katelyn just beamed from the bed as Kane stood up. [b “We literally just found out. We had no idea. But we’re having twin girls!”] she said. [b “Dr Williams mentioned Nashville. So I’m hoping that we can go home soon. I’m in bed rest until I deliver. I’m underweight, the girls are smaller than they’d like, so basically I have an excuse to eat like a damn pig.”]

A week later, she and Kane were headed back to Nashville, along with Rambo. A day after the accident, they had found out that the driver that had hit Katelyn, had been under the influence. He was flat out drunk. Since Katelyn had totaled her mothers car, Kane had went out and bought her a brand new one before they left.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 20h 10m 30s
Kane shook his head and sat down in a chair beside Katelyn's bed... he had tears in his eyes... "Thank you Tay." He said to no one in particular. "You... yyyou saw her." He said his voice shaky... "We can talk about it more later." he muttered seeing her family walking in.

Her mother hugged her and Hannah smiled seeing her alive and well. "We have some news." Kane said standing up again and pulling himself together. "Good News is the baby is okay... Bad news is... well grandma is going to have to do a little more shopping..." He said and her mother looked confused and he handed her the sonogram. "TWINS!" She shreiked and Hannah's eyes widened, "Your having twins?" She asked and Kane nodded, "Twin girls.... we just found out..." Her mother smiled, "Oh my gosh we need to start shopping, imagine the little pink cowboy booties!" she said looking to Katelyn.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 20h 21m 38s
Katelyn smiled softly and nodded. [b “We only have a few months until they’re here.. We have so much to get done. And apparently I’m in bed rest... I have to fatten up..”] she muttered. She couldn’t believe that all of this had happened today. She wasn’t complaining, she was very excited. [b “You Bebe elbow. They could be tomboys. But for the first couple of years, I see a lot of link an dourole!”]

She looked at Kane and grinned. [b “She was in the car with me. When my car went airborne.. I looked over. And she was sitting in the passenger seat. She took my hand.. And then that’s when the car started rolling down the hill... But she held onto my hand. She never let go...”] she said. [b “She’s the reason that I’m here, she’s the reason our girls are okay.”]

She looked up when the rest of her family walked in. She glanced over and Kane and grinned. [b “You can tell them.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 20h 25m 54s
"its just a shock... I was scared to lose you and now we're having twins... I ... I can't wait until they're here... I don't know how to handle girls but I will learn. I have a feeling theres a lot of pink in my future." He kissed her and her belly and he helped her wipe off the blue gel with a towel that the doctor had left.

"What you said... about Taya... what did you mean?" he asked curious. He wasn't mad or upset that she had mentioned her but he had visited some of the feelings he felt the day that Taya died, today.

Kane wasn't getting his boy but he was getting two baby girls that he would make sure were always protected and loved and never wanted for anything. "Our princesses... I know we didn't plan on two... my grandpa was a twin... but I didn't know if that ran in families." Kane muttered looking at the ultrasound in his hand as her mother walked in.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 20h 32m 10s
Katelyn was slightly confused when she heard Doctor Williams say Baby A and Baby B. [b “What do you mean Baby A and Baby B?”] she questioned. She was trying to process the fact that she was pregnant with twins. Twins didn’t even run in her family? Unless it was on her Fathers side. She wasn’t sure if they ran in Kane’s family or not. She looked over st Kane and seen the shock on his face. She simply nodded when the doctor said she would be back with the pictures. [b “Tha-Thank you. Dr Williams.”] she said.

She glanced over at Kane. Part of her wanted to cry, and part of her wanted to scream with joy. [b “Twins... We’re having twin girls.”] she mumbled. She couldn’t believe it. She was no confined to bed rest. And she was pregnant with twins. [b “Baby Browns are girls!”] she said. [b “Kane. Baby. Please say something. I’m slightly scared.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 20h 36m 18s
Kane looked at her and meant to ask what she meant by Taya was with her... but he didn't get the chance. He would have to ask later because the doctor interrupted. "Baby A right here... is a girl.... and Baby B... is a.... girl." She said looking at the screen. "Congradulations, you have twin girls." Right then Kane could have passed out. "Twins?... your... your sure?" He asked shocked and the doctor nodded pointing to the screen, 'Heres baby A... and heres baby B... they're a little small for how far along you are Katelyn but being on bed rest and not getting much excersise will help with that. You will need to eat and gain a few pounds before your next appointment. I assume that will be in Nashville." Kane nodded unable to speak and the doctor smiled, "I will print out a few of these for you and tell your family you two need a few minutes, congradulations again."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 20h 45m 37s
Katelyn smiled weakly and nodded. She raised her neck to meet his lips, by groaned. She quickly pulled away. [b “That hurt like a mother.”] she muttered. She sighed softly. [b “I totaled moms car...”] she muttered [b “is she mad at me? I didn’t mean too!”] she was freaking out again at this point. [b “What about the mini tour? You only went to one show? The Label...”]

She glanced up when Dr. Williams started to perform her sonogram. [b “I rolled a car five times... And my baby is perfectly fine?”] she asked. She knew the odds. Her baby, and herself, should both be gone. She didn’t understand how she got out of the car with only a beaten face and crushed leg. She looked over at Kane and smiled weakly. [b “I love you so much.”] she said. [b “Kane... She was watching me. She was watching out for our baby... Taya was with me..”].

She looked up at the computer screen and simply smiled. [b “Can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 20h 50m 46s
"I don't care baby... just having you alright is all I wanted." he muttered and kissed her gently. "You look as bad as I look though darlin' but you'll heal." He held her and was careful of her cuts a bruises. "I love you... as soon as I got the call I was on a plane, I think Don broke some laws getting me to the airport... that man deserves a raise." He muttered and seen her mother leave.

Kane looked to the OBGYN and asked, "How is the baby?" The doctor smiled, 'I was waiting on her to wake up to preform the ultrasound, you'll be able to see your baby and maybe find out the gender." Kane looked to Katelyn and nodded. "All your tests came back fine, we checked the heartbeat and its strong, your baby isn't in any distress... you got lucky." The woman said starting the ultrasound and putting some blue cold goop on her stomach to use the paddle.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 20h 56m 57s
She nodded as she listened to Dr. Williams. [b “They told me the impact from the tree.. It knocked me out?”] she said. [b “I only remember merging onto the interstate..”]

Katelyn looked up when see seen Kane and her mother walk in. She completely lost it. Kane looked horrible. [b “You look as bad as I feel...”] she muttered. Her eyes followed him as he walked to her bedside. [b “How bad is my face?”] she asked. [b “The last thing I remember going through my mind, was your face. It wouldn’t leave my mind...”]

She looked up when she seen her Mother. [i “I needed to see it myself. I needed to see that you were okay.. Everyone is here baby. I’m gonna go get them, let them know. We’ll give you and Kane some time to talk.”] she said, leaning down to softly kiss the girls head before she walked away.

[b “They had to shave part of my head. Apparently I cut it, and they couldn’t tell how deep it was...”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 21h 3m 14s
Kane nodded standing up and grabbing his bag and what was left of the mountain dew. He didn't know if they would be coming back to the waiting room. The walk to Katelyn's room was long and Kane was nervous that they had bad news for them since she was awake now. The information up until now had been minimal. When they walked in another doctor was talking to Katelyn. "Kane told us about your baby when the officer's called him. We wouldn't have known otherwise." She said and Kane walked in the room. "Baby." He muttered seeing her. She had cuts and bruises all over her body. He had been stable... calm... not crying but seeing her this way brought back more memories that he had tried to surpress. He had had to identify Taya... the cuts and bruises...they were.. so similar it hurt him to see her that way. "I... I thought I lost you." he said taking her hand.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 21h 8m 36s
Hannah just smiled and nodded. She never once doubted that her sister would get through this. She was the one that held their family together. [b “I told you that my sister was strong.”] she said. She sat down beside Kane and couldn’t stop grinning. [b “Shes going to be okay.”] She nodded when she heard him say that he was going to try and eat.

It was another three hours before Katelyn was completely awake. She felt like shit, her face was throbbing, and she couldn’t feel her leg. She freaked out a first. She hyperventilated. It took the Doctor ten minutes to calm her down. [b “Where am I? What happened?”] she asked. [b “The last thing I remember was merging onto 87...”] she muttered.[i “Katelyn. My name is Dr. Williams. I’m a fetal surgeon and an OBGYN. I was assigned to yourself and your baby. You were in quite the accident, from what I understand. You’re a very lucky woman.... I was told to page my colleague, Dr. Rhodes once you woke up.”] she expained.

An hour later, they had moved Katelyn to a private VIP room. Dr Rhodes was smiling as he walked into the waiting room. [b “Shes awake. She’s asking for Mr. Brown and her mother... aftet they visit, the rest of you can go up. Just take it easy on her. I’ll show you her room.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 21h 12m 40s
Kane nodded and let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you." He muttered looking to the man and watched him walk out of the wedding room. "She... she had a guardian angel... she had to...I... I saw the car on tv... she shouldn't be alive hes right but something had to protect her." he said talking to no one in particular. He had calmed down a little and picked up the paper plate that was holding the pizza. "I think I'll try to eat this now." he said looking to Hannah.

Katelyn's mother was relieved and nodded, "Shes going to be okay... shes just got to wake up, she doesn't have internal injuries... your baby is going to be fine Kane." She was reassuring Kane as much as she was reassuring herself in this situation. Kane just nodded shoving the pizza into his mouth and washing it down with some mountain dew. "Should we turn the news back on?" He asked, "See what they're saying?"
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 21h 20m 44s
It was another two hours before someone walked to the waiting room, to give them an update. Except this time it was the Surgical Doctor. Hannah and the rest of Katelyns family was now back.

[b “Mr. Brown.”] he said, instantly recognizing the man. [b “I’m Dr. Rhodes. I was the surgeon assigned to Katelyns case. So far. She’s okay. Her entire right leg was crushed. That itself will be a long road to recovery. Her face is pretty beaten up. I’ve ran multiple tests. Extensive tests. There is no internal injuries as far as I can tell.”] he explained. [b “Now. She’s in the OB department getting checked. I’ve got only the best doctors in Miss Katelyns case.. Theyre going to run their own tests. But as far as I can tell, your fiancé, is incredibly lucky. She shouldn’t be alive, sir..”] he said. [b “Shes still out of it. But I’ll come and get you myself after she is awake. I’ve cleared my schedule for this case.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 2d 21h 25m 57s
Kane hugged her tightly, "I... I can't lose her." He said breaking right there in the small waiting room. He didn't care what the label said or what the press said or what the fans said. The only thing that mattered right now was his family. Katelyn and the baby. He sat down beside her mother, putting his bag on the floor. The tears wouldn't stop... he couldn't... he didn't know how to feel. Last time this happened... he didn't get to a hospital. This was new for him but the feeling was still the same. The feeling in the pit of his stomach that he had done something and God was taking away everything he loved.

Kane looked up seeing Hannah return with some slices of pizza and mountain dews from a vending machine. "I don't know how much I can eat... my stomach is doing flops." he admitted taking a soda and a paper plate with two slices of pizza on it.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 21h 35m 13s

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